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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 1, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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system as it moves in the region bringing in the rain and powerful wind, and that could bring down trees and power lines, good evening, everybody i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. storm watch is on coastal system is brewing at this hour and some cold air is coming behind all of this moisture. we have team three coverage for you as this storm arrives and meteorologist chelsea in glam standing by in atlantic city but we will begin with meteorologist lauren casey in the weather center with what you can expect in the next few hours. lauren. >> reporter: things will be quiet, over next couple hours, thing will start slow and ramp up quickly heading in the late overnight period and early tomorrow morning storm scan three showing us precipitation over spreading the area light in intensity across parts of the area, center of our low is still back toward the midwest but it will continue to barrel eastbound driving its moisture with it and then will move off shore where it will intensify and stall out, as we head through the day tomorrow and saturday, and due to that we
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will see elevated wind speed as cross the area high wind warning in effect for delaware valley, philadelphia, surrounding suburbs kicks in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and runs into 6:00 a.m. saturday. could see widespread wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles an hour. that will be capable of bringing down power lines, trees, damaging wind is a certain threat with this system with this nor'easter and potential for heavy, prolong rainfall on certain factors at this time, are still precipitation sites and snowfall potential in and around the city, and down the shore, and we are more certain of impacts down the shore as far as coastal flooding and beach erosion. chelsea ingram live in atlantic city with the mobile weather watcher tonight where businesses and locals down the shore are preparing for this major storm, chelsea report rorrer thanks so much, lauren we are live on the atlantic city boardwalk now, last hour we dealt with light rain as you can see, dry right now but that is changing significantly as we head in the overnight hours tonight and then also
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into tomorrow. mobile weather watcher has been very bus toy day. earlier we took a trip down to avalon, stone harbor and we check out how businesses are preparing for this impending storm taking a look at this video some sandbags are up, people preparing for potential of coastal flooding. coastal flooding not the only impact we will be dealing w high wind. gusts from 50 to 60 miles an hour. rough surf as well. we can see wave heights of 20612 feet as we head into friday and especially on saturday that can cause maryland rate beach erosion. we will deal with heavy rain as well and that could potentially transition to a little bit of wet snow if enough cold air works its way in. we also talked to fran tedesco on ac electric on how they are preparing with the coastal system and here's what he had to say. >> we have our crews on stand by we have 24 hour coverage starting tomorrow morning throughout the weekend, we have contractor crew, tree trimming crew, assistance from
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our sister utility, we ask customers to prepare for possibility of outages f is there extended outages to have three day supply of non- perishable food and bottled water and more importantly to identify a safe location that does have power beforehand, in the event you do lose power. >> local police departments are also encouraging residents down here people dunn here to move their cars to higher ground, probably a good idea since we have potential for coastal flooding. we are live here on the boardwalk in atlantic city keeping an eye on things with the mobile weather watcher, for now back inside to you. >> chelsea, thanks very much. you can track storm as it makes its way in the community go to the cbs philly mobile weather app and get your forecast at your fingertips at the apple app and google play stores. and remember, when we are not on the air you can get very latest on line head over to cbs for
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latest forecast and updates from all over the region. in his annual budget address the city council to day mayor kenney asked taxpayers to shell out more to help financially challenge philadelphia school district. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at school district headquarters right now with more on the mayor's plan, greg. >> reporter: ukee and jessica good evening. mayor's plan calls for a 6 percent increase of the property tax rate for anyone owning property here throughout philadelphia. that means of course a bigger tax bill and if this plan passes, all of that money could go toward the city of philadelphia school difficulties trick. mayor kenney says that the key to a successful philadelphia is a flourishing public school system. >> we are serious about pulling the city out of poverty, and making people allowing people to meet potential to be more productive and upstanding tax paying citizens then we have to educate them. >> reporter: now that the city controls the philadelphia school district the marries promising to help properly
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fund it. it is fiscal year 2019 budget proposal the mayor asking city council to increase property tax by 6 percent, slow rate of the planned wage tax reductions, and, increase transfer tax rate, all in the changes could bring 980 million-dollar to the district over the next five years which would help fill a nearly 1 billion-dollar school district funding deficit. >> i think it is good idea. >> reporter: dan edward bought his home in queen village in 2012 as public school graduate and new father he wants the philadelphia school district to succeed. >> if we could keep her in public schools and not send her out to private school it is worth it. >> reporter: as a home owner he is torn which would add hundreds to his yearly tax bill, so he is putting exactly how money from the increase to be spent before he decide to support this plan. >> if the money isn't well spent, then, you know, it is
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all just for nothing. >> reporter: you're cautiously in favor. >> correct. >> reporter: of course, still plenty of debate, city council does not have to make their final decision about this proposed budget until sometime in may. i'm live here in center city, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you for that. we have breaking news right now verdict in the federal corruption trial of allentown town married he had pawlowski. they found him guilty on 47 of the 54 county faced. prosecutors accused the democrat of rigging a series of contracts to go to businesses, that supported his campaign, for u.s. senate and governor. we will have much more on this story tonight at 11:00 right here on "eyewitness news". police say a 10 year-old boy was behind a series of threatening e-mails that forced three school districts in gloucester county to cancel classes today. inn stress gators tracked them to a home in franklin township threats allegedly referenced shootings at two franklin
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township schools and were sent to various teachers and school administrators. authorities say that the boy admitted to sending the messages but did not have access to any guns. >> this is just an unfortunate situation where a student was on line, hiding behind computer making threatening statements and bad decisions. i cannot tell you enough how important it is to be aware of what your children are doing on line. >> the boy was making terroristic threats and causing a false public alarm. classes at franklin, elk and delsea school districts will resume, tomorrow. in the aftermath of the florida school shooting more and more companies are arming schoolteachers, and students, with protective gear. a company called hard wire provides bullet-proof inserts for backpacks, we recently visited arm or manufacturing company in maryland. in light of the recent tragedies the business has gone from providing ballistic arm or for military and philadelphia police vehicle
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tolls classrooms. >> by putting it into the school classroom in a way that is not threatening you are giving those people a fighting chance. we are arm or everything. we want to see arm or become ubiquitous and go throughout society? hard wire also makes bullet-proof clipboards used to protect yourself. now new at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive a follow-up to an investigation we first broke. >> it involved a philadelphia fire captain, allegations of insurance fraud. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us from the federal courthouse in philadelphia with those details, joe. >> reporter: ukee and jessica another legal fire burning for philadelphia fire captain yo landa stalls, she had dealt with trouble of fraud, theft by deception. maybe she thought they were all behind her but on thursday she was dragged into federal court in hand cuffs philadelphia fire kept yolanda stallings running out of federal court and away from our cameras.
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only cbs-3 was there where once decorated ranking official was arrested third in a rain before a federal judge on obstruction of justice charge. the source of trouble for stallings is this complaint, we uncovered she is accused offsetting fire to her acura in washington d.c. in february of 2016, along with two other people. court officials, say one of the defendants is her brother-in-law, all of this records show tied back to an investigation we broke in july where the captain was charged with theft by deception by the philadelphia d.a.'s office. documents show stallings and her co-defendants torched her car and then filed an insurance claim for the loss of the vehicle, estimated at $18,500. >> the warrant, dealt with the warrant and now we will deal with the case. >> reporter: tariq el-shabazz say she's a pillar in the community and this is first they are hearing of the case even despite the fact that stallings day after our initial report resolved her
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criminal troubles with the philadelphia d.a.'s office by entering in an accelerated disposition program. >> of course she's very upset and i would be upset too looking at the statements that are made by those individual that is brought this warrant in d.c. but they are doing what they are doing and we will deal with them once we get to d.c. >> they will see d.c. officials on wednesday, when stallings will to have surround tore answer to this latest round of trouble, again , due down there on wednesday, officials here released her on $25,000 bail, that we did reach out to the philadelphia fire department, and they told us that they do not discuss personnel matters but this will be dealt per labor contract. we did confirm according to city payroll record she's still a captain with the paramedic unit at least that was the case on december 31st. reporting live outside federal court tonight joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 changing your
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phone number could mean getting used to an unfamiliar number. we will more on a new area code that kicks in this weekend. also a hardware store with heart and soul closing its doors for good, what is more a century of service means to the narberth community. and is what new aboard the battleship new jersey, we will take you to the latest exhibit that puts you in the gunner seat. did lebron james check out philadelphia area high schools for his kids? we will hear from the king. plus twice as nice what free agent stud are on the phillies radar sports up next.
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philadelphia's getting a few new digits to add to the 215 and 267 area codes. after two years of development , saturday will be first day southeastern pennsylvania's third area code , 445 will be placed in to
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service. according to the public utilities commission nothing changes for anyone who already has a number, new area code impacts people who may change in the future. 445 will cover philadelphia, bucks, montgomery, lehigh and berks county. well, picture on the main line will soon shut its doors after more than a century in business. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh talk to brickland's hardware customers who say their community will never be the same. >> reporter: more than a century ago brickland's hardware laid foundation of something special in narberth. >> it is a little bit of magic slight of magic. >> reporter: it helped a neighborhood build, transforming houses into homes >> you could get anything and everything here, and it is like the old fashion hardware store. >> reporter: main line family own business nestled on haverford avenue became get to for generations. >> i stopped here for 25 years >> reporter: refined by sheer knowledge of the staff and consistent support of its community.
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>> i cannot stan the thought of having to go to a chain store for my hardwares. >> reporter: after 105 years of endless greetings. >> how are you. >> reporter: it is time for a final good bye. >> it has been a great run. >> reporter: charlie waters and deborah work here since high school and now they look forward to retirement. >> as a parting gift the stories hosting a retirement sale on every single item and they are offering prizes for thousands of their loyal customers. lines of people, at times emotional flocked to the store thursday after hearing store will close its doors on april 28th. >> it is breaking my heart. i have been here three times this morning. it is, tough. >> reporter: because they are not just letting go of fixtures but they are leaving behind family. >> we will miss you as much as you miss us. >> reporter: in narberth, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is what happening with those stores they become part of your family in a way. >> yes you can hear it. >> boy that is tough. >> well, lauren joins us now and you have got a lot to talk
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about young lady a lot on the plate. anchors are like here we go, have this and new we are tracking a nor'easter. center of the system is back in the midwest it will move out over the atlantic, intensify and stall out. that is going to be a real treat for us. looking live at center city philadelphia dealing with light rainfall, winness check, east wind at 10 miles an hour, stay in check throughout the overnight period and different case as we head in the day tomorrow and temperatures are fairly mild, 50 in philadelphia. fifty-two in allentown. on the back side of the area of low pressure some cold air, not frigid, cold enough to support some snowfall tomorrow , in some areas in the mid level of the atmosphere. here's center of the system right now center of circulation all this moisture will movie, again this system will move off shore where it will stall out and even move southbound which is atypical for area have low pressure. rains developing tonight, continuing through the day
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tomorrow and tomorrow night. we will see widespread damaging winds and quite a few power outages likely so do plan for. that also a snow threat is looking likely for poconos lehigh valley, but in question in other areas. philadelphia, new jersey and the shore, tomorrow and tomorrow night we could potentially see period of all snow during afternoon and evening hours. if we see that and for how long will that all snow commence? that is going to determine accumulations, latest model runs are giving us more prolong period of all snowfall as opposed to rain/snow mix but for tonight it will be all rain heavy at times, transitions to snow in the poconos as we head into tomorrow morning, sly dot for tomorrow morning's commute that would be nice and moisture heading back on the back side of the system heading in to tomorrow afternoon. here's that potential that is what we are concerned about this potential for period of all snow in and around the city, south jersey, down the shore throughout the afternoon
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an evening hours and that could enhance our snowfall totals and make for more difficult friday evening commute before this comes to an end moisture wise as we head into tomorrow night. snowfall potential a major snow likely for poconos five to 10 inches. allentown two to 4 inches. this is still up for question a coat to go 2 inches but if we see that period of all snow we are going to be on the higher end of those totals up to three or 4 inches in some area. overnight tonight steady rain, some heavy, 43 degrees for our day tomorrow. rain, snow very windy, high temperature only at 44 degrees we will have constant winds at 25 to 35 miles an hour and then wind gusts potentially 40 , 50, 60 miles an hour and not just concentrated on the coastline as it is typical of these coastal lows but as far west as city, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos. we could see widespread power outages, across parts of the area combined with that in the
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poconos we will have heavy wet snow on top of trees, on top of power lines and in the city we could see a concern for down streetlights that could lead to streetlights outages throughout the day tomorrow and things still windy as we head into sat take 48 degrees not dangerously so, breezy on sunday, things start to improve. sunshine returns in full force as we head late day sunday into monday, quieter conditions but potentially another chance of a mix heading in to next wednesday but we will not talk about that. >> yes. >> one day at a time. >> yes. >> perfect. >> don's up next. >> busy day already, flyers are in the flow, lebron calls it disgusting and howie roseman unique perspective on the philly special, sports coming up
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busy times forbidders, the
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brain thursday has mote several running backs in the nfl giant in indianapolis, and howie roseman join the wip morning show today and asked about his unique perspective on the philly special. >> well, it is funny, post game to me, before practice, and said you will love this red zone play that we have. of course, you know, i get excited, we run that first play of the game. >> no, no we have to set it up and you kept waiting for it. when you see that personnel in the game, i kept thinking here it comes, here it comes, and so when we actually had that personnel on fourth and one in the game, i'm thinking to myself, no way, not right here in the right now. >> yeah, right there, right there. we all saw the same thing. morning skate for flyers they host carolina in 35 minutes. orange and black looking for their seventh straight win, two-points would also put them in front of washington for first place in the division.
6:25 pm
>> okay, all kinds of peaks and valleys as we get through the season. we obviously had a big valley. we're reminded of that a lot. guys continue to work, and battle, through ups and downs and you know, we have come through a good stretch here. >> all right. phillies may have a couple of tricks up their sleeve. mlb insider john paul morecy are reporting phillies have had contact with two of the top remaining free agents on the market. they have had contact with jake air yet a and lance lit. phillies enter spring training with the lowest payroll commit ment this season. they have money to spend. phillies and the yanks, you know, they call them bronx bombers for the reason. that home run is in the second , third, fifth, sixth, and seventh, inning. phillies lose six-four. fightins now one and six in grapefruit league play. it is practice.
6:26 pm
joe joe, the homey and the kid, on the court at the same time. the sixers visiting lebron in cleveland tonight. there are rumors that james was in the area recently looking at schools for his kid s. owe was asked about it today. >> lebron, during the all-star break did you go to any schools in pennsylvania and can you tell us why? >> no. over the all-star break. i went on vacation. >> pennsylvania? pennsylvania. >> during the meat of the day he don't like the none in eye contact. >> that is right. >> that means something. >> it could, i do. >> i like he how he said pennsylvania like he didn't know the state. >> that is a state in the union. >> he later called it disgusting he was being asked those questions, just putting it out there. >> thanks, buddy. still ahead if you have not visited big j, in a while new attraction may be your
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interest, we will be right
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battleship new jersey added a new at tome museum and memorial. >> this is recently installed quad 40 gun that was aboard u.s.s. new jersey during world war two and korean war and guests can sit in the gunner seat and move the barrels. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back here on cbs-3 at
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11:00. up next, "cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: new warnings about dangerous storms on both sides of the country. the weathe weather service warnf flooding in the east. in the west, a threat of a new round of mudslides, evacuations on both coasts. also tonight... stocks drop on fears of a trade war after the president announces new tariffs. >> what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful. >> glor: putin rattles a nuclear saber. the equifax breach is affecting millions more than first reported. inside the race to find a universal flu vaccine. and the adventures of the year capture the naturalor


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