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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. watch your except. this is the scene overnight at independence mall. steady rain is making for slippery roads and creating puddles of water. >> a live look at storm scan3, showing all of that rain covering the region, we will tell when you it will turn to snow and how much snow will fall. >> well today is friday, march the second, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's head straight over to katie with a check on today's forecast. >> yes, things are starting to get underway obviously, we have already seen some pretty decent rainfall across the region, winds aren't terrible yet. they'll only get stronger as we have been discussing, at the moment, there is, you know , we talked about this possibility, too, little lull in the precipitation down through the delmarva peninsula
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, colder air coming in lancaster county, so you may be finding very light snow mixing in here. current gusts, though gusts are beginning to crank into the 20's, 30's, now up to 40 miles per hour in dover. these are just your gusts, look at the actual wind speeds in a couple every spots, places like atlantic city 9 miles per hour, that's small change, by comparison to what you will find later on today. specially, well, really you know what anywhere, these winds will be incredibly strong, 43 at the airport, still mild, strictly rain for now, eventually as the told air wraps in with the very intense storm system intensifying through the day start to see it change over to some snow in the city. but again, this wind continues to be the big story for us at the shore up to 46 degrees, 36 with some snow heavy at times up in the poconos, and they are going to get really good snow up at the ski resorts. >> good to know, because already affecting our morning commute, as well.
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headed out the door this morning, good morning, happy friday, very wet out there. and because of it, like i said , already seeing some problem spots out there. no doubt about that, accident here blue route northbound past 76, one lane open looks like they're just now clearing that out of your way, that will kind of help you out little bit on the blue route, although we know it will be issues all morning long trickled throughout. just a heads up. medical emergency here, vine eastbound, off ramp to eighth street. see the flashing lights. no volume levels to sustain any major backups, we know, approaching into the 5:00 specially 6:00 hour if these continue throughout the morning as i suspect they probably will because of the driving conditions. we want to factor that into the morning commute. forty-two freeway, a look at your volume in jersey. ben franklin bridge you can just see how wet it is out there. we do have an accident on the pa turnpike westbound near norristown, looks like that's clearing from the left lane. and then another accident on the boulevard, northbound, whitaker avenue, so the inner lanes blocked, that's what
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we're hearing right now, so heads up on that, looks like seeing some yellow so travel on past there actually traveling little bit less than posted speeds, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha w storm brewing, the jersey shore doing what it can to protect its beaches, homes, and business. >> storm watch coverage continues with trang do, live in brigantine, good morning, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hey, good morning , guys, right now it is just a very light fine mist, actually just started, when we got here about half hour ago, it wasn't raining at all. but this fine mist just started, but take a look here out on to the beach. you can already see the preparations that crews made last night, there are lot of heavy equipment here, because the biggest concerns at the shore are flooded roadways, and high winds, now, crews pumped more sand on to the beach in brigantine, you can see here, the sands goes up here to the sea wall. using it as a buffer to further protect streets and homes. and all along the jersey shore , we have seen barriers up, as well as sandbags,
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people and businesses also preparing for the possibility of flooding, now cents there is also the possibility every wind gusts to up 50 miles per hour along the coast, so atlantic city electric is really warning customers anticipate outages. now, power and emergency crews on stand by for 24 hours throughout the weekends. we are told that coastal flooding could start as early as 5:00 a.m. that is when the warning goes into effect and that effect stays until 2:00 a.m. on sunday. some of the really note for people who live down the shore at high tide about 7:15, and that is when the flooding could start. so people could really be impacted in just a few hours here at the shore. but for now live in brigantine , trang do, cbs 3, " eyewitness news," back to you guys. >> thank you, trang. whole new meaning, penndot prepare for the nor'easter could bring snow. >> power outages, plus downed trees are expected and driving could be challenging.
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jan carabeo live along kelly drive with the latest on conditions. morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, rahel, good morning, right now throughout the city of philadelphia, we are only seeing rain that is just much too mild out here right now for this rain to turn to snow. even so, we are seeing steady rain, and already, we are seeing a lot of ponding on sidewalks like this one. we are coming to you live, just off of kelly drive, as you know, some areas of kelly drive you can see flooding during storms like there is so we are keeping our eyes very close on the changing conditions out here this morning. and guess what? so are penndot crews, they're now standing by, keeping watch , on flood-prone areas. unfortunately, unlike the case with other winter storms, they were not able to pre-treat the roads this time around. mainly because the conditions are just too wet to pre-treat roads. but, with that said, penndot is treating this winter storm as the snow event, even so they realize that they were mainly probably going to be focusing on rain and flooding
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today. take a listen. >> high winds will will affect visibility. so conditions could be pretty bad out there. you know, with a whole day of rain and precipitation, i expect driving to be rather slow. each county manager on our state highways way system knows their flood prone areas, you know, what areas to check out. >> so, as you heard there, penndot is warning early morning drivers, and even drivers throughout the day, as we see this steady rain, windy , blustery conditions, to take some extra time right now the rain is steady, the winds is not too bad. at least not here along kelly drive. but of course these conditions can change. now, penndot says if they do change over to snow, where ever you are, in your neighborhood, don't you worry, they still have 808 tons of salt to play with so to speak and get these road treated. that's the good news out of all of this, reporting live along comey drive this morning , jan carabeo, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," rahel, jim,
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back into you. >> stay ahead of the storm with the eyewitness weather app. it is available for iphone and android devices just search for cbs fill any your app marketplace. >> allentown mayor ed pulaski must vacate his offers now that he's found jury in his federal rupp sean charge, of the 47 of ooh counts, including conspiracy, fraud, bribery, accuse the democrat of trading city contract for campaign contributions now faces to up 20 years in prison on each count. no sentencing date has been set. meantime he remains free on bail. >> and city council president released this statement saying i think it is a sad day for allentown, but also removing a cloud that has been over us since the raid by the f.b.i. citizens and employees of allentown are resilient and will be stronger and move forward. allentown great city to live and work. >> and in delaware, the supreme court overturns a conviction of 17 year old trinity car, in a fight that
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left 16 year old jamie joyner-francis dead. two student fighting inside a high school in wilmington in 2016. autopsy found that joyner-francis had heart condition and died of cardiac arrest. justice ruled it was unjust to blame caribous it was un foresee thal that fight would lead to the young teenager dying of cardiac arrest. >> former philadelphia police officer allegedly seen slamming a man in a controversial video now charged with assault, james yeager was fired last august, after this video surfaced on line. in the video you can see an officer grabbing a handcuffed man and slamming him on to the ground. the video also shows an officer picking up the man and splashing him into a pool. the fraternal order of police says the video doesn't tell the whole store. >> i officials now say, friendly fire killed a deputy marshall while he was serving a warrant in harrisburg in january. original reports suggested 45 year old deputy marshall christopher hill was killed in a gun battle with 31 year old
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kevin sturgis, wanted by philadelphia police. he was killed in that shoot-out. >> gloucester county thousands of student lent head back to class today after a threatening e-mail shutdown schools in three district. a ten year old boy now faces charges, in that incident, and police say the boy admitted to sending those emails yesterday they allegedly reference shootings at two franklin township schools. classes at franklin, delsea, and elk school district were canceled as a result. authorities say the boy did not have access to guns. philadelphia mayor jim kenney's annual budget plan is asking taxpayers to shell out more to the city public schools, the mayor wants city council to increase property taxes by 6%. slow the rate after planned city wage tax reduction, and increase the real estate transfer tax. we're told the moves could bring estimated $980 million to the school district, over the next five years. >> well, as we've been sailing , tracking major storm moving through our area this morning. >> meteorologist, matt peterson in the mobile weather watcher. hi, matt.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning , jim, rahel. it is wet out here to say the least. the roads little slippery as well. we will be giving an update on where the rain is coming down and what the roads are like her in just a little bit. >> all right, matt, see you soon, and the east coast not the the only place dealing with severe weather today. we will take you out west where the storm is forcing evacuations as they worry about possible mudslides.
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>> the west coast is dealing with severe weather, the scene in california, with the border of nevada, snow plows out there trying to keep roads clear, crews had to close several highways because every white-out conditions, blizzard warning in effect for lake tahoe area, winter storm warning in effect for tomorrow morning n santa barbara 30,000
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people being ordered to leave their homes, officials there are worried heavy rain may cause mudslides. >> closer to home, homeowners near pittsburgh are keeping ion major landslide threatening their homes, has forced ' sags of at least three homes and a business, say the soil there is sliding an inch or so an hour. more rain and now snow battering the region, crews say they do not know when they will be able to assess the damage and clean up the mess. >> i feel horrible for the people, obviously they're losing their home, but the feeling of helpless necessary on the thing is because we can't get any equipment up there. the steepness of the hill and the dangerous condition of the mud and dirt. >> region also under high bin warning. >> time now 4:43, katie here with another check on the forecast. >> still tracking this coastal storm. >> of course we r now it really is looking more like a coastal storm. yesterday it looked like we just had a classic mid latitude cyclone coming our way, they're different.
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they form differently. this is not a classic nor'easter, it is form nag different way than they typically do, the bottom line the impact still very much the same. where we are going to get pounded by wind, we are starting already to see that change-over, see this rotation in the counter clockwise spin already up in northeastern pa, obviously, looks like keystone state is split in half here from state college on west, really, all snow, starting to wrap in on the back side of this. so, eventually, we're going to see a change-over to snow. that's probably not going to take place here in the city until later tonight, just too warm, but we could be on the orders of coating locally up to 2 inches every snow if it comes quickly enough and heavily enough before the precipitation wraps up. little further north, more of a sure thing, two to 4 inches through the lehigh valley, parts every bucks county, and then go into the poconos, that's the sweet spot. that's where you want it anywhere. there could easily be up to a foot of snow out of this. had a high wind warning the anchors are talking about in western pa also true here, we've got high wind warning
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from today right through tomorrow morning. and eventually again those gusts are going to get very, very strong. so here are your future wind gusts right now not too bad. starting to notice that. but, when you start to see the purple and red showing up in the map, that's when things are going to get a lot worse, with the winds, so, even by 10:00 a.m., going to have updates by the way continuing throughout the morning here on cbs-3 but also on the web these gust also really start cranking easily into the 50's, pushing 60 bee the time we hit the second half of the afternoon. that's when it is at its worse , but still very windy even into tomorrow. so this is a long lived event when it comes to the wind. taking a look though, forward, the weekends at least does get better. and then beyond this point, headed into the neck week, come monday, back to sunshine, the high hits 50 degrees. what a mess this is cause being, though, for commuters this morning, and it is only going to get worse, checking how currently it looks, we send it out to matt peterson with the mobile weather watcher. hey, matt?
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>> reporter: good morning, katie, good morning, everyone, we are out in the mobile weather watch err on this friday morning. right now, across the philadelphia area, katie, were you talking about this earlier , and we've been talking about it all week. little lull in the action. right now the actual rain that's coming down out here just on the schuylkill expressway, little west of town, is actually not all that hard. but what we are seeing is definitely some spray from the road. and that's definitely making those windshield wipers go. it is making visibility at times, maybe next to tractor-trailer, something like that, it makes the spray little worse. so hard to see. as we take a look what the we can expect for our commute. we will get a look at the graphic, really what we will be seeing red lights across the board. not going to be an easy commute this morning, rain, that is potentially heavy at times, as we get into the afternoon hours, it is still really looks lick it should just be some rain for us of course, and then we could see the change over to some snow, some slick areas, especially north of the city, through the afternoon, and then later
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tonight for that pm commute still a red light, and again, that rain here in philly possibly changing over even that early to maybe some snowflakes flying around. so we'll have to keep an eye on that, one thing else to see , again, i talked about visibility being a problem with spray off of road. we also need to see if we get blowing snow later that could cause some issues with the visibilities, as well, so, that is what going on again, here on the roads, not too much happening with rain falling, but still not going to be easy commute, meisha? >> you know, matt, yes, exactly what we're seeing, all over the delaware valley, seeing accidents start to pop up. we know that even the little, the little most part of rain can slow us down, then take over experience this morning, and we know it is going to be a busy and slow commute, heed the warning, get out there early, and drive the speed limit. fifty-nine south at cottman, you can just see how wet it is i know matt was out around the schuylkill. looking right now at accident 309 northbound near welsh rd., this accident does involve
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injuries, as well, lots of people starting to drive up here, put on their breaks, take a peak what's going on, so we have a whole set of issues, right lane compromised , looks like the left lane might be compromised , too, either way, drivers are coming up, putting on their breaks and figuring out how to get to the area. just headed out the door right now because visibility issues like matt said will play a factor and it is raining and we have accident, give yourself extra time. another accident boulevard southbound at fox street, that left lane compromised there, we have one on the pa turnpike westbound nears norristown, now just cleared, but one on the boulevard, is still out there. boulevard northbound whitaker avenue, some of the inner lanes blocked, not exactly how many. but just know if you head out there right now maybe give yourself a couple of extra minutes, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, sign spring is almost here. the philadelphia flower show. >> yes, the doors officially open tomorrow. but we manage to get inside early. sneak peak next on "eyewitness news." >> hope we didn't break-in.
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>> happening this weekend, preview of spring inside the pennsylvania convention center organizers putting the finishes touches on the philadelphia flower show which opens tomorrow morning. this year's theme, wonder of water, how to protect and conserve water sources, for more information on the flower show head to our website cbs philly. com. >> time now 4:51, time for a check on business news. >> die ainge king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, diane. so president trump announce ment, imported tarriffs on imported steel anal alluminum receipt i rattled wall street yesterday. >> that's right, good morning, rahel, jim, the tariff on sale anal alluminum and steel, sped off global trade war triggering a sell off. yesterday the dow tumbled 420 points, the nasdaq 92 points, the decision by trump, drove down prices making it difficult for american produce
4:52 am
tears compete. the president tweeted we want free, fair and smart trade. meantime stocks in asia also posted lost this is morning, rahel, jim. >> well, diane, you know social media completes my life and i finds it very difficult to step away. and i understand i'm not the only one. >> i'm sorry, were you saying something to me? jim? >> i was cents just about to tweet. okay, so, how hard is it to give up social media seems to depends on your age, new survey by pew research shows that 40% of respondents say it would be difficult for them to give up social media. i get that. that's up from just 28% four years ago, younger millennials will have the most challenging time giving up, posting, tweeting, et cetera. users over 50 have the easiest time logging off, jim, rahel. >> oh, no, i believe i'm like a millennial. >> oh, he is. >> i'm very child like, therefore -- >> he is. >> yes. >> actually, i understanded. i mean like it is part of our
4:53 am
business in a way, too, but every now and then, unplug, but i usually can't unplug from all every them, i at least stay connected on one. >> i've done social media cleanses and it is cents the best, the best thing ever. i don't miss it at all. >> i know, i know. >> we'll check in with you next hour, thanks, diane. >> all right, thank you. >> of course we are are tracking a powerful nor'easter moving through our area. >> we will check in with katie when we come right
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>> happy friday to you, this is an interesting end to the week, dealing with rain, wind, snow, as the primary big three issues with this storm. which is still starting at this point now to just intensify. you've got a lot of
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being pulled into this, at the moment, it is primarily too warm for anything but plane old rain. but we are expecting some coastal flooding out of this, as women, so we turn our focus briefly to the shore, where you have coastal flood warning posted untilsunday, yes it, goel sunday, because this is also coinciding with a full moon. so you're going to have multiple high tide cycles that come in here at above average levels, for all of these different reasons, huge storm, then also the winds, also the swells, and full moon. at rehoboth beach next high tide comes in at 7:45, expecting the next high tied to come in between 7:30 and up toward just after 8:00 a.m., along the jersey shore today. and then again tide cycles have to come in before this is no long area problem. meantime, we are still looking at the rain eventually turning to snow. big thump of snow in the poconos specially. it will turn over to snow even here in the city andpossibh quick coating locally up to 2 inches or so. but what a mess. >> honestly, what a mess for a
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friday, headed into the weekends, absolutely, all right, so pack your patience, you have to leave early, give yourselves some extra time. really going to have to drive safe out there. we've had accident after accident so far this morning. not even in the 5:00 hour. we have an accident here 309 northbound, near welsh rd. you can see all of the flashing lights. the good news when we pull up back up shot to this, there really isn't any. sure volume levels are starting to build behind it just little bit. you might tap your brakes, have little bit of gaper delay , really good thing it is still before the 5:00 hour. quick peak at vine at 95, see just how wet it is, still have this accident on the boulevard northbound at whitaker avenue, inner lanes block here, talking more about some accident coming up. first i want to show this one in new jersey just popped up. new jersey turnpike northbound before route 33, right lane, the inner roadway right now, is blocked. back over to you. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news," our toff raj of the nor'easter kins and we'll check in with the conditions at the shore. >> we aren't the only ones bracing for the storm, how residents in new england are also getting red. >> i what some of hollywood's biggest stars will be dining on after the academy awards
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. as you're waking up, a nor'easter bearing down on the delaware and lehigh val ills. live look now at storm scan3 showing the mix of snow and rain driven by powerful gusty winds. we'll have team three coverage of today's coastal storm. and this is a live look down the shore at brigantine, that's where there is coastal flood warning until sunday. that's just one of several weather warnings across the area. >> here in philadelphia, under a high wind warning, and flood watch through tomorrow morning the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is out on the roads, checking the roads this morning, meisha is here with more on the delays that may await you. today is friday march 2nd. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. busy day forat


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