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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 2, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. as you're waking up, a nor'easter bearing down on the delaware and lehigh val ills. live look now at storm scan3 showing the mix of snow and rain driven by powerful gusty winds. we'll have team three coverage of today's coastal storm. and this is a live look down the shore at brigantine, that's where there is coastal flood warning until sunday. that's just one of several weather warnings across the area. >> here in philadelphia, under a high wind warning, and flood watch through tomorrow morning the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is out on the roads, checking the roads this morning, meisha is here with more on the delays that may await you. today is friday march 2nd. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. busy day for katie and meisha.
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right out to them, good morning. >> good morning, i need an expresso and tylenol. >> it is only 5:00. >> and it is only 5:00. it is so busy out there, you guys, literally. we have had accident after accident, the minute one clears, another one pops up, the minute one clears, two pop up. crazy busy and doesn't look like it is getting any better. >> understood. i was listening to kyw on the drive in. even no cars on the road, already spin-outs happening. what's going on? so i mean, i guess we sort of expected this, but now you know what you're up against. and heed the warning that you will absolutely need extra time. and pay close attention to where the delays are with the travel. because it is not looking good here is a storm system really look being much moriarty point like a nor'easter, and it is starting to wrap up, draw in the cold air, really spin out as well, with some very potent winds, which haven't really peaked yet. they're peaking later today, and into tonight. so while we are just starting to feel the breeze, it is not
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as bad as it is about to get. even a lull, bye we had expected, that took place in the last few hours, especially through delaware. bit of tighter zoom on t still primarily rain. but even now getting some of the cold air drawn into chester county, lancaster county, so you may begin to see change-over there. i would call on our eyewitness weather watchers if you're up check out the conditions in those areas. we'll see variety here today. high wind warning is in effect starting technically at 10:00 a.m. basically an all day event it, lasts cents until about this time tomorrow for gust that is could easily peak as high as 50, 60 miles per hour. now, you can tell where the core of this storm is. look at this. just off new jersey, see the vortex? currently in the four's, so mainly rain at the moment. and as the cold air wraps in we know eventually the rain turns to snow. >> oh, quick, yuck, yuck. >> kate, because of this, because we'll have the wet roadways and the visibility inch he issues, and the slow- downs, and the accidents and the gaper delay, you definitely want to give yourselves some extra time,
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and we basically have been seeing like i just said moment ago at the desk have been seeing basically accidents since the 4:00 hour even earlier, katie pointed own even when there weren't that many vehicles out on the roadway we had spin out. accident here 309 northbound near welsh rd., see the flashing light, seeing a lot of gaper delays around the area, drivers kind of navigate where exactly they should go to try to get around this accident. so, good news is, the volume levels aren't heavy enough to sustain any real back-ups. you're just going to be putting on your brakes as you travel up to that accident, 39 northbound, near welsh rd. so that's at least the good news. we do have accident here the boulevard northbound at whitaker avenue, some of the lanes are blocked, and also another accident, new jersey turnpike northbound before route 33, the right lane, the inner roadway blocked. then we have an accident, in delaware, jackknife tractor-trailer, sounds like there might and fuel spill here. now, as well, 95 northbound at 495 north, three lanes are blocked here, and i can guarantee you this, this is going to get very busy, very
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quickly, jim, back over to you >> thank you, with mother nature beginning to hammer the jersey shore, some of the shore resort towns are trying to protect some of the beaches >> also pro ticking themselves and their property. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live in brigantine, trang, good morning. >> hey, good morning, rahel, jim. right now just getting the light mist rain that's been on and off for about an hour now, we call this, i guess, the calm before the storm. but take a look, right at the brigantine satisfy wall. see the beech just comes right up to the satisfy wall. now, just moment ago, i don't know if you can see it but one of the pieces of heavy equipment has been going up and down buffering the sands here to create that barrier to protect the all of the homes and businesses that are here. i don't know if you can see the flag over there, but just really calm winds, i mean, just pretty pleasant morning, little chilly, but definitely not a sign of what's to come later today. now, the biggest concerns here at the shore are flowed dollars roadways, high winds, and here is video of crews
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last night here getting the beaches ready for this coastal storm, crews pumped more sand on to the beach, in brigantine , as buffer to further protect streets and homes here. all along the jersey shore people and businesses prepared , too, in stone harbor we saw sandbags, blockades out as barriers against the flooding, now, with the possibility every wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour here, at the coast, atlantic city electric is warning customers anticipate outages. so power and emergency crews are on 24 hour stand by, throughout the weekend. >> police are monitoring the storm, since it is, you know, become something of note. we're anticipating high winds friday into saturday. they are talking anywhere from four to 60-mile per hour gusts , and our specific area, and potential for some moderate to major flooding depending on the track of the storm and then how long it sticks around with us. >> now, as you mentioned earlier, coastal flood warning went into effect at 5:00. that will continue until 2:00 a.m. sunday.
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here at the shore, they are anticipating high tied at around 7:15. and officials hearsay that's when people here can really start to see some of the minor flooding occur. but for now, liver in brigantine, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you, batten down the hatches. >> and nasty morning in the philadelphia area as well. right now it is just wind and rain. but later today expecting some snow. >> and penndot working hard but wet conditions won't allow them to pre treat the roads. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live along kelly drive with the latest on the conditions, good morning, jan. >> jim, rahel, good morning, still, raining throughout the city of philadelphia. although, it is very light, as matt peterson mentioned, and katie fehlinger mentioned. we seem to be in a bit after lull. coming down ever so slightly, and really much too mild out here right now for this to be anything but rain. we are hovering right around 45 degrees. still, the rain has been falling for hours now. you can see, the sidewalk behind me is bet. there is a bit of ponding there. and kelly drive, wet, too, but
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mostly looking pretty good right now. we do know that some areas along kelly drive are prone to flooding, so we will keep our eyes on the changing conditions throughout the morning. but, if you take a look at the video, you can see how much the rain was coming down overnight. more intense at times. and for that reason, penndot crews are standing by, they're going to be keeping an eye out for flood-prone areas. they have their crews ready to battle whatever falls from the sky. so, penndot is treating this as a winter storm, a snow event, with that said, they are realizing that they may be dealing with more rain and wind and flooding. take a listen. >> high wind it, will affect visibility. so conditions could be pretty bad out there. you know, with whole day of rain and precipitation, i expect driving to be rather slow. each county manager on our state highways system knows their flood prone areas, you know, to what's areas to check out. >> so, as you heard, there,
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penndot want you to take it slow, as you can see, those drivers here along kelly drive are doing just that this morning, and as you mentioned, jim and rahel, unfortunately, unlike in past storms, penndot wasn't able to pre-treat the roads this time around, because these wet conditions just made it impossible. nothing would stick to the roads. you know, when there is already rain and moisture on the ground. so, unfortunately, they weren't able to pre treat. the good news is that they still have 80 tons of salt to work with, when this rain does finally turn over to snow. we're coming to you live along kelly drive this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back into you. >> thank you, january watch we're seeing at the jersey shore being repeated from mid-atlantic to new england, in massachusetts forecasters say the powerful nor'easter is expected to bring the potential for hurricane strength winds. perhaps worse every all could also cause massive storm surge flooding in coastal neighborhoods, has homes and businesses along the coastline boarding up. >> it is just really the fact that it is going to be at
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least three high tides, because one time water comes in down there it, doesn't come out. >> sand is also a hot come odd tip, filling up bags to help protect their properties. >> cbs this morning has a team of correspondent along the northeast corridor, look for reports to coming right after "eyewitness news" this morning here on cbs-3. the mayor of allentown, must leave offers, now that a jury has found him guilty on nearly all charges in the federal corruption trial. yesterday jurors convicted pulaski of 47 of the 54 count that he faced. charges included conspiracy, fraud, and bribery. prosecutors accuse the democrat of trading contract for campaign contributions faces up to 20 years in prison on each count. no sentencing date has been set. meantime, he remains free on bail. >> in delaware the supreme court overturned turns conviction of 17 year old trinity car, in a fight that left 16 year old amy joyner francis dead.
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two students were fighting inside a bathroom at howard high school in wilmington back in 2016. an autopsy found that joyner-francis had a heart condition, and died of cardiac arrest. justices ruled it was unjust to blame caribous it was unforeseeable that the fight would lead to the young teenager dying of cardiac arrest. >> and back to school today for thousands of gloucester county student. >> this comes a day after threatening emails shutdown schools in three school district. >> now ten year old boy is facing charges in that incident. police say the boy admitted to sending those emails yesterday they allegedly referenced shootings at two franklin township schools. classes at franklin, delsea and elk school district were canceled as a result. authority say the boy did not have access to guns. >> well, labron james goes tow to tow with joel embiid. >> pliers looking to make it seven wins in a row, highlight coming up in sports. then popular hiking trail, now underwater. >> we will tell you what happened and why this water is so clear.
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matt? >> reporter: we're live this morning in the mobile weather watch err checking out the roads and seeing what's going on with all of this rain that's in the forecast, and we even have that chance for maybe little built of snow in the forecast, as well, we will give you another look at what's going on out here in the philadelphia near just a little bit. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> message for your umbrella. from your umbrella. don't forget it when you leave today. live look at the parkway from the mart museum. that is beautiful shot. see the sheen on the roads, definately raining out there. thank you for this beautiful shot and we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> this is a hiking trail. in brazil, clearly comes lately underwater, apparently snorkeling now, the water level rose up more than 10 feet after heavy rain, the water remains crystal clear because of high levels of certain minerals, at the ends
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of the day the water had receded with normal levels. pretty, to. >> wow. just kind of like watching in a fish tank. >> oh, apply goodness, guys, nothing like, that nothing tropical or picture he is being really about the day ahead. i wouldn't call it soothing, not the word i would use. we need to hit up some other words to describe this besides miserable, because ill run out of descriptions here as the day goes on, only unfortunately folks going to get way worse before it get better as the storm is still intensifying. looking at storm scan3, the storm starting to wrap up. you note that starting as well to see the change-overtake place, even though our area some rain over to snow cents as the colder air is being generated gets wrapped back in , and wind isn't even all that strong yet, but it certainly will become so. so at the moment, it is mainly rain, still here in the city,
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and it has prompted flood advisory just up until 7:45, but from the city just across the river then all points northeast of that, but this is far from it when it comes to what kind of weather alert we've got in place which we'll get to in a second. through future weather what you will see happen in the next few hours the cold start to really wrap in here. that will get that change- overtaking place, from rain over to snow. not so much icing issue, should be pretty quick change- over, from rain to snow , and as this happens, the winds also cents cranking. so, heavy wet snow already underway by this point up in the poconos, as the transition currently is taking place, then it over spreads the region. now, generally speaking, at the shore, you're looking at some rain and winds out of this. but there is indication there could be quick change-over to snow even as far south as the shore points depending how the back edge of this rotates through. but then by the time we hit later this evening, it is breaking apart, it is starting to pull away, done with the precipitation by late tonight at the absolute late else. short list of all of the
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different watches, warnings, in place here, we've got high wind warning, region wide, right through later on tomorrow. specifically in the morning. flood watch takes over for the flood advisory later today, winter storm warning for the poconos, where we could easily ends up with six to 12 inches every snow as evidence by this future snowfall map. yes, upwards, than is your european model, 10.3 inches, very sharp cut off obviously, then coastal flood ago issue, very quick check on the seven day for dow, out of the woods from the precipitation tomorrow. but still win my the weekend. and then another system could already be hereby tuesday. so, there is cents so many details, matt peterson, to unpack with the storm system and travel obviously not even close to ideal as we go throughout the entire day, i send it out to you. >> yes, katie, definitely right. we are going to be looking at difficult travel conditions through the morning, and then the afternoon and evening, i think, that's that when we will really start to see another round every maybe different travel conditions, that could cause some problems
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we will take you outside, show you what it looks like, on ridge avenue over in the plymouth whitemarsh area here now. not too much rain currently falling, katie, talking about this earlier, how we could get little lull in the action. we are seeing that in pockets across the philadelphia area. but roads are still wet. still getting spray off of the road. and as we get a look at what we can expect with our graphic here for the next couple of hours and through the afternoon and evening commute, as well, giving you red light across the board. while the rain is not necessarily heavy currently, we are again going to be watching that, through most of the morning hours, and then, that change-over maybe in some spots, especially north of the city, so if you're maybe traveling in areas around the lehigh valley, the poconos through the afternoon, going to be watching for slick roads , then also the change- over to snow. and then maybe also a chance for there to be some snow in the philadelphia area, as we get into the evening rush hour , so we will be definitely
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keeping an eye on that. our roof camera, again, still shows you that right now we have some raindrops out there, not a ton of precipitation falling for the time being. but, meisha, i'll send it back to you in the studio. i know you are tracking all of the potential issues that we could be having, through the morning, and main even later today as well. >> matt, driver safe out there i'm telling you since about 4:00 this morning we've just seen accident after accident out there. so be very safe. good morning, guys. looking outside right now. so we do still have this accident out there. 309 northbound, near welsh rd. so kind of keeping our eye on this for little while. actually seeing some back-ups start to form maybe around there little bit. little bit more gaper delay than anything else. now the volume levels are starting to pick up. >> this has still not cleared out of the way. so just be mindful, this is your neck of the woods, give yourselves selves extra time. i certainly would give myself extra time, in fact, if you can avoid it you certainly want to. 309 northbound near welsh rd. then upper state road, bristol road, new britain township,
5:20 am
just give you kind of a shot of what you're basically dealing with. so, take a look, all of this rain, this much pooling on the roadways, that's a recipe for hydroplane. when i say hi domain, that could be very dangerous. that's very real. we get it on the bridges, the breck decks, the sidewalks, pulled off to the shoulder, those lesser travels roadways, as well, that's where we real can i get some of the pooling. and it can be very dangerous. quick peak at 42, you can see how busy it is and that accident out on the boulevard, northbound at whitaker avenue, the inner lanes, still blocked , one in gist, one in delaware, talking about all of that when we come back in the next ten minutes or so, jim, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the news journal, the her poodle killed and other dog suffered puncture wounds after being attacked by a pitbull. 911 was called yet no one came to help. a glitch in the way the wilmington police department handles animal incident.
5:21 am
>> and the delaware county daily times, pennsylvania state representative, nick mic carelli continues to deny abuse allegations cents, calls for him to resign has come before he's had a chance to see the complaint. >> heated debate in harrisburg , republicans seek to go challenge governor tom wolf in november's election, former healthcare system consultant paul mango attacked the endorsement, scott wagner. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines. we will be right back. i own my own company. i had some severe fatigue, some funny rashes.
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now. >> well, welcome back. >> yes, we are glad you're with us, here's don bell with a look at labron james. >> did labron james scout area high schools during the all-star break for his kid? the answer is no. the king denied t he even called the speculation disgusting. that doesn't mean joel didn't try to recruit him, though, in their trip to cleveland. yes, big game last night. sixers visiting the cavs. jo-jo and labron, sharing all of the laughs. first quarter we go. watch lbj. did you see what we just saw? one more time. so nice we have to show you twice. behind the back, between his teammates legs, and he gets the deuce and the damage. finished with 30-point, we need more billboards. bring labron to philly. the game is close. how about that? ben simmons had 18, nine and eight, but then watch jo-jo
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clutch, 101, shades of akeem, had 17-point, and 14 boards. the sixers win, on the road, 108-97. let's switch gearsment the flyers back in action, looking for their seventh straight win the orange and black hosting carolina. south philadelphia we go. painful moment to start. ivan blocks that shot with his knee. oh, he's in pain. he did say and play 20 minute. flyers early hold, second period we go, justin williams, former flyer right there. twelfth of the season, second of the game, three- nothing carolina. back with the flyers, trying get on the board, sean to travis with this. flyers make it three it one. the carolina clamming down on defense, sebastian gets his 23rd of the season. the flyers losing four to one your final score. >> hey the sixers back in action tonight. they host charlotte at the center. that's all for sport. i'm don bell, have a great day
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>> well, coming up in our next half hour of "eyewitness news ," we will tell you about the new area code going into service tomorrow. >> of course tracking today's coastal storm as it heads our way, trang? >> reporter: right, and that storm slated to bring heavy rain and high wind to the jersey shore. i'm trang do, live in brigantine, with how crews are preparing for all of this. >> and just lightly raining here in the city of philadelphia right now. but conditions could soon be changing. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live along kelly drive. coming up why penndot crews are preparing for this winter storm differently than storms in the past. we will explain straight ahead stay with
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>> good morning, katie and meisha will be along in a minute, today is friday, march . >> we are going to get pounded by wind, this rotation in the counter clockwise spin. >> severe weather threatening the jersey shore the fire department has their personnel ready to go. >> coastal flood warning went into effect at 5:00. that will will continue until 2:00 a.m. sunday here at the sh


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