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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we're on the storm watch, bracing for what's called the march monster. >> see the massive size of this, on storm scan3, everything from rain, snow, to dangerous and destructive winds. well today is friday march m jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. busy morning for katie and meisha, helping to you get out the door this morning, morning , guys. >> yes, really is, i want to say happy friday, right away oh, happy friday, it is so gloomy out there. >> the accident continue to pop up. absolutely take it slow, pack our patients. >> and specially as the day goes on it actually gets, i mean? >> just getting red. >> i you got it, oh, boy >> well be prepared just in case. >> meanwhile, kate a ray of sunshine. >> protect the hair? >> oh, here you go. doesn't make sense though!
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>> okay. all right. if there are any black cats around this place, blame jim. >> wider zoom a second ago, this storm definitely starting to intensify, and already seeing the cold air that's being generated getting wrapped in here even now, part , it will gradually decline, still dealing with rain up until that point, and because that far flood advisory for the rain already fallen from philly on north and east, goes until 7:45, but , there are whole slew of other watches and warnings, to tell you about, high wind warning, region-wide. tech neckly start 10:00 a.m. but the wind big issue with this storm. flood watch then from philly and point northeast, essentially the same zone, that's got the advisory now, winter storm warning, in effect for the poconos, already starting to snow up that way. and coastal flood warning then where else but for the coast, where the coastal issues are
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really going to be a concern for couple of days, the current winds speeds, we can handle. you know, it is definitely breezy, and definitely a noticeable winds. however it, does, meisha, as is we discussed only get worse from here. the winds eventually could peak as high as 60 miles per hour, for long stretch, too. >> gosh, yikes, so this is really going to be a mess all day long, it has been all morning long so far now that we crack into the 6:00 hour on what's going to be a busy morning certainly has cents been busy because of activity, accident, that sort of thing, seeing out on the roadway, good news, in the camera shots that we've been looking at, all of the accident we've been tracking since 4:00 this morning, now moved out of the way. so looking at the schuylkill around gulph mills, headlight moving in the westbound direction, you can see kind of what you are working with out there headed out there right now. you will have to take it at posted speeds.
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because of the amount of water on the roadways. >> headlight moving in the southbound direction kinds of the same story here, birdseye view shot here the beautiful ben franklin bridge looking wet, dreary, still have this accident involving a tractor-trailer in delaware 95 north at 495 north, three lanes blocked with a fuel spill, jim, over to you. >> jerks i shore looking to take another hit from mother nature. >> trang do, live in brigantine, good morning, trang. >> good morning, a hell, jim. things have gotten progressively worse throughout the morning when we got here at around 4:00 it wasn't even raining yet, then as you see throughout my live shot, it started raining pretty heavily now not so much but the win has definitely pick up. it is very chilly out here. take a look, the beach in brigantine, on the sea wall here. you can already see that there is some significant ponding that is happening on the beach here see the heavy winds, and
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we have crews preparing last night what they were doing was putting sand on the beach to kind of create that extra buffer, to protect against this flooding of the streets, here, even though this great sea wall that we see here. also, we are along the jersey shore, businesses and people, they're preparing, we were in stone harbor and saw some sandbags, as well as barriers being put up. now the other big issue that they're dealing with here down at the shore obviously is the high winds. we are hearing that winds gust as high as 670 miles per hour, so with that, atlantic city electric, really asking customers really anticipate outages, emergency crews on stand by throughout the weekend. >> we've been monitoring this storm since it has become something every note, anticipating high winds, friday into saturday, and they are talking anywhere from 40, 60-mile per hour gusts, in our specific area.
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and potential for some moderate to major flooding depending on the track of the storm, and how long it sticks around with us. >> so you can see how they have pick up throughout the morning. another note for those down the shore, specking high tide in just about an hour at 7:00 czars that's when officials say we can start to see some minor flooding, be minds full that far live in brigantine, trang do, cbs-3 " eyewitness news," back to you >> thank you, trang. >> from the shore to the city, not just rain, wind we're talking about also snow later today. >> jan carabeo along kelly drive with the latest on the conditions there, good morning again jan. >> reporter: hey, jim, did i see you with a umbrella in the studio. >> yes. >> i don't even have an umbrella out here, at least not right now, right? when i was driving in, right around 3:00 this morning, i needed an umbrella, the rain
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coming down very steadily, very hard at times, but right now over the last 90 minute or so really haven't been seeing more than light drizzle. you can see, liver out here this morning, that we do have some ponding on the sidewalks and the roads are wet. but it just really is light rain right now 41 degrees, and fallen couple of degrees. dealing with light rain, and wet roads. >> penndot is ready for whatever mother nature throws our way now standing by, unfortunately, they weren't able to pre-treat the roads ahead of this storm, because it has been just too wet. too much rain has been falling . still calling this a snow event even though may have to focus on heavy rain, a lot every wind and possible flooding. take a listen. >> with a whole day of rain
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and expect driving to be pretty slow.wa mar flown prone areas, what areas to check out. >> when the rain turns over to snow they say don't worryetons w reporting live along kelly rahel,his morning, " back into you. >> thank you, jan. >> airlines are already wairs, americans, delta, united and southwest, have re booking and tomorrow. their waivers cover numerous airports in philadelphia, new e. best advice to check your flight before you head to the morning, allentown mayor ed pulaski must vacate his ofow been foundn his federal role corruption trial. yesterday of 47 of 54 counts that he faced. charges included conspiracy, fraud, and bribery. prosecutors accuse the
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democrat of trading city contracts for campaign contributions. he now faces up to 20 years in prison on each count. no sentencing date has been set. in the meantime he remains free on bail. >> in delaware the supreme court overturns the conviction of 17 year old trinity carr in a fight that left amy joyner francis dead. two student fighting inside a bathroom at high school in wilmington back in 2016. autopsy found joyner-francis had heart condition and died of cardiac arrest. justices ruled that it was unjust to blame carr because it was unforeseeable that the fight would lead to the young teenager dying of cardiac arrest. >> gloucester county thousands of student lent head back to class today day after threatening e-mail shutdown schools in three district. ten year old boy now faces charges in the incident. police say the boy admitted to sending the emails yesterday, allegedly reference dollars student at two franklin township schools. classes at franklin, delsea,
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elk school district were canceled as a result. the boy did not have access to guns. >> still ahead, fears of a trade war after president trump surprise announcement time post new tarriffs on steel anal alluminum. >> ivanka trump investigated, why the fbi is looking into the first daughter's business dealings and her husband is also under the microscope. plus this. >> this morning both the east and west coast are being threatened by powerful storms. i'm hena doba at leg guards ya airport in new york, more on the hundreds every flights that haves been canceled, and the coastal communities that have been evacuated. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> 6:09. see mobile weather watcher out , i believe it is matt peterson, and who is with matt >> jim spearing, you can see, roads are wet out there, some places cents it is raining. jan carabeo live on kelly drive, not quite raining right
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now, but i has your full forecast, what you need to know whether we head out the door when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> heavy rain bearing down on areas vulnerable. >> on the east coast beginning to feel the effect of powerful nor'easter. hena doba has the latest. >> on both coasts cents, march is most definitely entering like a lion. in the northeast, resident from washington, d.c. to new england, are in the path of a nor'easter. this is snow? erie, pennsylvania, already,
6:14 am
contributing to thousands who have lost power. heavy rain, massive flooding and hurricane force winds, are also in the forecast. >> the gusts in some cases may go as high as 09 miles an hour which will blow someone over. >> the storm has the potential to be a historic crippling event. in particular, for coastal towns, like in massachusetts. officials from are warning after storm surge, that could reach around 3 feet. waves up to 30 feet, during severe weather, expected to last through three high tides. >> the next time will come in, so not a lot of drainage. >> also reaking havoc on those who plan to fly this weekend, hundreds cents every flights have already been canceled. >> here in new york, officials warn, there will be more delays to come, if the snow and winds materialize as predicted. on the west coast, southern california, heavy rain has gun to fall. about 30,000 residents hit hard by deadly wild fires, and
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the subsequent mudslides, were ordered to evacuate. the fear is the now barren landscape could be even more prone to mud slight. hena doba, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." definitely hate to hear the west coast still dealing with selfie weather because they've already still been so impacted by the mudslides, anbar end over there, but katie here on the east coast, not immune from it, either, dealing with our own severe wetter. >> really that the winds is probably in my mind, for our area, anyway, the biggest impact from this, because the kind of rain, the casino every snow that we will find out of this, a big deal, but not as hena said crippling for us anyway. but the winds is a big issue. now, this is a look at a way much more like nor'easter at this point. a storm system, that is wrapping itself up, drawing in and generating it own colds air also getting the wind started, the core of the circulation actually just off the shore line here, and beginning to see that change- overtake place, from
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rain over to snow, and we zoom it in, see part of new castle county, starting to see that change-over. at least on radar. so, it is a matter of time before the rain turns to snow, certainly has already done that in the poconos. we will talk about them in a second. high wind warning, though, recall that we could be ending up with 50, 60-mile per hour gusts cents out of this storm system. and essentially, 12 plus hours of this casino every wind. that's a long window, the worse of it is peaking, unfortunately, during the pm rush, and you could be looking looking at not just downed trees limbs but actual trees coming down. had so much wet weather as of late, ground saturated, could help uproot the trees, and knock them over. so we do stand pretty substantial risk for wires to come down with that and easily debris in the roadway, certainly enough winds to send your trash can flying if this is your garbage day, i feel for the poor folks who have to go out in this to do their job , hats off to you. taking a look currently at the temperatures, starting to drop off little bit.
6:17 am
low four's generally up err 30 's, but it is cold enough in the poconos again to see that snow. so, as this rain eventually does turn to snow, how much are we talking? well the poconos gets slammed. good thing for them. but heavy wet snow that could again bring down maybe even some tree limbs, but six to 12 h valley, more modest two to four, even here in the sit at this could now be up to 2 inches of snow on the back edge of this, for jersey, delaware, this is primarily rain, but even there it could get cold enough briefly for little bit of snow. meantime, meteorologist, matt peterson out with the mobile weather. i know primarily seen a lot of rain. how are the travel conditions now? >> good morning, katie, thanks we are out in the mobile weather watcher, rain like you said for the most part, pretty much across the entirety of the philadelphia area, so far this morning, and that means that we're also seeing some ponding on the roadways, seeing some of the spray, as we take a look out of the dash cam of the mobile weather
6:18 am
watcher, see big semi, on 611 north headed up toward doylestown area. and when you have tractor-trailers, all of the other cars on the road, and the rain, that spray is coming up, also, seeing some areas where there is little bit of ponding on the roadways, as well, so, all traffic is moving, at decent pace, in most of the areas, there is cents still some slower spot here. you don't want to go super fast on a lot of the roads, again, just because we do have all of that rain out there. it is going to be a messy commute. probably across the board for lots of folks coming in from all different areas. and meisha i'll send it back to you, i know that you are giving us updates all morning long on just what the traffic is looking like. >> i sure a.m., matt, take it easy out there, drive real safe, yep, just waking up with us right now by the way tack a look at the camera shot, letting you know how windy it is out there. if you are just waking one us right now you know there have been problem spots and i will take you back all the way to the 4:00 hour and earlier, and we've seen problem spots even since then. we do have disable vehicle here, 95 south, before cottman
6:19 am
take a look at how busy it is. and one disable vehicle by the way can really send our morning commute nears a tizzy, especially when this start rain coming down, this much rain on the roadways, that's ponding, that can give us some hydroplaning issues as well. so just be wary of that, as well. disable vehicle, that hopefully will get cleared out of the way, birdseye view, looking actually okay. we do have this accident in delaware with jackknife tractor-trailer and fuel spill , a knotter at 459 north, three lanes block here, take a look at this, dropping all the way down to bumper to bumper conditions. jan -- jim, back over to you. >> tarriffs on steel and aluminum import increasing fears every trade war. the president made the announcement executives from steel anal alluminum, the measure necessary to protect industrial interests. leaders from canada and the european union say they'll retaliate if the president goes through with it, moves
6:20 am
sent the dow jones industrial tumbling 420-point. s encounter intelligence juice inning one of ivanka business deals, now reporting the fbi looking into negotiations and financing surrounding trump international hotel and power in vancouver. ivanka trump is advisor to her father, the president, and it is unclear why officials are looking into this particular deal. >> meantime, white house defending ivanka trump's husband jared kushner, follows the that his real estate group obtained business loans after he met with company heads at the white house. kushner stemmed down at ceo of family business since going to washington. >> coming up a little later, how selfies are prompting more people to get plastic surgery. looks you look just fine the way you are, jim. >> was joel embiid recruiting last night? labron looks awfully friendly in cleveland. >> good, good stuff. >> we'll have highlights from the game and embiid tweet that's feeling the talk of labron, perhaps coming to the
6:21 am
sixers. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> did you ever mention i get motion sickness. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. mobile three cruises around the rain-soak streets of philadelphia. katie has got an update on the storm. oh, breathe. and your full weekend forecast coming up. >> that's really cool. i like that. >> getting me a little dizzy, though. >> now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our
6:25 am
region. >> from the press of atlantic city man is in custody after shooting a gun in a wooded area setting off lockdowns at several schools. pilgrim academy in galloway township, at the high school, egg harbor city schools, cedar creek high school, stockton university, all ordered shelter in place orders, 57 year old michael maggie was arrested without incident. >> from the spirit in delaware county, calling it a parade. people being encourage today inundate elected off initials dc with post guard protest. >> in the times herald valley forge, focusing attention on travelers planning to visit the philadelphia flower show. flower show of course starts tomorrow, runs through march 11, the tourism agency want visitors to stay at one every montgomery county's 77 hotels, and take septa, into the city. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> a lot of talk lately from sixers fans, dreaming of labron james in a philly uniform at the end of the season labron will be a free
6:26 am
agent. >> last night, embiid and the flyers traveled to cleveland, and i have to say, almost felt like an auditionment take a look, ben simmons calls labron mentor 18 points, nine rebounds, eight assists cents. embiid has faced labron in the all-star game had his 32nd double double of the season. labron had 30 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, and, i don't know, just my opinion, but he would look good in a sixers uniform, sixers beat the calves 108-97 and they play the horn nets south philly tonight. >> after the game embiid added some fuel to the fire. tweeting this picture of him: chumming it up with labron with the caption trust the process. always a great time playing against one of the best ever to play the game. look closely at the hashtag. summer 2018 goals. >> oh, embiid of course likely referring to the free agency period that begins on july 1st that's when teams can officially sign free agents like labron, this is getting real interesting. and you know there were rumors , jim, that labron had a rep in town checking out high
6:27 am
schools for his son. >> well -- >> so stay tuned. >> getting interested. >> first the eagles, next the sixers? >> we're on a roll. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," more coverage of the nor'easter. >> live coverage starting with trang. >> reporter: people at the jersey shore are already waking up to the effect this much coastal storm, i'm trang do live in brigantine, with a look at conditions, and preparations. hey, jan? >> reporter: just light rain here, trang, in the city of philadelphia right now. but conditions are forecasted to change. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live along kelly drive this morning there is has been tough storm for penndot. coming up, why penndot crews weren't able to pre treat the roads before this winter storm meisha? >> yes, jan, as you know we definitely have seen better mornings, for sure, tgif. it has been wet, slick, slow commute so far with accidents all morning long. pack your patience. i'll have all of the update coming up first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> it is 63:41, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is march 2nd, 2018. >> now it looks like a nor'easter, power lines coming down with this ... >> pack your patience, you'll have to leave early, give yourselves extra time. >> the rain is really kicking up here, some heavy rain, you can hear the waves. >> conditions are sticking pretty much steady here in the city of philadelphia. >> when the rain does turn over to snow, in your neighborhood, rest assure, penndot is still prepared.
6:32 am
>> a preview of spring, the 2018 philadelphia flower show opens this weekend at the convention center, the this year's theme wonders of water. >> now this is a story all about ... >> ♪ >> ♪ >> there you have it. the tune of fresh prince of bellaire, utah lawmakers explains how a bill becomes a law. >> the question is why, why, sometimes things go viral for all of the wrong reasons, katie, you have gone viral. you know how that feels. >> i have. but for the right reasons. >> i guess so, yes, you guys went viral for your one chill
6:33 am
challenge, but -- >> jim kind of forget that. >> ya. hum. let's talk about the forecast, i think would rather talk about the wetter. >> yes. >> what a storm system, that we have on our hands now folks you know, this is still only going to get worse before it gets better. at the moment, we still have a bit of a split difference, starting to see the really cold air funnel county, blip of purple shows up in the southern tear of the county this but up in the poconos we definitely have seen the change over go on. you have winter weather advisory in northampton county , winter storm warning up in the poconos, we will talk more about that in a second. the win, not too bad. just yet. look just off the coast, actually can see the vortex of the wind starting to spin. so there is the core of the sick lakes, with this over arching storm system but the wind hasn't actually gotten as bad as it will before the day is all said and done.
6:34 am
so there is a flood advisory posted until 7:45 a.m. this morning for philadelphia, delco, points northeast basically, that will eventually be replaced by just the flood watch. the little bit of difference rent area that is involved in that but good portion of the same area philly northeast in the flood watch. it goes until toll morning then a look at the winter storm warnings and the winter weather advisory, this posts until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for all of the region included in that, could you end up with up to foot of snow at the ski resort. so looking at the region as a whole, there is cents a lot of bee tail region by region, floods you'll see but mainly rink turning to snow for most of us, and very, very windy conditions that will go along with this, especially later on today. meisha? >> yikes. seeing it basically all morning long, so look outside right now, looking at disable vehicle here, 95 north at the vine, now been moved out of the way, but take a look at
6:35 am
the volume levels, actually not that bad. you will have to hang onto posted speeds, just because of how wet it is out there. malfunctioning traffic lights, city avenue at conshohocken state road. this is city avenue. they are malfunctioning both directions, by the way, and we still have the accident in delaware, 95 north at 495 north, fuel spill here with a jackknife tractor-trailer. three lanes are blocked. take a look at this, bumper to bumper conditions. when we see all of that red out there, we know that it is very slow moving. and we can expect that specially because the weather isn't going to help us out eitherment bridge closure because of the weather as well town townsend inlet bid, alternate. garden state parkway best bet. >> new jersey transit cross honoring today and tomorrow because of the weather as well malfunction traffic lights, northeast philly, guys, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. new jersey coastline is bracing for the worse of this storm. >> heavy rain, choppy seas, maybe coastal flooding, " eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in brigantine, good morning, trang.
6:36 am
>> good morning, no day at the beach here, things have gotten colder and more windy and see my by hair blowing, take a look at conditions here, finally able to see the ocean, now, that the sun is up. and you can really see pretty decent size waves, expecting waves as high as 8 feet today. 12 feet tomorrow. so big concerns here at the jersey shore, and take a look here, also want to make sure i noted there are crews out here already. they are making sure they're as prepared as possible for things to come, see water already on the beach. lots to deal with here on brigantine beach. but take a look, these guys have been out here since last night, last night actually adding sand to the beach to kind of serve as buffer against the flooding. so, lot of people down here, also preparing, they've got sandbags out, they've got barricades out to try to
6:37 am
protect against the flooding but also as we have mentioned all morning the high winds, could be pretty destructive here, down the shore, that's why atlantic city electric is telling it customers prepare for this, anticipate power outages, and they'll have crews on stand by throughout the weekendment take listen. >> we are monitoring the weather and ask the customers prepare for possible outages, if there are extended outages to have three day supply of non-perishable food, and more importantly to identify safe location that does have power beforehand in the event do you lose power, especially if you have medical equipment, and need steady fewer operate. >> and right now, we are keeping our eyes on the water, because, in just about a half hour to 45 minute, you are expecting high tide. that's when officials say that we could start to see that minor flooding, here in brigantine, and we do want to mention while things are still
6:38 am
relatively calm, if you haven't secured any outdoor furniture or things like that you might want to bring that stuff inside because as the hours have progressed have seen the winds pick upment for now live in brigantine, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you very much, trang. >> further inland, folks are waking to up rain and winds, and bracing for snow later today. >> jan carabeo live along kelly drive for the latest conditions. good morning again jan. >> jim, rahel, good morning, fortunately as far as my comfort goes cents this morning is it hasn't been rain too long badly, finally now we start seeing this rain come down a little bit more steady and a little heavier now, as you can see behind me, yes, roads are wet, but drivers aren't having too much after problem at this hour. but again, we are only expected for these conditions to deteriorate throughout the day, look g at the video see what drivers were up against earlier, at times the rain was
6:39 am
much heavier. and much more steady. penndot is ready for what mother nature throws our way. treating this storm like a winter storm, a snow event, but they do realize that they may have to also focus again on the heavy rain and possible flooding. take a listen. >> this is a winter storm, not done yet, we're preparing for snow event. so while the storm comes in as rain, we will be checking in each county manager, on our state highways systems knows their flood prone areas to what areas to check out. we will have all of our state crews out for the duration of this storm. >> yes, live look right now, at the schuylkill river. you can see, the water droplet , the rain on the top of the river there, and it is slowing pretty good right now.
6:40 am
as pendot said, they're going to be keeping an eye on flood prone areas. they say rest assured, when the rain does turn over to snow they still have 80 tons of salt to work w reporting live along kelly drive this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, controversial statue depicting harvey weinstein debuts just down the road from the oscars. hear what people are saying about it. >> plus, jim, does this selfie make my knows look big? the answer apparently yes. finds out how much bigger it is, when you take the pick yourself. >> oh,. >> and this is the real candy lands meisha goes behind the scenes at one of pennsylvania 's chocolate landmarks. her dream drive is coming up next. katie? >> was that meisha in a hairnet? this is must-watch it. >> v, people. oh, my gosh, i'm so excited now, well, guys, we are in the midst of a very potent storm system, only going to get more intense, as the day goes on.
6:41 am
so many locations based details to walk you through, and we will do that but first your travel forecast.
6:42 am
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>> tomorrow will be the first day pennsylvania newest area
6:45 am
code, 445, is placed into service. now will won't change for those who have a number, just those in the future. it covers philadelphia, bucks, montgomery, and berks counties >> lady and gaga doing a lot of collaborations cents together. >> i recall that. >> sign of good times this forecast you have here, at least today. >> not good time. i wouldn't call it that at all >> the storm itself definitely looks more like a nor'easter, yesterday, still just in its phasing stages, where it hadn't totally turned into an actual coastal storm system. but now we've got it, and it is helping to generate it own cold air. but some of the chill starting to settle in behind us, as well, so the change-over is starting to take place with this, too, and we've got another, yes, one more time zoom on this to show you. you can see how you've got some snow up in the poconos
6:46 am
already. you're stuck with snow the rest of the day, now, that's why you end up with such heavy totals, even as far south as part of new castle county, see the counter clockwise rotation , wrapping around, like going around the out skits, of the del delaware valley. interesting stuff. dow want to quickly check in with our eyewitness weather watches ers who have been locally reporting this morning , we saw variety going on as you might imagine. central delaware, 40 degrees at ends i's house, clouds currently, not raining at the moment, but it is very, very windy, where he is. we go back up to chester county at 35 degrees. and sorry 36 degrees at ed's house, i want to show you the one in nottingham, because fran said he is starting to see some snowflakes mixing in here, but mainly been a rainfall. so one more, we go into delanco, 43 degrees from one of our new eyewitness weather watchers cheyenne, so new, doesn't have a profile pick yet, but light rain shying. she can work with. that will i like the way she
6:47 am
puts. that will because it is not as much of a precipitation for us, we can hands the precipitation issues, but aren't really going to be ready for here is the kind of winds that comes in. high wind warning posted for our area, region wide, it starts technically at 10:00 a.m. flood watch for philly and points northeast, currently flood advisory, poconos have winter storm warning for six to 12 inches of snow and coastal flood warning, then, as well, for those coastal communities. that will last couple of high tide cycles, already getting the wrap. trust me, the the winds will eventually be peaking here 50 to 60 miles per hour but at the moment, meteorologist, matt peterson out there on the cbs-3 mobile watcher, went hasn't been as hariri just yet , matt. >> no, not too bad where we are right now, katie, not too harsh, up in the doylestown area, and the one thing that has casino every really pick up definitely in the last couple every minutes is the wind starting to pick up, the
6:48 am
rain the time being has actually start today switch just to move just little bit, it definitely is going to continue to pick up as we go through the afternoon, looking out of the dash cam right now, roads are wet. temperatures are cooler than they've been. i know that you've been talking about how we are starting to see the change over to snow? areas of the poconos already, and while it is cooler, i will say that outside it is still looking like it is just wet. pretty much everywhere where we are, with just ponding and definately some spray off the roads, even as is this rain has started to at least kind of taper off for the time being, but it is definitely like you say, it will pick back up later this afternoon, our graphic, that we will show real quick, all looking for the chance for pretty much red lights across the board whether it comes to our traffic concerns. heavy rain throughout most of the day, with the chain-over in the philadelphia area. definitely into that maybe later toward the p.m. m
6:49 am
commute. then overnight tonight. so it is going to be a messy drive for most of the day, for most of the folks across the philadelphia area as we wrap up our work week. and i'm out here live in the weather watcher, meisha, we send it back to you in the studio. >> matt, we've actually got camera shot right now showing snow. this is where we are starting to see that snow actually, 202 at route 100, headlights are moving in the southbound direction, you can see, the snow coming down, past the cameras, so it is starting to switch in certain areas. take it slow, bumper to bumper conditions here. looking like a parking lot, eastbound side, moving a little better than the westbound side, very slow, malfunction traffic lights city avenue at conshohocken state road. and we also have downed street light from earlier accident, in ewing, that we will touch base in just a minute. first an accident in delaware, still out there, 59 north at 495, three lanes still blocked downed street lying in ewing township route 29 northbound,
6:50 am
the ramp to 95 northbound, that's closed right now. snow is an area you want to avoid, if you can avoid it, certainly have to give yourselves extra time around, i don't know, if it was me i would give myself extra 30 minutes or so. no delays or concellations at the airport that we are hearing of right now. just give yourself extra time for sure. >> good time of year to pick up classic canned. >> i you can find the special place in montgomery county, meisha is here, with her dream drive. >> yes, i sure a.m. so who doesn't like can i, particularly chocolate? truffles is my deal. there is a place not too far from us where we can actually watch from the factory floor to see some of our favorite sweets be made. the recipes are not only old-fashioned, but they're so much fun. are you ready for a dream drive. >> buckle up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think i can literally smell the chocolate from out here. asher's chocolate company in souderton is 100 years of pure
6:51 am
pennsylvania. >> chester asher started the company. it was just small little candy store. and ice cream and now it is fourth generation. we fill 1 acres of big factory , big hallway to look into the factory, big corridor , you can see through the glass. >> we come here all the time to see the chocolate being made. >> i got special permission to go behind the glasses to see the process myself. >> you realize how much is going into this. >> absolutely it is chocolate it is an art form. >> the perfect temperature, and you want the perfect product to put it on. >> what's going on right behind us? >> today we are major line here, line one, our orange jelly. the orange jelousy coming d >> these are our head lucy's down here packing all of the up. >> very loud, very keep it warmt the chocolate stays liquid and
6:52 am
>> so what's the temperature of chocolate? >> the best temperature to about 92 degrees, depending on whether it is milk, dark or whitechhocolate keep it about 120. >> each day is a different od couple of hours and you can see something different coming down the linndt everything in their adjoining retail store. >> i think it is 8 poundsny. >> literally i can feel on. >> chocolate covered pretzels, and everything, favorite. easter is coming so-so easter bunnies, eggs. and for other? well, it is a cure for >> she lives in nevada. and i send her heaven. >> i'm sure she is. and i'm stillma, ank you very m. just something about candy,
6:53 am
chocolate in particular, and seeing how itch fun. so, thank you so much to emma, just group at asher's such a family feel. if you get the chance for something different to do. and just make sure you have >> i've been there before. >> chocolate pretzels, that's your jam, i asked timly do you have anything with peanut butter, protein, working there like oh, ya, i'm sure that's why you really want peanut but ther. >> thank you shall meisha, appreciate t picture on the main line will soon shut its doors after more than century in business. rick lands' har wear opened up shop more than century ago, the family owned business nestled on half forward avenue became the go to for generations cents, no you co- owners charlie waters and jed rydel are retiring. they've work at the store since they were in high school >> i can't stand the thought of having to go to a chain store, we're going to miss you as much as you miss us. >> rick lynn's hardware will close its doors on april 28th.
6:54 am
it is that time of year again when hollywood best come together for the most anticipated award show of the year many some of this years' presenters include actresses jody foster, san doctor bullock, nicole kidman. academy has changed the rules a bit this year. no no social media and no texting policy. >> well, this sunday harvey weinstein will probably be no show at the oscars but few days ago ahead of the event his likeness made appearance not far from the dole bye theser. >> take a look, gold statue of harvey weinstein sitting on a casting couch. see he is wearing slightly open bathrobe, creator works under the name plastic divas. >> the face really just the fact so many people came to hollywood with a dream, with a ambition, and harvey had this in hollywood un touchable. so to be a want to be, to get next to harvey a dream for some people, for other, it can enter a nightmare.
6:55 am
>> very in your face, not like an abstract, like hidden message. >> you're failed when do i go with the flow, you know, because i'll miss this opportunity. >> certainly is is a talker, the statue was removed and hopes to have it back up sometime this weekend. >> we will be right back with three to go. stay with us.
6:56 am
6:57 am
do you like freshly steamed lobster? do you like the word and? then you'll love outback's steak and lobster. back by popular demand, only $15.99. so hurry in now. outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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>> time for three to go. >> dealing with potent nor'easter today will bring rain, snow, flood to go our area. >> fresh offer win over labron james and the calves, the sixers host the charlotte hornets tonight, game time 7:00. >> and the philadelphia flower show opens tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center >> this year's theme the wouldn't ertz of water. >> last check on the weather. >> that would be good place to go this weekend, because, it is just so windy tomorrow. but, right now, that wind, i would say, really is the big issue, 12 plus hours of it. >> so may want to watch your angles when taking a selfie. >> says steve east make your knows like 30% bigger. expert say this happens when you snap a picture from 12 inches from your face, so apparently plastic surgeons are getting more business because of it. >> told you the worlds is full of crazy people. cbs this morning is coming up next. >> have a wonderful and safe
7:00 am
weekend. stay safe out there. >> bye b [ speaking foreign language ] captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's friday, march 2nd, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the national weather service says a powerful nor'easter is causing a life-and-death situation along the east coast. the storm is targeting more than 50 million people with snow, rain, and hurricane-force winds. they don't want gun control and bad policy. a new report finds dangerous conditions may have led to deaths at some non-hospital surgery centers across the country. we hear from the p


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