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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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by this scene we are seeing all across the delaware valley , as we look live at center city, see that sideways moving snow. temperatures 33 degrees. northwesterly winds at 32 miles an hour. that is not even win gusts. wind chills 19 degrees. just cruel, we are dealing with this powerful, coastal low, almost looking like a hurricane, on satellite image ry that counter clockwise circulation pushing all of this moisture from off shore and really right new we're dealing with primarily snow across much of the delaware valley, rainfall across southern delaware but not much rain mixing in. it is the heavy wet snow that we are contending with and when we see purple returns that is heaviest and wetest of the snow along i-95 corridor from center city philadelphia to chester back into wilmington. seeing primarily snow down the shore right now, falling in heavy intensity and some locations we have this nice ban that has been going for a couple of hearst right now into lehigh northampton county , snow continues to fall
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in the poconos where toby hanna we are up to 13 inches of snow, five and a half in albrightsville, doyletown two and a half, somerton and philadelphia county of slush and snow and down the shore hammington picking up an inch of snowfall. we have snow and, of course those ridiculous wins cape may gusting to 71 miles an hour. hurricane force is 74 miles an hour. gusting to 62 in dover. sixty-one atlantic city. fifty-one in northeast philadelphia wind speed elevated these are constant wind well up in the 30 miles an her range and we have wind gusts on top of that gusting in the last hour 262, and dover gusting to near 60, allentown gusting to near 50 in philadelphia high wind warning remains in effect rightfully so throughout the overnight expires at 6:00 tomorrow morning as we will continue to deal with strong wind gusts in the evening hours, heavy wet snow continues for first half of the evening. we will talk about when snow will taper off, see a coating to 2 inches in and around the
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city, strong wind gusts yielding hazardous traveling conditions for everyone, and that wind is making it so tough out there, both on those foot and roads and meteorologist chill see in grammys live in the cbs-3 mobil weather watcher near ben franklin bridge, how is it going out there, chelsea. >> reporter: you know, this is a very, very heavy vehicle that we have here, but the wind is literally shaking this vehicle all around. it is a mess out here. i will show you our dash cam so you can see what i'm looking at. we have a lot of snow as you mentioned that snow is a literally at times blowing sideways because the winds are so strong, ag our way on to the ben franklin bridge right now, and it is important to note, there is winds like what we are dealing with today, this is a very big issue, especially for high profile vehicles. so, we have the delaware river port authority, vehicle they have actually issued an empty tractor trailer ban in effect,
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on all, drpa bridges so that includes this bridge, ben franklin bridge, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross bridge, as well as the commodore barry bridge. as you can imagine, it is those trucks that are not waited down they are such high profile vehicles that winds can just blow and knock them over, and we are certainly dealing with extremely strong wind. we have seen stop lights blowing, i have seen stop lights blowing around, i have seen some stop signs, blowing around and i have seen people having a very difficult time walking in these conditions, as we have made our drive out here to the ben franklin bridge. you can see visibility is okay but when youk far off in the distance, definitely having a bit of an issue with seeing some of the cars and their brake lights as well, so conditions are certainly, hazardous on the roadway, we are going to continue to keep a very close eye on things here, in the eyewitness weather mobile weather watcher and we will bring you some
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live shots, coming up in the 6:00 o'clock hour as well, for now back to you. >> all right, chelsea, thank you very much. right now with the rough evening commute all the way around the region. storm is impacting rail services on amtrak, septa and new jersey transit. >> they all run through 30th street station and that is where our natasha brownies live with the very latest on the situation there, natasha. >> reporter: we can tell you snow, gusty win is wreaking havoc right now on the rail lines they are being hard hit at this point, delayed trains, cancelled, the train, really scramble to try to get home at this point. lets look at video from inside 30th street station, a short time ago, septa services suspended at this point in both directions on the regional rail lines, including west t trenton, chestnut hilly, west, lansdale doyletown paoli, thorndale and cynwyd, both lots of affected ... services along northeast corridor. we understand at least two trains are operating between
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new york and philadelphia right now but that is, absolutely it. patco is being affected as well by delayed, and cancelled trains. so you really have to do a little bit of dig to go find out how your trains are being affected but again evening commute certainly at a stand still for most and folks are just scrambling to figure out how to get home and out of this weather. that is very latest at 30th street station natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hopefully everyone stays safe. wind is also a threat to drivers. tree felon a september bus this afternoon as it was headed west on the schuylkill expressway. this happened near gladwynn exit, there were passengers on the bus but no reports of any injuries. the westbound lanes were closed for over an hour until that tree could be cut up, hauled away. also a scary commuor students returning home in chester delaware county. there a school bus got into an accident with the vehicle near second and kerlin streets, this happened around 1:30 this afternoon, schools let out early because of the weather. there were no injuries.
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and the nor'easter continues to hammer philadelphia international airport with snow and strong winds, we have learned that american airlines suspended all flights through the rest of the day, so no american airlines flights for the rest of the day, coming up at 5:30 we will show you on you travelers are dealing with this weather disruption. areas north are getting the brunt of this storm, snow quickly piling up in certain area up there, our alycia nieves is route 248 in lower nazareth township with a look at the conditions, alycia >>ep this morning and it took us two and a h to nazarh area mostly because of the white out conditions we were experiencing on the highway. it has been snow all day here, you can take a look at the roadway here on route 248 you will see that snow is not accumulating on the ground because it ties warm, ground itself ties warm but we are seeing slush. if you take that slush combine it with the white out conditions as we have been seeing around here and then
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add wind you just start to understand how dangerous it is driving out here. as nor'easter hits our region the northern part of it up in the lehigh valley area, people are dealing with high winds, and non-stop snowfall. those two elements of this storm are dangerous combination here. >> i just came down route 33, i would estimate is there a 20 car pile up just north of here >> reporter: police near allentown have been responding to non-stop crashes of reports of vehicles sliding off the roadway. >> horrible came out of no where. >> car turned around in the highway and it is bad. >> reporter: many reported crashes may be as a result of this near white out conditions , for drivers. this is what u.s. 22 near easton looked like, most of the day. >> it is incredibl never seen wind like this. >> reporter: wind and wrath of this storm is not only causing dangerous driving conditions, but also, damage.
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>> it is getting really bad, there is trees down every where, couple telephone poles down i have seen accidents, nobody should be out here. if you don't have to be out here stay home. >> reporter: that really is good advice right back out here live we are experiencing wind gusts of 50 miles an hour that pole that we're looking at has been swaying none in stop, concerning my photographer and i because we have seen those down trees and we have, down power lines, coming up at 6:00 we will talk more about all of the damage caused by this storm in this area for now live from northampton county alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. from the mountains to the shore much of our region is feeling effects of this major storm system and our team coverage continues with cleve bryan live in atlantic city where wind is leaving behind some damage there, cleve. >> reporter: that is right been a very windy ocean actually looks calm behind me because wind has been coming from on shore toward the ocean
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, we don't feel it too much right now because we have been feeling it all day and we decided to go up against playground pier here blocking the wind but traveling along the shore today we saw it range from nasty to down right dangerous. >> windy and wet. >> reporter: that sums it up powerful wind mixed with birth cold and walking on the atlantic city boardwalk anything but a casual stroll. >>ike walking on the boardwalk. >> just horrible right now, yeah, it could be worse. >> reporter: dit get worse all afternoon only way we could stand our ground speaking with vent are in commissioner lance lanegraph was to take shelter against a big building. >> the storm has hit it is starting to snow, so we're in the middle of it but our guys are ready and our public safety is ready as well. >> reporter: around 2:00 p.m. ventnor city fire department was put to the test as a house fire broke out with 40 to 50 miles an hour gusts, fe fighters climbed a latter to the second floor as they tried to get the fire under control.
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neighbor bob who lives four doors down said he appreciates their dedication under such extreme conditions. >> it is bad, i mean, the wind , i have been picking up all day and you know we have little snow, moisture here it is almost like sleet. >> reporter: this is some video i just took a half an hour ago at former trump plaza where two large chunks of the tower fell off and there was debris. it has been block off from traffic and pedestrian traffic , and it is a dangerous situation, long the boardwalk we can see, some of the insulation from the walls was blowing on to the boardwalk, it is all over the ground we will have, four video and more information about that situation, and also, hopefully we will find out the result of that fire, i know fire chief was just coming back when i spoke to him about 15 minutes ago, and so we will get more information about the extent of the damage that we have seen. live from atlantic city cleve
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bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 our storm watch continues, most umbrellas no match for whipping winds walking and carrying an umbrella was almost impossible. we will check with david spunt in the traffic conditions in the city. live look at jack frost big boulder where snow is welcomed sight for ski slopes, mess of the storm watch coverage when "eyewitness news" continues. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed so you can download large files faster and power more employees on more devices all for a new low price. what does that equal? our best internet offer ever. you do the math.
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back on "eyewitness news" with something we're seeing a lot of today, powerful winds, from this storm, knock over a tree in philadelphia's rittenhouse square. it was a pretty big one. good news is no one was injured. and this latest blast of winter weather is making for a miserable end to work week. >> it is fine if not, it is david spunt is live in center city where people are getting around and quickly learned umbrellas no match for snow, wind and rain. i was there about 3:00 o'clock today. >> no match at home, the city is a giant wind tunnel, i have always known that but i have really experienced to it day. i have been out since 10:00
5:15 pm
this morning checking things out. the snow seems to be subsiding , the wind that is not the case. i have learned that as a reporter but a consumer of umbrellas if you buy an umbrella spend some money and get a durable one. the winds, through the streets of center city philadelphia friday afternoon, unrelenting, and leaving a path of destruction behind. >> i miss the sun. the wind, it is very windy, i'm missing the sun a lot. >> reporter: a path full of broken umbrellas, trash cans and those metal signs, constantly moving because of the win. >> i'm wel over this. i have expect it since i have seen it coming since about 6:00 this morning i watch the news, and, it is very, have you ever seen the movie twister? i'm helen hunt. >> reporter: no tornadoes in the city but wind wouldn't let up. the morning started out wet so , of course, people brought
5:16 pm
out their umbrellas but they have learned once the wind and snow pick up, those umbrellas did absolutely nothing, except break. >> i don't mind too much if i don't lose my hat i can deal witht, wait until i am home and then dry off. >> reporter: after a while people were starting to throw their umbrellas away in trash cans, no point in using them. philadelphia is an olde city but a lot of construction going on, coming up at 6:00 what construction officials at l and i have to say about the situation, they don't want people, working, today they want to make sure people stay safe. we will have that story at 6:00 reporting live from center city david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, yikes. >> not a pretty picture, lauren. >> this is crazy just sitting inside watching i was mesmerized the snow has been going sideways all day long, what a system, man. >> doesn't feel like all. >> not yet.
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>> we will deal with heavy wet snow next couple hours and winds as well so we will get you over tour live look at bethlehem, northampton county, snowy scene there, and, it looks good on the roadways but not a lot of people out and about and that is, the tto do, e are dealing with the heavy wet snow and, of course those damaging wind making for very hazardous travel conditions, and the snow continues to fall on storm scan three in and around bethlehem area northampton county, up in the lehigh valley, poconos and we are seeing snow, really just all snow across much of the delaware valley, not even seeing that rain mix that we saw earlier in the day. we had this pocket of very heavy snow, center city philadelphia, down into portions of chester county and starting to move into delaware as well, intensity starting to pick up in these areas where we are seeing more returns of these dark purples, that is that very heavy, intense snow coming down at a very fast rate, potentially on the order
5:18 pm
of inch per hour accredits northern delaware right now and spread nothing to central delaware. future weather showing us dealing with this snowfall into the next couple of hours seven or 8:00 and then tapers off seeing lingering snow showers, potentially mixed with rain as we head in the nine or 10:00 o'clock hour and then by midnight this moisture starts to move out of here and we will start to get a break but we could see snowfall snow,, coat to go 2 inches across the area, up toward poconos but we are seeing significant snowfall totals, could pick up two to 4 inches as we head in the next several hours but overall, tonight, could see lingering snow showers, otherwise mostly cloudy, still windy though 35 degrees our overnight low and as we head in your day tomorrow, partly sunny, still windy but we can deal with these wins, northerly at 15 to 25 miles an hour with gusts at about 35 miles per hour, which is, not the case of what we are seeing right now in ocean city , 54 miles an hour wind gusts right now, 52 miles an
5:19 pm
hour win gustness atlantic city, 47 in philadelphia and check out our future wind gusts in the next couple of hours even in the 8:00 o'clock hour, 40, 50, 55 miles an hour wind gusts in, to midnight as well dealing with wind of 40 miles an hour range and then overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, still dealing with strong, spotty gusts up in to that 40 miles an hour range but much more tolerable into the 30 miles an hour range as we head in the second half of the saturday but it will be a windy dane a still threat of coastal flooding assey coast behind and delaware beach until 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. we could see maryland rate coastal flooding and that has been a issue with this storm. on sunday partly cloudy conditions high of 47 degrees, monday we are looking much better, 48 degrees, and then sunshine, and then watching out for a rain snow cnco mid weh , it is a tough go in the next couple of hours, they are going to be still pretty bad with strong intense winds and heavy wet snow. >> stay safe out there.
5:20 pm
>> thanks, lauren. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight eagles super bowl win led to super celebrations. >> they led to big problems the announce. police made today about fans who behaved badly, don. speaking of bad behavior they were all smiles until things got out offhanded, what caused shouting match between the sixers and lebron's cavilers in c
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thanks for covering, and, live picture of center city, and you can see, for the ugly weather out there, we have much more storm coverage for you coming up. >> not a good look. >> sideways. >> don bellies joining us now. >> this was a crazy game last night. playing in, cleveland, and they are still talking bit. >> yeah. >> still talking about it. >> what do you think, tell us bit. >> back to the december, kobe bryakeohe eagles about having, mamba mentality
5:24 pm
last night joel embiid had ate begins lebron and calves. sixers snapping a two game losing streak ben simmons had 18 board, nine board, eight assists against his mentor, and james called ben his young king. embiid hit this fade away jay to ice the game. joe joe says he felt like kobe the sixers, win by 11. >> we feel like we're not skipping steps, small things matter detail of which we're trying to do stuff matters, and they are aware of it, and this is what we're trying to sort of center our world on as this season unfolds, it is getting really good defensively about the details of what matters most and i thought tonight we did some of that. >> late game antics in the game last night, but with the game already decided dario czarrish dunked instead of running out thelo
5:25 pm
jordan clarkson threw the ball at dario. clarkson was eject. unwritten rule in the nba in that situation, you don't pile on the points. the homey apologized for the f opa. >> surprised, we're nba to be mad at something like that, for me, it is like, i want to say i apologize, to the organization, to them, to the fans, it is in the intentional , i just didn't think. >> man up, like so what you are a pro, i dunk, get over it joe joe took to twitter and writes trust the process? always a great time playing against one of the best, to ever play the game, #summer 18 goals. now if you don't get that here's what he means. sixers want lebron to come to philly. free agent in the summer. the goal is to get lebron in philly and he is just putting it out there. >> joel is just out there
5:26 pm
playing. >> you thought that story was going to die. >> #summer 18. >> by the way they play charlotte down at the center. >> that is right. coming up next half an hour this storm causing plenty of traffic troubles, they are lots of delays, lots of cancellations on the boards at philadelphia international airport we are checking in on how flights are being affected and take a look down the shore right now this is coming to us from our cape may camera and we see the rough, waves out there, we will check in on the shore conditions as
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common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment.ask your . we are dealing with a damaging storm, whipping winds , they are bringing down tree limbs and keeping clean up crews, very, very busy today. in a live look at poconos where storm dumped several inches of snow, great news for ski slopes but in the so great for folks hitting the road. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 hi everyone i'mllregion. lets get the latest from the forecast from meteorologist lauren casey.
5:30 pm
>> we have a new updated total for poconos and toby hanna and it is craze. we will get to that this crazy view of the sideways moving snow in center city philadelphia, keep going there i think march has officially, been coming in like a lion. 33 degrees. northwesterly winds at 32 miles an hour, absent the gusting, and feels like temperature 19 degrees. brutal. we are dealing with the powerful nor'easter that did bomb out our rapidly intensify , very apparent, driving all this moisture in from off the atlantic and now we are dealing with primarily snowfall across the good chunk of the delaware valley. seeing some pockets starting to break in of some dryer air but this morning we started off with rain/snow mix and new all that just heavy, wet snow, heaviest right now in and along i-95 corridor from center city philadelphia, wilmington, northern delaware, those purple returns of snowy sentencely pouring down, also in the poconos, snow, still
5:31 pm
falling up toward lehigh valley, mount pocono, tony hanna we are up to 20, count them, 20 inches of snowfall, albrightsville seven and a half, doyletown two and a half , somerton and philadelphia 2 inches. hamilton picking up an inch of snowfall but in the poconos, we have this winter storm warning that is in effect until 4:00 a.m. as we head overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. the snow will continue to fall and winds will continue to whip. check this out winds gusting last hour in allentown of 60 miles an hour gusting to 47 in philadelphia. forty-seven in wilmington. high win warning remains in effect across the area and took a few wind gusts, and 60 miles an hour, through the evening hours and then about 50 miles per hour throughout overnight period, and, expired at 6:00 he clock tomorrow morning what to expect this evening we are looking at it, heavy wet snow through mid evening and tapering off additional snowfall in and around the city, coat to go 2 inches strong wind gusts,
5:32 pm
hazardous travel conditions, break down, and, all when the snow clears out of here and when these wind will start to relax, in a few minutes, jessica. >> today's weather is causing headaches at philadelphia international airport, just a short time ago american airlines announced it is suspending all flights for remainder of the day, our anita oh caught up with frustrated flyers. >> is there people heated. >> reporter: instead of taking off in the air many passengers at philadelphia international airport stay grounded friday as a nor'easter moved through the region. >> all the way dunn here checking you are still good, you get here and find out cancelled, parking lot. >> reporter: kevin knocks and four others planned to fly to nashville for a bachelor party >> figure it out. we will get there. >> reporter: other frustrated passengers wait todd rebook cancelled flights or scrapple told find a place to stay overnight but we hear stories of miami planned early, from hartford to philly instead to
5:33 pm
stay with family here if the storm took a turn. >> we just go with the flow. rebooked a flight for 10:30 from philly to columbus and then 20 minutes after i book it, the flight, it got cancelled. >> reporter: some like spencer of austin, texas feel lucky to have made to it their destination be t weather got worse. >> i was really nervous, mid flight, i was looking out the windows, people next to me were like looking around, it was scary. >> reporter: some airlines are offering waivers to change flights airport officials are urging pass evening tours check with their airlines for their flight status before arriving. reporting ate philadelphia international airport anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same storm system we are dealing business dumb continuing heavy wet snow in new york state. re hard at work trying to keep roads clear in syracuse. drivers and pedestrians are taking it slow, power outages are another big problem across the empire state. nor'easter also wreaking
5:34 pm
havoc on the new england area where flooding is a major concern. water was so high in boston it came up to the bumper of the pickup truck that as you can see drove right through it. city worker used sandbags to keep flood what the others from rushing in the subway system. >> we will be here throughout the storm on tv and also, at cbs philly to the come. in other news tonight philadelphia police after rested two more people for vandalism and bad behavior following the eagles super bowl win and during the parade one suspect was involved in vandalism at macy's on the night of the super bowl, other vandalized a vehicle door a parade. police hope at rest send a message. >> one of the things we do want is a deterrent effect for our future super bowl wins or when sixers, flyers, fill that is win when they are coming up we can't to know we want to celebrate, enjoy our teams victory half happened and will continue to happen but we don't want these negative black eyes that took place you are looking at photos now of
5:35 pm
11 people arrested for vandalism or bad behavior following the super bowl win, police after rested a total of 16 people. growing calls for convicted allentown married he had pawlowski to end his 12 year tenure in office immediately. on thursday jury found pawlowski guilty of dozens of charges in his corruption trial, the democrat, convicted of running a pay to play scheme, federal prosecutors accused him of awarding city contracts to business that is supported his failed campaign for u.s. senate and governor. pawlowski is required by state law to forfeit his office. >> jury has spoken and he is facing many, many years in jail. he need toss get his affairs in order and address his criminal situation and leave the city in the hands of somebody who is not corrupting it lawyer for the embattled mayor say pawlowski maintains his innocence, no sentencing date has set. gunman remains on the loose after killing his parents on the campus of central michigan university. police are looking for 19
5:36 pm
year-old student james davis, junior. he is suspect of shooting his parents inside a dorm hall around 8:00 when they pick them up. davis suffers from mental health issues. police say they were in contact with davis last night after a drug related incident. gun violence took center stage in the meeting with pennsylvania governor wolf today in grays ferry. the governor met with the legislative black caucus at karl morris center, concerned citizens and victim advocates were also in attendance the group discussed ways to reduce inner city gun violence. a final farewell to the man known as america's pastor to day funeral services were held for reverend billy graham , president trump was among 2,000 people paying their final respects in charlotte, services included songs from gospel musician whose performed at graham's crusades around the world. his son franklin deliver the eulogy. >> this last year of life he said very little at all and i believe his mind was on
5:37 pm
heaven. he often said i'm in the frayed to die as i know joy of heaven is waiting. if he could speak to you today he would ask will you be making this journey to heaven some day. >> reporter: graham met where president, since harry truman. what hes buried beside his wife ruth in their prayer garden. billy graham died last week at the age of 99. still to come on "eyewitness news" a dangerous disorder for those already battling diabetes how health reporter stephanie stahl explains the potentially harmful new trend becoming popular. prince harry and megan markle will be inviting members of the public, we will explain how they are choosing who makes the list,. a live look from a snowy northampton county this nor'easter dumpster fresh powder there on bethlehem we will keep you updated on this storm when "eyewitness news"
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well, prince harry and megan markle's wedding is one for ages and now members of the public will get to experience it. >> the pair has announced they are writing more than 2600 people from across the uk, 12 of those will be chosen and other will come from charities couple supports. children from local schools, windsor castle community and members of the royal household >> she got an invite, why wouldn't you go, you know, to be mixing there. >> yes. that would be a dream come true. >> the special get will get chance to watch bride and groom arrive at saint george's chapel and depart as newlywed ness a carriage procession may 19th. >> that is wonderful. >> i wand fur they will end up on stub hub. >> i hope not. >> yes. >> it is great to be involved.
5:42 pm
>> and grateful. >> as we head to break another live look from the poconos as you can imagine a snowy scene there. >> we will have much more storm watch coverage, when witnes news" returns.
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back on "eyewitness news" as we continue with this nor'easter a live look from the montreal beach resort in cape may, coastal storm, and, shore towns, we will check back, with meteorologist, lauren. dangerous, and, women with diabetes, and, restrict insulin lieutenant weight. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the einstein health care science center report. >> that is dangerous. >> dangerous and scary. >> eating disorder called, practiced by about, 40 percent of young women with type one diabetes, restricting their insulin, make their bodies unable to absorb calories. heather stucky has been living with type one diabetes since she was 12 years old, 48 year-old never thought that diagnosis was, spiraling, into a serious eating disorder. >> i had a natural, force within me, you know, just,
5:46 pm
melt away calories. >> reporter: it is called die balemia which diabetics manipulate insulin they are taking to shed pounds. >> such a secret. i said this is kind of cool, in a way, look, i can do this and be in knows about it, and i can getaway witt. look i can lose weight. hade in idea this was an eating disorder. >> reporter: heather was treated at philadelphia based renfro center. >> without this insulin, basically that shul air in the blood, stays in the blood and it spills out, and rather then being used as energy. >> reporter: practice can lead to serious health risk including high glucose, level, and muscle loss, and infections. >> you can get, and, dehydrated severe weight loss, cramping, you can also see, kidney damage. eporr: heat shore struggles with her body image says she's focusing on eating right, and managing her diabetes. >> when i look in the mirror now, i see, try to take care
5:47 pm
of ourself. let's try the best we can today to be healthy. >> reporter: now doctors say when diabetic restrict insulin blood sugar levels, and, body can absorb, food or essential nutrients and they end up losing weight. experts say warning signs are diabetics who avoid their ppointments, and each or take insulin in ice eulogies. >> yes. >> scary situation. >> definitely, impacts your kidney it is in the worth it. >> 40 percent. >> that is a lot. >> it really is. >> yes, thank you. right new we are joined by meteorologist lauren casey. >> yes. >> and busy day for you. >> don't blame the messenger. i got nothing to do with this. >> in the pretty. >> not pretty. >> tough day out there, down trees, lot of down wires and power outages. peco reporting a quarter million people without power just in pennsylvania because of these strong winds. center city philadelphia right now, the snow is continuing to fall, it is starting to
5:48 pm
accumulate as it has been over last couple of hours, it will, be a slushy coat to go one or 2 inches in and around center city philadelphia temperatures are supportive of snow butter with all of power, of this system, just force ago this snow down, heavy in intensity. it isn't having time to melt, some of these temperatures above freezing mark as we switch over to the weather computer. thirty-six in wildwood. thirty-four in atlantic city. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. thirty-four in allentown. storm scan three is showing us story of the day to day but starting to see dryer air indications of dryer air with some dryer pockets now, prevailing, portions of the poconos, seeing a little bit of drying in upper bucks county but still dealing with heavy persistent snowfall over chester county, down in northern delaware, central delaware, as well, snow coming down at a rate, of intensity of about an inch per hour, at times in and around wilmington area seeing that snow, just pummeling your
5:49 pm
your use, south jersey, down the shore, snow continues to fall and in the really mixing with rain anymore but it is that heavy wet snow but starting to see drying, on the western edge of the poconos, getting a break from all of that snowfall where totals are pushing now 2 feet in some locations. future weather showing in the next couple of hours still dealing with snow, primarily east of the i-95 corridor still lingering snow showers and mixing with rain as we head in the second half of the evening down the shore but really by 10 or 11:00 most of this moisture is out of here for everyone but until then could pick up an additional coat to go 2-inch's cross the delaware valley, that snow, slush and up toward poconos, where we are seeing significant totals you can pick up two to four more inches of snowfall. carbon monroe you have a winter storm warning that remains in effect until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning so for tonight, in the city, that snow is coming to an end early, mostly cloudy, windy, loemperature down to 32 degrees. wind gusts still possible
5:50 pm
overnight tonight, to about 45 r the day tomorrow, times of cloud, times of sun, still windy but not damaging wind that will bring down trees and power lines, high temperature at 48 degrees to kick off the weekend. check out these win gusts still elevated, 56 miles an hour in atlantic city. think about severe thunderstorm criteria or national weather service would issue a severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds, hour level is 57, 58 miles an we had severe wind gusts to day. 53 miles an hour wind gustness allentown. heading in the next couple of hours, still dealing with these 50, 55 miles an hour wind gusts, during the fall back in the 40 miles an hour range overnight tonight and then through the day tomorrow we will see wind gusts more in the 30 miles an hour range, especially for second half of the day so much more tolerable but still, windy conditions, cape may county, tomorrow, gusty wind, coastal flooding still a concern, mostly cloudy , high of 47 degrees. coastal flood warning does remain inff fr jersey
5:51 pm
coastline and delaware beaches until 2:00 a.m. sunday but things quieting down as we head in the upcoming weekend partly cloudy on sunday, just breezy, 47 degrees into monday , sunshine 50 degrees but then keeping an eye on another storm system as we head into wednesday that will bring us a chance of rain and jk to you. >> thank you, still ahead on "eyewitness news" on a rough weather day how about a good book. >> when we come back our own tori woodill hitting the books and w it was a perfect day to do it. we will be right back.
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5:55 pm
hour. today is a great day to pick up a good book, and read, maybe cozy up with a good book not only because weather is so nasty but because it is read across america day. >> vittoria woodill grabbed a good book and read to students and we written variety todd come along. >> today is not only, doctor seuss's birthday. >> happy birthday, doctor seuss. >> yes. >> reporter: assistant principal robinson's birthday, tyler's birthday but it is also read across america day. >> is what your favorite after school book. >> that is a great question. and ham.o go with green eggs >> reporter: for students all over the country take time out of their school day to read, as a group, celebrating, the many places a book can take you. discovering their own voices, while listening to the voices of others. like mine. so many things, go to the right. you can think about that, until saturday night.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: i spent the day at saint barnabas catholic school in south philadelphia reading doctor seuss's the things we think to third, fourth and fifth grade students. >> doctor seuss, we think of him as an author of children's books but i think that his messages, are for life licensing readers. >> reporter: as it turns out these readers were thinking a lot. >> is what your favorite food. >> is what your favorite color >> how long have you been doing this job. >> how old are you. >> i am, that is okay, i'm 30 years old. >> wow. >> reporter: guys, that is young. thinking so many things. >> did you ever make a mistake on the show. >> reporter: so his question was do i ever make a mistake? the answer is, yes, all the time, but making mistakes is all a process of getting better. it is doctor seuss that said you have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself, any
5:57 pm
direction you choose. it was a fabulous day, everyone was bright eyed and learning, and hugging, embracing, there was so much love and reading does. that it creates an environment but short stories, environment today almost caused me to lose the focus of the story. photographer handed it off and wind blew it out of my hand. >> they are very tiny, disk. >> yes. >> it was in the snow. >> but guess what, you made it >> we made it. >> we love seeing all of those faces, and they look fabulous. >> all of the places you will go. >> yes. >> have a night weekend. >> that is "eyetn at 5:00. now at 6:00 a late winter nor'easter battering communities all over the tri-state area live look from our camera in bethlehem where snow continues to fall, and we have team coverage of the storm. well, while she waits, thousands without power, i'm greg argos in philadelphia where peco is rushing to
5:58 pm
restore electricity flaw through many in the region. the problems they are facing, coming up. nor'easter slams our region we are in the northern part of it. i'm alycia nieves with the difficulties and damage here caused by this storm. i'll have details on when this heavy wet snow will come to an end and we will get writ of these wins all coming up in you have forecast for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. wind and rain, whipping wind and a snowy mixture blew sideways for a while. down the shore this storm continues to batter the beach. >> and north of the city, a winter white out, snow, a major concern in the poconos as much as a foot could accumulate from the time this system completely passes through. storm scan three is showing how this nor'easter's churning all the around us
5:59 pm
tonight, storm is impacting an enormous part of thee coast leading to flight cancellations, travel issues, wind tam age and inches of snow and rain from georgia all the way to new england. question is for how long, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington is off, this nasty nor'easter is impacting life for just abo everybody. we have team coverage from the poconos to the shore and every where in between, we will begin though in the weather center with meteorologist lauren casey and lauren, is the worst behind us, that is what we need to know. >> kind of. we will still be dealing with heavy, wet sideways moving snow for next couple of hours, and that damaging wind threat will persist in the next several hours even in the overnight period as well. storm scan three showing us this intense, coastal low, look at that center of circulation off cher driving all th moisture in off the atlantic into our neck of the wood and we're dealing with that rain snow mix earlier in the day and now thinks primarily, snowfall a wet
6:00 pm
snowfall, but it is we have any intensity especially where we see, possible returns, and great in some area but that cannot be said, tough slow down i-95 from center city philadelphia down into wilmington, dover, the snow, pummeling part of the delaware right now in the northern, central portions and poconos we are getting a little bit of lull in the activity but that hasn't been the case all throughout the day, snow totals here, nearing 2 feet, in locations, and, and, down the shore seeing snow coming down, heavily in and around atlantic city, toby hanna in the poconos, 20 inches of snowfall, so far, albrights ville five and a half inches. doyletown two and a half inches. philadelphia county at 2 inches of snow and slush. hammington an inch of snowfall we have snow to add insult to your injury, we have


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