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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  March 4, 2018 8:00am-8:55am EST

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meeting coming up we will tell you if the sun will be bringing any warmth with it today. today is sunday march 4th good morning i'm jan carabao, lets start with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea in gram with eyewitness weather good sunday morning. >> good morning. >> still windy though. >> we are dealing with the breeze today so still under the influence of that storm that is well in our path at this point in time. wind is around today. it will feel breezy, make it, of course, feelle me start liver city you can sicture as we start and see good amount of sunshine as we head in theoon, n philadelphia. forty in wilmington. in atlantic city, 39king it in wildwood, 27 degrees up there in the here's that breeze, coming in out of the north and west, that iss an hour at philadelphia internna this
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afternoon we could see gusts from 20 to 30 miles anrsehat bre making it feel colder more like 29, that ise wd chill valun philadelphia feeling more like lower 30's intes up there in th. so here's what you can expect morning clouds, afternoon, still breezy with wind chills in the 30's, we will talk about nor'easter, heading our way for the upcoming week and details in a few minutes, jan. new this morning philadelphia police are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly shooting that left one man dead and another in critical condition, this shooting happened at sixth and spring garden streets in northern liberties just after 2:30 this morning. police found two shooting victims there inside of a car, officers rush those two men to the hospital where one of them died and investigators say man fled in the silver vehicle at last check no arrests. and a car has crashed into a tree on roosevelt boulevard
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killing one woman, this crash happened on the boulevard near friendship street just after 3:30 this morning. woman died at a hospital a short time later, the cause of that crash is under investigation. in other news today, utility companies are making progress in repairing down power lines, peco has restored power to more than 500,000 customers, but hundreds of thousands of others are still without electricity. the majority of the customers are expected to be back on line by tomorrow night but right now, more than 124,000 peco customers are still in the dark. it is more than 53,000 for ppl , more than 2,000 for ac electric, 3,000 for del marva and nearly 3,000 for pse&g. meanwhile more than 53,000 people in delaware county alone are still without power, officials declared a disaster emergency. they fear that some people may be without power for another couple of days, here's "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves.
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>> reporter: roughly 24 hours after a nor'easter ripped through the region this is what parts of the delaware county still looked like, we have found this car crushed near drexel hill and this home with the toppled tree on it in havertown. nor'easter then ripped through this region delaware county particularly hard. >> we felt like it was a quick flurry, that was about it and apparently not. >> reporter: this home with the toppled tree on tonight half town is hope fineli's home her bedroom is crushed in and her power's out. she's unable to sleep here. >> i will be sleeping at work. >> reporter: county officials have been told by power companies it could take days before the power is restored to everyone. with all of the outage as and damage the count declared a disaster emergency. >> there was a winter storm a couple years ago where there was significant damage, ice storm and we had many residents out for days at a time, but, in speaking with our people at our emergency services 911 center last night
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they said the eight hour period from mid afternoon to midnight last night was the highest volume, that they have ever had in the history of the 911 center. >> reporter: alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". while people in pennsylvania continue their clean up, communities across new jersey are also dealing with a whole lot of storm damage, yesterday "eyewitness news" spotted crews tackling the aftermath of friday's winter storm, high wind caused trees to fall around power lines there, falling trees, also left holes and roof is a cross the state, homeowners are trying to figure out how much insurance will cover all of that damage. a man says he is happen that i his family is safe. >> it could have been worse, yeah. nobody was home. nobody got hurt. my dogs were in there. my kids were worried about the dogs this he were fine. they were barking their heads off but not too worried. like i said, it could have been a lot worse. >> utility crews have been busy restoring power to tens of thousands of customers, in
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south jersey. amtrak services on the northeast corridor is getting back to normal today, rail line says nearly all services between washington and boston is scheduled to operate today. amtrak also plans full keystone service to and from harrisburg and resuming ought he train service to virginia and florida. septa's operations are almost back to normal after the winter storm some bus routes are running on temporary detours because of the weather, services on regional rail lines, it is also suspended. passengers waited patiently at 30th street station yesterday, septa says crews are working to clear debris from the track >> trees, many of them off of our right of way fell over on to us, this is a tree that came down, another very tall tree that came down on our doyletown line last night near the end of the line. >> septa officials recommend checking transit services web
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site for up to date information on service disruptions. we are not only ones hit hard by a powerful storm, governors in massachusetts, maryland, virginia declared states of emergency. here's hena doba. >> reporter: massive clean up underway after a powerful nor'easter clobbered the northeast, officials say more than a million and a half homes and businessness several states were still in the dark on saturday, numerous utility poles are down and in water town massachusetts. >> that was pretty intense, never seen anything like it. >> reporter: whipping winds caused havoc from maryland to maine. huge waves from the atlantic ocean crashed on to streets submerging cars emergency crew s used boats to reach people trapped inside their homes, by rising flood waters. >> all this stuff, you know, it is messed up but it is all that matters. >> reporter: police say a little boy was killed when a tree slammed into his home in
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virginia. >> right now we're just devastated. he wasn't terminally ill, wasn't sick just a freak accident in the middle of the night that took our baby from frustrates. >> reporter: upstate new york received 16 inches of snow. flood warnings remain in effect as pur full storm moved out to sea but headache left behind will be felt for days to come. airports are working to rebook thousands of passengers who were left stranded during the storm. hena doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news today if you are in the mood for a good meal you are in luck. east passyunk avenue is hosting its annual restaurant week. anita oh is live in south philadelphia at another restaurant, hi there, anita. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at stogie joe's and restaurants are participating in ease passyunk restaurant week, running new through friday. it is a little bit more casual ... >> it looks like we have lost
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anita there but we will try to get back as soon as they reestablish that live shot. welshing still ahead florida lawmakers are trying to address gun laws after last month's deadly school shooting how a new bill will change laws in this state. one thing students have been demanding that is not in the bill. is there a dangerous new eating disorder among women battling diabetes, the trend that could lead to damaging results, we will be right back
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students in west virginia will extra home on monday as teachers strike is expect to extend into an eighth day. west virginia senate voted yesterday to raise teacher pay by 4 percent, not five, which is what the teachers union is demanding. the state house has approved that 5 percent increase but when that bill reached the senate one law maker decide that had figure should be lowered to 4 percent and the savings should be given to
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allstate employees at 4 percent raise. >> all employees need to be treated equally and we're talking about our home land security workers and people, and protect us every day. >> we already had problems from the government ape we already had the sheriff promise. >> we will stay united 55 strong and this will continue, indefinitely. >> the state house refused to agree to the senate's 4 percent increase, conference committee will work out differences, west virginia teachers are among the lowest paid in the entire country, they have promised, as you heard, to remain on strike until they get that 5 percent increase. in florida new florida senate rejected a ban on ar15 style rifles, ban would have lasted two years, the bill was introduced asiana moment to a republican gun reform bill that aims to make it harder
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for mentally ill to obtain guns and strengthen background checks for people trying to buy guns, when the amendment to ban ar15 came up the senate could not agree. >> constituents back home wonder why we cannot, why we cannot address guns. >> if i thought for one moment if we ban add salt weapons then all have these tragedies would end you would have me, i would be with you but will we ban fertilizer which is what they used in the oklahoma bombing. will we ban pressure cookers. it is not the weapon. it is the evil from within. >> the bill would allow teachers to be armed, it is expect to pass tomorrow, it has been more than two weeks since mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, the shooting left 17 people dead, the accused gunman used an ar15 style rifle in the shooting. a man is dead after investigators say he shot himself in the head near the white house, secret service says he was near the north
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lawn fence, president trump and first lady melania trum wrap in florida at the time. the secret service says in of the shots, were fired, at the white house, in other injuries were reported. the weather is improving out west, heavy rain drenched california coast while mountains received snow as well, a man had to be rescued at a ski resort near lake tahoe and avalanche buried him under several feet of snow, crews worked very quickly to get him out safely. >> he opened up his eyes, and looking right at m where is my wife. blame for killing two snow borders on the other mountains in thera ne. it dumped 3 feet of snow and closed officials were worried heavy rain might cause mud slide in was very little damage there and officials say that the in news for the region since it is still in a sever weather back
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here at home, chelsea we are qving a >> it is but you mentioned flooding out that way. we have potential forda flood te shore, so we will take a look at that, sok down the shore at a atop montreal inn we areome cuds is morning but should break out into sunshine heading in the afternoon. coastal flood advisory that is in effect until 2:00 p.m. today it was a coastal flood warngmind today, during high tide which is and 9:45 this morning plus an easterly swell in the ocean, and that could add to some additional beach erosion. so keeping an eye on things down the shore. a little bit in the way of cloud cover as i mentioned out there this morning especially down into south jersey and down the shore but we should see good sunshine lead go into the afternoon, it will not help to make it feel all that warm though and we will talk about why, it is 38 degrees in
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philadelphia, 40 degrees in wilmington, down the shore we are near 40 degrees in wildwood we're at 40 in atlantic city. cold spot is mount pocono right around 27 degrees, and we will take a look at wind coming from the north and west anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour sustained and that wind that is going to make it feel much colder throughout the entire day. we will expect to see wind chills that will be in the 30 's all day, 35 by noon time, 37 around 2:00, 36 for and 6:00 p.m. right around 34 degrees. that is what it will feel like factoring in the winds. if you do plan to get out and about this afternoon maybe going out to brunch just make sure you dress for 30's today a cross the region though we are looking at temperatures high temperatures in the 40's in philadelphia, 46 down the shore, and then in the poconos , right around 33 degrees with a mixture of sun and cloud. forty-six down the shore in cape may, plenty of sunshine, having that potential for minor flooding and weather
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looking good in poconos planning on doing skiing, snow boarding, it is going to be rather wind which winds out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour. so when does the wind stop? it has been relentless, as this nor'easter moved on through and we have still been dealing with the effect from his that as it is moving off shore. still under the influence with it. by 8:00 p.m. it is a breezy evening, breezy as we head in the overnight hours, cold breeze as we wake up on monday morning with wind chills in the teens and 20's and then by the afternoon, watch what happens, winds subside. we will see less color on the map. finally those wins subside nothing to monday, and probably during late afternoon and evening hours. and then we will fast forward to tuesday night and wednesday , that is when we are tracking our next system energy will be traveling toward the east and mid-atlantic and possibly we will see a coastal low developing off the shore, tuesday night into wednesday, and then rain changes to wet snow likely at this point in time as far as different
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models that i have been looking at and looks to be less wind threat though, however, compared to what we dealt with, with this past system. you're witness weather seven day forecast 48 on monday, chilly start, wind chills in the teens and 20's as we wake up to start the workweek, 47 by tuesday we are looking at 41 by wednesday, 46 on thursday and then we're in the 40's also as we start off next weekend, jan. >> chelsea, thank you. 8:17. time to check road lets get to cheryl golden in the cbs-3 traffic center. hi there, cheryl. >> we will kick things off with the crash with injuries in lansdale lots of equipment on the scene so avoid that area moving on to philadelphia and olde city chestnut street remains closed between third street and second street due to a fire that occurred there three weeks ago. so keep your heads up for detours. here's a live look, looking good in both directions as well as all of the delaware river bridges, and for mass transit, routes and buses are running on detours and delays,
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giving you all of the info at live from the traffic center i'm cheryl golden, now jan, back to you. there is a dangerous trend being scene among some young women with diabetes, they deliberately restrict insulin in order to lose weight. health reporter stephanie stahl has more in this einstein health care science center report. >> reporter: heat other stucky has been living with type one diabetes since she was 12, 48 year-old never thought that diagnosis was going to spiral into a serious eating disorder >> i had a natural force within me that could just melt away calories. >> reporter: it is called die balemia when diabetes manipulate insulin to shed pound. >> i said this is kind of cool in a way, look, i can do this and be in knows about it and getaway with it and look i can lose weight, i had in idea this was an eating disorder.
8:19 am
>> reporter: heather was treated at philadelphia based renfro center. >> without this insulin bacally that sugar in the blood stays in the blood and spills out in the urine rather than being used as energy. >> reporter: it can lead to health risk including high glucose levels, thinking problems, muscle loss and infections. >> you can get dehydrated, severe weight loss, cramping, you can also see kidney damage >> reporter: heather, who still struggles with body image said she's focused on eating right and managing her diabetes. >> when i look in the mirror now, i see let's try to take care of ourselves. lets try to dot best we can today to be healthy. >> reporter: and doctors say that when diabetics restrict insulin, blood sugar levels spike, and the body cannot absorb food or essential nutrients and they then end up losing weight. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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glenn jackson the actress lawmakers, a preview of her, cbs sunday morning interview coming up in moments, stay with us.
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for 3 bucks each. exactly. build whatever meal you want with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu from mcdonald's. glennda jackson led a full life she is famous for her work on the stage and screen but may not know she was a member of the british parliament, out spoken jackson discussed her return to acting with cbs sunday morning's mark phillips and here's a preview. >> i do confess my act. >> if were you choose a gentle
8:23 am
reentry into theater in your eighty-first year you wouldn't choose to play one of the most artistic physically demanding rolls ever written. shakespeare's king lear. >> unaudible. >> i was blessed by my parents by very strong work ethic and being a member of the parliament 24/7 just as much as when you are doing the play , in the quite 24/7 but it is work that counts. >> reporter: production was a triumph. >> glennda jackson. >> reporter: jackson won prestigious london evening standard prize for best actress an award that she received in tipcally style. >> when i was, feeding myself by being a professional actress i never got a good notice in the evening and when i changed directs and became a
8:24 am
labor mp i was the wrong political party for this evening's ceremonies. so it has come something as a surprise. >> it doesn't make you any better, no awards make you more talented. >> at least jackson showed up for this one she didn't bother turning up for either of her oscar wins. >> i completely forgotten they why last night. it never occurred to me that i would get it. >> reporter: oh, come on. >> no, i had forgotten. >> i was very fortunate, yes. >> dame glennda jackson making a point. treasured memories of elizabeth take already and hollywood's first family of music,s sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. excuse me. as march madness approaches villanova basketball coach jay wright is getting ready, leslie van arsdal sat down with him and talk about the impact that the eagles super bowl victory has
8:25 am
on the team. >> for the championship, yes. >> reporter: it has been two years since villanova won the national championship and after seeing the eagles win the super bowl villanova coach jay wright is even more hungry >> it does make you think about that special feeling about a group of guys sacrificing everything all of their individual accolades to do something together. >> reporter: growing up in bucks county jay knows what a win like this means for the city. >> it is just such a cool experience. for the whole city, and for our family, and i just long at how everybody i think realized that we have all been doing the same thing forever, you know, when we used to watch eagles game they were only on sundays. the whole sunday would be around, what time you went to church and what time you ate was based on the eagles game and then talk about the eagles rest of the night and after
8:26 am
dinner you found out that everybody was doing that. >> reporter: eagles have been a inspiration to the team. >> we used the eagles as an example a lot of during the season especially when they hit adversity, you know, that had strength of the team allows foles to come in there with his talent and execute because the team was so strong in every other aspect. it was incredible to watch. it was just a pure team victory. >> reporter: it that is eagles inspiration that could give ville know of at shot for next team parading down broad street. leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> can they do it again? we will wait and see. we have a taste of the best of east passyunk avenue this sunday morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning. twenty-six restaurants are taking part in east passyunk restaurant week i'm anita oh at stogie joe's coming up a lot flavors thaw can expect and how they help the district here coming up.
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president trump is key fending his willingness to start a trade war with other countries what he is saying and how some of america's trading partners are responding to his idea, we will be right
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today is sunday march 4th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. lets start off with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea ingram live on the sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather. chelsea, has the sun come out to say hello yet. >> we are still dealing with cloud cover right new but we should see sunshine later this afternoon, jan and there is a chill in the air because we are still under influence of that system that brought thaws nasty weather two days ago. it will be breezy, out there as we head into the afternoon. lets take you to temperatures.
8:30 am
38 degrees in philadelphia. 40 degrees in wilmington. thirty-nine in millville, down the shore temperatures around 39, in wildwood, 40 in atlantic city, getting day started in allentown at 37. it is 10 degrees colder in the poconos. our winds coming out of the north and west anywhere from five to 20 miles an hour, sustain, all depends where you live, rather windy there in atlantic city currently. 17 miles an hour sustain winds at philadelphia international. you bet, making it feel colder we have wind chills in the upper 20's in philadelphia, wind chills in the teens and poconos and wind chillies going to be an issue throughout the day even though we are forecasting high temperatures in the 40's for philadelphia, 46 down the shore and 33 degrees in the poconos. we will have more coming up in your full forecast including the chance for a mid week coastal storm coming up, back to you. >> thanks, chelsea. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for a gunman whom they say shot and killed a man and left another in critical
8:31 am
condition, this shooting happened at sixth and spring garden streets in northern liberties just after 2:30 a.m. police arrived to find two shooting victims inside that car. officers rush them to the hospital where one later died. investigators say a man fled in the silver vehicle, anyone with any information should call the police, in word on a motive. also new this morning philadelphia police are trying to figure out what caused an suv to crash in the fence in the cities nicetown neighborhood killing one person. that accident happened on the 4200 block of wissohickon avenue around 12:30 this morning. police say that the victim died at the scene, investigators believe that this was an accident. meantime delaware county's struggling to recover after a nasty nor'easter ripped through the entire region. officials declared a disaster emergency as hundreds of thousands of people remain in the dark this morning. "eyewitness news" spotted down trees, damage homes and crushed cars yesterday, friday
8:32 am
's powerful winds caused tree to topple on homes through the area one womanhe wao flee at work after a tree toppled on to her home out. >> it felt like it was just going to be a real quick it, and apparently not. >> we're told power companies the clock to restore services to all customers they are hoping to o have line by tomorr lots of clean up jobs fridas nor'easter as well, trees toppled on to power lines all over the state. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with up, underway. >> powerful winds tooknuer of bs oak that ripped up part of theot slammed into the roof of this snowing sawdust and mulch saturday as tree crews tackled a
8:33 am
extremely windy winter storm. >> heavy wind, big storm a lot ofrees. >> reporter: bob woke up to the sound of this tree falling on his home on hill side avenue in haddon heights. >> a big crash, my wife, son started yelling hey, tree's coming down, it is coming down now. >> reporter: now that the storm is over headache begins trying to figure out how much insurance will cover. >> it looks like it is just outside and on the front, a little bit on the side, the deck got some damage but everyone is safe, that is all we care about. >> reporter: few streets away another tree removing this tree that felon w this house belongs to the de phoney family not at home en went down are the. what did youty though you saw your house. >> pretty scary.roofhe family we to stay the night. >> it could have been worse. o hurt. my kid where is worried about the dogs but they were fine. >> repy and they
8:34 am
restored power to tens of thousands of customers. by late saturda of the customero lost power in south jersey though had it back. other hazard, power companies pse&g andil sunday night before power's restored to all homes. in haddon heights i'm cleve cbss news". in other news today, president trump willingness to wage a trade war. he called policies quote very stupid. american workers by making it more expensive for other countries to ship steel and aluminum to the u.s. correspondent weijia jiang brings us up to date. >> you will have protection for the first time in a licensing while and you will regrow your industry. >> reporter: president trump promised manufacturing executives a level playing field with new taxes on some imports known as tariffs, 25 percent on steel, and 10 percent on aluminum but the
8:35 am
idea quickly sparked fears of the trade showdown with china and other u.s. canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> we are impressingan administ, unacceptable nature of these proposal that is will hurt them every bit as they will hitter us. >> reporter: in wisconsin governor'sjobs at a local metaly was overshadowed by concerns. we would be pushing jobs out of wisconsin and america. >> reporter: sco p alliance for american manufacturing. what isst partners like china from taking their business elsewhere. >> there will be an rebalance ti fact i would callnation knowsln it a gift from the united states and now we reciprocity. >> reporter: unlike other policy changes such as gun and immigratio trump can impose these tariffs
8:36 am
beingexecutive action, he written but he plans to sign off on the changes next week. at the weijia jiang for cbs news. it that is time of the year again f ease are flock to go ease passyunk avenue for sixth annual week. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in south philadelphia this morning. anita where are you right now. >> we are at stogie joe's on east passyunk avenue for east passyunk restaurant week. twenty-six different restaurants are participating. stogie joe's, himself, the name sake, and his brother, this is sonny, so you guys have been life licensing home but what has avenue turned into in your time here. . would i say seven years. we were a little bit, oneginng d then it blew blew up last six years.
8:37 am
g. we have taken a tore of different kind of cuisines but s amazing what can people expect here today. traditional house salad with red, is our grandmother's historical. >> yes. >> this is rigatoni traditional beef,orery in it. >> it is not on the menu for restaurant week but you hav spey pizza is here. >> our pizza has been in our family for many years and it is award winning. we won best pizza in the country. >> reporter: dough, cheese, sauce, it is different. stogie joe's is part of the east passyunk restaurant week. twenty-six different restaurants participating. if you want to check it out, come on down and it will
8:38 am
continue until friday. there are different prices, $15 for lunch, 25 and 35 for dinner and that information can be found on our web site at cbs live from southa oh for cbs-3 "s news". >> thanks, anita, appreciatelloh more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning and c to washington for a preview what is ahead onn, s
8:39 am
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♪ ♪ like buying a home. ♪ ♪ (knocking sound) en getting married. at citizens bank we can help you refinance both your federal and private student loans.on w. ask a leader in student lending face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on joining us live with a preview in washington is face the nation moderator news senior foreign affairs correspondent margaret brennan , morning. >> reporter: good morning, it has been a turbulent week, in thhe personnel front and on the policy front. we have gothe president, includg this trade
8:41 am
tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. we will talk to one of the key advisors who persuaded him to take this action, peter novaro office of trade and manufacturing policy. what are these proposals going to look like when the president signs off on them this week. we will look at those conflicting statements on gun policy, the president had that open air broadcast listening session this week, what is he actually asking republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham to do. what is possible in this environment. one of the proposals came from west virginia democrat senator joe mansion who wants to tighten background checks. the president seemed to endorse that idea this week. we will see just where he is on the votes can he get this through and how does someone with a very personal stake feel about all of this. the father of meadow pollack, andrew, will be with us, because he just met with the president on thursday, and he has heard behind closed doors
8:42 am
where the president actually is on these ideas, we will see what is next on school safety. >> wow, interesting conversation, today minister get, thank you, see you at 10:30. hollywood's elite gather for 90th academy award, we will tell you which movies have most nominations and won that surprised critics by getting
8:43 am
i'd like the "my wife is out of town and i'm in over my head meal". so you said 5 chicken mcnuggets happy meals and a classic chicken sandwich build whatever meal you want with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu
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and, during tons. variety magazine reports that more than 500 officers, will don l.a. tonight. fighters, and private security guard and helicopters will be on hand for the bficials say they are nt wear of any specific threats against thth but lapd says it is not taking any chances. and while security is
8:45 am
gearing up for big night some are nominees this years categories including favorites as well as some few surprise nominees. chris martinez has a behind the scenes look at how hollywood is now preparing for tonight's big show. >> reporter: hollywood's biggest night and outside dol by theater in los angeles oscars gold, it is taking over >> ♪ >> reporter: this year shape of water leads the pack with the most in all. the war d line with eight nomins and three billboards msouri folh seven nods. >> we have had two official billboards. >> from whom. >> reporter: this year there are some surprisesnc critics say wouldn't normally be considered oscar contenders. >> i thi is changing. >> reporter: tim gray says it is no longer drama's dominating major categories,
8:46 am
he believes nominations for getd signal a shift in is what consid oscar worthy film. a, comedy, suspense film. as it was. >> logan gets nominated by super hero movie. >> reporter: in the main acting category gray predictions. >> frances mcdormand for best actress for threegary oldman fo, they seem to ber: afor who will hrismately take home hollywood martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >>rn and chelsea, do not tell me, i know you have said it but i tacng another storm system already. >> that is right, one leaves, anon is where we will be talking about this morning. we are talking about inclu ed s, you know what still dealing
8:47 am
with the cloud inhe can see thot skies, saying it is still, what, we have phil, in philadelphia, he is watching uabout that? we love to see that, hilly side inise this morning doubt bit. temperatures in the 30's andott. william in levittown around 40 idea of the numbers across the region, 41 right now for kennett in willingboro around 4s in her backyard as well. so talk aboutwill take a look ar city, you can see that cloud deck out there b decreasing cloud, i should say as we head into the afternoon ht cloud now on storm scan three this cloud deck shoulto erode ae next few hours dealing with well and into south jersey. temperatures across the region
8:48 am
38 degrees at philadelphia international, 37 in allentown. we are in the 2 poconos, little bit more chilly there compared to have where else thanks to the fresh snow fall, 39 degrees in trenton and 39. waking up in millville. looking at winds out of the north/northwest at 17 miles an hour sustain at philadelphia international, 18 miles per hour sustained in allentown. we will see gust from his 20 to 30 miles per hour, forecasting high temperatures in the 40's, decreasing cloud by noon hour, good amount of sunshine later this afternoon with a high of 47 but it will feel much colder, when we factor in that wind. here's your wind chill tracker throughout the day i would say dress for 30's out and about having to head to brunch maybe or spending sometime outside 35 degrees what it will feel like by noon time. thirty-seven by two, 36 degrees, what it will feel like heading in the 4:00 o'clock hour. in the poconos look for high
8:49 am
temperatures right around freezing, 33 degrees, forecast high temperature, it will be windy with mixture of sun and cloud, northwest wind at 20, will make it feel much colder. cape may county plenty of sunshine have the risk for minor tidal flooding, coastal flood advisory until 2:00 this afternoon. 46 degrees for that high temperature. so as i was talking about that coastal flood advisory we have potential for the potential for easterly swell that we could serosion possible as welld to 9:45 depending on which shore indst we are talking about. finally subside, it seems like we have been windy for days since that so our region. well, still breezy heading in the overnightlso h into tomorrow morning. in fact, tomorrow morning we willro values as we wake up in the teens and 20's in the morning but look at whathe ladder part f
8:50 am
the monday afternoon and monday evening, a lot o the wing us but t forward, to tuesday night , and we are tracking precipitation, and possibly a coastal area of low pressure de tuesday night and wednesday. it l wednesday night we could potentially see thisow line drag further south and getng snowfall across the region. possible, chance for rain and snow, accumulation as well we will havet wind this fall forecast is going to be evolving. so continue to check back. we will fine tune details in the next couple of days. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast, 48 on monday. 40's through the entire workweek as we head into next week even, sa. >> chelsea, thank you.
8:51 am
8:50. meo to cheryl golden in the cbs-3 traffic center, good >> problems remain, crash, in lansdale east main street at chestnut stree so avoid that area. in philadelphia as you make your way through olde city chestnut street remains closed between third street and second street due to last month's fire there and we will speak in that area and massill d west trenton lines are and delaysrails and buses are go to for more tnformation. i-76 east at city avenue problem free ridetbound and wesd directions and as well as on the blue route,or turnpike. live from the cbs-3 traffic centeror now jan, back to you. eyewitness news meisha johnson taking us on a very sweet dream drivefaory that has been n pennsylvania for more than 100 years, we will get up close, wie
8:52 am
product next, chocolate we will be rig oh, that's graceful. the corkscrew spin, ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating?
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surprising. how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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you can see this at a here's meisha johon. >> i think i can chocolates, frt here. asher's check late company in solder tonars i of pure pennsylvania. >> chester asher started the company and just a small litore, ice cream and now it is fourth generation. we factory. we have a big hallway thaw can look de corridor, you can see through glass. g we come here all check late y
8:55 am
behind the glass to see process myself. >> you realize how much goes >> it is an art form. >> it is temperature. anyone who has perfect product >> what is going o >> today we are running our major line, range jelly. it is down. these are head lucy's back up ae candy. verye want to keep it warm so that the check late stays and gets coated. >> so what is temperature of chocolate. es check latest 92 degrees depending upon whether itmilk i. liquid chocolate you want to at. you can come back and see some of these comingown the line. you'll fine just about everything, in their add jim
8:56 am
retail store. e bunny. >> i mean literally i can see a littleit biceps going >> reporter: chocolate cover pretzels and all of the and easl favorite. eaer we he easter bunny is, eggs. >> she like the sample. >> reporter: for others, well, let's look for home sickness. >> she lives in nevada and i sent her check late and she is in heaven. >> reporter: meisha johnson for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> i would be too. i volunteer for quality control. >> that is rht torture. >> looks so good. >> looks great. >> today's weatherooter th frid, anything is better than weather we dealt with on friday win out there, morning cloud, decreasing clouds later this afternoon and mostly sunny skies during ladder part of the afternoon. high temperature will feel in ts
8:57 am
the north and west. day we are watching a coastal system potentially as we head y,ue bringing accumulating snow, all eyes focused on that this wee enjoy today wheel wife it. >> that is "eyewitness news" ff on tv but we are always on ff on tv but we are always on great day,, have a
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations. >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." it's oscar sunday, hollywood's big e night as we'll be noting throughout the morning. but over this evening's ceremony hangs a troubling question. how to judge the legacy of hollywood greats, living and dead, who have been accused of
9:01 am
sexual misconduct. a question tracy


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