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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> peco is trying to do it in a strategy is that the turned as many people on at 1st and that also means probably me of theajorgere night o dfeople, friday's storm is stillea wreaking havoc. keeping crews busy and asaliciay
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take days for a full recovery. >> it has been non stop work in delaware county. for almost 48 hours crews have been trying to restore power and cleanup the damage created by the nor'easter that swept through the region friday. >> there's still 52,000 household in delaware county without power and for many in delaware county the estimate is that power will not be restored until midnight on wednesday or midnight on thursday. >> the widespread power outages and sheer number of downed trees forced officials in the county to declare a disaster emergency yesterday. today officials gamered to announce they have now reached out to the governor's office for help. >> we spoke with the governo governor's chief of staff and he indicated the governor will provide all resources available. >> by tomorrow's evening commute at the latest state police and possibly national guard personnel are expected to guide traffic at intersections like this one where the traffic signals are out.
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that system expected to be in place until the power is restored. and again, that could be at least three days from now. >> peco is working hard to address this issue. and their big focus now is larger issues. martins run is an area for senior living where they don't have power and there's a lot of effort being made to restart power. >> this group of emergency management personnel and top county officials dropped off additional generator to the senior lin facility. but also wanted to remind everyone they, too, can play a role of helping in this recovery process. >> our biggest priority is most vulnerable citizens. please check on neighbors and check on elderly neighbors. >> anyone who needs tate tance officialss do not heo call 91. >> in delaware country, alicia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well one of the hardest hit areas in the community is in delaware county havertown in fact haverford and marple newtown school district will
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be crossclaimed tomorrow due to sheer volume of road closures and downed trees and wires in that area. "eyewis reporter joe hold sent coming to us live tonight from a neighborhood in havertown is that the in the dark for another cold night. joe. >> natasha good evening. there's so many parts, pick your spot in delaware un thatground zero nor'easter thate through friday it right now the hub of genetoome heat so. neighbors out here and then there are others with no heat, no power tonight and perhaps only be kept out of theness. >> with a sunseting in haverfordested for anoth magnitude.. it's everywhere. >> massive trees c to
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ground clotheslineing data and power serce glendale and colonial 48 hours after andhinsr maple it toleller'sd he's ccal et t since left le a video from sue lit up in od blue and for miller whose wife is bedridden with no electricity his openings are. >> my wife in the bed withqu ie onecond generator. >> the power went off a we had relative oves looking going awhatless 24
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hours wi >> thinkpt -e snordnd he screamed>> long nign havertown i can tell you that much now. again, 7,000 customers believed to le dk to factors they'rethed cancelledbecause treesre so buses could not transport students as they regularly would come tomorrow. >> that's latest. reportingen cbs3 mangn repairnews". meantime are
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downcipates 85,000 homes are without power .,000 peco for ppl and 68cic. nearly 1400 delmarva and 198 for pse&g. >> getting back to norm at as can quickly as possible. northeast corridor will resume regular schedule tomorrow three days after storm forced delays and cancellations. amtrak officials say all of this scheduled trains between bost.c. wi ora chedule. mngservice cameholt afr "eyewitness news" caught up with a few delayed travelers things. i notst for me but for f at thinkny
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amtrak keystone se n operate on ll schedule starting tomorrow >> and septa meantime made gnificprogssesring servicand chestnut hillas regiol linesing. res for route 101 awaitg with "eyeess and oy.coms to reel from the impe tri-state it may not be the last of our weather woes. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking another nor'easter, oh, boy. oh, boy. >> tough to hear that lauren. >> tough to see in the model
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data but there it is and we're dealing with residual nor'easterth elevated whipped spe not damaging but gusting up to 36il an hour at times today in philadelphia and gus gusting to 40 mount pocono and 36 in accuweather and still blustery right now with winds gusting 32 in philadelphia and gusting to 28 miles an hour in millville and near 30 in dover and looks like yes we have nor'easter number two within a week's time in store. rain and wet snow looking likely. also looking likely accumutions that could be significant. the good portion of forecast, though, looks like this nor'easter will not be quite as potent and less of a widespread wind threat with highest wind gusts looking like it will be concentrated along the new mexico cost line and downed trees is still a possibility. one because it's saturated ground and two because of damage already done and weake weakening by the winds with friday's storm. we'll talk more about this nor'easter and where we can
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see so of the highest accumulati in you need to break out the shovel in your full eyewitness forecast coming up in a few natasha. >> lauren thank you so much. gainour finger types with cb mo download today frstoresolocal forecastt phone. >> meantime twore in police custody now and stabbinga soh chuck e. cheese. deptfo police respond todd restaurant on almondes enter road. a group 15 to 0 people were involved in a fight and they discovered a woman inside the restaurant with minor stab wound. she reused medical treatment. employee sustained injuries as he attempted to break up the melee. the incidents does remain under investigation. >> also a violent domestic disturbance employed police involved shooting today in montgomery country. police respond todd the 00
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block of jend ter aim withtab wounds ran from the home to the firehouse across the street. officials say the responding foe house because other victims were inside. officials told "eyewitness news" the officer then shot the suspect because he failed to comply with commands. abington police chief patrick malloy says country homicide investigators are handleinvestig this ce. ectr the information abohe been released yet. >> and a crash today involving two police officers sends both of them to thehivi a shows the scene in camden 7 thin th martin luther king boulevard and broady. cam didn't county police saya ne trooper and camden unty officer were th admitd tosity hospital with n life-threatening injuries.
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flames were seen shooting through the roof of two story d. crews responded just after 11:00 this morning to the two alarm plays on the 700 block of surey road inalden. no word yet on what caused this fire. officials say no injuries were reported. >> andill cosby returns to a montgomery county courtroom tomorrow. actor is due in court for a pretrial hearing as part of his retrialsex on assault charges. cosby's first trial ended last june in a hung jury. cosby's appearances comes less than two weeks after his daughter ensa passed away from kidney failure at 44. jury selection is set to begin 19. >> stick with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" ton are you a lover of hollywood nostalgia. there's an auction coming your way you may not want to miss and h you can get your happened on somethingpriceless. awe struck in front of a
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portrait of former first ladies are. a closer look hip the
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click, call, or visit >> well a demonstration was held in london today ahed of march for women called for end where many inriminatioviolencer thfor women suffer range took place. and prime minister theresa may telephoned the president to express deep concern about his threat to tax european made cars. nion said ouse taxes on american made product and if the u.s. move forward with plan to tax steel and aluminum imports. says tariffs protect american works erin some war damage broad sectorsd of the economy. >> and is annual
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commemeration of bloody sunday day of racial violence in thelma alabama happening march 7, 196 aa5 when voting is right protesterser police nned . more than 50 state trooper and several donz men on horseback to turn back.iously when they montgomery march when helped to build support for congressional approval of the voting rights act a month later. >> and also today, members of congress joined civil rights activists and hundreds of others to mark the occasion. annual bridge crossing took place this navrp they will ma and included representative john lewis of georgia. who was injured ding the attack 53 years ago. the crossing is always held on first weekend of the month. >> and now a photo of a toddlerho was awe struck by portrait of former first lady that went stlirl week
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anal see why. it was snapped at the national portrait gallery by a visitor from north carolina who post today on its facebook page portrait of obamake curry at thn painted by amy cherald. th amazed she not even turn around for a picture. is awesome shot there. >> that's so cool. >> that's a great shot. >> clearly aww struck there. >> i you this well are. got have widespread damaging winds like onfy but a lot of trees and a lot of limbs are alrdy loosened for fridayother aroundr wind and we could have problems. but dive right into it why no not. getting a live look at center city, philadelphia rights now. the ben franklin bridge. we had a beautiful moon as it rose up over philadelphia and this month we actually
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have a blue moon or two full moons hat will occur in the month of har. . chilly now to chec out the moon. 32 is current temperature northerly wind at 23 miles an hour an winds will just not let up. our feels like temperature 19 degrees. yeah, remember meterological spring began marchike it high 4. one degree shiv normal high temperature starting off at 37 this morning and temperatures are chilly. 3 allentown and down to 23 mount pocono and 33 philadelpa t chill and element single digits in the poconos and teens in the lehigh valley and feeling like low he 20s down the shore and middle 20s across portions of delaware and we still have the winds. hamondpeeds around5, 1 and 20 this coast sknded until theio service and again we could see
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minor flooding along especially particularly in the back bays where we owe could see local moderate flooding at high tide time 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. do watch for the possibility of roadways blooded down the shore. storm scan 3 showing us quiet conditions and nice around of sunshine throughout the day today. but, our next storm system is already takihape right now. area of low presre as the mid section of country and this lull pus east and again rates another lull es does this look at all familiar. yes, another coastal low moving up strengthening offsho and tis one will not undergo wombog sis and rapidintl be less so and less widespread with area of low pressure and we will see rain liky chan wet snow with prolonged period of snow looking likely. and more and more we're seeing models indicatedels iicating wee seeing shovelable snow at this
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highest totals east of i-95 as opposed to west of i-95 and now taking a look at some models this is a few days out. so take it easy. take a breath. i know you see 15.8" but we're showing you how much disagreement there is as far as snowfall accumulation because euro giving us barely nothing and gfc giving us 6" and chances there for a significant snowfall this would be through the day and into wednesday evening so do plan for that and stay tuned to evolving forecast. we'll see more agreement and numbers will change. overnight tonight, mostly clear, cold and blustery with low temperature 29. we'll start with wind chills to teens and nice seasonable afternoon. sunny, breezy, high temperature 47. broozy first half of day and winds relax as we head into tomorrow evening. but high temperatures right around average for close to it as we head throughout the day
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tomorrow. 43 to kickoff workweek in allentown and 46 234 dover. and keeping an eye on that system as we head into tuesday night we'll likely start to see rain snow mix moving in light in intensity and picking up throughout the day on wednesday. it could be another tougher day again main threat though looks likes it will be winter precipitation as opposed to widespread damaging winds an quieting down as wad next weekend when good news we spring forward. >> i see little clock moving there. let's move ahead to that. >> move it forward to that. >> skip over wednesday. >> that you so much, lauren. >> don bell has sports high least and he has a question. >> bombogenesis. >> he's pretty impressed. >> dell me more doing the break. >> flyers avoid getting bird again burned again in sunshine state and six rz playing the bucks if playoff like atmosp
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>> all right. lots of highlight to get to the tonight. >> good to be here on a surprised. >> good to be here don bell. >> ups and downs of season after move into first place earlier in the week the plyers are now moving in the opposite direction. the fly guys visiting florida pap therz picking up first period.. no score. panthers power tripping and nice pass to bar coff who beats peter marasak. captain deep in the zone. and flyers fall 4-1 they lost three straight. that happened quickly. sixers starting a four game road trip tonight against the bucks. and they went inhe with game an a half lead over milwaukee for six spot in the playoffs. 3rd quarter. sixers up by 11. daro for three. had a dpraet game. had 25oint and sim certifies up by 14 at that point and
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bucks going on 1-0 run to end quarter and greek freak yannis throwing it down. 5 point. sixers with 26 turnovers and they blow another 20 point lead and lose to bucks 11810 coming up next in the sports zone joined by glen of sport radio 49 wip we'll break done the flyers playoff khans and wild and wacky mind of phils manager dave kapler and of lebron calling philly home. natasha likes it right? >> that would be caisy you. >> tnk coming. i here first breaking news. >> look i know anything. thawching so much don. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" selling hollywood necessary stall gentleman big business and this week you may be able to cash in on industr industry's iconic i>> andhe ofe
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want something they bid and bid bid and actually are the owner home. >> and we'll show you how muchid will have to be willing to spend to take home elaborate pieces from the auction. elaborate pieces from the auction. stay with us
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welcome back everyone you could be the next owner of piece of polly wood history if you have enough to spend that s hundreds of pieces are going up for auction this week in los angeles and online as well among star items is dinosaur from original jurassic park 1 199. lauren has her eye on that one but if you bid this week you may be shocked by sticker price, lauren. >> oh, something like a dinosr from jurassic park go for. >> we estimate 15 to 5,000 conservative auction estimate. >> all right. >> lauren is out on that one. save up coins. even penguin from "batman" returns is up for grabs and lookly ends up at museum as well. it includes vintage lobby cards and posters spanning nearly a century of hollywood classics as well. >> 15 to 20 cents for -- >> i don't know it's -- >> $15.
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>> actual dollars. >> save up your money. >> for a dino. >> save up your money. >> lauren is back with a last check of the forecast and cbs sports zone after the break and school closings in light of debris scattered about and power out annual from nor'easter friday. more school closings will scroll across the screenment please take notes of that.
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morning. feels like teens. as we head throughout the afternoon that breeze wind down and sun soyn and 47. dry during the daytime tuesday and light rain and snow developing tuesday night. bulk of impact from the next nor east are will arrive on rain to wet snow looking likely and accumulating snow also looking likely. stay tuned to that forecast as we continue to update that as the event nears. >> thank you so much lauren we appreciate that and thank you for joining us tonight we're always on now headed to don bell in the cbs sports zone. have a good night. >> the game is over. eagles are champions of the world. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> swing an a miss. struck him out. the philadelphia phillies are 2008 world champions of
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baseball♪ ♪ from cbs3 eyewitness sports this is sports zone sponsored by jeep. >> the eagles rumored to be cutting one of their defensive ends and will the changes stop there. glen skoyns us now to talk birds and more. >> and the flyers trying to right the ship in florida against the panthers after a wild shootout loss to tampa. ha lights and nor next. >> hello 'welcome to the jeep sports zone i'm don bell. simers in my milwaukee tonight and of course after two big wins in a row coming into tonight's game trying to get it done against bucks. thsday and they beat theoad calves and then beat hor net at h on the road in the playoff like everyment.
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>> and let's pick it up in the 3rd quarter sexers leading by 17. they led by as map write as 20. yanniing is go the hole with soul. that cuts the lead to 15. sixers staying with buzz for a little while and pass simmons


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