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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 5, 2018 12:05am-12:53am EST

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with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. our "e.t." oscar party. we're with host jimmy kimmel, talking show surprises. >> warren beatty, will he come back. >> plus, seacrest out at the red
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carpet. new details of his sexual claim. plus, did tori spelling suffer a breakdown? why cops were called to her home. are the spice girls performing at the royal wedding? and meghan markle makes her first appearance with her future in-laws. then, a j-law first. >> that's not who i am. >> the big changes she made for her new role and how she got into shape while eating fast food in >> i'm starving. plus, amy schumer's wedding video. and oprah's "wrinkle in time" transformation. >> i'm' beyonce's aunt. >> we're celebrating with the cast. this is "entertainment tonight." ♪ it is oscar weekend, and we're partying with all the
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stars, including host jimmy kimmel. >> yeah, absolutely. this is his second time, and kevin frazier put kimmel on the spot about what's in store. >> warren, what did you do! >> warren beatty, will he come back? >> i don't - you'll have to ask him that question. that's a mistake. "moonlight," you won best picture. >> for the biggest blunder in ren duy will chance to present best picture at the oscars. bey w-- beatty was handed the wrong envelope last year. >> what >> i don't care what you do, just get out of my house. >> is there any ptsd? >> umm, no, no. in fact, it went great except for the thing at the end, which turned out to be something that was interesting for people.
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i guess the worst thing the oscars can be is boring, i think. right? all hell broke loose, and i think it wasn't great then. but now, for some reason, it's increased interest in the show. >> kimmel was set to be interviewed but ryan seacrest, but seacrest was also making headlines this week. >> ryan, are you worried aboy i an oscar backlash? >> he was upbeat, despite the claims against him. >> i want you to know that you are a privilege to work with and i adore you. [ applause ] i'm speaking on behalf of all of us here. i know what an easy professional, great person you are. and i feel very lucky to work with you each day. >> seacrest denies the charges. a source told "e.t." some were considering having their client skip having interviews with
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seacrest. j-law told howard stern she's on the fence about it. >> i don't know about the ryan seacrest thing. i'm not a judge or jury. i don't know. that's where this stuff gets tricky. let's get into some major couples news. i'm talking about katy perry and orlando bloom back on. what is brought them back together? a dog, everybody. kicking off this weekend's story. reunited, after breaking up a year ago. werhile sightseeing in prague wednesday. that's where he's been they pal, orlando's poodle, mighty, a dead ringer for her nugget. according to a source, the one-meokg up, they're building new, healthy relationship and have made a plan love a second chance. >> she's amazing. up next, is tori spelling's
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relationship on the rocks? thursday, police were aer someo 911 on tori, who a source says . our "e.t." source says they had hysterical. and the kids were me was scared. they've had issued. after dean admitted he cheateel reality show. [ indiscernible ] prince william, prince harry, meghan markle and kate kidleton. dnesday, the two couples came ave its challenges, but we're stuck together for the >> this is true. our world foun event with prince william welc
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soo- meghan will bec patron after the royal wedding may 19th. >> i guess we wait a can hit thd running. but i'm absolutely excited. >> you're for sure. the spice girls, prince the sins at the wedding? >> maybe you can answer this or maybe not. girls be performing at there! [ applause ] were stunned on tuesday morni forngr spice girl revealed she's attending the nuptials. the spice girls sparked rumors and their prince harry connection, well, that goes way
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back. and it'sab. there's prince charles and a 13-year-old harrys for the firs at a concert in south africa in harry got to see them again later that year. the for the london moviepremiere. and jennifer lawrence got very real about the diet before her first nude scenes in. >> this is a bad-ass dress. >> it's a bad-ass movie, so -- >> i definitely can't smile. it's >> an oscar worthy dramatic rpet pose. j-law was at the p for
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"red sparrow i just wou the box and eat chicken breasts. >> jennifer alsomarch cover of " she admits she was shooting the nude scenes after being so outspoken about intimate phoacd from her phone in 2014. "my biggest fear is people woult the hack if you're going get i who "knew me sense i es in fr
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was a she then turned to the camera creamy. said, i hope you guys the then made an appearance on "colbertd shoes and gave this unfiltered film review. >> theicalpy girl. i'm a woman, but if y like a typical hater blog, don't go. i d like to officially uninvite all of >> if those are the ots you take, jennifer lawrence, remind me nevero there was another epic premiere here in wrinkle in time" where the cast got all glammed . oprah said, that's noy >>ow gorgeous, top what she i mean, look at that!
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>> i't i'm beyonce's aunt. want to go off at ume and hair? the end of every day. when i did the whole scene midd relaasve of beyonce. a distant relative. her look al daughter eva and h>>y 14-year-o 18-year-old read it in school, they know everything. i can't wait to hear what they can't take any credit.a >> what did you think? >> the my son saidcast, aren't supposed to be a bunch of old i dies?
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reimagining. >> for mindy,away from her baby. how is the >> baby is great. >> what is the best thing she's been doing >> sleeping. that's nice. she doesn't love doing not sle. but when she does, it's very fu carpet was full of stars. and the event put chris line in. ♪ >> did you dos on the set, do the girls know how well you kept in my place.e le onset. >> showed you reese at the hollywood walk of fame. >> these my star got some birthday cake. i love on.
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save something for yourself. it's cleaning season protections with the power of lysol kitchen and bathroom cleaners. bleach. lysol. what it takes to protect. >>glowing, isn't she?a. so pretty. >> and kelsey got eva about her baby boy on the way
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>> i love this. cravings. i have the opposite of cravings. i don't like chicken right at c. it the other day, and i'm like, why did you do that? games, areu going toyou can do a regular na sarah, or a apple, chicago. >> no, no. we're very traditional. >> name. her baby boys but they have a problem, the $1 november is still being remodeled. >> i keep sg baby is born and i don't have a will kill you. >> she showed me her new spring
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going to be a cool she's got no filter. >> i have no breath. >> she's super fun. u and ready. i'm not bringi ing rig now, but i will soon. i will be back to the and whatt in her closet. >> iher day and i looked great. probably one o the bomber. this will sell out instantly. it will look good on you. >> bye. thanks for coming. her.>> w let's talk about this proud momma here. aion in "gringo." >> but as kevinound it's hear role called parenting that is e.
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>> did you have one of those days where -- >> i h yeah, i have a lot of those days. >> those days kids try her patience. e' parent and some days are tough. >> it's the most meaningful peny life and i love it. but i have days that are just parenting today. i love you guys. but i am not parent today. i will look them right in the o today. today is not one of my favorite? i am not happy. and in my head and you are the cause of that! ch y in her movie "gringo." >> this is bad timing. >> you told whoever has got l ue
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way down on the price. >> i say some terrible stuff in. i mean, terrible stuff. i had to say a very inappropriate stuff at the crew, and at night i would go hom god say that in front of the entire crew? >> every o word is -- >> bleep. bleep. >> that's nothing like you. nothing. >> only david knows me. >> that's why i love her. will in theaters march 9.schumer's wedding video and her first interview as a mrs. >> >> new photos of the ring and her surprising vows. hard. mama june,m why she's creating marilyn
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monroe's iconic moment. plus, inside her body can she outmuscle
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mama june is feeling good these days. >> and she hilikes towhe biggesd icon of all time. and we have her m >> june's white dress size 4 to 5. the 38-year-old fit into it to was super excited during the sh. >> i don't think i have like the perfect glamorous to promote thefinale.
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now weighing about 170 us she' back to the 460 pounds she was before. >> to me, fo stressed out, i don't eat. so i'm not a stress eater fort >> yourav >> my arms. >> how come? >> because i can weair time in . >> what about any splurge you gave yourself post clothes. >> how much did you spend? >> a good like $1,500. >> do you feel personality has changed? >> no, stilly. >> mama june, look out, we heard e' season two. lady has got into cy
12:29 am
shape. i mean, naalki about the "tomb raider." she worked so me the struggle was real when it came to what she ate. all right. so this is truth telling time. what was tougher, or the diet that had to go with the workout? >> oh, my gosh. say the diet fo. i actually enjoyed the workout the morning. then at 10:00, i had two fillets f vegetables. and then similar meal at 7:00.y eating my food. >> when you wrapped and said i first thing you went for? >> a peach sundae. woke up on s
12:30 am
like, pizza day! >> she put on 12 pounds of muscle and did most of her ownt competitive with her husband. you are michael, which of you could do the most me >> i love it. >> angelina's movie before? the film when it came out. it made her is. >> the face of humanity is now in your hands. perk of being th star, she got to meet prince ble event in january. the topics of crown and "game of thrones." >> i had william on the right and i remember yourself in with the cutlery.ev?
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"titanic" isil be celebrating s moments of marriage in april. speaking oflet's talk amy schumer's newlywed bliss, and she is in thehi wee dos to chris opening up about their love story and her favorite new word, wife >>wife, have you heard that? >> yeah, yeah. >> they tied the knot in a wedd uncalled for. >> days after called into mickey glazer's radioed lo
12:32 am
of my heart. >> mine sucked. i was crying when i wrote them. scre do you want to may a game, he's? guess how many times i today. i was sobbing. his vows were stunning. when two peoplit, shows. >>end-law was at the ceremony. >> people are wonder yg the fa? and it's because i truly cannot wife. i love you. next, john legen baby numbe
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way. and tina feys reunited and big screen sequel. reminiscing about their "saturday night live" days. >> closed captioning provided by sh i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughs) ah! then i discovered mucinex.
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almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit ep and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic if you are just joining us, here are the top fivestories. katier perry and orlando reunion. we spotted them togethern according to a source, the one-time couple of 13 months up. they're building a "new,tiship" man to give their love a second chance.spling
12:37 am
in crisis. that's the emergency audio thursday after someone dialed 911 on tori, who ys was having a breakdown. a spokespersonceed a disturbanc around 7:30 a.m. and three rush spelling's home. once there, they spoke with her our source says they had been fighting and she was kids were and arrested. number three, will the spice we have a serious question, and maybe you can answer or gi >> the , th are! the rumors
12:38 am
last month. number two, jimmy kimmel back hosting the last year's epic bt flub. >> there's a "moonlight," you won best picture. >> is there any no, no. in fact, it went great except for the thing at the turned out to be something that was interesting to people. i guess the oscars can be is boring, i think. right? ripa's on team ryan. >> i just want you to know that with, and i adore you, and i'm speaking o behalf of -- >> jus t claimed that the harassment claims by a former stylist sent before the seacrest denies any . also i have you seen john legend rehearsing his new role for
12:39 am
production of superstar?" >> this is going to be so good. anotr the firth of him and chrissy teigen's baby boy. >> we are not going to decide unheirtil baby boy is due in june, and she told us challenge. >> i think the balance is hard. you want to give much attention. to figure it out. >> john'scticing that now, as he preps to pl in "jesus christ, the 39-year-old is bringing a
12:40 am
modern take, rocking a w jeans. and chrissy is loving the look. >> he's hot. looks good. working on the costumes. but the entire look of the shown than people expect. >> predict how fans will react to the changes but embrace it. >> come on, am i . can we please talk about another classic that is going from the "mean girls." 14 years making it happen, it's happening again. this time asfey's broadway baby. >> shut up.ot your natural hai >> how can you talk and sing at ♪ i'm tking and singing at the e
12:41 am
>> there was in the movie. >> you can take that fake apology and shove it up your -- >> this is the new taking on re and company. girls, two on the big screen? >> i am game for this up. somebody write it up. until a happens, she gave us this re-enactment. >> o wear pink. >> gretchen, stop trying to mak. >> it's not going to happen.rig. now that is a musical, which i think i'm going to love8. speaking of tina fey, we have
12:42 am
guys, we had to remind to their >> we were office mates. i was there then. >> welcome to another kim chi chilling." >> we shared it come on. >> those were the best times of our lives.>> >> we were >> those good old days were in the early '90s. but these funny they were in their late teens doing standup in really know wh you made it? >> i was doing okay, second weekend i thought i was goingoo. and then the manager
12:43 am
>> that's what >> they've starred in eight movies their noewt the father of the bride, chris is the father of the groom and they don't get along. >> what can i do? >> i said it. >> whato ou two will be like as the father of the bride? >>'l >> i think you're doing all by the way, if you haven't seen go see it on netflix right now. sometimes n
12:44 am
sometimes you have to play a tambourine. straight ahead, reese witherspoon ready to shine, literally. how she'sng >> don't let people walk all over you. and josh's real life romance. your look behind the sce that s they were dating off camera. >> then -- chatty. i don't know if you noticed that. >> where was h top secret after
12:45 am
♪ harmonica plays now is the only it it's time to secure your domain. i
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>'ll seead. >> nobody says that, mom. >> it'sccarthy, the life of the party in the comedy of the same name. she gets to do all the things a campus hookup. >> i didn't do any of that.. >> kevin frazier found out was awkward for melissa, as her husband was directing tha fact to make out with a 22-year-old. >> 11th wedding anniversary, ands yeing out things like, kiss harder, grabis anniversary. >> could you see going back to
12:48 am
school when your school? >> in a minute. i would love to go back to inh. i'm already talking about i >> college may be onst, t at 47 experience covered. direin spot for walmart airing oscar sunday. basically a starting the greatest showman. the only requirement, retailer signature. became a portal for me. i always loved the concept ofti can go back and talk to yourself at 10:00, what would you go ba redirects the course of her be any surprises? >> ben it's a no, ben is not in it, but it.
12:49 am
>> she told us she hopes this movie affects same way it affected her parts when they saw it. they cho speaking of movies this weekend, josh play husband and wife in a new drama. off screen, there was a romanti involved. jo d acceptance and tolerance and l funny. i really liked that it was funny. >> i need your help! what good is a 5-year-old if you're not going to help me. a energy to it. >> my name is simon. i'm just i have one huge-ass secret. nobody knows i'm gay. >> josh and his parents in the comedy based ono
12:50 am
sile idea that his son is gay. >>e's drupnk. how do we feel about that? >> he didn't drive drunk ande b. >> good. >> i remember going through high school. it was a it was system of my least favorite years. it wasus >> at 45, josh is clearly passed that awkward phase and embraci l with ex fergie. >> he's that dad that always takes the joke you know, i can really relate to that, because i've been known still to come, reese,, and oprah. the cast of "a wrinkle in time" has a big surprise for reese's mini me was there for her big night out. t introduce you
12:51 am
to christian. >> oh, no. >> this is not yours book club. our look at jane fonda keaton's naughty new comedy. >> i've never seen that before. >> this is nasty. these ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. who auditionedhe role of elaine on "seinfeld?" your answer is next. >> but first, a 9:00 to 5:00 reboot works. >> everybody is we would love to do it if it's right. >> they all want to ceong with . >> we're going toe ne girls in. they will find us, the old've a business of our own. >> so who could play these newrl how about amy schumer and j-law? >> would you put amy o movie?
12:52 am
>> they wld ahold of that property. >> she's one of the producers. bad, the ugly. >> that's not true. ♪ tired of wrestling with segl using wipes in the kitchen, an try mr. clean magic eraser. simply add wer and use in your kitchen for burnt on food, in your bathroom to remove soap scum, it erases 4x more permanent marker per swipe. for an effective, use mr. clean magic eraser.
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>> i love this. reese witherspoon instagraming her personal visit own walk of fame star last week. >> this is my favorito she joined her "wrinkleme" so stars for one epic girl power chat. >> my walk of fame is outside the hotel. so around it. people are like, get off of reese witherspoon's star >> oh, now you're looking >> i had to get their take on that in the photo shop fail. ha have? how many l >> i thought she had three hands as much as she does.
12:56 am
somebody wrote a funny tweet, oh,et so much done. >> reese's really was -- a beautiful flesh tone dress. >> in their new wardrobe is to die for. >> we heard a cry out i >> we're here to help you fi >> i had to b little jewelschin one at a time. >> in one day, one of and tt wa is youe a very good redhood, by the way. >> oh, thanks. >> i was not a blonde.atinum, gd blonde. just wanted to cri of our inter they had quite a surprise for
12:57 am
mehday? >> it is my birthday. >> we just wanted to say --o yo♪ >> that's so sweet. ♪ happyyou, happy birthday to you ♪ >> ah, such a nice surprise.bir. reese witherspoon and her were and about this week. the event was a who's hollywood's next generation. >> you cannot leave the house without this. >> my lip gloss. i'm consistently using this. >> chapstick eye liners. >> what is the best beauty
12:58 am
ce sun screen. >> christin stewart, at the party,e joined another popular film >> "charlie's angels," are you doing it? >> i would love t i hope that comes together. you never know you're going to ma standing on the set. >> once upon a time, there were three ve girls. ♪ wake me up another name loosely attached to the project. w yen that ormous fan. know how to help each other, it will berelease >> we're talking about diane keaton, jane fondo, among the big namesin
12:59 am
movie. >> i would lik introduce you tono chrti >> we started this book club to stimulate our minds. >> from what hear, this book is quite stimulating. >> jane brings some to her girlfriends. >> what's that? i've never seen that before nas. >> all that "50 shades" their life. >> what i hope to happenhappene. >> can we use the zip ties? >> if women our age s have sex, god wouldn't do b. >> there's much more to life after 60, and really after 70. these tips. >> do you need anything else? >> no, i don't. i'm fine, tha you. >>johnson, whose daughter
1:00 am
stars in shades" cream? >> i've got a brain freeze. >> i that's still plays around. i'm the one thatti the first da. >> just be comfortable.tae. >> well, hey you. >> i can't believe you put >> and on that video it hits ea >> and on that video it hits ea >> hooks good,t should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. 't should be within reach. have to cost much green.
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and a classic chicken sandwich for 3 bucks each. exactly. with favorites on the new $1 $2 $3 dollar menu from mcdonald's.
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this weekend, jessica biel is choices. which actors auditioned for
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elaine on ei patricia heaton, w turning 60 this weekenbirthday. monday on "e.t." the oscar red carpet conou'l only see here. >> learn from me, fells. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all thellood news, go t >> before we go, since it's we leave you with this music video. the movie "marshall" and oscar ing this weekend. in 2017 for summer's glor rest your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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