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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 5, 2018 3:05am-3:51am EST

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>> sad news to pass along today one of running's biggest names sir roger bannister died in 1954 he became first person
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ever to run a sub4 minute mile and his time of:59.4 was seen as one of the biggest accomplishments in sports even though the record stood for only 46 days. banister didn't make athletic the career though he went on to become leading neurologist. roger bannister dead at the age of 88. >> it's that time of week. here now is the ram top three on three floor. >> was able to go right at him and rise up
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behind the back with triple and goes. look at he put him on his back and then hesitated. >> stared at him for a few seconds. >> one of the rare times all three plays could be number one. ridiculous. we hope you enjoyed time in the zone for producers andy, sau and paul i'm don bell thanks for watching have a sau and paul i'm don bell thanks for watching have a great night
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week said they will no longer sell guns to anywonder 21. wal-mart, kroger, l.l. bean and dick's sporting goods. dick's also stopped selling assault style rifles and called for tougher gun laws. what are other gun retailers saying? here's mark strassmann. >> this is hyatt guns which calls it self america's largest gun store. roughly 20,000 guns were sold here last year. we have come to talk to owner larry hyatt and his customers about america's latest gun debate. >> this is a, ar-15 made by smith & wesson. >> 15 years ago, hyatt decided to stop selling assault style rifles to any one under age 21.
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>> the reason because we have gone in charlotte which has grown so much. we went from sort of a rural area, to an urban area. we have off to be more careful. you have gangs to deal with. >> justin anderson. >> we have to be the last line of defense. >> when president trump talks about raising the age limit for these assault style rifles to 21, do you support him on that? >> we generally support it. there are some cases where someone under might need one. okay. >> i get the feeling you think differently. >> a difficult slope here. a couple reasons. one if you are 1 you serve in the military yet you will have most of your second amendment rights suspended. don't know if i buy into that. >> does this moment following parkland and conversation about gun control feel different. >> the moms are scared. they're afraid their kids are going to go to school and not come home.
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we can understand that. the kids are getting involved. starting to protest. >> do you blame them? >> no. >> not at all. >> they're look for anything to stop it. unfortunately, the gun control issue is, is an issue, but that is not going to affect school safety. they have to harden schools. >> explain to me, why wouldn't a ban on these tactical weapons, help stop the slaughter at the schools? >> does a criminal or someone derange they'd will buy a different type of gun. they'll take the duck gun. take two guns. three guns. extra clips. >> let's be pragmatic here. there are thousand of the guns in private hands right now. you are going to ban them for sale. but they're still out there. >> customer nathan kenderrick is 21. >> you bought your first gun at wal-mart, 18. you have a problem with the fact they wouldn't tell you the gun today. >> yeah, stupid. if i was 18 years old. trying to purchase the gun. why wouldn't they sell it to me. when i bought dwight years ago. >> the store sold about 4,000 assault style weapons last year. but they say here is that gun
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americans are living with alzheimers, a progressive disease that slowly destroys memory. chip reid tells us about a company helping some patients tell the stories of their lives. and just, fell in love with it. i would love to, do one last surf trip. story with jane newton small, though they had just met. >> my brain is just -- >> that's because at just 55, he alzheimers. >> life gave me a lemon.sorr >> sometimes lemonade is not so >> right. >> tde with alzheimers came to newton small when she place herd father in ago.
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>> they asked me to fill out bot his life. >> she doubted anyone would rea. so she wrote her own short version.skillshe had hoend during 15 years as a successful national reporter. care givers treated him. >> if you know that peonyou ha empathy for them. >> she quit her journalism bin called, memory well. writing su the lives of also hiemzers patients. online include pictures and videos. newton small usually interviews family members bec, alzheimers patients can no longer tell their own stories. but he still can. my brain right now is dying. >> why did you decide to do >> somebody is going to be ki facility, i might not be able to communicate to tving a way for out, who i am, is, is just huge.
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>> hys the grandchildren he hopes to >> pretty big chance that -- that my, my grandchildren might meet me -- but i won't know who they are. new way to preserve their life stories, before it's too late. chip reid, cbs news, washington. wonderful idea. this year.stopthe texas primari this tuesday.
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record number of women who are running for office this year including 500 who have their sights set o n e capital. meg oliver tells us about two female candidates who are hopin. which holds its primary >>ina ortiz jones and lizzy panel fletcher are asking texas washington.
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>> donald trump its threatening everything we stand for. chang a congressional seat in houston. that's been in republican hands since george h.w. bush took >> it's district. running in, ready to. >> an iraq war vet wants to beep american to represent santonio. >> in 2016, 237 women ran for house and senate seats. the rutgerer women in politics says today, there are 495 female likely >> nothing shy of a movement to see, this number of women, mostly democrati t hand in the ring. with gun violence in the national conversation, these democratic candidates support banning military style assault universal background checks and
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raising the age to buy all >> this is texas. going to win voters over? their kids to be safe when they >> democratic women challenging house incumbents are up more republican strategist, leslie sanchez those re significant challenges. but running once, usually means, running again. >> it is important for these women, whether they're on the left or right, to get that campaign experience. >> i thi wwere ready to be adule room. >> you could make history. >> i would be honored. it's more important i'm not the last. >> the first political test fo r meg oliver, krks -- cbs news, austin, next next. >> camera, lights, action, pieces of hollywood history going up for sale.
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we end on the oscars night hundreds of pieces of hollywood history are going up on auction and online. jamie yuccas shows us what's for le. >> reporter: forget the terror rampage steven spielberg's jurasic park released in 1993, has since earned more than $1 billion is this the movie where it was like. par unfortunate a monster sale. >> who comes in though and buys would look to have this in my living room, why don't know. >> why not. a fantastic conversation piece. the middle of the night and
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scream seeing this. director of julian's auctions says cashing in at the box for movie props. >> anything from jur assic p is highly sought afterhillectib. very rarely comes to the auction block.. >> what is a dinosaur from jurasic park go for? >> $15,000, $25,000. conservative auction estimate. >> several creatures on the block. including thisby en card. and posters, spanning a century this one, advertised opening of nolan says what they're selling connecting with a piece of hollywood history that remind you of the way a film made you feel. nolan believes many items may be bought by museums including the >> is this life sized?
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>> it is life sized.danny. >> reporter: some collectors seek tangible asset that couldl ♪ happy birthday monroe wore in 1962 to sing to john f. kennedy seld for more 17 years later, julian's auction sold it for $4.8 million. the five terminator films have worldwide. nolan expect this one from terminator three, rise of the machines could fetch as much as memorabilia attracts buyers from around the globe. at present, thwo black panther. >> let's go. $1 billion faster than any other super hero movie. king could command a princely sum. items. but they want them. they'll bid and bid and bid.
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until they are the owner and s,. >> that's the "overnight news" for monday. from the cbs broadcast center in new york city. i'm elaine quijano. we i'm elaine quijano. we begin with the helmet camera under attack. it happened five months ago in the west african nation of niger. three americans tle kth isis ad militants that you are about to see. the pentagon is the video released as part of campaign. we are not showing the most scenes the terrorists would want you to see. here's david martin. cbs news of the video captured by the militants from a helmet camera killed that day.
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a full account of the ambush. the video shows in a way no rd outgunned and cutoff the americans were. they were returning from a low risk patrol of 11 americans and 30 soldiers when the ambush hit. at first, they tried to take cover hi with one of the soldiers at the wheeey zone. they fired colored smoke some cover, and identified their position ty aircraft overhead. but it would be two hours from french aircraft arrived on the these soldiers were on their one went down. another rushed to his side
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drge the suv. the position at the suv about to be overrun. they did the only thing they could.ocion that might provide better cover. grenades and few scrub trees, there was no cover and no escape. the soldier wearing the helmet camera went down. and some of the enemy fighters came into view. en frame from what apparent leap was a round fired at point-blank range. you would expect then me to take expect american soldiers to be xp the pentagon's investigation into how that happened, is expected to be released this week. nine people are now dead ay more than 90000 homes and businesses in the east are still without wempanies are strugglin.
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some are told the electricity may be out until midweek when > to right the ship after a very rocky week. the president gave conflicting messages on gun control. supporters with his plan for new although mr. trump backtracked on the gun measures, top aides sae here is margaret brennan, moderator of "face the nation." >> the trump administration has reeling. on the policy front. on gun control appeared to be more in step with democrats, confusing republicans and the nra. >> in a free-wheeling televised meeting with lawmakers he suggested when it came to potential threats. go through due process second. unconstitutional. e background checks at gun shows.
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proposed by pennsylvania democrat joe manchion and demanded to know why it didn't include raising purchase age for some weapons to 21. >> why? heas ant frayed of the nra. after meeting with top lobbyists. he backed off and the nra said he agreed with him. they downplayed the president's evolving positions. ou shoat the white house. >> but the president had a surprise policy announcemeord b. we'll be imposing tariffs on steel imports and tariffs on alum numb.
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25% for steal. 10% for aluminum. >> republicans weren't the only even "the wall street journal" called it, the biggest policy blunder of his presidency. are od and easy to win. he later threatened to tax european car imports.ront, president trump publicly blasted jeff son and, new press reports revived an old rumor that national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster was on his way out. the president's longest serving aide, hope hicks announced her >> jared kushner security fbi continues to look into his business dealings. the president privasm. meaning jared and ivanka out. kelly had a rough week. admitting to reporters he had d security clearance issue. and kelly aggravate the the president when he joked at a department. >> the last thing i wanted to do
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great honors of of my life being >> west virginia is among the states where the pferent reason. the continuing teacher strike. tony dokoupil is following this. >> 55 united! >> rteher strikes in american history will keep a quarter million students out of class for an eighth school day monday. after the west virginia senate, outraged educators by voting to reduce a 5% pay raise agreed to by both the governor and the house. awe off it is, a bait-and-swi it is unacceptable. >> west virginia is hardly the
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only state where teachers are making far less than other college educated professio.wides of workers with at least four 50% higher than the average earnings of a teacher. that's because teacher pay is e inflation.s risen almost $6,500. teachers in oklahoma are using socialed me y to organize their own walkout. after legislators voted down a >> i would eat them in a boat. >> reporter: in arizona, hopi v force change as many teachers, likeau second jobs just to make ends meet. >> things would be really tight if i were just living on my >> you do not like them. >> way back in 1990 teachers in oklahoma and west virginia walkutn them but a generation later, elaine, those two states still are near bottom in teacher salaryinrage
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just wouldn't be the same med g. michelle miller has thestory of thst >> reporter: sylvester stallone but some of the best moves in "rocky" belong to a behind the scenes cinematic champ. the same guy who gave us chills "the shining." and also, made sure audiences >> it consists of four things
3:41 am
a one-time folk singer who revolutionized movies, with the steady cam. yourself? think a better inventer than i ever was cameraman or director. the way the world views film? but true. before his creation, this is how moving shots. with cam ps. anything hand held would shake. and bounce.out better way. in 1974, this was his solution.. where, no matter how you would tilt the camera, the picture would always remain level. >> when you walknd.d,
3:42 am
doesn't jump. does it? we have this wonderful little stabilizer in our the inner ear, tells your eye muscles what to do. up and down looking at me, that's stable, right. >> this is hand held. held. >> we don't like that. >> brown paved theay michael craven. me ability to express myself bl. it's -- it's really quite incredible. >> in the mid 1970s. garrett made a staef c dfilmf h. running in philadea. producers took notice. budget boxing the steps for the philadelphia art
3:43 am
the steps?bl >> that most iconic scene, might not be there. >> yeah. that is invention. >> i love it. i love it. ♪ >> with rocky offers started pouring in for brown. like from stanley kubrick who e >> the maze, yeah. i actually shot almost all the moving shots in the lm all the stuff in the corridors. all the moving. he had in his mind. this eerie smoothness. that we were able to deliver. that almost ed hotel's point of view. >> next, martin scorcese wanted him toho >> i did the shot with de niro coming down into the ring. all that.
3:44 am
the ring, scorcese had me pull over and said you're fire. loo rocky. >> the director would give him another chance, with casino. >> scorcese did hire me again. one of my favorite shots actually. >> reporter: the steady cam was a game changer, says university of pennsylvania film professor, peter dechurney. >> you could have a smooth experience, moving through space. much closer to our natural experience. >> that was the cameraman any perspective. what was the audience's perspective. >> it allowed the audience member to feel really connected to the, the experience of the camera. so you would move through space. almost embodied way. >> the 75-year-old, who, won an oscar for his technical achievement, had big idea, beyond the big screen. his many innovations include the sky-cam, the fly-cam, the dive-cam, he has a ministeady cam for a smart phone.
3:45 am
and it all goes back to these steps. where on this day, kids couldn't resist them. and in a corner, boxers spar. >> does this ever get old? >> no, it's fantastic. i love it up here. >> what better way to celebrate garrett brown and his creation, than by re-creating shot he made famous, all those years ago. >> let's go. >> are you doing it? you are really doing it? >> whoo-whoo-whoo! ha-ha-ha! ♪ ♪
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academy award winner, jared leto is stepping away from hollywood again. leto and his band, 30 seconds to mars are pol and headed on the road. not before a a chat with our anthony mason. >> on the red carpet four years ago, jared leto said they don't give oscars to people like me. >> i just never expected it. never expected an award, a prize, for anything in my entire life. >> i have been looking for you
3:49 am
>> he was nominated for best supporting actor, in "dallas buyers club." >> and the oscar goes to, jared >> did that change things for >> absolutely.i got to stand, o front of, you know a couple billion people probably. >> i love you, mom, thank you for teaching me to dream. >> there its nothing better than being able to thank your mother. >>icha her again. >> for his oscar winning role, . >> a transgender woman with aids. leto had dropped 30 pounds. w >> and waxed his entire body. >> i will be a beautiful angel. immersing himself in a part. as he did again for the joker. >> what are you going to do, you
3:50 am
going to kill me? >> in 2016s, suicide squad. i you, really, really bad. >> and. >> robot replicants in last year's blade runner sequel. >> you think i have nothing offer but pain. >> is the roles that demand it ? >> you are either all in or all in all areas of my life. i think i do my best work when . >> it has been 25 years since leto left art school in rkthat drew you out? >> i was an artist. a young kid. i thought that i would find an opportunity to be a director. >> did you like it when you first got here? >> hated it. >> how d ystrae beauty you find in this town. it is seductive. >>ad
3:51 am
hundred bucks. a friend to come with me. he ditched me at the last i should send a thank you card. ever done. >> it forced me to meet other people. >> you got a part fairly quy. >> ay after being here. >> a week caare jected five or times a week.di, one line on the star trek new generation. and you know, basically getting laughed out of the room. >> the role he finally landed, was on a new series.caed life. >> just because a person can't >> hey. i can read.
3:52 am
>> he played jordan catalano, the exst of angela. off awe i was hopioues. it lasted a singleso >> they kind of kicked open the door for you? >> it was a really inskredable way to start. >> why you got to make me feel so guilty, mom? >> and in requiem for a dream, n psycho. >> as his movie career was taking off. in 2006, he abruptly took a break from acting. unusual in the film bu off off you took six years off. >> yes. typically the kiss of death in hollywood. >> worst every single second.
3:53 am
the best thing i ever the side,. ♪ ♪ just a matter of time ♪ >> just had their first big hit. >> we released the song called "the kill." ♪ break me do >> as their crowds grew. the band stayed out on the road. >> you'll never know me until you come to a show.helace i thi reveal the most. because, there is ♪ ♪ character, there is no part. it's just me. >> how old were you en started playing music. >> i have a photograph of me. my mom took, kind of like, all >> his mother constance was a teenager when jared and his brother shannon were born. example. about fortitude. persistence. and commitment. you knassi a kid? >> yeah, you couldn't not be. ♪ into ♪ >> the band which jared started with shannon is a family business. >> i just don't think i would have -- fought as hard o downs. >> if it wasn't.
3:54 am
>> for my brother. >> absolutely. >> thi >> when we met last month, the 46 their new album. >> number over your shoulder. with a countdown calendar on the wall. >> always there to remind you. y st tee days to go until the album was due. he was still mixing. >> great white open. >> great white open. >> still recording. ♪ is this life >> you have more songs you have to sing? >> yeah, yeah, i have to sing a. it is going to be a late night. >> three days. >> yeah, yeah. >> do you believe. >> in june, 30 seconds to mars will go backtoin if it means jaret leto the actor will disappear again. >> could you walk away from acting? >> absolutely. >> yeah. my manager says, how can they
3:55 am
miss you if you never go away?
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students in parkland returned to school today for the first full week of classes since a gunman killed 17 people. mark strassmann talked to you r teacher eric garner says it is disconcerting having your students record you. >> we will be safe. >> i'm like i don't know how to feel right now. >> that's what you tth they know what they're doing behind the camera in front of the camera. and it is impressive. >> i want to hear what is going on. >> eric is broadcast journalism making the students as media savvy as they are. in fact many of the kids you have seen on television over the past two weeks are his
3:58 am
reporters.o! >> his photographers. >> when you see the video proof it lasts longer in people's mind >> if you weren't in parkland, florida that day you can connect that anywhere around the world >> the school has the had a strong broadcast journal its m department. i they win national award all he time. which is i surprise on the very first day back at school after everyone elset behind. to start telling tto their way. >> because we are the story, so much more powerful and more genuine. as student journalists we seat things that make stoneman douglas personal. proct. a documentary. focus on the activism from the activists pushing for change like gun control. which poses an ethical dilemma right out of the textbook. their journalism. so.
3:59 am
they're forgiven for that for the time being. >> for right now, yes. but they're going to have to >> how are you going to separate them from the experience. >> it will be tough. of e experience. >> there its no black and white. a lot of gray. however, if these kids do grow up to be journalists they went be the kind that sticks a camera they say after this experience, they have sworn off that for good. >> when you are looking into the they're cr you want to take a picture of them you know it is this amazing shot to get. recognition in their eyes so much harder to do it then. i think that's something that every joste. >> that could be my friend. >> if you just bring your empathy to this profession, i . >> that's what we have been trying to treat everyone like we know them. >> treat everyone like you know them. journalism, 101. steve hartman, on the road, in parkland, florida. that's the "overnight news"
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for this monday. from the cbs broadcast center in captioning funded by cbs 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." and the -- "the shape of >> there was no oscar envel mixup and the movement center stage. critics warn of a trade war that could hurt an and the storm is over, but thousands of ppl


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