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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 5, 2018 5:00am-5:29am EST

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>> following breaking news in bucks county where a firefighter has been injured battling a house fire watch went wrong, live report from the scene. >> waking up in the dark, residents across the area are waiting for the power to return, after last friday's nor'easter. we're liver with a look at the damage, still left behind, and why it couldet their electricity back on. >> it is so you again. >> and the ross cents car goes s angeles r all of the big >> today is monday march 5th. i'm m>> i'm rahel solomon. meantime, katie is out sk
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but meisha is here. >> jim, you do such a good job >> with all of this pourot imag. what would we do with our hair i sick. >> looking outside, your actual commute is looking pretty good. coupleires every dow get to all of that coming up in a little bit. >> quiet days residual winds associated with friday's system, but tracking another kn. >> oh, news, but another nor'easter as we head into tuesday and wednesday, so let me get to you some current temperatures, across the region, seaper at me, 33 gross in philadelphia, 30 degrees in wilmington, right around 30 waking up this morning in atlantic city at 30 degrees, en factor in the residualown windy was talking about, coming out of the northwest ar 5 locations, at 15, feels
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more like 21 in philadelphia, feels allentown, actually feels like the single digits up in the poconosment not only are we deind , but also, that residual coastal flooding threa ere is at's en issued for our this is in effect through 2mo for delawe beaches. expect to see minor tidal floong between 9:30 to 10:10:30 in the morning, base, delawy, flooding will be possible in low-lying areas, just be minds full of. that will here is y today, 38 s by 9:00 a.m., 44 by noontime, make it up into thes afternoon,l all of the sunshine we seeerd. today when the winds really die down, then also tracking nor'easter, i'll have more details in just a few minute. meisha? >> all right, cheuch for. that and very good morning to all every you at home. just waking up with us, looking okay tdo have some actit
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, 42 looking good, my friends in jersey just the, 42 y northbound at creek road. approaching 295, that's what looking good, maybe heating up a little bit in most places but looking likeai monday mornit crack into the 5:00 hour. vine, same vehicle here, 95 northbound at the vine, pulled all the way off to the far right that walking out the door, maybe tap your brakes. lincoln drive southbound it is closed before gypsy lane. so you will alternate, midvale avenue will be your best bet as you maneuver around there. and then downed treellmorris rod between mt. pleasant avenue and pen lynn blue bell pe,3 or k pike. also have some downed wires in vote 82, it is closed between kins highway and monthsee road. ville road, downed tree, downed wires, disable vehicle, accident and then we also encys road work from earlier accident on burlington-mt.turnpike
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holly right lane closed there, jim, back over toou meisha. updating breaking news, firefighters hurt on the jobighn feasterville. morning. live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. was returned to the hospital. you can see behind me, it is avenue.ill an active scene this is off bridge town pike in feasterville inks now, about 75 firefighters returned here just before 3:00 . luckily, no one was inside at thirefighter who was battling flames on the second inside the home, the first floor, according to the fire marsower southampton township fire marshall, still says thankfully no observe was inside. it is unclear what sparked tth .
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>> we have one firefighter fall through the flo at st. mary being evaluatedt the initial stf the fire, looks like there was numerous areas where tha starte. currently, they're about spots,s where we are right about now. >> now the fire marshall says that once crews arrive, there of fire in the back of the home. again, at this hour, no word on blaze, but luckily no one was inside at the time. live in bucks county this morning, anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> all right, anita, thank you uprooted trees and downed power lines, residents in delaware county still feeling the powerful punch by friday's nor'easter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in havertown where many people are still without power this morning. trang, good morning. >> hey, good morning, rahel, jim, yes, it hand was very difficult weekend for many people here in delaware county and they're not out of the
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woods just yetment peco was reporting some 20,000 people in delaware county, still without power this morning. including this neighborhood that we're in right now. this pretty much the lights we have set up here, but so much widespread damage that county crews are having hard timekeeping up, seeing massive trees like this one with the power lines, still, unaccounted for, and still, out here, but county officials declared a disaster emergency saturday. due to the widespread power outages and trees brought down by friday's snowy and windy nor'easter. delaware county was among the hardest hit areas, so officials here have asked for the governor's help in the clean up and restoration efforts. now, peco crews have been working around the clock to get the power back on, but county leaders admit it could be wednesday or even thursday before power is restored to all homes here, now, meantime, people are struggling to keep warm. >> we have a small generator. but that's pretty much just our sump pump the basement
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don't flood and the refrigerator. we have no heat, nothing. i've never seen anything like this around here. i mean, not this magnitude. i mean, it is everywhere. >> it has been a struggle with a nine month old trying to warm up his bottle, trying to run his humidify err, that didn't work. luckily we had portable sounds machine, but he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. so just trying to keep him warm and keep him fed. >> and this is going into the fourth day for these residents without power. terrible situation here. haverford and marne he will newtown schools are closed today because every trees like this in the roadway blocking the bus depo area. so as you can see, still a lot of work to be done here in delaware county. but for now live in havertown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you >> big mess out there, thank you, trang. >> meanwhile utility companies are making progress repairing downed power lines, right now more than 55,000 peco custom remembers still in the dark. 5700 for customers for ppl.
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most power has been restored for ac electric cuss em ers, but still scattered outages, 1100 for delmarva, also scattered outages for se and g >> and when we're not on the air we are bringing you up-to-date information on line the latest on power outages, storm clean up and much more just head to our website >> meanwhile new this morning, a mystery in southwest philadelphia. an elderly woman is shot while sleeping in her bed and now police want to know where the bullet came from. this happened around 12:30 a.m. this morning, the 79 year old was in bed and her first floor apartment on the 7100 block of grant place. somee fired shot through the woman's window hitting her in the knee. >> now, we don't know why a bullet came through this window. we don't know if it was a stray bullet or if they were intentionally firing into the bedroom. that will we don't know at this time. >> now the woman is in stable condition. her 38 year old son was also home but was not hurt. >> a fight outside this beer store on the boulevard ends in
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gunfire, and two men shot. this happened around 11:30 a.m. last night right at whitaker avenue, officers found four shell casings nearby. both men are in critical condition. so far, police have made no arrests cents and have not recovered any weapons. >> well, a brawl breaks out inside south jersey chuck e cheese. >> still ahead we'll tell how was hurt in the fight. plus this. >> i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles with a wrap of hollywood's biggest night and the moment grabbing the headlines this morning. >> and we'll show you one of last night's funnier moment, actors surprised some unwitting movie-goers. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> rahel and i say this all the time, all that grit zester gold. we're live in los angeles with more on who took home a gold oscar statue that's next in "
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eyewitness news." >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> jimmy kimmel led a group of stars across the street to surprise movie-goers last night, mark hammell and marco robbery just few of the stars that joined in the fun, they handed out candy and shot hotdogs out of a cannon as they cranked the crowds for supporting the movie industry. >> and the oscars went off without a hitch, with a big water winning big. >> danielle nottingham joins us live from nos angeles with some of the most talked about moments of the night. good morning, danielle. >> well, good morning, and this year's academy awards had a different feel, there were
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no big flubs this year. the best picture award was given out with little fanfare. but it was a big moment for me two and times up movement. and also, history was made. >> the shape -- >> unlike last year, war and bathe i and fay dunnaway got it right the first time. with best picture, the shape of water pulled in the most honors, including best production design, best floor and best director, became the third mexican born film maker to win the award. >> growing up in mexico, i thought this could never happen. >> jordan is now the first african-american to win for best original screen play for the horror film get out. gary took home best actor for his winston churchill. and three billboards now outside evan miss your. >> i all of the female nominees in every category stands with me.
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>> call foreign clues was just one of several on-stage moments, bringing attention to movement. three of the actresses who made allegations of sexual misconduct against hollywood heavy weight harvey weinstein gathered for a me two moment. >>hi spoke their truth, and the journey ahead is long. >> drawing almost immediate reaction on social media from me two supporters basketball star kobe brian won for the short and animated film he wrote and animated. bryant was arrested and charged with sexual assault in 2003. the case was dropped, when the woman who accused him of rape refused to testify. >> and actually kobe bryant is the first professional athlete to win an academy award. live in los angeles, danielle nottingham, jim, rahel, back to you. >> so kobe bryant of course danielle is a local guy. i hear just a personal shout
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out you too are from cherry hill? >> yes, i graduated from cherry hill east, i won't tell you the year, but i am definitely a south jersey girl so go eagles, great year. >> love it. >> thank you, danielle, appreciate it. >> well, cbs this morning of course will have much more on the oscars as they speak with entertainment tonight kevin frazier coming up at 7:00 right after "eyewitness news" this morning, right here on cbs-3. maybe some not so good news this morning, chelsey, somehow tracking another nor'easter as is if last week wasn't enough? >> i feel like nobody wants to be my friends this morning. >> i'm your friends. >> that's good to know. another nor'easter headed into the mid week time frame, let's start out with a live look at center city, quiet morning, but still have that relentless winds, so even still, we are dealing with the effect from friday's system, and another one, is making it way on to the board this morning.
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so, wind out of the northwest at 14. that is making 31 degrees feel more like 21 this morning. good morning to you. pottstown, waking up at 29. waking up at 29 degrees in willow grove. one -- 31 in med, 29 wt chester, we have 30 degrees in cherry hill. right around 32 in palmyra. 30 degrees in mt. holly, and doylestown, little chillier in the upper 20's, so, as we head into the afternoon, see good amount of sunshine today. some seasonable sun as well. still breezy though. high temperature todd around 48 degrees. but the breeze will make it feel a little bit chillier out there. now, let's talk about what everybody is, you know, talking about on social media. and what we are talking about in the news room this morning, potential for our next nor'easter, so a lot of energy folk cents dollars out to the west center portion of the usa that's going to be tracking east, and eventually transferring some energy off the coast. that's going to form a nor'easter. that will impact us as is we head into tuesday night, into wednesday, and wednesday night winter storm watches have
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already been posted for areas north and west every philadelphia and trenton. that includes reading, allentown, poconos all included on that. and it wouldn't surprise me in the next 24 hours probably see more winter weather alerts being issued for the delaware valley. keeping an eye on, that here is a look at the coastal storm that developed as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. shovable snow for some. actually likely with that system, at least what i am seeing with the models, however, the the wind threat, doesn't look lick it will undergo bomb bo genesis it, decreases cents 24 millie bars within 24 hours, kind of like the last system did friday. that produced that widespread winds damage threat. that's not going to be as widespread with this system. as we head into tuesday and wednesday. so, the best chance for accumulating snowfall that's going to be for areas north and west. likely see right along i-95, to the jersey turnpike, rain to snow and some accumulations likely mainly rain with some snow mixing in for areas down the shore and our shore points so just give you an idea of
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the disagreement that we are seeing with the models as far as accumulations type right now. now none of these are probably right at this point in time, but north american model is going for about 8.7 inches in philadelphia, whereas you can see the european not even a inch, the gfs3.1 inches, and i will i tell you the gfs mod del not perform well with the last system we dealt with friday. still fine tuning the details as you can see. eyewitness weather seven day forecast looking at 47 degrees on tuesday. increasing clouds, the precipitation moves in overnight. rain-snow likely wednesday, 45 on thursday, as things quiet down, meisha, over to you. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so much for all of that. and very good morning to all of you. happy monday, looking outside, 59 south at allegheny avenue. everything looking good. building volume levels, just ever so slightly, we can expect monday mornings tends to build little earlier than what we see the rest of the week, see what happens, but right now building levels on 95, push in the southbound direction toward center city. blue route near mid-county kind of the movement you're
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seeing around the area. still looking okay. we had accident on lincoln drive, now since been cleared. but we do have some storm debris here in delaware county , route 320, chester, near avondale road. heads up, crazy activity, downed wires, downed tree, get to that in a little bit of the first septa. so we have many concellations over the weekends, concellations and delays, most recent update: regional rails resume service norristown high-speed line that resumed, running with about 15 minute delays or so, 101 trolley shuttle bussing between woodland avenue and media. 102 trolley resumed, possible delays on other regional railurk the schedules on line as you ad out the door this morning , rahel and jim, back to you. >> now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> daily times swimming pool size sinkholes keep opening in west whiteland. some believe the sinkholes on lisa drive are due to construction of the sunoco mariner east pipeline. the first gaping hole
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developed in mid november. the third one resulted in a home evacuation on saturday. from the from the times herald norristown resident has facebook to thank for 30 years rosalie deet trick has been dealing with poliosis particular kidney disease and needed a new kidney. anne marie stepped up after seeing post on facebook, the two were a match. >> great story. in the trentonian, group of hamilton student have done their part of sending message of sobriety it, features six bryce middle school student performing skit to impact the harmful impact of substance stance abuse, why teenagers should avoid elicits a look at r headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> the sixers hit the road. it was a playoff an atmosphere >> the highlight, plus coming, guys, just theuyd off s, have some fun. >> the flyers head to fl show sg defenseman shane had with some area student, when we come
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>> back now on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning , and a check every eyewitness sports. >> sixers begin four game road trip on the wrong foot. third quarter up, hits a three , 25 points on the night, then went on 21-nothing run, i say 21 to nothing. the sixers wind up with 26 turn-overs, huge lead in the game. bucks win the sixers 118-110.
5:26 am
>> some trouble on the ice as well. >> after starting last week in first place in the metropolitan division the flyers are going backward, visiting the panthers yesterday, score on power play to make it one-nothing, later in the first period, captain claude giroux fumbles, blue line, panthers take it the other way and score. flyers lose three to one, and they've now lost three state games. penguins come to south philly this wednesday night. >> flyers defenseman shane, posting numbers of the marjorie stillman douglas game seventeen people were killed at the school allegedly by former student between weeks ago, school's hockey team won the title last week, but ticket the to the national championship. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," worry on wall street this morning. trang? >> friday's continues to cause problems for people across our region, i'm trang do, live in delaware county with the situation here. rahel? >> and trang, also ahead, bill cosby back in court today.
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what his lawyers are asking a judge not to allow. when we come back.
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>> today is monday, march 5th. >> we have one firefighter fall through the floor. >> a firefighter is injured, while battling a house fire in bucks county overnight >> that firefighter was awake, and conscious, when he was rush to the hospital. >> i've never seen anything like this around here. >> another day in the dark. friday's nor'easter still reaking havoc in part of our area. >> haverford and marple newtown schools are closed because of things like this. >> she was laying in her bed when a bullet came through. >> an innocent woman in southwest philadelphia. struck by a stray bullet when it comes bashing through heroin dough. >> comedian bill cosby returns to court for his sexual assault pretrial. >> sorry we interrupted the movie. >> you a oscars right now. >> does anyone want a h


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