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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 5, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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♪ >> "e.t." at the oscars. >> whoo. >> oscar stars ged rowdy. >> it's on. >> the omg moment you didn't see on tv. >> the winner who got her oscar stolen. >> an the star campaigning to host next year. >> plus from the couples to the moms who ditched their men. >> have you been hanging out in the mini van. >> dude if i could trick it out i would do it. >> we are breaking down the red carpet looks. plus brad pitt's pre oscar party out with clooney and the boys and why beyonce's
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credit bash had everybody buzzing. >> it was an oscar like no other. >> a man was arrested right after the show accused of stealing someone's oscar. one of the things we never saw coming on a crazy night. ♪ >> whoever gives the shortest speech tonight goes home with -- >> a brad new jet ski. >> from the moment jimmy kimmel hurned helen mirren into a "price is right" model we knew it was going to be rowdy. >> this is [ bleep ] excuse me amaze. >> fake kiss. >> helen was sneaking shots on
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the red carpet. jennifer lawrence was climbing over the seats and jimmy surprised a movie theater next door with snacks delivered by gal gadot, margot robbie and armie hammer. >> walking into a place with a hot dog cannon is a win win. >> "the shape of water." >> guillermo del toro seemed more excited about being part of jimmy's snack squad. >> i found out i'm a pretty good thrower. >> al san janney gave a shooch to "black panther's" chadwick boseman. >> i know you got the emmys and other awards. does this one get a special spot. >> in my bed with me. >> no shelf? >> the bed. >> the winners let loose and
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celebrated women. ♪ >> frances mcdormand. >> the best actress winner's acceptance speech became a rallying cry as she invited every female oscar nominee to stand with her in solidarity. >> meryl if you do it, everybody else will. come on. film makers, producers, directors, writers. >> four other best actress mom knees were so moved they spontaneously hugged after the speech. fren ses went from triumph today stress when a few hours later police say her oscar was stolen by terry bryant. he was stopped by the photographer for wolfgang puck. mcdormand's oscar was returned. frances beat out meryl streep. meryl was still queen of the oscars when jodi foster appeared
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on crutches because of a skiing accident she jokingly pointed a finger at streep. >> she "i, tonya"ed me. >> i'm going to find meryl streep and get her to be my mama. >> tiffany haddish meant what she said and tracked meryl down to courtesy. about an hour later she was killing it on stage of meryl rudolph. >> i'm not a fan of white people with clip boards because i'm always wondering what they're writing down about me. >> especially when they say you're not on a list. >> you guys were so good. if they asked you to host next year? >> i would totally do it if we get paid. i didn't get paid for that. if i get paid -- >> you didn't get s.a.g. minimum. >> i didn't get nothing. if i'm paid, i'm down.
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>> mary j. blige didn't win, but she did celebrate. >> jay-z and beyonce are throwing you a big party tonight. >> who told you that. >> jay-z is having the after party at la chateau. >> you don't talk about fight club. >> "nda". >> that's from the beyonce rap in this d.j. khaled song. ♪ >> seems it's about someone who hung out with beyonce and then told the press. who could that be. >> i made it. >> what did you think when you heard beyonce call you out on the song. >> i was like that's me. i love me some beyonce. >> are you going to her party tonight? >> i know. i got an invitation. as soon as i get out the car i'm going to say where the nondisclosure forms at. she's going to call me i'll act
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like her name is gladys. >> gladys invited kobe, nicki minaj, drake, the weeknd, jordan peele clutching his oscar. his boy keegan wanted in. >> the only thing i can do is lockdown the invitation. >> the carters turned la chateau marmont into a casino. the invite said no sitting only dancing. >> he told me we were going to sweat. >> madonna got cardie b and kim k at her bash. big dilemma party with m or b. >> both. i ran into a freen. he's going to jay's. his name is mr. jay-z. >> i don't think i'm invited to either one of those. i'm clearly not cool enough. >> we're going to the shake shack. >> i get that.
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can we go back to beyonce and jay-z. they're ready to hit the road this summer for on the run two. generating $100 million. last night the carters weren't the only stars letting loose. the party started on the red carpet. >> for the mom club it was a chance to have a night out with girlfriends. ♪ >> have you been hanging out drive ago mini van. >> if i could trick out a mini van to where i thought i looked tz sexy i would do it. >> sandra left louis and lie la at home for mom's night out. she's gearing up for "ocean's 8" in june. >> we don't realize we could be hacked. we're actresses that have to bond over moms working hard.
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aging, not aging. being fearful. >> you are what you are on the text chain. >> yes we are. sandra had a red carpet collision with her screen sister, nicole kidman. >> good enough. >> i loved that movie. >> i showed that movie to my kids. it's a little above their -- >> it's above most people. >> we were really good sisters. >> the busy mom hit the red carpet solo but hit up husband keith urban. >> there's jennifer garner. the single mother of three was a six vix concern in versace. she became the internet meme when she had a 'pif any mid clap. >> it's funny what becomes a meme. >> i need to find out what it was. we got to ask her. while those moms were flying solo, plenty made it a couple's
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night at the oscars. >> what's the drink of choice? >> vodka soda water. >> little lemon. >> he knows your drink. >> that's right. >> knowing your wife's favorite cocktail that is true love. check out meryl's proud hubby of 40 years don gummer. the first time they hit the oscars together was 1979. >> leslie bibb, you light my fire baby. >> sam rockwell's sweet shout out to his girlfriend was surpassed by the cuff links he wore. he was bt the only one to call out his better half. jordan peele won best original screen play for get out and thanked his wife. >> thank you so much my wife who spupted me through this whole process. >> sweetie turn. >> oh, yes. >> kelly ripa and mark con sway
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las made it a date night. kobe bryant had all his girls on his mind. >> to my wife vanessa and our daughters. [ speaking foreign language ] >> my daughter told me hard work makes the dream work. >> it was emotional on the red carpet. >> i saw it at the governor's ball afterwards. i haven't seen him smile that big since he won the nba championship. >> i interviewed him after his first nba championship. he had his girlfriend with him, vanessa. >> wife now. >> and he's an oscar winner. >> how about chrissy teigen and john legend, he's kicking off his world tour tomorrow. chrissy skipped the oscar party in favor of tacos. >> she tweeted this picture
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account caption post taco party. >> she loves her tacos. >> we'll keep this party moving. we have more "e.t." at the oscars coming up. >> having a lot of fun. >> miley's oscar quick change. two parties, two dresses as stars collide inside the "vanity fair" bash. >> is oprah here. >> then what elton john revealed to "e.t." about the royal wedding and inside meghan markle's spa
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after ♪ gus, you are crushing it! just trying to shed those extra pounds. (giggles) me too. gettin' the beach body back... (sighs) is gna take a lot of work. this will help you power through. one million dollar power payday,
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new from the pennsylvania lottery. yup, with top prizes of a million bucks. so, how do i look? like a winner. (they both laugh) keep on scratchin'! ♪ we're celebrating oscar night with "vanity fair." we're having a lot of fun. ♪ happy birthday >> it's no one's birthday.
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>> miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. miley doubled down on hollywood glam wearing a silver sequinned gown and then a quick change to this plunging gold and black gown. she was so classic even her hair was classic hollywood. >> i want to know where she changed her clothes. >> the limo. >> whenever she wanted to. >> very we know the "vanity fair" party is the place to be seen. >> who would you like to dance up a storm with? anybo that's available. i like dancing. >> is oprah here? >> no oprah. check out halle berry and kerry washington rocking their minis guests watched with a three-course dinner and drinks. >> what was your favorite part? >> when they were over. >> mindy kaling brought a
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familiar fa. >> i'm headed for a night of fun. emma stone wasxpected to bring jlaw but came with emily blunt. olivia munn camelking to us abo bestie. >> kim and i have been friends for a long time. e's the most knowledgeable. years ago i wanted to freeze my eggs. i hit her up. she broke downut it. >> speaking of the kardashians they dropped baby news of their own with chloe making a big reveal. > back at "vanity fair" it w kendall representing the family slayingn a little black dress. >> hi "vanity fair." >> kendall looked gorgeous. >> my favorite part of the "vanity fair" party is the in and out burger. >> and everything eats. >> right. >> still ahead>> i haven't got make up done.
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>> the rush to the red carpet. whose gown took 500 hours to make. then -- >> you don't mt royalty without your shoes on. >> janney on faux pas and brad pitt's boys night spent his weekend with bradley cooper and george clooney. >> closed captioning provided by --
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-ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me.
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-no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. uh, i'm pretty good with comparisons. like how progressive helps people save money by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. look at us. ♪ >> oh man allison janney was the toast of the script to read through this morning. she g back toork on the set of "mom." her red gone with the sleeves measuring 5'8" added to the rainbow of colors on the carpet as the stars shared the secrets hind their styles. >> i haven't eaten since 9:00 this morning.
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♪ >> it took a few days to get this slit just right. i cannot tell a lie. >> how did you know how high to go? >> i'm not afraid. >> it's a little tight. not made for a ski race. fashion is pain. >> the first rule of the red carpet prep early. our best dressed jen garner was a stand out in blue ver is a chee. all eyes were on those guns. daily work outs with body by simone. then nicole in this one of a kind armani. these fans got a peek at nicole's before look. >> i haven't got my hair and make up done. have a greatz time. >> next rule recycle. tiffany haddish loved the $4,000 alexander mcqueen halter, last night it was a three pete.
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>> it might come back again. >> tiffany paired it with comfort first uggs. then rita stand you're wearing the same dress from 56 years ago when you won the car. >> we let it out a little bit. >> make your fashion me worthy. people compared m streep's look to the fair god mother in "shrek." the last rule be on trend. the stars wearing white were stunning. t♪ >> metalli are definitely in. jl jlaw's dior gone came straight from the runway. sandra bullocs gone took 500 hours to make. sandy knows the most important thing is the lighting.
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>> dim it so i can go back to 40s. 39, 38, 35. that's the sweet spot. thanks god i'm not presenting with gal gadot. it will be like she was looking in amirror. >> i w at elton john's party last night which raised millions for his aides foundation. the topic turned to harry and meghan's i dos. >> sir elton postponed his vegas show the weekend of the wedding. that means he got his invitation. >> nothing. not yet. >> jane see more attended the charity bash. she met harry. thinks meghan wie
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splendid. she's beautiful and carries heelf well. >> allison janne is now oscar royalty. >> i have to take my shoes off.t william and kate last month at the baftas. that's not exactly royal etiquette. >> i didn't know kate was so tall. she's my heht. >> i regret i didn't have my shoes on when i met her. you don't meet royalty without your shoes on. they're pretty relaxed. "e.t." learned meghan will soon be baptized. her mother and father are expected at the private ceremony joining harry's faith clears the way for meghan to walk down the aisle. on oscar sunday her girlfriends treated her to a spa day. duchess kate did not join in. maybe she and william kicked back, shoes off and watched the cars. >> confession. i had my slippers on under my
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dress. >> i had my shoes completely off. >> brad pitt had a bachelor party of sorts. >> brad night began with an all star dinner joined by sean penn and four time nominee bradley cooper who brought his girlfriend irina shayk. the night got better when brad partying with george clooney. they were snapped leaving a brie vat home in beverly hill. >> that's a night out. >> indeed. >> we're talking to the guy who took home an oscar and a jet ski. >> come on!
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>> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- . >> one of the biggest awards of
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oscar night was an $18,000 jet ski. >> jimmy kimmel gave it to the person who made the shortest acceptance speech. >> the winner was -- >> bridges told him about his big score. >> when they pulled me out of the audience, i was like oh no i got a jet ski. >> have you ever been on a jet ski before. >> not tha
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boom. when ya have it, boys. man, he beat every one of us. actually, not everyone. oh, yeah? what's -- what's -- what's that supposed to mean? you haven't played me. ah, oh, it wouldn't be fair. i'm from the homeland. competitive darts is, uh, oozing out of my pores. really? um... there's not a sport on this planet you can beat me at. all right? and i'll tell you what. how about 20 bucks, right now, we play high score, three darts? come on. mr. gable, you can have your three darts. i only need one. [ laughing ] whoa! it just got real. dude, he just called you out. ah, now, now, now, gentlemen, it's just a friendly challenge. i'll go first. [ clears throat ] side-arm. -whoa! -oh-ho!


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