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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 6, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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>> after an historic meeting, south korea says north korean dictator kim jong-un says the north would be willing to give up its nuclear weapons if certain conditions are guaranteed. he also agreed to halt nuclear missile tests if the u.s. holds talks with his regime.
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>> the more i hung out with you, the more i felt like i was losing the possibility of maybe reconciling things with lauren. >> are you (bleep) kidding me? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight kim jong unbelievable.
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plus, stephen welcomes oprah winfrey and justin hartley featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! how are you? lovely! please sit down! thank you very much! welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. it is good-- ( cheers and applause ) it's good to be alive and to stay that way because we just found out that north korea is willing to talk to the u.s. about giving up their nuclear weapons. and not the usual way they talk about giving up their nuclear
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weapons-- by dropping them on seattle. according to south korea, kim jong-un has agreed to sit down and engage in an open-ended dialogue to discuss the issue of denuclearization and to normalize u.s. relations with north korea. yes, normalize relations. i can't even say it, it's so unusual. ( laughter ) if you normalize, then kim jong-un and trump can sit down and talk about the things they have in common, like military parades and ridiculous haircuts. ( laughter ) when trump found out he tweeted: "possible progress being made in talks with north korea. for the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. the world is watching and waiting! may be false hope, but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction!" ( applause ) either way?
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wait, "go hard in either direction?" that's leadership. "who's with me? and where am i?" ( laughter ) besides, how do you go hard on peace? "we are going to peace you back to the stone age. (bleep). we're going to rain reconciliation down on you, obliterate you with friendship. you will never recover from the relentless bombardment of hugs! heed my words: your children will sleep at night!" ( laughter ) now, last night, i told you about the epic on-air meltdowns of former trump campaign aide and guy at the bachelor party nobody knows, sam nunberg. ( laughter ) yesterday, nunberg shocked washington with the announcement that he was not going to comply with a subpoena from robert mueller. and he did it everywhere: two shows on msnbc, three shows on
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cnn, "new york" magazine, the associated press, vox, yahoo! news, bloomberg news, and even new york one, a station only available if you live in new york and have spectrum cable. ( laughter ) then i assume he went on gas station tvs, a youtube makeup tutorial. and a return of "my little pony friendship is magic. >> talking to you, i smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i don't know what is more disturb ago him being drunk or me having to watch the news sober. he says-- he says-- ( applause ) he says he wasn't drinking, but drunk or sober, nun berg had one consistent message: >> i'm not cooperating. i can tell you, i'm not going in. it's ridiculous. i'm not cooperating. arrest me. you know what?
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mr. mueller, if he wants to send me to jail, he can send me to jail, and then i'll laugh. >> stephen: ha-ha. it's funny, because you're screwed? you see that, robert mueller, you'll never crack sam nunberg. who then told the a.p., "i'm going to end up cooperating with them. that was really quick. i think we have footage of nunberg's spine. of course,, of course,-- that's the spine on the river quai, i think. of course, the big story continues to be trump's trade war. on thursday, he slapped a 10% tariff on aluminum and 25% on steel. it could spark a trade war, especially after trump's trade advisor said there will be no exceptions made for allies. mr. president, please, we can't lose any more allies. at this point, it's israel, the u.k., and whatever country your wives are from.
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it's wife-sylvania, i think. and now, the e.u. has threatened to retaliate with tariffs on harley-davidson motorcycles, bourbon, and blue jeans. wow, that is a real blow to america's midlife-crisis industry. ( laughter ) all that's left is electric guitars and 25-year-old yoga teachers named dawn. ( laughter ) she's an old soul. ( laughter ) but a very young body. ( laughter ) but trump's not afraid of no trade war, mister. he tweeted on friday, "when a country-- usa-- is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win." "yeah, wars are easy to win. the war starts, you get your dad to get you five draft deferments, the war ends. so easy!" now, i just-- ( applause ) i-- i, like--"
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now, all this trade war talk has gotten certain people worried, like speaker of the house and dracula's nice cousin, paul ryan. ( laughter ) very nice. very nice guy. yeah. help you move. help you move. something like that. pick you up from the airport. ( laughter ) he thinks trump needs a more nuanced approach. >> there is clearly abuse occurring. clearly, there is over capacity, dumping and shipping of steel and aluminum by some countries, particularly china. i think the smarter way to go is to make it more surgical. the proper approach is a more surgical approach, more surgical. we just want to make sure it is done in a more prudent way that's more surgical. >> stephen: they can't make it more surgical. you took away everyone's health care! it's not covered. ( cheers and applause ) i mean, they can do it. it's just not covered anymore. now, it turns out, surgical is not the adjective trump would use. >> we're going to straighten it
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out, and we'll do it in a very loving way. it will be a loving, loving way. >> stephen: you know what they say, "if you love something, set it free. and if it doesn't come back to you, it's because there was a 25% tariff at the border." ( laughter ) what's a loving tariff? i don't understand who a "loving tariff" is. that's the sort of thing you say if you don't know what a tariff is. or what love is. ( laughter ) meanwhile, in panama, the trump organization has been locked in a legal battle with the majority owner of the panama trump hotel and tower. and yesterday, the majority owner of the hotel declared victory in his fight to oust the american president's family business. the majority won and trump lost! panama is a beautiful, bizarro-america where hillary is president, tide pods are for laundry, and "get out" won best picture! the ( cheers and applause ) back in-- or "lady bird." back in 2016, the hotel's developers sold a majority of
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the property to a new owner named mr. fintiklis. fintiklis-- also the sex move from that "shape of water" guy. the fintiklis. i haven't seen it. i haven't seen it. i don't know. i hear it's very good. i hear it's very good. the fabulous mr. fintiklis quickly determined that trump was mismanaging the hotel, saying "profits had plummeted and the property's condition had left it virtually empty." it's got trump's name on it, and it's worthless and vacant? so like don junior. ( applause ) now-- now-- a lot of don jr.'s friends came here tonight, i see. welcome! now, the trump organization insists the hotel is thriving, but they have declined to disclose the hotel's occupancy rates. but they swear it's full. just ask the head bellhop, sean.
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so trump's-- he's a good guy. so trump's brand is bad for business, and his name is all over this hotel. just at the bar alone, there's the trump mojito, the trump chardonnay, the tropical trump, and the trump breeze. come on! how do you not have a pina-colluda? ( laughter ) ( applause ) so-- ( cheers and applause ) it's delicious. i could go that. a virgin, a virgin pina-colluda. so the majority owners voted to remove the trump organization as managers of the hotel. but when fintiklis showed up to try to fire trump's staffers, trump employees refused to leave, and witnesses say the trump organization had posted guards at the building's control room to bar anyone from entering. did trump just launch a coup on his own hotel? how do you advertise that on trip advisor? "pet friendly, complimentary breakfast, currently under violent regime change, free wifi!"
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( applause ) well-- well-- four stars. four stars. well, yesterday, a panamanian court weighed in, ruling that the trump organization had to go. so, mr. fintiklis got to experience one of the most satisfying things i've ever seen: trump's name being removed from the building with a crowbar. oh, yeah! there's the "t." take it off. now the "r" now the "u." do the "u." use your hands, yeah. just get in there. yank it. twist it, twist it a little bit. yeah! now yank it! just get it-- just get it! oh! i am spent.
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( cheer and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! give it up for jon batiste and stay human, everybody, right there! jon, you know i am excited. you know i'm excited about oprah going to be out here in just a minute ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: try to be that excited when i announce her.
11:53 pm
forget when i said that. but i'm also really excited because i just found out-- is this true? what's the date? april 17, my guest sitting in that chair will be former f.b.i. director james comey. ( cheers ) exactly. that's what i said! i said, wooo! we're going to have to get a bigger chair. and i'm going to need a stepladder to interview the guy. my first guest is an american icon who stars in the new film "a wrinkle in time." >> no time to waste! >> you just have to find the right frequency. and have faith in who you are.
11:54 pm
♪ ♪ >> let's find your father. shall we? >> stephen: please welcome, oprah winfrey! chopper chopper ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> whoa! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: so good to see you. that's nice. >> it's good! >> stephen: it's fun. they're enjoying themselves. i'm afraid that's all we have time for. thank you so much for being here. >> i love it. >> stephen: good to see you again. >> good to see you. you did my show. >> stephen: it was so fun. thank you for having me on. >> insightful. >> stephen: i was honored with that lovely group of people that
11:55 pm
you had. >> thank you for doing that. thank you for doing that. >> stephen: it has been a year-- more than a year, since you have been on this show. in january of 2017 you said 2017 was going to be your year of... >> adventure. >> stephen: exactly. your year of adventure. >> i actually did do that. so sometimes you will set a goal, and then it doesn't happen, and you're like, "okay, that's okay." but this year, it actually happened. because for me the biggest adventure was new zealand. and i hear you've been there. >> stephen: oh, i love it. >> isn't it? isn't it. >> stephen: new zealand is amazing. >> i want everyone in the world to go. i wish i could say, "you go to new zealand. you go to zealand." i wish i could. >> stephen: i'm going to get to the movie in just a moment, but i want to talk about "60 minutes" here, first. >> what about it? >> stephen: you did something-- you've done two roundtables, right, so far. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: with pro and anti-trump voters in michigan. that sounds like the sort of thing you'd want to bring a helmut to, because people are so
11:56 pm
divided -- or a cup. people are so divided these days. >> the truth of the matter is that the first time it was a little awkward, and i could tell that there were people who actually didn't want me sitting next to them. so you know what i do when you don't want me sitting next to you? i lean in. i lean over, and then i lean in-- ( applause ). >> stephen: make them nervous or something? >> not nervous. i think-- they actually told me later that they thought that i would bring my own political stuff there and that they weren't that happy to see me. that's what they said to me afterwards. but now, i went back, like, six months later, and that group was still-- this is what happened. i wanted to go to "60 minutes" because i thought let's see what we can do to bridge the divide in the country. you can get both sides talking to each other? and that group of 14 people stayed in contact, even though they didn't know we were coming back. because we didn't know we were coming back. and they all started this whole facebook page called "america's hope," and they started they
11:57 pm
still-- not one person changed their mind, but they learned to listen to each other and disagree without being so disagreeable. that's what happened. >> stephen: wow, okay. so-- ( applause ). >> which means it can happen. >> stephen: that's hopeful. that's hopeful. as long as people keep talking, you can at least negotiate where the country is going. >> yeah. >> stephen: if you don't talk-- >> it means you can hear another person's point of view, at least. >> stephen: so how is that different? like, being on "60 minutes" and doing these kind of interviews, obviously, you had the talk show of talk shows for 20 years or something like that. >> 25! >> stephen: i apologize. ( laughter ) i apologize. >> that extra five years! ( applause ) wait until you're on 25. that extra five you're going to be counting it. you're going to be counting it, steve glen how is this different? you certainly had all that experience talking to people. >> what's different is everybody watched the "oprah show" they generally knew where my opinions were. and i tried really hard to not
11:58 pm
to be biased either way, just to be-- i literally say, "i'm going to go in. my only intention is to listen and to keep an open mind and to let other people be heard." rather than my own show i was a participant in that show, and i had my opinions and people knew where my values were. >> stephen: you're a good talker. >> i'm a good talker. so i try to be a better listener when i do "60 minutes." >> stephen: so you're not doing a talk show. you're doing a listening show. >> i do a listening show, kind of. >> stephen: you did have one very big fan who watched you. >> oh, yeah. >> stephen: on the second night that you did it. this is a young man named donald who lives in washington. yeah. ( laughter ) >> stephen: now, i would say, if there is one thing i associate with you, it's
11:59 pm
insecure. ( laughter ) you just don't seem like you're coming from a place of strength. >> i didn't understand that. i didn't understand that. but here's the deal. i take all criticism-- particularly over the years. i remember a long time ago a critic had said when i first started television, "she ate the furniture. she ate the question, shat she e the"-- i actually listened to that and became a better listener. when i heard the president had tweeted that i went back and looked at the tape to see what is he actually talking about? was i biased? were we not fair? and i didn't get it. i really-- but i did examine it. i called up the "60 minutes" producers. i said, "hey, let's-- is there any validity to this at all?" and we all looked tat and said no. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: year, i would agree. i would agree. so here's-- here's another-- here's another adventure that you had this year. >> yeah. >> stephen: you didn't just go
12:00 am
to new zealand. you went to new zealand, and you became a blond superhero. >> i went to new zealand and i got a doll. >> stephen: you got a doll. >> did you read the book. >> stephen: yes, i read it. i had it read to me in third grade by mrs. kelley thank you, mrs. kelly. >> nobody forgets their third-grade teacher. >> stephen: when i was 10, a few years later, i read it. >> really. >> stephen: yeah. amazing. i can't wait to see the movie because i remember mrs. which and what's it and who. and then dad disappears. >> that's the whole point. >> stephen: and it, i was so frightened of it. >> did you know what it was? >> stephen: no, i didn't know what it was. >> it was the darkness! it is the darkness! >> stephen: you just went darth vader on me right there. what is the darkness again? the darkness is the darkness that's spreading so fast these days, the only thing faster than the light is the darkness. and the darkness is inside you. it's when evil takes over
12:01 am
inside. >> stephen: how do you keep that from happening because i don't want to be evil? >> you have to stay in the light. >> stephen: you have to stay in the light. >> and that's what mrs. which is, and mandy kaling, and reese witherspoon-- who i hear is going to be on this week. these angel, millennial women who help the girl, meg, played by the golden storm reid, played by her, who is searching for her father. and we help her find her father. "we shall find your father." >> stephen: i know. i know. it's an eternal struggle. >> come with me. yes, yes. >> stephen: did you read the books growing up? >> no, did not make my neighborhood, did not. >> stephen: no? >> i just didn't. i just didn't. i had other stuff. >> stephen: yeah. it's a little frightening. >> i think it is, and so i wouldn't advise it for, like six-year-olds. but you said third grade. >> stephen: eighth grade--
12:02 am
eight years old. >> around eight to 89 fran i would say is good. so take your kids. your daughters -- take your daughters-- take your sons, too. but i think young kids are going to love it, love it. >> stephen: and what's the darkness today these days, do you? what do you think the darkness is-- ( laughter ) i'm not leading. i promise you. >> you are not leading? >> stephen: i'm not. i'm listening. ( laughter ). >> okay. ( applause ) ♪ ♪ >> it's this pervasive feeling that one group of people is better than the other or one side is better than the other side. and so in times of darkness, we must all be warriors for the light, stephen. >> stephen: oh, i like that. >> yes. >> stephen: i like that. we have to take a little break right here. i want to talk to you about your upcoming presidential run which obviously-- ( cheers and applause ). >> i've said -- >> stephen: i know. i know you're not going to do it. >> yeah.
12:03 am
>> stephen: you've said you won't do it, but i have a special guest stopping by who might be able to convince you otherwise. please, hold there, don't go anywhere. stick around. we'll be right back with more oprah winfrey. hey siri, play me something i'd like. siri: ok ♪we stayed up all night watching the comedy show♪ ♪i'm fascinated for the time being♪ ♪we can laugh until the morning ♪or we can dance in the hallway ♪only one more night in los angeles♪ ♪i really thought that i can handle it♪ ♪but the funny thing is we can never stay here♪ ♪i didn't think this day would happen♪ ♪i'mma ride it 'til it's over ♪i'mma ride it 'til it's over ♪ride ♪i'mma ride
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( cheer and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. we're here with miss oprah winfrey. thank you. >> stephen: before the break we were talking about "a wrinkle in time," and your wonderful costars reese witherspoon, and mandy kaling, who are on tomorrow and the next day here. we're very happy to have them. that must be a fun group of people, the three of you hanging out together. >> oh, we had a hot time. oh, yeah. >> stephen: yeah. >> it was the most fun ever. >> stephen: you all have powers in this movie. do you have individual powers, like, in real life. did you identify your own superpowers? >> those are the talkingest girls. i hope you get a word in edgewise. they are the talkingest women i
12:08 am
have ever been around. they don't stop. like in the morning in the trailer. they know every pop culture person, event, everything that's going on. they talk constantly. if you put the two of them together, you won't be able to get a word in. >> stephen: that's why we separated them. we had to. i heard something, that you actually have an odd phobia that i did not know about. gum chewing-- >> it's not a phobia! ( laughter ) i mean -- >> stephen: are you going to yell through this entire interview? ( laughter ). >> no, no. i know, i have this somestrong feel business it. >> stephen: i understand. you're eeght the set right now. okay. so it's not a phobia. you intensely dislike gum chewing. >> i intensely dislike it. and it comes from my childhood. >> stephen: okay. >> i grew up poor in mississippi, and grie my grandmother-- this is absolutely no i had perply. my grandmother would try to save the gum, so she would literally
12:09 am
it's country song about the gum on the bed post at night. she would put it on the bed post and cabinet and everywhere around. as a child i would bump into it, and it would rub up against me. and you know what it's like when you have taken it out of your mouth and it's been out for a couple of weeks? it's bad. so i was afraid of it. i was afraid of it. >> stephen: so what happens if, like, you're some place, and somebody walks in chewing gum, like-- >> it's not good. i had it barred-- it's barred at my offices. nobody is allowed. but when i go out into the world, i can't bar it. ( laughter ) i have no-- i have no powers there. >> stephen: how do you respond? does everybody you work with know this? >> everybody i work with knows this! >> stephen: wow. >> do not chew gum in front of me! >> stephen: i have-- i have done several things with you. no one warned me. i mean, thank god. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> it's a thing. it's a thing.
12:10 am
it creeps me out. >> stephen: all right, no gum, no gum. spit it out, everybody. ( laughter ) >> this is what you realize, too. crews are chewing it all the time. so i just ignore it. i pretend i don't see it. i keep moving. >> stephen: gooding, that's healthy. >> actually, reese comes up to me on the set and says, "do you want a piece of gum?" and it's like that. and it's greem-- like, if it's colored, i just go crazy. >> stephen: did she know and was just pushing your buttons? >> she didn't know. and i said, "i have a problem." "what kind of problem?" and then, "oh, that's too bad." and she walked off. >> stephen: i will ask her about it tomorrow. >> ask her. >> stephen: one of the things i was saying before the break is there are a lot of people out there who would like to see you be president of the united states or at least run to be president of the united states. ( cheers and applause ). >> i feel humbled and honored by that. just isn't something-- i've said this before. i would know it.
12:11 am
i mean, it would be, you know, everybody saying it, i am very much in touch with my inner g.p.s. i'm in touch with god, the voice of god. >> stephen: in fact you said-- again in "people" magazine, fihave the quote right, "god, if you think i'm supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that even i can't miss it." >> that's right, that's right. >> stephen: so have you had any signs at all? >> not one. >> stephen: really? not even the people, like, tweeting or texting or people cheering, none of that is a sign? >> those are all people outside. you know what that is. if 1,000 people tell you to do something but you don't feel it inside yourself. or if 1,000 people say, "that looks good ow, girl," and you know it doesn't. or 10 people say it. you know, it doesn't. so, no, i haven't. >> stephen: well, i guess-- i guess that seths it? >> oprah! stephen! what's up?
12:12 am
hey! >> stephen: hey, it's god, everybody! give it up for the lord. >> hey, everybody. i just spit out my gum. >> stephen: i apologize. god stops by every once in a while. he's a fan. i can help you, lord? i'm kind of in the middle of talking to somebody important. >> oh, i know, stephen. i'm a huge fan. >> that's great to hear. i'm a big fan of yours, too. i really am. >> wow. oprah knows who i am? i can't wait to tell jesus. ( laughter ) i'm going to look so cool. >> stephen: god, i don't mean to hurry you along, but is there something you'd like to tell oprah? >> oh, yeah. i hear thou seekest a sign? well, is this clear enough? ( laughter ) check it out. ( applause ) >> i've been here for eternity.
12:13 am
>> all i can say, god, is that run ago "run" is now a part of my exercise routine. i can tell you that. >> hmmm... how do i make this clierer, oprah. oh, i know! oprah winfrey 2020! yes, she can! ( applause ) >> stephen: well, there it is. you asked for it. there it is, open remark a big endorsement. okay. lord let me just say this to you. it's not something i've ever seen myself doing. it's not the kind of job that you can have without fully devoting yourself to it 100%. >> not really. have you seen this white house? ( laughter ) >> stephen: he's got a point. he's got a point. >> come on, oprah! i had all this merch printed up! i put it on my wife's credit card. she's going to kill me.
12:14 am
>> god, take it from me, oprah. ( laughter ) it's gonab okay. everything's gonna be okay. and i'm sure you're going to find someone who you are just inspired by in 2020. >> thanks, oprah. look, before i let you go, any chance you could get the bible into your book club? >> i'm work on that! i'll work on that! >> stephen: god, everybody. thank you, lord! "a wrinkle in time" is in theaters this friday! oprah winfrey, everybody! ♪ next chapter ♪
12:15 am
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it's the best price for unlimited. visit ( cheer and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to the show! now, listen, folks, i told you earlier about trump's tariffs and they might already be
12:19 am
creating problems. during this taping we found out gary cohn is resigning as trump's top economic adviser! damn! i had jared in my trump resignation fantasy league! ( applause ) >> jon: be humble! >> stephen: so why did con step down? according to the white house there was no single factor behind the departure of mr. cohn. however, one factor might be large and orange. ( laughter ) now, here's the deal-- cohn is a proponent of free trade. and trump's new tariffs on aluminum and steel were the most immediate catalyst for mr. cohn's departure. well, that's just economics-- supply and demand. he saw his boss demand a dumb-ass steel tariff so he supplied himself an exit before (bleep) hit the fan. ( cheers and applause ) now, it's odd, he just pa-too!
12:20 am
now, it's odd that cohn would choose to resign now, seeing as how he had drafted a resignation letter after the tragedy in charlottesville, which trump responded to by saying there were good people on both sides. however, cohn ultimately changed his mind and decided to remain on. so for the record: for cohn, supporting nazis is okay. but imposing import taxes? now you've gone too far, sir! ( applause ) and cohn's departure-- cohn's departure is especially shocking after this promise from wilbur ross just two days ago: >> gary cohn, as far as i know, is certainly not going to walk out. >> stephen: in a way, he's right. he didn't walk out. it was more of a desperate sprint. ( laughter ) but seems like every day another rat flees the sinking ship. soon trump will be down to mike
12:21 am
pence, kellyanne conway and a statue of justice with the name ivanka spray painted on it. we'll be right back with "this is us'" justin hartley. cut! yeah, that washalf o omy bagel? speaking of half, if you switch to h&r bluyisast year. so, you did. switch to h&h&r block.
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( applause ). >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back. caught me by surprise. >> stephen: folks, my next guest stars in the first network drama that caused fans to throw out their crock-pots. please welcome, from "this is us," justin hartley. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ). >> thank you! it's so nice. >> stephen: so nice have to you on. >> thank you. i appreciate you having me. >> stephen: i like the turtleneck. it was very steve mcqueen. >> i was hoping to get the compliment right away about the turtleneck, i thought steve mcqueen or a john hamm type of
12:29 am
situation. >> stephen: tom brokaw, a young brokaw. >> i'm take it. >> stephen: obviously you're known as your role kevin pearson, the charming role on "this is us--" they're all charming. ( applause ) but i understand, recently, you had to actually do actual brother duties for your sister. what happened? >> my sister got married last weekend. and-- ( applause ). >> stephen: congratulations. >> yeah, to a wonderful guy, tremendous human being. and she asked me, "would you give a speech?" i was flattered. i said, "i'd be honored to give a speech." it sort of dawned on me as the time approached for me to give the speech, i'm looking around the room, and i'm thinking to myself, buddy, you have to deliver. people are going to be expecting "this is us" tears coming down. so i asked them, "how many speeches?" and i'm thinking it might be three, four speeches. i'm go first. i'll go first. it will be a bubble, people going, "it's so great," nothing to compare it to. there were nine. there were nine speeches. and i thought, you know, what, i'll go last, because everybody
12:30 am
will be so fed -- >> stephen: what were you doing going last. >> i went fifth. >> stephen: fifth, okay, right in the heart of it. >> and people were still weak, which is nice. nine speeches is a lot. >> stephen: did you make them cry? >> i think i had some welling up, which is kind of where you want to be. you don't want the mascara on the ride running. you have to be respectful of that. >> stephen: i want snot. that's. when you know. i can imagine when-- because of the show-- when people look at you, they go, "hey, you're..." do they burst into tears when they see you now? >> not only that, this is the strangest thing. i have never had so many dudes walk up to me and be happy about it. they'll be like, "you made my wife cry. ha." and they're, like, thrilled about it. and i'm waiting for the guy to, like, punch me in the face or something. "you made my wife cry. glvment why do you think they like that? so they get to comfort their wife. >> maybe. >> stephen: they're a surrogate you? >> or she married the wrong guy.
12:31 am
i don't know. >> stephen: maybe. are you a single person? >> i just recently got married. >> stephen: oh, congratulations. >> yeah, yeah, i'm pretee. >> stephen: congratulations. >> i'm pretty thrilled about it. i'm pretty thrilled about it. >> stephen: i'm guessing people cried at home just now. you were a soap star before you did this. did you-- were you ever involved in any sort of bizarre storylines, like more bizarre than someone dying from a crockpot? >> there were-- i'm not even sure that can happen, by the way. our show is based in reality, but i'm not sure you can die from a crockpot. >> stephen: the crockpot people were not happy pup know that, right? this is an actual news story. the crockpot story were not happy. >> i watch the show. i heard the whole thing. i understand. >> stephen: can you use a crockpot at this point or are is it too painful? >> i have four. i love them. it makes the house smell great. i'm serious. >> stephen: i don't doubt you for a minute. >> well, i-- no, i've been in some-- i've been in some strange storylines, yeah. i've-- not on a daytime show,
12:32 am
but on a prime-time show a while ago called "revenge" i killed eye murder a priest chirk thought was a little extreme. i mean -- >> stephen: sure. >> that's like 1 to 10-- why are you going to go all the way there. >> stephen: how did you do it? in an inventive way. >> i cut a brake line in some guy's car, and the priest accidentally got in the car, the wrong we gooi, drove off the cliff. >> stephen: the priest was wesboosting the car. he had it coming. this, second season, kevins that had some struggles. >> yeah. >> stephen: we have a clip from earlier this season. did we show this clip. this is a couple of episodes away. >> that necklace blocked to my father, okay. and i-- i just need to come in for a second and look for it. >> screw you! >> just hold on. that necklace is the only thing i have left in my life from my dad. it's the only thing i have. and i know it's up there. it's a-- it's a wheel pendant on a little chain. it's on your bedroom floor. it's from where you tore my
12:33 am
shirt off. go look for tplease. >> i don't have your damn necklace! now, leave me alone. >> please, i understand you're upset. okay. i it has nothing to do with you, all right. i'm in pain out here! look at me, i'm in pain here, okay? >> stephen: do you cry watching that? >> uh, i have-- i do. >> stephen: do you cry watching that? >> it's amazing, we, obviously, read the script and we rehearse, and then we shoot the show, and we do take after take after take, and you can't help it. you just-- it's a very emotional snow show. that's the speech i should have given at my sister's wedding. i'm realizing. >> stephen: "i'm in pain up here. i'm in pain up here. i didn't prepare a speech. i'm in pain up here." >> that's it, that's it. >> stephen: it was lovely it meet you. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, brother. >> stephen: "this is us" airs tuesdays on nbc. justin hartley, everybody. we'll be right back.
12:34 am
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12:37 am
captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry 'bout ♪ where it is you come from it'll be all right ♪ it's the late, late show >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, all the way from mutual of omaha, give


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