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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 7, 2018 2:07am-2:37am EST

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you've got to get in i know what a bath is. smile honey. this thing is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs a major winter storm going to make a mark. snow somehow falling. the city of philadelphia also preparing for significant snowfall. transforming into plow truck, we'll tell you when a is snow emergency goes into effect here ap look at the storm as it pushes into the region, right now, it's a mixture of
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rain and snow. but the snow will become more widespread as we move into the night. good evening everything r everybody i'm jessica dean, i'm ukee washington, it is the seb nor'easter in less than a week. all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed tomorrow. there's also other schools to bottom of your screen. >> we have life team 5 coverage. alexandria hoff and greg argos are monitoring programs but well start with kate bilo >> looks like the storm is getting off to quite the start as we got heavy rain and now heavy snow blanketing much of the area let's take you out to stormscan 3, and you can see what's happening rain shower. take a look at that band of heavy snow that developed over pourings of central delaware. it's now started to spread north into new castle count and portions of delaware and chester counties, in his will come down heavily the next couple hours
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new castle on up towards the city of philadelphia and this is not even the main event. we're looking at this band of moisture it will snow steadily couple hours, could leave a quit coating to an inch, slushy snow. then it will taper off, you can see a little bit of a dry air mass behind it until the storm really starts to strengthen offshore. this really just phase one. but getting underway as we got pretty heavy snow around dover. salem and cumberland and starting to make its way into philadelphia. the winter storm warning into the city. winter weather advisory for new jersey and delaware counties adjacent to i95. between now and and 3:00 will leave a quick accumulation especially on untreat surfaces
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between 3:00 and 10:00 a.m. the snow will back off, it will be spotty with more rain especially southeast starting around 9:00, 10:00 marked the snow will intensive and the actually nor'easter. as far as precipitation type, you can see where the mix is generally right around the city and points south and east all snow and heavy snow for the north and west suburbs up towards the poconos and mainly rain for the shore and delaware. this could end as accumulating snows in those areas, i'll show you are our latest i'll have tweaks to it in the past hour or, so stay tuned for that. william talk about the winds. as well. penndot crews are in position. they spent much of the day brining roads. one of the higher know stole thes by the time it's all said
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and done. >> reporter: in we went from tiny little pellets to essentially what you're seeing, we're starting to see a bit of accumulation on the pavement here but it's good to know that penndot crews have been out since 8:00 p.m. putting down layers of salt >> this is nor'easter, it's your second one in five days. we're expecting accumulation with wet snow. please be safe out there have not. >> reporter: from preparation to clean-up to preparation all over again. as exhausting it's been similarly taxing as those who work in other capacities >> you know, driving for my job i have to do a lot of driving, i'm sure there's mostly kids out there not >> i'm excited. >> reporter: this family once the rain and high winds. they hope to introduce their son to snow for first time.
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the prospect could bring out the child in some adults >> i grew up down south. here it's nice. kind of feel like i get to relive my childhood a little bit. >>reporter: for her, working from home is an option. so stocking up to stay off the roads is a must. >> we get fire wood in case you lose power, extra water because we have a well. >> reporter: as residents compile necessities >> i'm devoting set up a 420 penndot trucks and pieces of equipment to keep our roads safe, passable and handle any type of emergencies that come out on the highway and that include cutting up trees. >> reporter: as you can you can see this is coming down quickly. penndot added they're working with about 70,000 tons of salts, which is well enough to get us through this storm and anything else that mother nature might bring our way, live in chester
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county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." more wintery weather is most uncome for those without power from the last nor'easter. peco is reported about 10,000 outages, things looks much better elsewhere. 's the average numbers are smaller for all ac electric, dal mar have a and pseand g >> the streets department is getting trang do battle the conditions. emergency goes into effect tomorrow morning. eyewitness news greg argos is live in rittenhouse square. >> reporter: in just the past 60 minutes, rain really coming down right now, all of this is expected to turn into snow. and so in just about nine hours, 8:00 a.m., we're going to be in that snow emergency and plenty of folks through the street preparing for this winter weather. if you haven't heard yet, the
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city is leaning forward can't declaring a snow emergency. >> reporter: begins 8:00 a.m. wednesday. that means move your vehicle >> all vehicles should be moved from snow emergency routes by 8:00 a.m. forget about jury duty >> philadelphia courts are closed tomorrow. >> reporter: and reschedule your appointment to get that block party permit. >> you will municipal city offices will be closed wednesday. >> reporter: what will be open are the hardware stores. >> rittenhouse hardware busy tuesday night as customers rushed to get the battle tools needed to fight mother nature >> a today has been crazy, hectic, everybody coming in, expecting the storm to hit hard, 7:55 >> this is his fourth trip to the store. he manages multiple properties in the area. >> talked to the property to repair them for walks. for residents. >> reporter: one last bag of salt for his own home. >> because i'm so prepared we probably won't get any. >> reporter: better safe than
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sorry, proud owner of this new shovel, she's had to work during storms, but not tomorrow >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: and she has the day all planned out >> coffee in bed. a good work-out. then watch a good movies and maki maki making my knew pot burrito es. >> reporter: officials say staying home is a great idea. >> it's a me today. >> reporter: now, that snow emergency once again goes into effect 8:00 a.m. and also happens to be the same time that hardware storm plans to reopen. they're opening no matter what the level in case anyone needs snow removal supplies. greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. a state of emergency is in effect in new jersey due to the inspected weather weather at a press conference, governor phil
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murphy urged people not to panic. neighborhood exercise good judgment. the governor said snow removal equipment is ready. >> the department and transportation is stands ready to deploy the agreement. it could be deployed across the state as necessary. >> "eyewitness news" was in bellmawr, camden county. rain will arrive before the snow as we saw in philadelphia. delaware has not declared a state of emergency but del >> starting at 4:00 a.m. here on cbs3, as storm continues we'll have hourly updates.
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straight ahead, a woman on her way to work is attacked in center city philadelphia. police are now asking for your help. the clues they have from this surveillance video and what they say most concerns them about this crime. another shake-up in the white house, a top advisor to president trump resign >> stocking up on snow essentials, milk and bread are popular. it's not just about food. nicole brewer was the key items all drivers should keep kate back with the updated forecast shortly see how much show you should expect where you live. . at late show with stephen colbert is all new coming your way tonight at 11:35 after "eyewitness news"
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kate bilo has your update forecast coming up. in just few minutes. new tonight a mother and her child are rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. "eyewitness news" on the 3200 block of tyson in mayfair. police say a 36-year-old mother walking with her two children on the sidewalk when a white toyota lost control. mother and her three-year-old daughter both rushed to hospital the mother is in stable condition. the three-year-old is critical. the other child was not hurt but police are looking for the driver who ran from the scene. police are also search for your two suspects wanted in the attack age woman walking to work that center city. take a look. police are trying to identify two suspects who confronted the woman sunday morning at 13th and lombard. police say one of the suspects
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pulled her where she was beaten sexual assaulted and robbed. >> right as they pass each other. he doubles back, puts her in headlock and takes her down where the assault take place and the assault was brutal in nature. in any immediately start striking her and things like that, there was sexual assault and it's very much a cause for concern. >> police say second suspect acted as the look-out. if you recognize either them, call police. many issues stim remain undecided ahead of bill cosby of sexual assault retrial. prosecutors and lawyers for the embattled comedian return for a second day of argument in norristown. prosecutors went to call 19 accusers to the washington, dc. cosby's lawyers seek to block the request. the judge has not released a time table. jury selection is scheduled do begin march 29th. a big white house shake-up.
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president trump's top economic advisor gary cohen is resigning quit over the president's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. there's more push-back. some fear a trade war could erase economic gains, the european union he threatened to tax american imports and a 10% tax on aluminum. the second nor'easter in less than a week starting to be felt now, a lot of people stocking up >> it's not just about the food. nicole brewer joins us with the must have to get you through. >> the kitchen cabinets are one thing. we always stock up. but what about your car? we caught up with folks in cherry hill to be if they were pulley prepared. chances are you're making a stop to stop stock up >> milk and bread >> butter
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>> your standard snow storm staples worker to get advil, k9. >> i have my vodka and gin. >> and cookies. definitely have the cookies >> with last week's storm in recent memory and nor'easter in our midst many see the opportunity to get out >> everybody, especially the parking lot is crazy. >> reporter: from the conveyor belt to your car. food is only part of the equation, after you fill up your tank. you fill your trunk >> blankets, water, you're going to need your scrapers. >> reporter: a road side emergency kit should have all of that, as a dioceser, shovel and sand for traction >> sand helps out. sand and ice. >> reporter: extra gloves and a heavy coat along with a backup cell phone chargers >> portable >> because while it's best to hunger down at home you got to be prepared to ride out the
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storm. >> it's you know, it's winter, and the sun -- winter happens. nor'easter number two here we go >> yeah, go jersey. aaa recommends making sure your windshield wipers lights are working properly. just be think about this. absolutely. >> thanks, nicole. new england is bracing for the second nor'easter, more than 300 houses along the massachusetts coast are in darn of being washed away. the first left a gaping hole in the sea wall. excavators are working overtime to try and stop the water to save the houses. >> here it comes. >> it was interesting to see, i know alex talked about it but just an hours ago when he were talked to her on the "cw philly," snowflakes and snow and rain. >> those are big one
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>> is this a like what we saw friday. when you get that when you have the heavy wet snow because they stick together when they fall looks like a snowball falling. piles up quickly when that happens and that will continue through tonight. adding to this -- adding two our totals we adjusted i increased a little bit edged them down a little bit to add in the overperforming nature of this storm as it starts out. we'll see possibly an inch or two tonight, then backs off a little bit into early tomorrow morning before the main event takes over by about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. let's take a look at what's happening. this storm really coming out of gate strong, heavy snow already falling in portions of the area as i was in chester county, northern and central delaware and heading towards the city, two pieces of energy, the coastal storm starting to take precedence. you can see the swirl the clouds. not a lot of moisture with that. adding energy to this system,
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this has all the moisture, lots of heavy rain and where it's cold enough heavy snow. we got heavy snow falling from baltimore, northern delaware. rain changing to her snow had. very shortly if it hasn't happened already. lighter snow but it is snowing in the poconos and lightly in bethlehem as well as i just checked the crawls and you can see the heaviest rain shower over central and northern delaware. this will eventually change back to rain but not before possibly dropping a coating to to an or two especially on grassy surfaces. through the next couple of hours we got pretty heavy snow across philadelphia, portions of south jersey, a quit coating to an inch or two can't be ruled out then starts to lighten in intensity. early tomorrow morning, lights snow. light rain to the south, heavier rain down the shore, then we really start to see the coastal storm ramp up and that happens about 9:00 tomorrow morning. that's when you'll start to see the banding recur in
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philadelphia and points to the north and west see the dark purple shading here, mix, with rain across portions of south jersey and delaware. heavy snow in the north and west suburbs. that continues threw noon, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, snowing back edge leading to the chance of accumulating snow briefly down the shore before this lift out around 6:00 tomorrow night. this is a long duration system we've edged that 6:00 to 12:00 stone. when we add in what happens tomorrow night and tomorrow will be close to six inches possibly slightly more near the city. six to 12 in wide swarth through the north and west suburbs zone of 12 plus for the poconos and it's a gradient near south jersey and delaware. less mixing more snow, less rain, these amounts could increase, more mixing and rain and you start to see these amount. high confidence in the six to 12
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zone. it will be blustery, winds will gust over 30 miles per hour, briefly over 40, that will blow the snow, purelies could come down leading to another chance for power outages not as windy as last one but definitely we'll need to break out the shovel. lehigh valley, poconos and north and west suburbs points just south and east of i95. so definitely going to be a storm that's going to keep things delayed tomorrow. big travel impacts both your morning commute and the afternoon all day it's going to be slow going out there then things improve, strong march, temps back in the 40's, snow should melt quickly. there's going to be a lot out there tomorrow. >> spring forward soon. >> we do this weekend. >> thank you. don is up next. >> the flyers get a we'll tell you why. plus, the sixersboce back win i. sports coming up next.
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. every time the sixers play they write after another chapter. winning on the road. the answer sitting court side as they visit charlotte. iverson lives there. sixers came in with seven losses with the last nine, mcconnell playing. throwing it up for ben simmons, sxien fourth quarter, joel going one-on-one, with the jay, sixers are in pretty, pretty -- queen city. embiid with 18, robert covington with the best since early december, 22, the sixers shooting 50% from the field and they win it by 14, they remain six in the east. 65 degrees with a light breeze out of the northwest. the phils are off tonight, but that's the weather report for clearwater florida for the fightins will take on the red sox. opening day in 23 days. flyers on the ice getting ready for tomorrow's match-up with the penguins, wayne simmons with an upper body injury expected back at the center, dave hextall said the team is only focused on one thing's >> it's an important game, i'm not -- we're not looking for any measuring sticks, we're looking
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for two points and this group is focused on the things we need to do in order to go out and and get two points against a pretty good good team and in our own building. >> after practice the fly guys welcome special guests from joint base maguire dix. service members stationed were treated to a meal, autographs from the captain. >> flyers host a group from the base every year. i want to play, that's what eagles ty brent celek texted inquirer jeff mcclain, he said the 33-year-old celek will retire. but he wants to come back for his 12th season. the new edition, to the linc. >> give it up for that >> super bowl 52 champs. look at that lombardi. that looks good. we have shown that and, every show. >> keep showing it? and the reaction is always authentic. >> look at that. >> fans think of it >> the power the writing h
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the program is in its ei nearly 3,000 young people. watching the weekend as we attempt to itnext nor'easter. the weekend look relatively quiet. chil mch, temps slowly above average. the chance for rain returns to the forecast on sunday and again temperatures are seasonally cold, we'll say on the low side of average,
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. the late show is coming up next. good morning family. sleep well. - [narrator] tllowing is ad presentation f the 3 week yoga retreat. sponsored by beachbody. - are you a woman of a certain age? if you are, pull up a chair and sit with me, because this is for you.


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