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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 7, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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well to day is wednesday march 7th this is a special earl a digs of "eyewitness news" this morning with coverage of the nor'easter hitting our region today good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all fill public and archdiocese schools are closed there are other schools and cancellations at bottom of the screen. lets check fourth cast, katie 's off, lauren's here and meisha has traffic. >> it is a party. you brought it with you. >> the griddle, pancakes. >> it is in the house. >> fresh blueberries too. >> yes. >> i'm telling you. >> yes. >> we're looking outside right now, and everything is looking okay, right now. looking very wet. we have snow out there. so lauren, what are we working
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with. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> things are just getting going it is pretty gross, nice slushy coating in and around center city philadelphia national weather service expanded winter storm warning into south jersey as of just about 30 minutes ago and now the entire area almost the entire area is under this winter storm warning in and along i-95. philadelphia county up in northwestern suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos until late tonight because this moisture is moving in across the delaware valley, look at all we have to deal with as our nor'easter makes an approach, we are seeing precipitation coming down heavier in nature in some areas south and east of 95 right now we are seeing heavier pockets of wet snow, around center city philadelphia, back into chester, parts of the south jersey picking up heavy snow and ridley township in delaware county 3 inches of snow, west chester two and a half, over 2-inch toes start in wilmington, half inch in mount holly. in fill we have pick up half
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inch and we have a long time to go, so from now until 10:00 h that wet snow, sleet, rain mixture just a miss, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is peak intensity of the storm and most will be seeing heavy snowfall especially right along i-95 and then as we head in the 7:00 o'clock hour the storm will rotate away. snowfall totals looking fairly similar to what we showed yesterday but we have expanded some of those, higher totals off to the east as we could see locally higher amounts, right along south jersey on the eastern edge of i-95, so still expecting about six to sne heart of the valley, meisha, 10 to 14 looking up toward lehigh valley. it will be a long day. >> and that was a big window, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a. crazy, th, commuting window so for us heading out later you will not
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be able to escape it. early reiser there is not many out there, montgomeryville 202 at route 309 looking very quiet in terms of any sort of vehicles, m out there but you can definitely see the snow, the droplets on the camera and how wet, slick, and sometimes, you just have to be careful it will in the refreeze and become black ice. that is when we will see problems. blue route at ridge pike another area where we are not seeing that many vehicles and we are seeing slush, snow, and wetness on the roadways, again i would be saying black ice all day because we do not want to see any, hydroplaning which is a real concern. now.
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and in philadelphia when i got to my car, in philadelphia theres was a layer of snow flurries on it and as we traveled up here to allentown, a few hours ago, you know, things, have gotten progressively better but as we know, this area is supposed to be pretty hard hit, starting, you know, after that morning rush, still allentown schools are closed to day as a precaution but you can still see here this is downtown allentown, our usual, stumping grounds things are good, i know, kind of like wetness on the road is here, but, you know, so far, so good this is the calm before the storm here , so, let's send it back
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to you guys in the studio. >> okay, trang do looking good but we will check in throughout the morning and see how it progresses, thank you. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live in chester county. >> he set up in lancaster avenue in paoli what are you seeing there it looks like it is just sleeting. >> reporter: guess what i'm seeing guys, snow? it is snowing in paoli, i am on lancaster avenue and we have seen varying degrees of precipitation, it went from a mixture, to rain and back to snow and now it is thick, gross, snow, as we pan down here and see sidewalk, you can see it starting to accumulate but it is a slushy gross mixture. just up here at route 30 is where thorndale paoli line is for septa stop, so if you are taking that today just know there is a modified schedule, the winter storm, service plan from septa means that the regional rail here, will be on a saturday, schedule but check
4:06 am, check cbs philly .org for very latest. depending where you are there could be cancellations, could be some delays along septa, i would say this, if your boss is cool just stay inside today it is one of those moments when you have coffee, make a nice breakfast. it will be one of those days, but along route 30 as you can see roadways have been treated , not that bad coming out here we took schuylkill to 202, 252, and route 30, everything for us was just fine but we know those conditions will be changing as the morning progresses. jim and rahel, let's throw it back inside to you. good you do have the luxury of staying home to day is day you want to do it. >> are we allowed to do that. >> no, we were told to come in early. >> thanks, pat. take a look, this is in downingtown chester county last night our cameras were there as rain quickly turned to snow, downingtown could see one of the higher snow totals and officials say crews are
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maximizing their efforts. >> we have been loading all 420 penndot trucks and pieces of equipment to keep our roads , safe, passable and handle any type of emergencies that come out on the high wait >> penndot crews have been loading up trucks and preparing with layers of salt since 8:00 last night we are told they have 70,000 tons of salt ready to go. we're all ready seeing new power outages thanks to the storm's peco reports about 11,000 customers are without power, ppl reports 353 outages , ac electric reports six, del marva 184. pse and g has just over 500 right now. snow emergency goes into effect at 8:00 a.m. in philadelphia that means if your car is park along snow emergency route it will be towed. city offices, courts will be closed to day, yesterday philadelphia hardware stores were, busy as people stocked up ahead of the storm. >> today has been very crazy,
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pretty hectic everybody coming in, and storm will hit heart. >> we have to prepare them for the residents. >> philadelphia's code blue is also, in effect, first responders and outreach teams will patrol streets to take home less people to shelters. new jersey governor phil murphy announced state of emergency yesterday from trenton well ahead of the start of the storm. he urged residents not to panic and instead use good judgment to deciding whether to venture out in the storm. governor murphy says snow equipment is ready to go. >> department of transportation stands ready to activate more than 2500 pieces of snow fighting equipment, at its disposableal whether it is plows, spreaders, loaders that can be deployed across the state if necessary. "eyewitness news" was in bellmawr camden county, crews say brine won't help much since rain arrived. delaware has in the declared a state of emerge sue but they are urging drivers to keep
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talk. our coverage of the nor'easter number two continues after the break. coming up next a live look from our mobile weather watcher and we will look at the road conditions, and get you ready for what you might face as you leave the house for work this morning. >> police were kept busy when gunshots rang out in the cobbs creek section of the city, close call for mother and son in the shooting that left three other people hurt. and a child out for a walk with her mother is seriously hurt in the hit and run. crews believe they have searched for a driver when "eyewitness news" continues in just a
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she's had a tiny cough. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect. welcome back to this early addition of "eyewitness news" this morning keeping you updated on the nor'easter hitting our region. live look at downtown bethlehem, lauren's will be ahead with the update informed cast in just about two minutes snow has been falling and that means roads are already slick. >> eyewitness nice reporter jan carabao is live in the
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mobile weather watcher with a look at the roads, so jan, where are you right now. >> reporter: we're about to get on the roosevelt boulevard , rahel and jim, it has been, i would say raining, lightly snowing all morning long, if i turnaround you can see road conditions, snow coming down ever lightly right now hitting windshield, melting and you can see that the roads for the most part are clear. they are wet. there are bit slushy in places and there is already snow accumulating on the grass areas on the side of the road near the sidewalk so right now at this hour road conditions are pretty fine, of course, these are road conditions you would see, still raining and there is light snow, on the pavement, you can take it easy , might hit some wet spots , ponding, slush, nothing too terrible for early morning drivers but of course we are expecting these conditions to only deteriorate throughout the day. if you are an early morning
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reiser and you need to get somewhere this morning you have the best driving conditions, it is just a matter of getting home but you are, for example work. you can see we're on the boulevard and it looks pretty clear, not a lot of cars out here this morning but again, that is, you know, moisture, just take your time, take it easy and i think you will be okay. we are driving all around our area in the mobile weather watch they are morning, we will continue to machine for conditions but for now we are live from the mobile weather watcher jim and rahel, back to you. we will check back soon. 4:13. >> lauren has another check of the forecast. it is very early in the storm. let's time this out. what are you expect to go see now. >> conditions will get worse. the storm intensity we are not going to see until we head into midday and early afternoon hours. there is a lot of moisture, there is a lot of energy and a lot of lift with this system so we will continue to see this precipitation over spreading the area it is coming down.
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reduced visability. that is supposed to be center city philadelphia but you cannot see the sky line with the rain and snow mix. temperatures right around freezing mark, northeasterly winds at 9 miles an hour, feeling more like 25. we have reduced visability because of the falling precipitation across large portion of the delaware valley reduced to 5 miles in allentown. same case in mount pocono. down to three in trenton. storm impacts as we head through night tonight and today snow fall will be high, low icing risk but moderate wind risk and we could see power outages but this is not that wind maker like we saw last friday. win speed, nine, 10, 13 miles an hour. little breeze. some gusty winds gusting at 20 t max we will see wind to 40 miles an hour and that will be concentrate add long the coast but we are going to see some problems as far as that heavy, wet snow laying on these weakened trees and laying on the power lines, storm scan three showing us some moisture effectively
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building from off shore across portions of the delaware valley in and along i95, point s south ande. at shore points we're reporting a rain/snow mix as we move closer toward i-95. seeing more in the way of wet snow where we see dark purple returns toward bensalem, lower more land, east falls, seeing wet snow mixing. future weather will show us what is in store as we head through the day-to-day. that moisture continuing to build up in the north and west over spreading in the lehigh valley, check that out at 10:00 o'clock we have heavy snow from the poconos down into i-95, portions of south jersey, rain, snow moisture closer to the shore. 11:00 o'clock dealing with heavy snow coming down across the delaware valley. could even hear some rumbles of thunder as we will see some convective snow as we head throughout the afternoon hours and then as we head in the late afternoon and early evening this will quickly wrap up, when it does so-so in the six or 7:00 o'clock hour this
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will start to lift on out but as we head in the afternoon hours that snow will be coming down, heavy in nature. for today dealing with the wintry mix into mid morning and heavy snow taking over, blustery with a high temperature on the 38. snows ends, included decreasing. as far as snowfall accumulation looking similar the two map we showed you yesterday. we have higher totalse based on short range models along i-95 expecting six to 12 inches of snowfall through the evening hours. >> yikes. >> that is just going to pose so many problems, for us, stay off the roadway, obviously you certainly will want to do so. we are looking at ben franklin bridgette is looking wet. the place that is we are looking at, it is looking, very, very wet. you can see snow coming down so as lauren said will start to accumulate. we are not seeing any accumulation yet so far. then we are looking at 42. you can see flashing lights making sure that it is getting laid, they are pretreating road surfaces i fund on my way
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in. they will be out there all morning long helping us out, but like i said if you can stay off the roadway clearly you want to do so. volume levels on 42. then we have a, accident in franklin, new jersey, this is involving injuries williamstown road at ashley drive and then we have down wires from an earlier accident that happened, around midnight , in pennsauken township, new jersey route 73 at route 130 southbound lanes they are closed, one northbound lane is opened right now, and ramps from route 130 southbound they are closed, more to come in a bit, rahel, over to you. stay with us as storm continues, we will have power ly updates throughout the day-to-day both here on cbs-3 and web site at cbs in other news a close call for mother and her baby son when gunfire ridges out. two, 18 year-old and 19 year-old were hit by gunfire inside a chinese take out restaurant at 60th and walnut
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around 8:00 last night. all are expect to survive but while gunman was shooting a with man was in the employee area behind the glass partition, feeding her 18 month-old son, neither were hit by the gun fire. police are investigating a pair of serious hit/run accidents this morning. >> investigators say man was killed just after 8:00 along the 500 block of elon caster avenue in radnor. police say striking vehicle is a dark colored suv with damage to the front driver side. the vehicle slowed, up after the accident but took off again toward chester county if you have any information, radnor police want to hear from you. and in northeast philadelphia a little girl is in critical condition after she was struck in the hit and run this happened just before 7:00 in the 3200 block of tyson avenue in mayfair. the 36 year-old woman was walk ing when a driver who control, jumped a curve and hit them. one of them a three-year old was pinned under the car when several people rushed to save her life.
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>> according to witnesses six good samaritans, males, ran up , literally pick the vehicle up in order to free, the three-year old girl, that was trapped under the vehicle. and they were able to get the three-year old out from under the vehicle. >> and that three-year old is in critical condition her sister and mother are in stable condition. philadelphia police need your help finding two suspects whom they say attack a woman walking to work in center city look at surveillance video you can see one suspect appace victd sunday morning at 13th and lombard. police say one of the suspects pulled the victim in is to south watts street where she was beaten, and rob. investigators are working to identify those suspects. >> right as they pass each other he doubles back, puts her in the head lock takes her down watts industry when the assault takes place and the assault was brutal in nature. they immediately strikes striking her and things like that and of course, a sexual assault. it is very much a cause for
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concern with us. >> police say second suspect acted as a look out. if you recognize either suspect please cat police. an officer is dead and two others hurt after a shooting in missouri this happened in clintone of the border with kansas. officers were shot as they entered in response to the 911 call. suspect barricaded themselves inside as swat teams and more police arrived. eventually they did get inside and found suspect dead. it is not clear how he died. other two officers have non- life threatening injuries. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, late night breang news head lining guest stephen colbert has announced coming up next month speaking of the late show oprah winfrey makes a appearance on last night's show and, stephen colbert, staged run for president. plus another live look outside, this is a live look at ben franklin parkway on a rainy/snowy morning we will be right back with more coverage, coming up.
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yea - i can read. we're done here. mucinex fast-max cold, flu & sore throat fights 9 symptoms. let's end this. we're looking live from cherry hill, new jersey where conditions are pretty wet, there has been a mixture of rain, light snow, overnight conditions but they are expect to deteriorate as time passes, but we are looking at south jersey would be ready so state of emergency has been in effect since last night.
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in other news montgomery county judge will deciding whether to allow 19 accusers to testify against bill cosby, prosecutors, want at cuesers to take the witness stand in cosby's sex assault retrial, the judge has not said when the decision will be made, jury selection is still march 29th. cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his home in 2004. there appears to be more turmoil in the trump white house the president's top economic advisor gary coneys resigning over president's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. his top deputy quit in january is there push back on the tariff plan, some fear a trade war could erase economic gains , european threatening to tax american imports in response to the trump administration's 25 percent tax on steel and 10 per. meanwhile, former fbi director james comb i will be stephen colbert's guest on the late show airing right here on
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cbs-3 next movement colbert tweeted last month and joked he will need a step latter to interview comb i who is 6-foot eight. he is booked for tuesday, april 17th which coincidently is the same day his book called the higher loyalty truth lies and leadership arrives in stores. >> what a coincidence. >> huge coincidence. >> last night on the late show oprah winfrey, oprah, pitched her new movie a wrinkle in time but addressed a grass routes movement to get her to run for president in 2020. oprah said she was waiting for a sign. >> i am very much in touch with my inner, gps, i'm in touch with god, the voice of god. >> in fact, you said, in people magazine if i quo this right, if god, if you think i'm supposed to run you got to tell me and it has to be so clear. >> so clear, not even i can miss it. >> that is right, that is right. >> have you had any signs of all. >> not one.
4:26 am
>> is this clear enough. >> fortunately for oprah supporters god himself did make himself, and oprah fans have been waiting for and looking for, oprah says she's not running. i guess it wasn't a big enough sign. >> we will have to wait for something else. coming up next, half an hour on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". preparing for the storm before it ramps up this afternoon what you need to stock up for the nor'easter. >> we are not only won getting hit other parts of the northeast are getting ready for nor'easter number two coming up next. and another live picture as we go to break we are back in a moment with more coverage , on this winter storm next.
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well, you're looking live at storm scan three here's a look at the nor'easter as it pushes in the region a mixture of rain, snow but the snow will be more widespread as we move through today. yeah, that is right, jim, this area could get as much as a foot of snow here in the lehigh valley i'm trang do live in allentown with a look at current conditions. >> reporter: i'm pat gallen in paoli chester county where snow is coming down roadways are clear but it is very good, snowball snow, this morning, guys. >> good idea. >> snowball, wow today is wednesday march 7th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon.
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reminder all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed to day and many other school delays and cancellations running across the bottom of the screen. we can also find them on cbs let's get back to lauren, in for katie. >> forecast still on track. we have up totals for south jersey, delaware county, pennsylvania we have pick up 3 d moisture just continues to build in, the main energy is still, not even here yet, this is our dynamic system that we're dealing with a low pressure over northwest or midwest right now but we are seeing secondary low that has developed along the coast and we will continue to push its way in to our neck of the wood and seeing a rain/snow mixture but more wet snow toward i-95 corridor more rain mixing seeing dark purple returns soe heavier wet snow coming down from red lion up into wilmington, portions of south jersey seeing heavier pockets of this wet, snow,


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