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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 7, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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reminder all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed to day and many other school delays and cancellations running across the bottom of the screen. we can also find them on cbs let's get back to lauren, in for katie. >> forecast still on track. we have up totals for south jersey, delaware county, pennsylvania we have pick up 3 d moisture just continues to build in, the main energy is still, not even here yet, this is our dynamic system that we're dealing with a low pressure over northwest or midwest right now but we are seeing secondary low that has developed along the coast and we will continue to push its way in to our neck of the wood and seeing a rain/snow mixture but more wet snow toward i-95 corridor more rain mixing seeing dark purple returns soe heavier wet snow coming down from red lion up into wilmington, portions of south jersey seeing heavier pockets of this wet, snow, rain mix
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around glassboro and williamstown. this is the trend for things to only worsen as we head throughout the day, so for your morning commute we will be dealing with the mix of wet snow, sleet will mix in some rain, roads will be slush covered by midday, heavy snow developing across the region and for your p. commute still dealing with heavy snow falling for first portion of the p.m. commute but roads will be certainly snow covered with many inches in some locations. as we head throughout the day, 33 degrees with that wintry mix into your lunch hour, heavy snow, blustery conditions, peak winds gusting e will not deal with the damaging wind that is we dealt with last friday, with that nor'easter and in the 3:00 o'clock hour heavy snow and even potential for some thunder snow, as we head into the afternoon hours, meisha and that shows us how strong, potent this system is and we will see main intensity coming midday and in the afternoon
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hours. >> there is like no relief it just doesn't matter if you have really good tread, or winter tires, all wheel drive, this will be a rough, commute. so if you can stay off roadways you will want to if you cannot and you have to head out there just take it easy. looking at schuylkill near 202 taillights moving in the eastbound direction looking okay there and we are also looking around route 309 near turnpike headlights moving in the north bound direction but you can see how quiet, it is looking on the roadways. this is a good sign. we want to keep as many vehicles, buses off roadways as we can looking very wet, slushy out there and my biggest concern always that is black ice if that turns to black ice we will really start to see problem area. we do speaking of problem areas have a accident in franklin, new jersey involving injuries, williamstown road at ashley drive. we have down wires, from an earlier accident that happened around midnight, pennsauken township, new jersey route 73 at route 130 southbound lanes closed one northbound lane
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open, ramps for route 130 southbound also closed. back to you. >> the snow has been falling for several hours but by the time the storm is over philadelphia could have a foot of snow. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is in pay yell i chester county. how sit looking right now there. >> reporter: looking like snow out here, jim and rahel, let me ask you, is it nice and warm where you guys are. >> quite actually. >> yes, delightful. >> reporter: i wanted to make a mental checklist here, about who is staying warm and who is not. >> we are in paoli on route 30 >> we have to coordinate we're like air traffic control in here. >> reporter: i have had warm thoughts. we are having some fun. i will show you in a couple minutes but for right new route 30 in pay yell i lancaster avenue behind me as we see cars coming by, coming through here, roadways are really clear as we came out here this morning along the schuylkill expressway we saw a
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couple salt trucks and then we used 202, 252 to get here to route 30 and it was clear and we are starting to see snow stick here in paoli and it is really nice, snowball, snow. so when kids get out here later on if not washed away by whatever rain might come through here in chester county but it is great snowball snow, so, did it. live tv, that is what i was going for but as i mentioned we were having some fun this morning, so i made myself a little mini cbs-3 snow man for the day, and some pretzel and then some sticks. we're trying to use whatever we got out here. if anybody has great photos when they wake up use the #, cbs-3 snow, send them we will try to put them on air and don't make fun have my buddy here. >> of course not. >> reporter: it is all we could do. >> there is not a lot of
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ground right now. >> credit sleet i have, pat. i'm trying to interpret the pretzel and expression of the snow man, is the know man happy, not so happy, how is he feeling. >> i think that is more bewildered like what am i doing out here type thing. >> that is pat, yeah. >> like me. >> channeling through the snow man. >> we will try to change your expression throughout the day, get you in a even better mood. >> thanks, patrick. we're expecting more snow to the northwest "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in of all places, this is a surprise, allentown. >> yes, trang do you are often in allentown during snowstorms you know it quite well, how sit looking right now. >> reporter: viewers predict it they said are you going to allentown or shore and here i am in my usual spot in allentown and guys, i really cannot complain because i'm in the a big fan of the snow, so this kind of light, fine, wintry mix that is coming down
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right now i'm okay with that but unfortunately for people in the lehigh valley this will end in just a few hours because things will ramp up as lauren mentioned around nine or 10:00 o'clock across our region. i do want to show you guys i'm jealous, of pat, because this is the only snow that i had to speak of at this moment, this was on our live vaananen our way here we drove from philly all the way up here to allentown and this is it by the time we got here to allentown let me step out of the way, downtown intersections, anything that had fallen here overnight pretty much melted, and so we are seeing puddles in the road , a very, fine, normal, driving conditions, as we were driving up here though we did have difficult visibility here and there but coming into the lehigh valley, it is very clear, so, you know, if there are any night owls who have insomnia and haven't stock up
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on they're essentials for the nor'easter go do that now because we have clear road conditions. but now back to you in the studio. >> i was at whole food yesterday on callowhill and parkway, busy, stocked. >> they don't buy french toe up there but fresh vegetables. >> yes. >> storm is expected to hit poconos with lots of snow, live look from jack frost big boulder last weeks storm brought white out conditions and left portions of the interstate shut down because of crashes from drivers trapped on the highway and at rest stops. i heard everyone stuck and the next morning we came out and this whole area was tractor trailer. >> it took me 24 hearst to get home. i was down mount pocono at 940 exit at the gas station down there. it was a long one. >> as a result penndot is ban ning vehicles from the interstate to prevent a similar situation this time, that includes tractors pulling empty trailers, passenger cars
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, pulling trailers, and motorcycles and rvs. further north, new england , also bracing for second nor'easter in american 300 homes, massachusetts, south shore are in danger of being washed away but it left a gaping hole, causing flood ago this swamped homes, cars, crews have made a progress, repairing the wall but work is not complete and now the storm is fast approaching. most of the town has been with the power since last week. still ahead on "eyewitness news", stocking up on snowy sentences, milk and bread are must have but it noise the just about food. we will tell but key items all drivers should keep in their cars, jan. well, i for one of more food and extra layers just in case we are coming to you live from inside a car, this is the mobile weather watcher and coming up after the break we will take a live look at the road conditions. we are coming to you from mayfair where you can see the snow is lightly falling. look at this, after the break.
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a live look at cherry hill new jersey, mostly wet at this hour we are back in two minutes with more coverage of this winter storm up next. she's had a tiny cough. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs.
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welcome back probably used to running out for milk and bread but what else do you have when snow starts to fall. >> our camera spotted shoppers stocking up on food at wegmans in cherry hill. triple a says food is just one part it is not just what is in your kitchen that counts but what is in your car that is also important. >> if you have a really bad storm, traveling you will need blankets, water, scrapers, salt, maybe some mats, if you get stuck. >> good ideas. triple a recommend a shovel in your trunk, also smart to keep an extra set of gloves, coat,
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backup cell phone charger in your car. check, check, check, check , and check. >> yes. >> time right now 4:42. >> lauren has another check of the forecast. we are seeing that from the reporters that it is still wet but at some point that is going to change. >> absolutely forecast on track, timing still on track we are expecting a wintry mix of wet snow, rain and we will see sleet mixing in and then transition over to heavy snow in the late morning hours and throughout the afternoon. we have a while to go, winter storm warning for a large portion of the area along i-95 and national weather service expand that had warning, excuse me into parts of the south jersey this runs until late tonight, as bulk of the energy has not even moved in yet. storm scan three showing us moisture definitely moving in and we are seeing that wet snow, rain mixture across the area we are seeing a good band developing from wilmington back into south jersey, vineland as well of wet snowfall. it has been quiet over last
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hour in places likely high valley, poconos but now, some snow band building over poconos, jim thorpe, lehigh valley, allentown where trang do is she will see flakes flying here, snow fall totals already with this wet snow, rain mix ridley township delaware county up to 3 inches , nottingham chester county close to three, haverford montco at two and ph l we have pick up half inch, future weather showing us what is in store as we head in the 9:00 o'clock hour. still seeing that rain snow mix, south jersey and down the shore more spreading up in berks county, lehigh valley and dark purple indicative of the heavier snow coming down and we will see that expanding out as we head in the second half of the morning and into the afternoon hours, and early afternoon it will be the prime time for this storm, might even hear rumbles of thunder, greatly reduced visability across large portion of the delaware valley, two or 3:00
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o'clock hour still seeing heavier snow and heading in to four or five or 6:00 that moisture slowly lifts off to the north and ease and by the evening hour that snow will come to an end. as far as forecast snowfall totals still looking on track. we have pushed down six to 12 category east of the i-95 corridor and, sharp cut off as we head closer to the shore but toward lehigh valley and poconos, still expecting about a foot of snowfall in and along i-95, still protecting six to 12 inches of heavier wet snow, meisha. >> not good, all right, thank you so much. so we are heeding warning and not many vehicles on the roadways right now as we push toward 5:00 o'clock hour. we will see what happens in the 5:00 o'clock hour but right now we have nice opened roadways and snow is coming down in most places as lauren just pointed out and we are getting slush, wetness, snow, off more to the shoulders and those grass areas. but what i'm mainly concerned about right now looking at any
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camera shot is going to be the black ice, if, and where it re freezes over we will start to see, some planning. here's route 309 near turnpike and there is not a lot of vehicles outside but we have a accident in franklin, new jersey with injuries, williamstown road at ashley drive and we have some down wires from an earlier accident that happened around midnight in men saukin township, new jersey. route 73 at route 130 southbound lanes they are closed right now one northbound lane is opened, only and ramps from 130 southbound are closed. we also have some speed restrictionness place, take a look, of course, bridges are dropping down to 25 miles per hour, new jersey turnpike, 45 miles an hour, 495, else 45 miln the world of the mass transit take a look at september, this is a lot of information we will be covering it as we go through morning, check those schedules on line, jim and rahel, back over to you. if you can good idea to
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stay home today but if you have to drive expect dangerous driving conditions. >> jan carabao is live with the look at the roads, good morning. >> where are you now. >> we're in rhawnhurst right now it has taken us from center city philadelphia to the great northeast where we are trying to make our way to bucks county and check out road conditions, and for the most part it is not looking too bad, i necessity weather will only intensify and road conditions are going to deteriorate but i suppose the good news, silver lining is if you have to get up early and get out and maybe get back home, at lee traveling conditions right now aren't too bad at all checking with my photographer driving mobile weather watchers and he says in the really that slippery right now. we will see a lot of wet roadways we have seen rain, light snow coming down on our windshield right now, melting on these treated surfaces so that sheen you see on the road that is just wet right now, mobile weather watcher is
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reporting that the temperature outside is 34 degrees, but of course whenever you see moisture you have to slow it down there can be areas with ponding, we have seen that, of course, we have seen when a car goes by they will, throw up a little bit of slush on your windshield. i had that happen to me driving into work and i took the schuylkill, so no, these conditions are not terrible but they are only going to get worse out there right now what we're seeing for the most part from center city through northeast philadelphia just wet roads but you can see the snow is coming down heavier, then it was during our last live hit, it is accumulating on the grass surfaces and, it is covered in white, right now , the roads are looking good but i cannot imagine this will last too much longer throughout the morning but we will take you all across our area taking a live look at the road conditions throughout our show but for now i'm jan carabao live from the mobile weather watcher, jim and, rahel, back to you. still ahead mcdonald's is
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rolling out a big change we will talk bit next in our money watch report. just in time for international women's day, new barbie doll inspired by ground break would go man. as we get to break another live look at bethlehem, northampton county mostly wet right now but wait the snow is expected to crank up later this morning. we will have the latest when "eyewitness news", continues.
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the snow will increase later this morning, lauren will be back with the latest on this major winter storm coming up in about five minus. meanwhile time is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> dianne king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, dianne
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so mcdonald's trying to make good on its pledge to offer, fresh and not frozen beef, what is very latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, golden arches is beginning to execute its promise of fresh beef, quarter pounders starting this month, burger giant announced, last year hoping to appeal to customer who want fresh, food in competition like shake shock. quarter pounders are available in the quarter of the u.s. restaurants, most u.s. mcdonald's will have fresh beef by may, rahel and jim. dianne, frequent flyers all have their favorite airlines i know i have mine whas showing. >> um-hmm. according to the points guy, travel hack shore shares information on deals on his web site, alaska airline is country's number one air liner , southwest airlines came in a close second while delta landed in third place. web site examines several factors including on time arrivals, customer satisfaction, frequent flier programs and the price of
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airfare. i don't know if you are surprise by that at all. >> the southwest thing that makes sense because you can change without penalties, they don't charge for the first bag and you get what you are paying for, it is no frills but they are all in frills, these days. >> that is true. >> some more than others. >> thanks, dianne. >> thanks, rahel. >> in other news, matel is introducing new barbie dolls. >> dolls are based on real life, women who show they too can be anything. meet amelia earhardt, and mathematician catherine johnson and others, they will be added to the women collection based on historical figures. matel is adding 14 dolls to the, line for inspiration alcon temporary women they include wonder woman director patty jenkins and u.s. snow border chloe kim. >> we need a rahel doll. >> those are very deservingy believe you are too, start a petition, america. >> that is very kind, jim. in the meantime we will be back in just a moment.
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♪ time right now 4:55 early on this wednesday morning and hopefully you don't to have hit the road is today, jack because we're dealing with just the beginning effects of a nor'easter that will be impacting the delaware valley, you can see from our mobile weather watcher hitting the some roads, especially on the grass surfaces, and we have seen up to 3 inches of snow, already in parts of the area, and this storm is just getting going, main energy is still well off to our south, so we are only going to see conditions deteriorate as we head in the second half of the morning and especially into early afternoon but moisture is over spreading the area right now, coming down across
4:56 am
portions of south jersey, down the shore as well and starting to see after a quiet couple hours up toward berks, lehigh valley and poconos that snow starting once again but down the shore we have been reporting a rain, wet snow mixture over last several hours but this storm, will actually be the kindes to you and typically when we have these nor'easter it is rough, long the coast, you know that but just a coastal flood advisory we could see minor tidal flooding in to high tide around 11:00 this morning, we could see accumulation of snowfall but on the lower end of this event with the coat to go 2 inches of snow, potentially wind gusts to 30 and 40 miles per hour but we are not going to see those 60, 70-mile an hour wind gust that is we saw with the last nor'easter but still with these wind gusts and weakening of the trees, coating of snow, wet snow we could see localized power outages even down the shore throughout the day-to-day no doubt bit. all right, just a hoe of issues we will be seeing all morning long including one
4:57 am
right behind me. we we were talking about it yesterday and again today this is flooding on columbus boulevard north and southbound between race street and dock street. you can see it flooding in the expanded area there and moving over to the southbound side as well. cars are still getting, through, they were yesterday as well, all lanes closed and they were still going through and they are again right new, but if you can avoid you this will want to do so. ninety-five looking out there right now just lots of slush, snow, wetness and this is one area that gets very, very slow , very quickly this morning and that accident franklin, new jersey with injuries, that is actually starting to clear now, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. coming up on "eyewitness news" our coverage of the latest nor'easter, continues. >> we have team three coverage and meisha are tracking changes and check with penndot for a look at how roads are fairing. we will tell you why stormy daniels is now suing president trump we are back at
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right now area is under a winter storm, warning. and allentown where a mix of snow, rain is coming in this hour but that will change over to heavy snow lauren has just how much snow we can expect. cbs-3 mobile weather watcher out checking roads, meisha has latest on traffic and transit scene. it is wednesday, march 7th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed , many other school delays and cancellations running across the bottom of the


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