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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 7, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now area is under a winter storm warning. and allentown where a mix of snow, rain is coming in this hour but that will change over to heavy snow lauren has just how much snow we can expect. cbs-3 mobile weather watcher out checking roads meisha has latest on traffic and transit scene. it is wednesday march 7th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed many other school delays and cancellations running across the bottom of the screen. find them on our web site at
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cbs we have team three coverage of the nor'easter trang do's live in allentown lehigh county, pat gallen on lancaster avenue in chester county. our jan carabao has been checking the roads on the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher lets begin with the latest from lauren casey in the eyewitness weather center. >> forecast still on track and this event is just, getting going. winter storm warning in effect for large portion of the delaware valley, early this morning national weather service expand that had into portions of south jersey this runs until late tonight and see that area shaded in pink it is our winter storm warning for center city philadelphia, stretching in berks county, lehigh valley and poconos as we are just beginning to deal with this moisture and this event, taking shape storm scan three showing thaws moisture building in along the coast dealing with the rain/ snow mix, we have had one going in and around center city philadelphia radar returns indicating wet snow at
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this point but i-95 wet snow coming from philadelphia into wilmington back into parts of the south jersey and we have had snowfall accumulation this is morning ridley township, delco, 3 inches of snowfall, nottingham chester county, close to three haverford montco up to 2 inches and already at phl an inch and a half of this wet snow. as we head throughout the morning hours we will see snow sleet, rain mixture in the nine or 10:00 o'clock hour and as main energy and lift arrive as we head in the second half of the morning and through the afternoon hours that will transition over to heavy snow for most of as you cross the delaware valley. this is peak intensity of the storm and we could hear a few rumbles of thunder. as we head in the evening hours that snow will move out but it will leave behind its mark, for sure, snow fall forecast totals looking the same or similar to what we showed you yesterday. we have expand that had six to 12 swath into south jersey but
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that is what we are expect nothing and around i-95, totals near lehigh valley and poconos where 14 inches is possible. >> i don't know what to say about this, such a mess. good thing we are in the 5:00 o'clock hour and typically around this hour, it is when we start to see more vehicles hit roadway. that. a lot of people heeding warning and not getting and driving in this mess probably a very, very good idea especially as we move through the morning through the rush and it becomes more so that we will have to be dealing w we are looking at flooding on columbus boulevard north and south between race street and dock street. we looked here yesterday. it is just flooding over southbound lanes into the northbound lanes as well, all over this. if you can avoid it, you will want to. good thing cars are still able to go through. would i in the encourage to you do that. ninety-five atwood haven road this is what a lot of the road s around philadelphia looked like you can see the
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snow, you can see the wet roadways, what i'm mainly concerned with is refreezing, and then getting black ice and that is when we hydro plane. we have not had any reports so far but we had an accident in franklin, new jersey that has been cleared and speed restrictions they are in place from the bridge, new jersey turnpike 495 so all these we will talk more about this coming up, rahel and jim back you. philadelphia to the north and west could see a foot of snow thanks to the winter weather. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is touring main line earlier in paoli with a mini snow man and now live in wayne, how are things looking there. >> reporter: not too bad but we had to leave behind our lovely little snow man with pretzel mouth and twig hands yeah. don't worry, we will make another one. we will survive this snowstorm today. jim and rahel along route 30 outside of my favorite place of all time whole foods but as
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we drove that three and a half to 4 miles from where we were earlier in pay yell there i was in one outside on the roadways and for good reasons because weather's in the great but red ways are in perfect conditions, pristine condition out here along the main line so that is not a problem and as we drove to this area this morning from philadelphia, using the schuylkill expressway and then 202 we saw varying degrees of precipitation. it kind of started off as a mix, that went to a rain, then went to the heavy wet snow and that is what we are looking at right now. the roadways look fine. sidewalks are in the bad but it is starting to accumulate along grass surface and it it is that hard, snow, thick wet gross snow, you know i'm all about dedication to the craft, as you guys are as well and there is dedication that we have seen here. there is an orange fitness class, orange theory fitness class right in here which i might attend because it is
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full this morning. it is not stopping people from getting outside and getting fit, that is what i'm all about, you know that, guys, i might get over there and see what is going on and get a little sweat in. >> you willl bases today. turf say if you wanted to get a work out in today earlier is probably the best because road s are starting to get progressively worse you would assume. >> reporter: that is a great point, roadways are good, looking for that work out come on out do it right now while you can. >> traffic lights, flashing caution, that is a prediction, i look in the future. thanks patrick we will check with you later. to the northwest allentown , it is expected to get slammed. >> "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live, and is it snowing just yet. what are you seeing. >> hey, guys i want to say before i get started this has to stop over achieving in working ou this live shot i have so many layers i could probably barely move to do a
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work out. you go ahead and do that, pat. here in allentown no snow to speak of. over the course of the hours things have definitely change. we went from seeing no precipitation at all to wintry mix and now it is so fine, i don't think you guys can see it but very fine, very light, snow that -- not snow but rain that is coming down but this is, going to end so, people you see these cars out here, that was a police officer out here but yeah, really get out now if you do need to get out and runner rand in these 24 her type places because conditions are actually really good. just a little bit of the wet roadway but it is not that cold right now so we are not seeing any kind of freeze or anything like that. you can see that car had some snow on top of it. we had some snow on our live van as well as we were driving up there but as we got in the
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lehigh valley nothing just yet but things are expected to ramp up as the morning progresses and that is why they have closed schools in allentown here as well, we are waiting on it, i will be here when it comes and i will of course let you know but back to you in the studio. turf say i appreciate your honesty, there will be in working out in trang do's live shots today. i like it. >> reporter: i'm all about the candor. >> yes. >> thanks, trang do. well, storm is adding acknowledgevation for thousands, still without power from last friday's storm. peco reports 11,000 customers are still in the dark, ppl reports 353 outages ac electric reports six, del marva 184 pse&g has over 500. >> lets head over to new jersey, live picture from route zero seven in cherry hill right here near wegmans wet coating of snow but more is expect. new jersey governor phil murphy has issued a state of
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emergency in the garden state. if you are heading out take it slow. as storm continues we will keep you up to s will provide hourly updates throughout the day-to-day plus here on cbs-3 and on line at cbs is there other news including a hit and run in northeast philadelphia we will tell you how good smart tans lifted a car off a little girl disturbing crime caught on camera philadelphia police need your help finding the suspect attacked a with man on her way to work in center city jan. >> reporter: we have seen pretty much everything from inside the mobile weather watcher this morning from rain sleet and new snow we are taking a live look at a road in bustleton this morning where you can see snow is falling faster now and it is starting to stick in the middle of the roadway coming up, we will take a closer look at road conditions throughout the delaware valley. >> ♪
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lots of schools and businesses are closed. if you have to go out rahel i think people should take it easy. >> thanks to the cbs crews out in the snow today this is live picture from cherry hill and our photo journalist mike poto ko stay with us. >> ♪
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we're back with more coverage of the nor'easter. >> eyewitness nice reporter jan carabao is on the move in the mobile weather watcher. you started in center city. moved to rhawnhurst. where are you now and what are you seeing. >> reporter: we're in bustleton this morning. we started off with the rain, it turned and now a mix and now we are seeing snow we are taking a live look, coming to you live from verree road in bustleton.
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you can see for the most part it is looking good, still. still very clear. you can see obviously the moisture, the gloss on the road, it is because we are seeing now over the last 45 minutes some slushy patches, so every now and then again you will see a large swath of is what slush in the middle of the road as we turn here i want to see what these side roads are like. we took 76 we took roosevelt boulevard, main arteries are looking good but as we turn down some of these side streets we are seeing a little bit more trouble, starting to see more slushy patches. you can see on the ride of the road there are cars are covered by snow, the sidewalks , they are starting to get covered. they are very slushy. i can say personally as i stepped outside my home in philadelphia, there was so much slush wet heavy snow that very first step on it was very slippery. these are deteriorating and
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even more quickly. we are on midway road and just turning into neighborhood to see what the small street will look like, very dark but you can see again cars are covered with snow, this street doesn't look too bad but you will see slushy, spots pick up. so this is what we are dealing with all morning long. i guess i can say good news if you have to get up and out early roads don't look bad just give yourself a couple extra minutes and then concern should be getting back home, you have to get back, probably in and out very, very quickly as in the time you turnaround these these conditions will only get worse throughout the morning. we have been through center city northeast heading up in bucks county. we will look at road conditions throughou delaware valley and bring them to you live. we are live inside mobil weather watcher jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to you.
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>> it was like last week where it was fine in the morning and then all hell broke loose later in the day. >> lets bring in lauren to break down what will happen. as jan said there the roads don't look too bad but it is the grassy surfaces and top of the cars where we are seeing snow start to build. >> i like jan's assessment, i don't know fit is meteorological and sound but i will say the forecast is right on track. we are expecting this wet snow wintry mix and main energy, main lift from this system we will see heavy snow, developing, across the area and that snow is going to becoming we head in the second half of the morning and in the afternoon hours so right now we are just seeing light snow in the, poconos getting a live look but snow is falling illuminated by light there. pretty looking scene looking up in those higher elevations, little coating of snow there in the scene and storm scan
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three is showing us yeah, we have light snow, coming down in the p valley. we will switch over to the weather computer and show you this imagery mostly a white return lighter snow in and around jim thorpe, mount pocono and lehigh valley seeing a few flurries, more in the way of uniform precipitation looking closer to philadelphia, south jersey and down the shore we're dealing with primarily rain, with some snow, mixing in as has been the case over last severaltion is consistent and consistent on i-95 corridor where we are seeing primarily wet snow with some rain mixing in. that is stretching from philadelphia, and along i-95 corridor and wilmington. over last several hours precipitation has been constant and visability reduced in center city philadelphia can't see sky line 33 is our current temperature hanging out right here near freezing, nort at 12, breeze picking up a bit but we are dealing with reduced visability where we are seeing snow coming down and wintry
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mix to a half mile visibility, in mount pocono, 3 miles in philadelphia so future weath we head in the morning dealing with primarily rain, down the shore that wintry mix across south jersey, primarily snow, north and west of i-95 and main event, takes place late morning, midday, into mid afternoon, when we will deal with the bulk of the lift from this system, we will be dealing with heavier snow throughout the afternoon hour, snowfall rates one to 2 inches per hour and then this quickly moves out as we head in the evening hearst but for today dealing with the wintry mix over to heavy snow fall, meisha blustery conditions so things will only get much, much worse as we head in the second half of the day. >> um-hmm, it sure will, when momma meisha comes out to be very very, careful. these are the driving conditions that have me worried for my morning commut ers this morning. we are looking outside right now we are talking about that
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flooding. we were talking about it yesterday. we were talking about it again today. columbus boulevard north and south between race street and dock street, now cars are able to get through but there is a lot of water there. if you can avoid this area you will certainly want to do so. ben franklin bridge we will take a quick peak you can see how slick it is looking. so where that snow is starting to accumulate in thosee are seeing water hit the pavement my worry is refreezing when we will get hydroplaning and it will not matter if you have tire treads or if you have all wheel drive or if you thought you were savvy and put winter tires on, it will not matter, you can still hydro plane so you have to be super careful and remember when you hit those brakes to pump them do not hold them down or you will get straightforward and slide forward. speed restrictionness play on our bridges new jersey turnpike down to 45 miles an hour, 495 you were at 45 and now at 55, so they have bumped that up, rahel and jim over to you.
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now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> in the mercer homicide task force and trenton police looking in the death of the trent than man burned alive in his suv monday afternoon. victim has not been identified but his fiance said a gas canister in the back seat exploded in a frequent accident. delaware county daily times pennsylvania auditor jennies asking the delaware county district attorney to investigate $137,000 in allegedly undocumented expense s at colwyn boro fire relief association. people were withdrawing machine for golf course is, cable bills department stores and disk jockeys. in the mercury fire fighters from at lee eight fire co battled a multi alarm fire yesterday morning at shayneer's trailer park, three mobile homes were either heavily damage or destroyed no injuries were reported. and that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware and lehigh valleys we will be right
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" with a live look making its way across the have to hit the road stay up e with lauren's newscast she will be back on tv in six minutes. in other news, three teenagers are being treated at a hospital after they were shot inside of the chinese take out restaurant near 60th and walnut in cobbs creek. a man opened fire from a vehicle and then, jumped out and shot several times inside the restaurant. same time woman was behind a glass partition and employee area of the restaurant feeding her 18 month-old son neither fortunately were injured. police are investigating two serious hit and run accidents one in radnor cost a man his life. they say victim was struck in the 500 block of elon caster avenue around 8:00 and pronounced dead and police have not released his identity
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the striking vehicle was dark colored, suv with damage to the front drivers side. they say that the driver slowed down, after the accident, but then took off toward chester county. six bystanders are credited with rescuing a child pinned under a car after a hit a run in northeast philadelphia, this happened last night in the 3200 block of tyson avenue in mayfair a 36 year-old woman was walking her two daughters when a driver who control and struck them. six men ran up, lifted the car off of the child she is hospitalized in critical condition, her sister and mother are in stable condition police are looking for the driver who ran off. philadelphia police are on the hunt for two suspects they say attack a woman walking to work in center city. look at this surveillance video sunday morning at 13th and lombard. you can see one suspect walk up to the victim there and suspect pulled the victim on south watts street where she was beaten, sexually assaulted and rob. authorities are working to
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identify the suspect. >> right as they tap each other doubles back puts her in the head lock and takes her down watts street when the assault takes place. at salt was brutal in nature. i mean they metally start striking her and things like that and of course, there is a sexual assault and it is very much a cause for concern with us. >> investigators say second suspect acted as a look out. if you have any information call philadelphia police. coming up next on "eyewitness news" latest honor nor'easter we have team three coverage across the area >> we will tell but yet another shake up in the white house one of the president's top advisors has resign we will have details when we continue
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. lauren and meisha will be along in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in today's morning minute, wednesday, march 7th. >> the forecast is still on track, we have upped totals at this point. check that out 10:00 o'clock we are dealing with heavy snow we could even hear rumbles of thunder. >> all vehicles should be removed from snow emergency routes by 8:00 a.m. >> philadelphia declares a snow. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed
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>> for the most part it is not looking too bad. >> you can see the snow coming down ever lightly right now hitting the windshield. >> here i am in my usual spot in allentown. i do want to show you guys this is only snow that i have to speak of as of this moment. >> guess what i'm seeing guys? snow. >> okay. >> it is snowing? paoli. >> we are starting to see the snow stick here in paoli and it is really nice, snowball snow. so did it, live tv, that is what i was going


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