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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 7, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we could even hear rumbles of thunder. >> all vehicles should be removed from snow emergency routes by 8:00 a.m. >> philadelphia declares a snow emergency. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed >> for the most part it is not looking too bad. >> you can see the snow coming down ever lightly right now hitting the windshield. >> here i am in my usual spot in allentown. i do want to show you guys this is only snow that i have to speak of as of this moment. >> guess what i'm seeing guys? snow. >> okay. >> it is snowing? paoli. >> we are starting to see the snow stick here in paoli and it is really nice, snowball snow. so, did it, live tv, that is what i was going for.
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did pat say that the expression was he was bewildered or befuddled. >> bewildered. lauren and break it down for people watching aty it is good snowball making snow and that will be more so heading in the afternoon hearst because it is that heavy, wet snow, temperatures right around freezing mark where we still have winter storm warning for large portion of the area, it has been expanded by national weather service in to parts of the south jersey that area shaded in pink, runs until late tonight as this event is just getting going. storm scan three showing us moisture moving in efficiently across the delaware valley. we are seeing a widespread area along i-95, south jersey and shore as well, primarily snow in south jersey up toward center city philadelphia inn a urn no delaware with rain mix nothing closer to the coast we're seeing primarily rain with snow mixing in. as we head in the second half
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of the day for most of us, say along along immediate coastline this will transition over to a heavy snowfall by late morning and lunchtime, blustery conditions as well, temperatures generally in the 30's today as we move in the afternoon hours, that is going to be the prime time of this storm especially early afternoon, heavy snow, maybe a few embedded thunderstorms so we could hear thunder snow i'm nerding out about that already forecast snowfall totals looking on track as well. we have slid the higher totals a little bit off east as the track has moved a little bit shifted just a little bit so six to 12 has expanded in to south jersey and still expecting 10 to 14 up toward lehigh valley and poconos in and along i-95 corridor including center city philadelphia, meisha expecting six to 12 inches of snowfall for this evening. >> dangerous. >> yes. >> i will say it, lauren, dangerous. good morning, everyone.
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when we hear that we know we can stay off roadways we will want to do so. take a look at this shot, this is flooding happening on columbus boulevard not and south between race street and dock street. northbound and southbound is affect. fifteen minutes ago we were saying cars can still get through there, but as this continues to build and you can even see rain coming down this is only going to get worse in this area. would i absolutely not encourage to you go out there and even try to make your way through this even though they are saying cars are able to get through. stay away from this area. 309 at the turnpike is just looking very, very wet. we have some snow, slush. i'm mainly concern with is re freezing of that slush, of those slick roadways, turning into where you will have hydroplaning happen. so speed restrictionness play for good reason, lots of bridges, ben franklin, walt whitman, betsy ross, commodore , new jersey turnpike down to 45. now you are 55. that has bounced up a little bit. in the world of september
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market frankford line broad street subway they are running for 24 hours, every 20 minutes , this will be a best option trying to maneuver around, regional rails, severe storm schedule so your saturday schedule is in effect , enhanced wilmington service, no cynwyd service, norristown high speed line running every 20 minutes some buses will be detoured. you will have limited cct service. make sure to check those schedules on line i cannot say it enough especially on a day like today. new jersey transit is cross honoring, patco, amtrak running modified schedules. this go without saying but i'll say it again check those schedules before you walk outside the door today. >> so this storm is expect to drop several inches in philadelphia and suburbs, throughout the course of the day. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is in wayne, delaware county where somehow he managed to turn this into a fitness event. >> i have to ask you, you just came back from vacation in aruba what is it the different between aruba and paoli.
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>> reporter: there is no difference at all, looking around it looks the same as aruba, um, yeah, anyway, i do miss aruba i will not lie here in devon, wayne, paoli, route 30 lancaster avenue we are seeing cars going normal speed because roadways here, they are not dry, but they are certainly not slick, everyone going normal speed, that is a good thing, sidewalks aren't that bad just yet and snow has calmed down here. the wind where is picking up a moment ago. you mentned a fitness segment. i'm a guy that likes to get up , work out, get juices flowing and there are people in this area doing the same thing, i walk into orange theory fitness just a couple minutes ago and there was a full class of people getting ready to start their day. they are in the letting the snow stop them. why would they. no, that is not what they do around here they are up
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getting that blood flowing before a big snow storm hits that area. >> a lot of our members are still coming. we have a few morning classes but we are canceling our classes later on today and tomorrow morning. we want you guys to stay safe. >> obviously stay safe out on the roadways take ity, w eas are seeing people on route 30 not heed that caution. hopefully they will as the day deteriorates which we know it will later on but for right now out here, in delco, chester county, things not looking too bad, jim and rahel but i do miss, do i miss aruba >> okay. >> are you staying busy out there, pat, earlier you had your snow man, have you started on that just yet. >> well, yeah, we will have to see later on if we can make a better snow man now that the snow is accumulating more, i will keep you posted than but just think warm thoughts but you are in a warm studio,
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don't worry about that. >> someone has to coordinate things, i don't understand this like air traffic control. >> thanks, pat. >> well, northwest is expected to get even more snow, especially in allentown. >> you know what that means? "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live there now, now you are wearing a hat so has it change, colder, have seen more snow, what are you seeing now. >> i'm trying to mix things up , i have to say that was so cold bringing up a rube a but i cannot really complain right now because it is pretty pleasant out here right now, very light, rain, just trying to save my hair, being out here, but, we're not seeing that major precipitation just yet and it is just, you know, we have been forecasting this will not ramp up until about nine or 10:00 in the morning but take a look at downtown allentown, my stumping ground, traffic is picking up here, people are pretty muchinging about their daily activities here for the time being, before this nor'easter, hits right here, and what we're
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forecasting here is, upward of 12 inches, of a foot of snow, but for now, things are pretty good here, we have been seeing , either a light, wintry mix or just complete rain and it has all been extremely light. even our drive up here difference between philadelphia, and allentown, was pretty huge, you know when i got up this morning there was snow flurries on my car, when we got up here it has been just like this where we have seen the roads are wet, you know, light rain has been falling down so we are in the calm before this storm. if anybody need to runner rand s would i say do it right now. so back to you in the studio. >> looking good this that eagles super bowl hat. >> i'm still holding on. >> well, remember, you can head to our web site for more on the winter storm we have latest forecast, travel fur on line at cbs
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in other news shooting leaves one officer dead and two others hurt, in clinton just east of the border with camden. officers were responding from a home, shot as they went inside. gunman barricaded himself in the home: swat and other officers found the suspect dead, it is in the clear how he died, other office hours were shot have non-life threatening injuries. montgomery county judge has decided whether to allow 19 bill cosby's accuse tours testify against him. prosecutors want them to extra the stand in the sexual assault retrial j has not said when the decision will be made cosby is a course accused of drugging and sexually salting andrea constand in 20 on 46789 jury selection is scheduled for march 29th. another trump administration figure leaving the white house, and this time it is gary cohn who quit over president's plan to i pose tariffs on steel and aluminum there is more push back on that tariff plan, some experts and officials air frayed it could lead to a trade war and erase any economic gains.
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the european union is threatening to tax american imports in response to the 25 percent tax on steel, and a 10 percent tax on aluminum. porn star who said she had an affair with president trump is suing, him to end an alleged hush agreement. stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford says trump never signed a non- disclose aura agreement so it should be void. she had a intimate relation hip in 2006. president's private attorney michael cohen admits to making a $130,000 payment to daniels, days before the 2016 presidential election, president trump denies the affair. up next we will check with penndot for a look at how area roads are looking right now, jan. and the further we get from center city fill at more snow we see falling from the sky, and sticking to the roads i'm jan carabao coming to you live from the mobile weather watch in montgomery county, where you can see this snow is steadily falling now, not only
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discuss treatment options, answer your questions and recommend next steps for your personalized care plan. learn more about cancer treatment centers of america and schedule your appointment at we have light snow falling but soon we will be in the white out. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in the mobile weather watcher.
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jan, good morning. last time we saw you you were in bustleton. where are you now what are you seeing. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. we are in montgomery county now and i'm getting excited because each and every hit we come to you each and every hour as hours and minutes go by we are seeing that rain/ sleet, we saw from earlier this morning now turn over to snow. we are taking a live look right now, outside of our mobile weather watcher, this is the roof camera on top where you can see that the snow is falling more steadily now, and not only is it sticking to the grass surfaces , it is sticking to the middle of the road. as we take dash camera you can see what a drive would look like on gant drive-in huntington valley, montgomery county. we have not seen this until a half an hour ago. we are coming through center city, schuylkill expressway, roosevelt boulevard it just looks wet because we were seeing mostly rain, sleet and then this mix over.
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as we are in the suburbs you can see snow is starting to fall more steadily and roads are getting tricky. this is what we forecasted early this morning not too bad and steadily conditions are deteriorating. not only are we seeing wet surface from the rain now you can see the snow starting to build. not only on the sidewalks you can see they are slushy too but now in the middle of the road this is what we have been seeing as we move further from center city philadelphia we will continue to head through montgomery county, make our way up to bucks county but asife early morningrrou can get out, get back that was best idea because now it is all downhill, so we will continue to go around the delaware valley looking at the road conditions, and as my photographer turns the corner here, you can see the side streets are not looking as good as main arteries as would you expect to see. we are coming live from the mobile weather watcher and before you i more live shots
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throughout the morning. but for now, back to you rahel and jim. new england is also in the credits hairs of this second nor'easter and like so many other areas they are not finished cleaning up after the last one. last friday's nor'easter sent waves crashing through a sea wall in deductionfur a long massachusetts south shore and flooded homes, streets, scars, excavators did what they did to sure up the wall but today 's nor'easter could damage it all over again. cbs this morning has team of correspondent along northeast corridor including don baylor in bala cynwyd, look for that at 7:00 a.m. right after cbs-3. new lets check with lauren and our team of weather watchers, what are they seeing >> they are seeing snow, they are up early, taking pictures this morning. our weather watchers are on top of this nor'easter as things getting. we will check with current conditions, our numbers, temperatures, right around the freezing mark, 33, 32, 33. so yes, we are dealing with
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heavy wet snow. we will check out what is going on in new jersey where it is 33 degrees, checking in at lynn's house and she has a rain/snow mix in cherry hill. she's at 33 degrees. she has an inch of snowfall. she captured a picture for us this morning looking at her deck and you can see an inch of accumulation there, of wet snow, little bit of slush mixed in as well. we have not seen this rain/ snow mix across a good portion of the area over the last several hours but now it is transitioning over to snow especially in and around center city philadelphia we will get another look at new jersey, at ed's house and he has mostly rain coming down in chesterfield, new jersey, he also has it, he has a couple photos. we have seen snow throughout overnight period so you might wake up to this accumulation of slush, wet snow on your cars as we head out, maybe don't to have head out that would be better but he has some snow, grassy surface as well. just north and west of the
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city temperatures are colder in montgomery county like where we saw jan for the snow. it will stickies year and quicker in these areas as opposed to closer to the city and south jersey but eventually it will all stick around the area because soil temperatures despite the fact that temperatures yesterday were in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees are still in the 30 's and right around freezing mark. even in the 20's, soil temperatures as we head out toward lehigh valley. so that snow will stick there very efficiently. we will check with one more current conditions 32 degrees at bill's house and he has a rain/snow mix in philadelphia he also has a picture of what is going on, yes, slick roadways in philadelphia, and seeing some slush accumulating especially towards sidewalks there. but we will see trend for worsening deteriorating conditions as we head in the second half of the day as main energy is not enclose yet. storm scan three showing us primarily rain with snow mixture, closer to the shore as we look up toward
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philadelphia, we are seeing a little bit of snow and few rain drops mix nothing but we are starting to see intensity picking up especially across south jersey, woolwich, crossing i-95 corridor and seeing that snow, and this is all starting to spread north up into montgomery county, bucks county, spreading up into chester county as well as this snowfall continues to overtake the area. storm impact, snowfall is going to be high, low icing threat and our wind threat is moderate for much, much lower then our first nor'easter but we do still have threat for power outages taking a look at wind speed right new we are generally at 10 to 15 miles an hour with higher gusts in the 20 miles per her range. we could gust to maybe 30 or 40 miles an hour at best throughout the afternoon but we do have a higher risk of power outages once again in the area that we're expect to go see heaviest snowfall because of the wait wait of that heavy wet snow laying on
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top of trees that are already weakened from last weeks storm laying on top of wires. we have saturated ground. we can see up rooting, down wires and that could yield power outages especially in the this area north and west of the city and on i-95 where we are expecting higher snowfall totals throughout this evening. in your seven day forecast we have to get through today maybe isolated snow shower into friday and then we can end we will spring, forward but by saturday we have sunshine, meisha and 47 degrees, so something to look forward to after we get through today. >> you nailed it, just get through today, and take it very, very easy be very careful. we have been looking at this flooding conditions at columbus boulevard, north and southbound between race street and dock street, cars are able to get through but take a look at how slow they are having to go through that. that is a lot of water. it is not just, northbound it is also, southbound as well, i would absolutely advise to
5:51 am
stay away if you can you will go very slow and depending on, excuse me, how much more rain we get we will never know what will happen. we always know and we always ths a l car lift and then you haveo control. 422 at route 29, the nice thing is new that we're just approaching 6:00 o'clock we don't have a lot of volume levels. what i'm concerned with is just being slick, anything coming down refreezing on the surface and then we get hydroplaning. we had one accident earlier that has been since cleared so we are looking okay. we have speed restrictions out there ben franklin bridge walt whitman betsy ross commodore barry bridge 25 miles an hour. new jersey turnpike 25. 495 is back to 55. it was 45. in the world of septa, yikes, this is a lot of information so just make sure to check those schedules than line market frankford line at broad street subways they are running for 24 hours every 20 minutes and this is your best, option. regional rails, obviously
5:52 am
severe storm schedule in effect which is saturday schedule, enhanced wilmington/ newark norristown high speed line running every 20 minutes, some buses will be detoured and limited cct services. now, as we all know penndot crews have been outside on the roads for several hours now and my friend, iana williams is joining us for more on their effort. good morning, how are you. >> good morning, how are you. >> i'm doing well. of course, i'm inside, not outside driving on the roadway so what are crews doing to keep everyone safe. >> crews are currently out spreading salt. we have had crews out and on stand by since 8:00 p.m. last night. of course once we start to get that accumulation on the road they start picking up snow. we are just waiting for the snow to accumulate, to come down, so more just spreading salt and getting those roads and materials down on them. >> it is standard protocol do
5:53 am
you get out it ever starts to go down and pretreat road surfaces or send everyone once it just starts. >> we watch, and it depending on how storm start. fit starts as rain then we are not able to pretreat. with this storm unfortunately we were saw that the forecast was going to start as rain so we cannot pretreat but we can salt the roads. because it has not been too cold that salt will be effective down on the road. >> there is no question bit. ayana thanks very much. keep everyone safe. you stay safe. we will check with you later. stay right where you are, cbs-3
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well, a little beach boys might help you think warm thoughts during the nor'easter , just remember spring, it is coming. >> that is what they say. >> everyone rushes tout buy milk, bread and eggs but there are a few other things just as important. >> "eyewitness news" at wegmans in cherry hill shoppers were stocking up on food but triple a says that is not all they should be buying. they recommend having a deicer , sand for traction, advising people to stash an extra pair of gloves, heavy
5:57 am
coat in their car with the backup cell phone charger. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have more coverage of the storm. we are expecting a mixture of snow, sleet, rain all across the region. we will time it out and update the expected snowfall totals when we come right p9gz z5yz
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there we go, second nor'easter to hit us in a week is making its presence known and we are just getting started. if you do not see any snow this is a all day event. >> we have crews all over the region. this is chester county winter storm warning in effect until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> and then in new jersey we are not expected to see as much snow there but there will be rounds of rain, snow, sleet , making road slick throughout the day. it is wednesday march 7th good morning i'm jim donovan. >> what are you doing. >> we are saying worries yet to come i want to be prepared, you never know. >> not being dramatic. >> never know. >> i'm rahel solomon reminder all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are close today, there are many other school delays and cancellations at bottom of the screen. get full list on our web site at cbs >> let's get you started with meteorologist lauren casey. >> it looks like you have good gloves for making some snowballs. >> i'm prepared. >> making snow men


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