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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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there we go, second nor'easter to hit us in a week is making its presence known and we are just getting started. if you do not see any snow this is a all day event. >> we have crews all over the region. this is chester county winter storm warning in effect until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> and then in new jersey we are not expected to see as much snow there but there will be rounds of rain, snow, sleet making road slick throughout the day. it is wednesday march 7th good morning i'm jim donovan. >> what are you doing. >> we are saying worries yet to come i want to be prepared, you never know. >> not being dramatic. >> never know. >> i'm rahel solomon reminder all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are close today, there are many other school delays and cancellations at bottom of the screen. get full list on our web site at cbs >> let's get you started with meteorologist lauren casey. >> it looks like you have good gloves for making some snowballs. >> i'm prepared. >> making snow men later.
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>> yes pancakes. >> and pancakes, looking forward to those yes. we will have a lot of snow for snowball and snow man making heading in the second half of the day to day. it is wet snow good for snow men and we are under a winter storm warning that has been expanded now into south jersey by national weather service this runs through the day-to-day and into late tonight and includes much of the area, including center city philadelphia, storm scan three showing us moisture moving in and over spreading the delaware valley right now we are seeing snow coming down with the few rain drops mixed in center city philadelphia, dealing with precipitation wintry mix for several hours. little more intense over portions of south jersey and this area of precipitation over spreading in the northwestern suburbs seeing light snow, and flurries in the poconos. light snow coming down as we speak. as we head throughout the day the system will only intensify for 9:00 o'clock hour dealing with snow, sleet rain milk in
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33 degrees but by second half of the morning and in the afternoon we are dealing with heavy snow, blustery conditions, and then even a few, rumbles of thunder possible because of the intensity of this storm, as far as snowfall totals throughout the day-to-day, forecast looking right on track. we have expanded the totals, higher even totals into portions of south jersey, so in and around 95 to 12 inches of heavy snow and 10 to 14 toward lehigh valley. so this is just getting. >> heavy snow too can be really dangerous. much. we are looking outside and ing an eye on volume, how many vehicles are getting outoadway. forty-two freeway approaching 295 this is one area startingto heat up. heading out the door anytime soon head up, 42 is starting to heat up a little bit. good news it primarily looks just very wet for now in this area, my concern of course is always refreezing.
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talking about the flooding on columbus boulevard yesterday north and southbound between race and dick street we are looking at it again this morning. you can see moving in the southbound direction over here and north bound side how much flooding from that high tide we are getting. cars are able to kind of move through but especially moving in the north bound side i would almost say i wouldn't even try to get through it. levels continue to build there we have dunn wires from an earlier accident that happened midnight pennsauken township, route 37 at 130. southbound lanes are closed, one northbound lane is opened and ramps from route 130 southbound are closed, just a head up on that, over to you. nor'easter is expect to drop several inches in philadelphia, in the suburbs. >> they could see a foot of snow by this is all over. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is on villanova's campus. what are you seeing there. >> reporter: i see myself enrolling here i would like to be a college student once again, little too old for that but anyway we are here at
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villanova university, beautiful campus as snow is falling out here. anytime i can make it about weather and sports, why not on villanova's campus we have to talk about the basketball team 27-four, they will be a number one seed we can all be excited about that a jaylen brunson could be national player of the year. what is not cool is what you are seeing falling from the sky and that is snow. been snowing out here since we have been out along the main line on route 30 this morning for last couple ofels of the precipitation has been falling we saw sleet freezing rain that mixture early on that turned to rain and back to that wet heavy snow areud egg a slushing if you will, roadways though good thing the roadways look clear out here lancaster avenue cars the normal speed 30 miles per hour, right through here, that has in the been a problem. i know problem will be coming later on this morning and then
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into this afternoon when heaviest stuff starts falling but for right now here along the main line corridor it has in the been bad at all this morning. coming up at 6:30 we will try to warm the spirits of both myself and my lovely photographer andy and of course you guys, we will try to warm it up with some beach -- >> alcohol. >> beach weather. >> alcohol would be nice but we're not allowed to drink onair. >> i know. >> a mimosa, it is a morning show. >> we will wait to see. >> thanks, patrick. lets get to the northwest "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in allentown. are you seeing any snow yet it is hard to tell in your shot. >> would i like a mimosa please, if would you send it here downtown allentown but you guys, i think it was putting on the hat that rahel mentioned, i had to rep eagles hold on to this before
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it gets too warm to wear this i put on the hat and it is indeed snowing in allentown. take a lie don't know if you can show where you can see it, it is still very fine, light but definitely snow, throughout the morning we are were like is that what is that rain wintry mix? this is definitely small little perfect snow flakes. and because it is just starting to happen right now you know conditions are pretty great right here in allentown peopling about their business getting their coffee over there with no, issues at all but as lauren mentioned this is going to ramp up, as we get closer and closer to the morning rush. starting around nine or 10:00 o'clock but exciting news here in allentown. we are seeing snow here. this is why schools are closed forecasters are predicting anywhere upward of a foot of snow here. so people don't be fooled because it is so light prett will need to be
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prepared for the war later todaí5y butt back to you in the studio. >> good advice, thank you. see you soon. it has been five days since the last nor'easter and people in our area still in the dark. peco reports about 11,000 customers still without power ppl reports 277 outages and ac electric reports 47 and pse&g has just over 500. snow emergency initial to effect at 8:00 a.m. in philadelphia if your car is park along snow emergency route, it will be towedo move it. city offices and courts are closed philadelphia's code blue is in effect, first responders and outreach will patrol streets to take people who are homeless into shelters of course, across the river in new jersey a wet combination of route rain and snow. this is near wegmans. new jersey governor phil murphy issued a state of emergency across the garden state. >> department of transportation stand ready to activate more than 2500 pieces of snow fighting equipment at
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its disposal with plows spreaders, loaders, dereplied across the state as necessary. >> "eyewitness news" in bellmawr camden county as teams got it ready there rain arrived before the snow, delaware has in the declared a state of emergency but they are urging drivers to use caution. we have much more on the nor'easter slamming the region with snow, sleet and rain. >> we are checking the roads jan, good morning. >> reporter: we have seen everything rain sleet abe snow, we are coming to you live from within the mobile weather watcher this morning we're making our way through a way through montgomery county right now where you can see main road, are looking good but when you turn down site streets where you see mess this morning we will look after the break stay with us.
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we are dealing with what is copping our way and somehow this has already started to fall, so snow, sleet rain we are tracking it all lauren's forecast and update updating it and we have a team of report's cross the area letting you know what it is like. so if you can sit back, relax watch us, we will help you get throught.
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wint they are morning. >> slippery roads are turning to slushy roads as snow startse up. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has a real time look at the roads live in the
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mobile weather watcher jan good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim good morning. we are coming to you live from the mobile weather watch inner montgomery county. that is where we have been seeing heavier snowfall this morning, we made our way from center city philadelphia out to the suburbs each and every hit and each and every hour we are starting to see this system move through and change over as forecasted from rain, sleet, mix and now to snow. although it is falling ever so lightly out here in montgomery county, this is payne avenue we came down easton road make our way through easton road and in the roselyn area an inside streets like this one is already getting a little messy. the main road as pat and trang do have been saying look g all clear, just wet but these side streets, neighborhood street, turning down them you start to see how snow is accumulating and getting in the only snow, but slushy spots it is 33
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degrees out here, so it is melting a bit on the surface and you can see how much the snow has already we have those grass areas covered up to our right left, sidewalks are looking slushy, as well, i can say for myself, stepping out of my house this morning, in philadelphia, very slushy very wet and slippery so those are conditions you will see heading out this morning, of course, in montgomery county so conditions may vary, but the conditions are very bad now youy imagine how much worse they will be later this morning and this afternoon as this storm intensifies and conditions deteriorate, we are live from the mobile weather watcher jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" back to you >> i get car sick watching these things unless i'm in control i get dizzy. my gosh, i thought wye lost lauren. >> did you like that. >> yes.
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>> yes. >> and meteorologist/magician at same time. >> can you magically make this snow go away. >> no, i like the snow. i dent like when people to have travel in it but of course, we like to see snow coming down. look at the scene if you can stay inside and watch these flakes fly looking live at 16th street in philadelphia snow coming down mixed with a few rain drops but they will become few and few and far between, temperature right now right around freezing, 33, breeze north's at 12 miles an hour, feeling like 24 degrees. storm scan three gets busier as we head throughout the morning where before over last her we had some broken pockets there in the precipitation shield. now those are starting to fill in and seeing that wet snow and rain milk in, expansive across south jersey, up along i-95 corridor and this precipitation is over spread nothing our northwestern suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos where it has been
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quiet throughout second half of the overnight period but overnight, last night we pick up 3 inches in ridley township and delco. nottingham 3 inches. half for montco 2 inches. at phl a half inch of wet snow fall, so future weather showing us as we head throughout the morning there were concerns we had for potential of mixing reduce totals, and now we will see less mixing, more snow, so as we head in the second half of the morning this will get more and more intense with that rain snow line, pushing more further off in the south and east. all snow north and west, and for good chunk of the delaware valley especially midday and early afternoon hours, where we could see snowfall rates of one to 2 inches per hour, that is prime time for this storm. as we head in the second half of the afternoon things will wrap up, quickly and by second half of your evening commute we will not have falling snow, but we will have to deal with everything that fell before that so for today a mixture to
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heavy snow, blustery conditions, 38 the high, and snow coming to an end early cloud decreasing with a low of 30. as far as snow fall forecast we have expand that had six to 12 range east of the i-95 corridor, less mixing, meisha we will see more in the way have snowfall totals in these areas. >> i'm eating my stress away with check late in the traffic department lauren, i cannot take it. heating the warning good news as we are looking outside right now and vehicles on the roadway and and moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we are seeing it build we are not seeing that. and, only get worse. it is refreeze ago this has me most worried and right now knock on wood things are still looking, okay, delaware county beautiful shot here but you can see all of the snow, and if we zoom in, you can see how wet hydroplaning
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might be an issue or if we hit black ice. i-95 north at 452 take this up to the airport and volume levels are okay. some cancellations are being reported and they are tweeting this information out for you as well. speed fee waivers are in effect. make sure if you are traveling by air thaw check with your car year heading out the door. flooding columbus boulevard talking about this yesterday and then again today. north and southbound between race and dock street because of the high tide. vehicles are able to get through but see them swerving around. water continues to build. be careful if you are going out there so i would advice not to, back to you. a frightening attack in cobbs creek where a mother and baby narrowly escape gunfire that sent three people to the hospital. man in the car opened fire on a chinese take out at 60th and walnut. two, 18 year-old and 19
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year-old were hit in stable condition and same time a mother and 18 month-old baby boy were in the employee area of the restaurant and not injuries. police are investigating hit and run accidents including a deadly accident in radnor. man was killed at 8:00 last night on 500 block of elon caster avenue, the driver vote down but then took off west, for chester county. involved vehicle was dark color suv with damage to the front passenger side, if you have any information call police. northeast philadelphia bystanders have lifted a car off a little girl after a hit and run there. this happened last night in the 3200 block of tyson avenue thirty-six year-old woman was walking with her two daughters when a driver who control and hit them all. one and three-year old was pinned under the car, six people rushed over to help. she's in critical condition. her sister and mother are in stable condition and the driver has in the been caught. don't go anywhere we will be right back with more coverage of the nor'easter.
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>> ♪ good reminder, to, take a slow ride if you do to have get out there good thing school districts are closed, schools are closed, philly city offices are closed. if you do have to go out, be careful.
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time right now 6:24 on a wednesday morning we are halfway through the workweek and we have to get through
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this nor'easter first but once we do we will have a pretty nice weekend in store nice, quiet with sunshine as we head into saturday, temperatures in the 40's, seasonal conditions. we should be in the upper 40's near 50, clearing skies so once we get through all this snow something to look forward to on the other end. lauren, thank you now for newspaper headlines across the region. >> trentonian homicide task force and trenton police are looking in the death of the trenton man burned alive in his suv on monday afternoon. the victim has in the been identified but his fiance told trentonian that a gas canister in the back seat exploded in a freak accident. delaware county daily times pennsylvania auditor jennies asking delaware county district attorney to investigate $137,000 in allegedly undocumented expense s at colwyn boro fire relief association apparently people were withdrawing money without explanation for golf course is, cable bills department stores and disk
6:25 am
jockeys. in the mercury fire fighters from at lee eight fire companies battled a multi alarm fire yesterday morning at shayneer's trailer park in lower pottsgrove. three mobile homes were heavily damage or destroyed but fortunately no injuries were reported. >> that is newspaper headlines from the delaware and lehigh valleys. matel's new barbie dolls based on real life women show girls they can be anything too >> meet aviator amelia earhardt and mathematician catherine johnson and others who will be added to the women 's collection based on historical figures. matel is adding 14 dolls to the shero line for inspiration alcon tell prepare would i man they include wand wore man director patty jenkins and u.s. snow border chloe kim. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" another nor'easter is pounding region with snow and rain. >> we have live team coverage of the storm, we will start with trang do. >> it is the calm before the storm here in the lehigh valley i'm trang do live, with a look at ever changing
6:26 am
conditions here, hey pat. hey, frank did we are live , here in villanova along lancaster avenue this morning snow is coming to a halt in the coming down at a wrapped pace like earlier on we will give you conditions here in this area when we come back, what is up, meisha. >> nor'easter is moving on in and we are prepared for it volume levels looking good right now but we have flooding on columbus boulevard speed restrictionness play and changes you need to know about we will have those updates but first we will take a quick break, we will be right
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i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what he what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, march 7th
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2018. >> this event is just getting going. national weather service has expanded the winter storm warning. check that out 10:00 o'clock we are dealing with heavy snow and that snow is going to becoming down in buckets. >> i don't know what to say about this, it is going to be such a mess. we have seen pretty much everything. we started out with rain, it turned to sleet and now we are seeing snow. >> looking like snow out here. let me ask you though is it nice and warm where you guys are. >> yes delightful. >> jim and rahel as i mentioned we were having some fun this morning, so i made myself a little, cbs-3 snow man for the day. >> i think it was putting on the hat and now snowing here in allentown. don't be fooled it is so light
6:31 am
p prepared for the worst. >> jim what are you doing. >> we are saying worries yet to come i want to be prepared. everyone thought i was over racking so i took off coat and realized lauren said it will be snowing buckets. buckets are falling but do you know how heavy bucket is. >> it will go to snow to straight buckets yes. >> i will put on my eagles helmet now. >> you need serious gear for today and we will need serious gear snow boots hat gloves as this event is just getting going, main energy is still off to the south, we will ramp things up in the second half of the morning winter storm warning in effect for i-95 corridor and that has been expanded in to south jersey by national weather service in for berks lehigh valley and poconos until late tonight storm scan three is packed in with the moisture, right now seeing mainly snow but with
6:32 am
rain milk in and around center city spreading in south jersey and seeing heavier pockets in chester and northeast philly as well. intensity picking up for you and we are seeing this over spread into our northern western, suburbs lehigh valley and poconos where it has been fairly quiet over last several hours but throughout the day today we will change from this wintry mix over to heavy wet snow, across the majority of the delaware counties. in the second half of the morning and afternoon snowfall rates of one to 2 inches per hour, maybe even some thunder snow possible, and total accumulation along i-95, six to 12 inches andt does include center city philadelphia potentially, more than a foot of snowfall in area north of the city, meisha so things are just getting started with this nor'easter, we will only go downhill. >> i can't wait for tomorrow really can. we have to get through this, heading out the door and hit
6:33 am
the roadways, just be very careful. it is wet heavy snow that has me concerned that cannery freeze and we can see problem spots right now. but what i'm really happen bye so far this morning is we have not had a lot of issues, we have only had one accident, one, knock on one yet. schuylkill westbound at city avenue and we are at 6:33 to be exact in the morning. this is usually bumper to bumper conditions and it is looking really good. so i guess silver lining is if you have to go out there you can take it easy and slow you will not sit in bumper to bumper conditions. you will hopefully make your final destination. you have to take it really slow because it will be slick. schuylkill west at sit avenue looking g we are looking at flooding on columbus boulevard between race street and dock street just a heads up still out there and down wires pennsauken township new jersey route 73 southbound lanes still closed, all northbound
6:34 am
lanes have reopened, ramp from route 130 southbound is closed , jim and rahel over to you. >> nor'easter will make its way, across the region allentown gets hit hard. >> trang do is live there right now what sit looking like and feeling like right now. >> it is snowing steadily since we started at 4:00 a.m. we have seen different precipitation, it was raining wintry mix and now it is definitely snowing here let me show you here downtown allentown our usual ground and because this just started here that the road conditions are pretty good, and you can see people are just getting their day started despite the snow coming down, to see wet roadways but no kind of ice or slick spots as of yet but as lauren has been telling us all morning this is really the light stuff it will get
6:35 am
heavier, later around nine or 10:00 and throughout the day here we are expecting upward of a foot of snow here in allentown. right now if you are heading out, and outside, for any extended period of time you need hat gloves, i had to whip that out and had that earlier and i wanted to thank the viewers before i go back to you guys. they have been giving me updates where they are where they are seeing snow before i was. i will go ahead and plug cbs-3 snow, send us photos and we might use them on the air but for now back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks, trang do, stay warm out there. as storm continues we will have hourly updates throughout the day. get those updates every hour on cbs-3 and web site, cbs there is other news philadelphia police are looking for two suspects who they say attacked a woman
6:36 am
walking to work in center city take a look at this surveillance video this happened sunday morning at 13th and lombard. you can see a suspect walk up and grab the woman. suspect then pulled her on to south watts street where she was beaten, sexually assaulted and robbed. police say they are determined to find the suspects. >> right as they tap each other he doubles back puts her in the head line and take her down watts street where at salt takes place. the assault was brutal in nature. they immediately start striking her and then there was a sexual assault. it is very much a cause for concern with us. >> second suspect acted as a look out f you recognize either suspect please contact the police. path spca need your help planning person responsible for repeatedly stabbing this dog, this female pit bull dog has been named w wobi as they found her suffering near fernrock train station. she will need surgery as a result, if you have any information please contact the spca.
6:37 am
montgomery county judge is trying to deciding whether to allow 19 accuse tours testify begins bill cosby. prosecutors want at cues tours take witness stand in cosby's sexual assault retrial. judge has not said when a decision will be made. jury selection is scheduled to begin march 29th. cosby face three is counts of aggravated indecent assault he is accused of drugging and sexually a ultimate is aing andrea constand at his home in 2004. still ahead another shake up at the white house. plus open raise asked yet again about a presidential run in 2020 and she had advice from a higher power that was last night on the late show, see what happened coming up next jan we are coming to you live from montgomery county where people are wake up up to snow covered trees cars and if you have to go out snow covered roadways, coming up after the break we will take a live look at the road conditions in the delaware valley from the mobile weather
6:38 am
watcher. thousands of people are still in the dark. lauren will let us know which area get hit hardest next.
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live pick from allentown where trang do has been anticipating snow all morning and it is starting to fall and is there more where that came from. >> a special snow, it is cbs-3 snow, it is like designer snow >> exclusive. >> if you have to drive give yourself plenty of extra time,
6:42 am
roads are turning slushy as snow starts to accumulate. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao checking them out live, so where are you right now. >> rahel and jim good morning we are in montgomery county we have decided to stick around this area because this is where we are seeing that wet heavy snow for all fall steadily. looking outside right now now that we have daylight you can see what i'm talking about that wet heavy snow is sticking to pretty much everything it london, all over the branches, all over the yard is here mailboxes and if you do to have get up, go out today it is starting to stick to the roadway, we are coming to you live from willow manor a neighborhood right between two major highways here 276 and 63. this is all of the alba road and it is pretty messy. snow is sticking. not only do we have snow, slush but off to the left side of the screen there we have some ponding so really a
6:43 am
mixed bag stepping outside the door and go where ever you have to go this morning. if you don't to have go try to stay home but we know there are people that have to head out the door. this is what we have been experiencing. we have seen that change over, happen, since starting out in center city and working our way to the suburbs. we had rain, at times sleet at times but now we have been seeing this steady snow fall at times. it has been heavier then other times right now it is likely coming down, and you can see in some area it is piling up in the street. but the main roads are looking g we came up the schuylkill, we came up the roosevelt boulevard, we have 63, 276 around us looking good. this is even a bigger road off of the neighborhood road there north hills avenue, it is not looking too bad either. keep that in mind heading out that you have to build in some
6:44 am
extra time because there are going to be slick spots out here but for the most part it is looking good on the main highways just side streets are looking messy only expect to get worse remarks hell and jim back to you. thanks very much, jan. let's turn to pat gallen in montgomery county. >> pat, do you have cbs-3 snow there or just regular snow. >> cbs-3 snow is that what you said. >> #cbs-3 snow. >> what does that even mean. >> of course, cbs-3 snow where ever we go like these giant snowflakes we have here, we're out here in villanova beautiful, right, we are out here in villanova and the snow has come to a bit of a halt. it has since picked up, the wind was a factor earlier on, here on lancaster avenue route 30.
6:45 am
we started in paoli and work our way back. the roads are just wet in the much issue. people are going at full speed through here, and the issue is probably, the side streets and parking lots. you can see a slushy, gross mess as it is melting in the parking lots but see the fat slick, snowflakes coming down making it miserable for us out here. it that is misery that i want to talk about because in just a couple weeks spring starts. we have memorial day weekend right around the corner y not think happy warm thoughts like the beach. why don't we think more about the beach. as you may have heard rahel solomon say i was in a rube, beautiful warm 85 degrees, nice breeze all day licensing and then i come back here to this and they make me go out in the snow. this is beautiful. this is wrong. this is terrible. we should be thinking nice warm thoughts like the jersey
6:46 am
shore, yes, with the cold drink on the beach. can't we think more about that instead. >> i hear you. >> listen. >> go out in the snow they will say it will be fun they say. >> who is they. >> they. >> who is they. >> who are they. >> management. >> you know how it goes pat. >> on the bright side he doesn't to have wear sun block >> this is true right. >> no sun block needed. >> whoever floats you boat, you want to, whatever makes it more fun but we are seeing the snow coming down across a large portion of the area and our weather watchers are checking in. they are showing us great pictures of the snow, now starting to accumulate across the area. we will check with these photos, and we will look at peter's house in south jersey and he is showing us, yeah, it looks like his driveway streets, they are wet but that snow is accumulating on the grass
6:47 am
surfaces, grass covered driveway and street, 1 inch of snow so far so we are slowly getting things going. things will ramp up, intensity wise in the second half of the morning but already pretty formidable total in newark delaware from delores house she has maybe 3 inches of snow, fall at her house and we will check in at ed's house the latest there snow on the deck furniture maybe an inch, and inch an a half in chesterfield, new jersey. we are having rain snow mix. seeing rain drops mix here in center city philadelphia with the snow coming down at a maryland rate clip. we will check in with one more weather watcher 34 at greg's house. he is in delaware he is seeing just snow. wind as the 12 miles an hour in marshall ton. he has a report of temperatures hovering around freezing snow rain mix and 2.1, he says slushy on the roadways and we are seeing snow coming down, now moderate in intensity in center city philadelphia as we look live
6:48 am
at 16th street we will see snow covered on the grass surfaces temperatures right around freezing, 33 with the northeasterly wind at 13, so that wind chill temperature cold feels like 24. here's is an area of low pressure main energy over midwest, secondary low along the coast that will be our main energy that will drive our weather as we head in the second half of the day, that is off to the south at this point we are not even seeing main energy still unapproached but we are getting all this moisture lifting in across the delaware valley and seeing uniformed precipitation across south jersey, i-95 corridor and burlington county where we are seeing these dark purple returns, so tabernacle, pemberton, lumberton medford lakes seeing snow coming down moderate in intensity. down the shore we have seen rain but snow mix nothing over the last couple of hours see the lesser totals down the shore where we will stay primarily rain and we will best chance for snow down the shore as we head in the after
6:49 am
noon hours but things are only going to ramp up as we get in the second half of the day and then meisha, into the evening hours real quickly it will clear out but expecting snowfall totals of six to 12- inch's cross the area. >> no joke. it will affect everyone all day long. got news heading out this morning if you are heading out which we're advising you not to but heading out in it good thing is take a look at people heeding the warnings staying inside this is a look at schuylkill westbound at city avenue right now approaching our main hour of what would typically be our rush hour. this would be bumper to bumper almost completely stopped and it is just opened roadways, that makes me very, very happy flooding on columbus boulevard is dissipating north and south between race street and dock street but we have some flooding in new jersey, new broadway near king street is where a vehicle is stuck tonight. route 130 closed at route 47,
6:50 am
your alternate new broadway and 47 is closed at route 130 your alternate there is broadway. another map with flooding route 30 at admiral wilson boulevard at vaird boulevard one lane is blocked there we have flooding out there. so jim over to you. is there another shake up in the trump white house president's top economic advisor gary cohn is resigning over president trump's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. his deputy quit in january there has pneumonia push back. congressional leaders fear an international trade war that could erase any economic gains the european union is threatening to tax american imports, and in response to the president's 25 percent tax on steel and 10 percent tax on aluminum. porn star says she had an affair with president trump is now suing him to end an alleged non-disclose aura agreement, stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford said trump never signed the agreement so it
6:51 am
would be void. daniels said she had a international relationship with mr. trump that began in 2006 the president's private attorney michael cohen admits to making 130,000 hush money payment to daniels days before the 2016 presidential election president trump denies at fair presidential politics were one topic covered by stephen colbert and oprah winfrey on last night's late show which heirs on cbs 36789 oprah was a guest last night they talked about oprah's new film, movie version of the children's classic a wrinkle in time and they discussed calls for oprah to run for president in 2020. >> i'm very much in touch with my inner gps voice of god. >> in fact you said, again in people magazine you said if god, if you think i'm supposed to run you got to tell me and it has to be so clear. >> so clear even i cannot miss it. >> that is right. >> so have you had any signs of it at all.
6:52 am
>> not one. >> is this clear enough . >> oprah winfrey yes she can >> wow. >> believe it or not, god did show up, somehow on the show and has a sign oprah supporters were looking for, apparently not enough for oprah herself because she said she's not running. internal gps. >> very interesting yes. people all across our region are bracing themselves for second nor'easter in less than a week. >> around 200,000 homes and businesses are still without power from friday's storm. here's cbs news correspondent hena doba. >> reporter: the second major storm in four days, has rolled in the northeast where the first one primarily brought heavy wind and rain, this one will blanket much of the area with ice and snow. >> our biggest snow amounts will be just outside of 95 and
6:53 am
we could see couple feet snow in new york state 5 feet of snow in five days. >> new england wind are expected to hit 30 to 50, not as extreme as 90 miles an hour winds from the last storm that battered towns like ducksferry massachusetts, 60 year-old sea wall wasn't fully repaired in time. now more than 300 homes along the coast are in danger of being washed away. >> we have massive massive disruption to our infrastructure here. >> reporter: trees throughout the region that fell last week and took power lines down with them have left around a couple hundred thousand, still without electricity. >> we have been without power since friday night report report here sandwich between areas that will get rain and those that will get snow, almost 700 salt spreaders and more than 1500 plows are at the ready. officials warn power lines and trees weakened by the last storm will be especially
6:54 am
vulnerable this time around as snow is expected to be very wet and heavy. the weather is also causing travel headaches amtrak has cut services, airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights although carriers are waving their change fee. hena dobo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> time right now 6:54. shot of villanova do you think storm will have mercy on us i don't think so. >> it depends on your definition of mercy. >> we will be right back.
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i that it that said hey voice, well, whether you go out in the storm it is time for three to go. >> emergency goes into effect at 8:00 a.m. which means no park if you go you do you will be towed. >> same goes for new jersey governor phil murphy issued a state of emergency across the garden state. >> amtrak cuts back services because of the storm conditions airlines waving change fees. >> lets check weather and traffic. >> lets check out those forecast fall totals still on track, 6-inch's cross good
6:59 am
portion of the delaware val a long i-95, higher north and west lower south ande. >> heading out right now this is what it will look like 95 south at cottman, yikes, not slow but visibility issues certainly will be in effect speed restrictions on the bridges 25 miles an hour. >> next up on cbs this morning a, report, where crews are scrambling to restore power as this second store moves in. >> we will have hourly updates throughout the day both here on cbs-3 and web site at cbs, have a great day and be safe. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 7th 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the second nor'easter in five days threatens tens of millions
7:00 am
from pennsylvania to maine. heavy wet snow could cut power across wide areas. we're spread out along the east coast tracking the snow rain and wind. the markets are poised to plunge this morning after president trump's chief economic adviser quits. gary cohn disagreed with the president's plan for steep tariffs on steel and aluminum. and the porn star stormy daniels is suing the president for the right to tell her story of their alleged affair. we'll speak to her lawyer. the white house welcomes reports that north korea appears


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