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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 8, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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thousands of people are reeling after another powerful punch from mother nature we are live with efforts to get, homes back on the grid. the snow didn't go far what managed to melt refroze overnight. mobile weather watcher is checking conditions. you will want to give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. don't look now but there is a possibility, a possibility i will tell you of a three pete, my goodness, looking live at the parkway here in center city chelsea's keeping an eye on the potential for a third, nor'easter, in just a few days >> when it rains, it pores it is thursday march 8th good morning i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. chelsea and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> three pete is usually a good thing, right. >> i got to tell you, i love the environment and i like mother nature, she has a good relationship. she's on my last nerves at this point. we are looking outside and we have down wires but i have to say we know what we will talk b black ice, refreeze, not one accident, so far. >> that is good. >> people are still asleep. >> yes. jed was a wild ride. here's what you can expect. very quiet weather. we will see a ton of sunshine. that will hoe with the melting it will be breezy. we will have wind chills in the 30's. it will feel chillier then what you see on the thermometer. here's what you have been monitoring since 4:00 this morning. these numbers have been dropping. i sianni do expect we will see areas dropping below freezing.
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33 degrees in philadelphia we are down to 32 wilmington. thirty-one reading. thirty-five in allentown. that is the issue potentially some refreezing of anything that has melted. 25 degrees. it feels like 24 in wilmington twenty-nine in allentown. fifteen in the poconos. here's your forecast for today , 45 degrees. we will see tons of melting. forty-four down the shore. thirty-four in the poconos. keeping an eye eye on the temperatures, meisha. forty-five is what we want because we want this to just melt and see you later, get out of here but it is this early morning chill that will have a lot of what is wet, maybe, probably refrozen over. we are driving on it, very hard to tell what it is, is it wet or ice? very, very difficult to tell. we will take it easy out there obviously a lot of people still sleeping, montgomery ville, 202, horsham road but you can see driving conditions around there. we've got snow, we have got ice, slush, we have kind of the whole shebang here this
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causes problem spots for many of us. if i were you in this area or areas like this i would give yourself some extra time even though volume isn't really going to be the issue. it will be that you are traveling less than posted speeds. down wires because of all that heavy snow, times three in mount laurel, hartford road closed near wilmington university, elbow lane closed near hartford road and church road is closed near country club septa. broad street, regional rails back to buses, some suspended or detoured. make sure you check your schedules than line, jim, over to you. new this morning two people were taken to the hospital after a fire in the lawn dale section of northeast philadelphia this is video from the scene on the 6900 block of rising sun avenue. we know that the call came in just before 3:30 this morning. it took about 20 minutes for fire fighters to gain the upper hand but two people were taken to einstein, so far in word on their condition. crew are still working to restore power to tens of thousands office people throughout the region. >> peco reports 60,000
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customers are without power, mostly in bucks county. pse and g has 92,000 customers without power. ppl the number is almost 3,000 and, just over 8,000 ac electric customers are in the dark. seventy-four del marva customers are without power. again, as i just said there among places hardest hit is bucks county where most of the power outages are this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live, in richboro which saw the most snow in pennsylvania, good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning, richboro got 16 inches of snow, and boy, oh , boy did it do a whole lot of damage. peco says its crews are working around the clock in bucks county alone to restore close to 47,000 customers, with power, but if you remember from just 30 minutes ago that is down from 51,000 customers. so some progress is being made here this morning. some of these people in bucks county of been without power for a week now, since that last nor'easter, you can see here, the damage left behind,
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this is bustleton pike and tan yard road, in bucks county. a sexist still closed. it is because of that down tree and pur line there in the middle of the street. fortunately though as you can see lights are back on in this area but that wet, heavy snow added to a already saturated ground. it has done so much damage in the bucks county and delaware and lehigh valleys. neighbors in bucks county wasted in time starting this latest run of clean up. this is croyden where neighbors had a large oak tree down on magnolia avenue. it fell during that wind and heavy snow. woman was inside when that tree came down, she was not hurt. a few blocks from this location neighbors on garfield street were hard at work too their power went out mid afternoon when a transformer blew, take a listen. >> all of this snow and everything was falling and it sounded like something coming through for west all of the trees breaking down.
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i saw this big, blue, ball of light and then two seconds later another ball have light which was flames. so i called peco. i let them know. our lights were flickering on and off and after that happened within two minutes, power's out. >> this is worst. these lines are down, stretched, trees are down more than last week, a lot more. >> reporter: that is exactly what we're seeing here in richboro this morning. peco says it has its emergency operations center opened, all available personnel working around the clock to get power restored to people still in the dark this morning but as you can see a whole lot of work still need to be done. reporting live from richboro, bucks county jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back to you. a lot of people will be digging out today, if you have not been outside yet you are in for a real work out. that snow is thick and extremely heavy, some cases it may be difficult to use a snow blower but you may have to do it old school way just use a
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shovel and all that heavy snow did a real number on trees, of course, as we mentioned it brought this one down near broad and morris street in south philadelphia. >> when i pulled up, we heard a crackling sound and then all of a sudden a tree went right down, right toward broad street. >> the city is asking residents don't park too close to street corners, and that is to make room for clean up crew s who still need to get by in those large trucks. mean while we are checking to see if the snow, slush and isis still a big problem this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live in the mobile weather watcher. so last time we saw you, were you in south philadelphia. you have made your way now to manayunk what are you seeing on the roads right there. >> reporter: oh, yeah, rahel over in south philadelphia things were pretty much smooth sailing. they did an excellent job cleaning that area, even small streets were plowed but here in manayunk it is a little bit of a different story l meet show show you here. this is herman street. you can see that is a layer of
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snow still on the roadways and we have seen this quite a bit in this area so definitely will want to take it easy, here as things can get slick quickly. in order to get here to manayunk from south philadelphia we took kelly drive and i'll tell you we were slipping and sliding a little bit, even though i was driving in the major roadways, in our area they were plowed there were slick spots in the roadway. were you talking about the re freezing overnight. you will want to be careful even though the road may look clear, they could be, those slick spots but here in the neighborhoods, this is i'm trying to see, in manayunk and you can really see that people will have, some difficultity in these neighborhood on these secondary streets getting out, we're in the mobile weather watcher which gives us a little bit more power but it is a little rocky here and it is in the completely plowed. so deaf fitly as you have been
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saying all morning depending on where you live you will want to take that extra time to dig yourself out and also to run those, warmers on your car. i mean, even my street was plowed, over in north philadelphia, and i still had to turn on those defrosters in my car. you know, depending in the city you will see different things here in manayunk, definitely take extra time. we are live from the mobile weather watcher i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, trang do drive safely. falling entries are the reason. this is crescent road in cherry hill. strong wind and weight of the snow knocked several trees over. big clean up effort is underway. people live in delaware county of a lot of work to do as well. >> many cleared snow after dark. residents of broomall were snow blowing hear driveways after they got home from a licensing day at work. they relied on their teenage
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tours get the work done but everybody said they just kept going at it. >> real heavy, giving me trouble on the sidewalk but this seems to be going pretty good. >> not too bad. i have a couple kids home here too. they were helpful in doing the work for me. i just had to did last clean ups, before the you mr.s came in and pushed it from the driveway. >> professional snowplow operators cleared several inches of snow from shopping centers in that area. they work all through the storm and in the night. >> reporter: our coverage continues in a few minutes. we will show you where cars were stuck in snow in new jersey. at first glance this appears to be a normal scene but that is no police officer, we will tell you where a teenager was caught impersonating law enforcement and what the real cops said. open raise making money moves, she made cash off of her weight watchers stock. we will tell what you she's doing with some of the profits ♪
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>> listen, jim, open raise always making money. you are going your own way to work to make your own money moves, be careful on the roads , there are plenty of slick and icy spots. cbs-3 mobile weather watchers out there. we will check delays when what he come back.
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weather satellites beamed these images back from earth. you can see what caused thunder snow the storm's billowing convection. down here on planet earth, video of the down power line sparking in the snow. this is cell phone video from the town of bridge water in some it set county, new jersey no reports of injuries but several hundred peep did lose power in bridge water a cross the county there were to thousand power outages. yesterday's winter weather left a lot of people stranded on the highways in new jersey. drivers were stuck on route 280 in essex county and route 78 in last night new jersey state police responded to more than 500 crashes.
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they also responded to more than, 900 calls of stuck cars. and, further north in massachusetts people across the state are waking up to snow, plenty of it, some parts were expecting more than a foot of snow while coastal parts were expecting flooding. the storm brought white out conditions during the evening rush, and two to 3 inches of snow were falling an hour in some places, lot of snow. and cbs this morning has reports from new jersey, and massachusetts, coming up at 7:00, that airs right here after "eyewitness news" this morning on cbs-3. 5:15. chille has another check of the forecast. what a mess. today we are talking about sun and melting of that snow. lets look live at bethlehem in northampton county where folks saw two to 7 inches of snow. look at that fresh powder on the ground. still, not a powder, it is a wet, heavy snow that fell from yesterday's system because
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there was water content in the snow with temperatures very close to freezing. we are still dealing with nor'easter, aftermath, and continue, clean up as we take to you our weather computer graphic. we will watch for icy roads, snow on the trees this morning and on the power lines, and falling limbs, still a possibility, and additional power outages until we get really good melting going on by later this afternoon. temperature has dropped now to 33 degrees in philadelphia, 32 . thirty-three in millville. thirty-four in atlantic city. thirty-three in dover. you can see these temperatures are very close to freezing, too close for comfort, so we have that icy spots on the roads and meisha will talk about that coming up. but below freezing in pottstown. west chester, men willow grove doyletown, these folks are right around 30 degrees. below freezing conditions, just be careful out there on the road this is morning. watch out for slick spots. mainly wet spots, as we head into the midday hours, wet roads, as we head into the evening commute, we should see
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improving conditions. snowfall totals impressive, richboro where jan carabao thinks morning. 16 inches of snow. we saw 6.1 inches at philadelphia international. we have 44 down the shore. ocean city pick up, around 3 inches of snow. fresh powder up in the poconos with a high temperature of 34. it will feel chillier though, with winds in the west/ northwest at five to 15 miles an hour, right here in philadelphia, we're looking at, wind chill values today in the 30's but a high temperature of 35 degrees. tons of sunshine, certainly should help with that, melting potential. you're witness weather seven day forecast, 43 as we head into friday. isolated snow shower cannot be ruled out. a couple of flurries. as we head in the weekend sunday night into monday watching for potential for northeast ter number three. we will talk about that next half an hour, meisha. >> you know, they say three times a charm, thanks very much, chelsea. let's hope somehow, some way that third possible nor'easter , just slide on by
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us, because we are still dealing with the remnants of the yesterday's, we are still talking about it, and what mainly has me concerned is anything that could potentially, or will have, maybe, healthed, and refreeze and then we will get black ice situation. so far that is not what we have been seeing, just yet, maybe icy conditions but no accidents, or spin outs to report so far this morning. so, schuylkill at the blue route this was an absolute mess, yesterday, take lights moving in the westbound direction. this is really where we saw a lot of problems, right now everything is looking good. same story here, woodhaven road at mill brooke road. absolute mess yesterday, looking good right now. you can see the sheen on the roadway and you are not going to be sure if that is wet in certain areas or if that is re freezing, black ice. so take it easy out there we have did have a down tree in pitman, new jersey on route 47 , that has now been since cleared but we do have down wires in mount laurel times three that we will talk about in the next 10 minutes or so, rahel and jim, back over to
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you. now we have newspaper headlines. >> delaware county daily time public utility commission ordered shut down of the sunoco mariner east one pipeline, bureau of the investigation enforcement called for the suspects after three sink holes opened up on lease drive at the site of the pipeline construction. from the trenton, homes on e state street in hamilton township could be demolished for affordable housing units this comes after three years after a six alarm fire destroyed row homes and displays had four people. spirit of the delaware county students at academy park high school plan to establish an african student association, this comes after most of the african-american students i am formerly polled at the school could not identify five countries on the continent of africa. they hope to host programs showcasing african culture. >> that is newspaper headlines around the delaware and lehigh valleys. up next, pat's here with morning sports, good morning, pat good morning, guys after digging out and getting to the wells fargo center yesterday will the flyers have enough in
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the tank to take over first place? we will get you caught up on the flyers, penguins plus details of the michael bennet trade to the birds, coming up in the ross spring dress event. it's here. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. whether you want to stand out from the crowd or dance the night away. from a weekend getaway to that special celebration. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event, on now. ♪ you're gotta go to ross.
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welcome back. it was icy outside and inside wells fargo certainty last night. >> pat has highlights from the penguins/flyers game. it was a huge divisional match up between flyers and penguins last night and with the win it could have push orange and black into first place, but they ran out of gas they got a jolt of energy as michael kendrick and, jason kelce were in the house,
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singing fly eagles fly, super bowl champs on the tour of fun second period flyers down one to nothing, patrick throws to it jay voracek in the corner and he throws it back in front and deflect in, and it is one-one. travis konecny gets strong, he chips home the lose puck, 18th of the season, flyers jump ahead two-one. that is when things fall apart pittsburgh would score four unanswered, connor sherry would score two of them. this one gives penguins the lead for good. they beat flyers five-two. they take over first place in the metro. >> we had a good second and we had momentum and they got a few goals and it is frustrating. we have a big game tonight for us and we didn't answer and it is really frustrating. off season? what off season. while eagles fans continue to celebrate a super bowl title
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howie roseman continues to make big moves. yesterday acquired a three time pro bowler, the bird is a greed to a deal for defensive end michael bennet, last season he had eight and a half sacks and 24 quarterback hits with seattle and over a 10 year career has had 54 sacks and a super bowl title of his own. he does turn 33 in november and his salary cap number could be in the neighborhood of five and a half million-dollar. the deal cannot officially be announced until next week with the new league year beginning but here are those details, they send out wide out marcus johnson and fifth round pick in salt n return they get bennet and seventh rounder. many of the bird where is fired up on twitter, here's carson wentz, going to miss playing with my man marcus johnson, keep grinding and keep believing. at the same time welcome to the squad, michael bennet, excited to have you, also i'm very glad i don't to have play our d line, #, nasty.
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we have also a great example of teamwork coming out of yesterday's nor'easter. northeastern women's basketball team bus got stuck in the snow at st. joes yesterday. so they hopped out, and they pushed. they were practicing at st. joes for the colonial athletic association tournament, at drexel, the team plays delaware, later today, i love teamwork. >> yes. >> can you imagine, trying to push the bus out, it would be the most confusing scene. >> i would be directing, yes. >> he would be yelling, screaming, go there, go there. >> yes. >> thanks, patrick. coming up next on "eyewitness news" our storm aftermath coverage continues. >> chelsea has an update on the forecast as we continue to dig out and navigate through icy streets, jan. and i'm jan carabao coming to you live from bucks county this morning one of the hardest hit areas, in yesterday's nor'easter, straight ahead, the number of
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people still in the dark this morning, and just how much progress peco's make to go get everyone back on line, trang do? and i'm trang do live from the mobile weather watcher giving you a look at your road as cross the city and telling you just where you will need to take some extra time getting to work, we will be right
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i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute, today, thursday march 8th. >> it is what it is. >> i would like to see it get fixed quickly. >> second time in the week widespread power outages in the area. >> peco tells us its crews are working around the clock to restore power to 51,000 customers in bucks county alone. >> heaviest snow i have ever work with. >> big clean up is also underway. >> city crews have done a excellent job, with the road is here, this is south 20th street, it is pretty much clear. eagles make a big trade bringing in three tim


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