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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 8, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute, today, thursday march 8th. >> it is what it is. >> i would like to see it get fixed quickly. >> second time in the week widespread power outages in the area. >> peco tells us its crews are working around the clock to restore power to 51,000 customers in bucks county alone. >> heaviest snow i have ever work with. >> big clean up is also underway. >> city crews have done a excellent job, with the road is here, this is south 20th street, it is pretty much clear. eagles make a big trade bringing in three time pro
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bowler michael bennet. mcdonald's making a statement to mark international women's day. >> i think every day is international women's day because without women this world wouldn't be going around it is gone viral. the food that appears to cry, and scream, while being cooked kind of creepy. plant based food that is quite popular in japan. >> could you eat that, with that sound. >> if it tastes good. >> no, i could not. i have enough problems eating meat disconnecting. >> if it moves then i would have a problem but noise, no. >> lets send it tout chelsea. frequenting out about this weather today because compared to yesterday it would be so much better. >> so much better, rahel and jim. sunshine in the forecast. i am concerned about
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temperatures right now especially considering a lot of areas will be dropping below freezing as we head throughout the next hour. lets look at numbers across the region. we are checking in at 33 degrees in philadelphia 32 in wilmington. thirty-one in reading. why is this a problem? well, you obviously know we have quite a bit of snow, some melted, so slick spots are certainly possible as we are heading outside the door this morning. meisha will have more on that coming up. your forecast, you will be on the rise, as we head in the noon hour, 45 degrees as we head in the afternoon. tons of sunshine though. so that is going to be helping with that melting. total snow so far this season. so, 22.2 inches of snow, in philadelphia that is just, .2 inches, below our seasonal average. keeping an eye on things, also , potential for, nor'easter, number three, i'll have details, coming up in just a few minutes. for now, back over to you, meisha. >> nor'easter number three,
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all right, chelsea, thanks very much. good morning. looking outside right now, this camera shot 95 near bridge street is looking good. 202 at welsh road looking kind of similar to what we are seeing in a lot of places. we have refrozen over slushy stuff, we have snow, certain areas that looks wet, that could be refrozen ice. the good news, however is that this morning, since we do not know if it is wet or fit is re frozen over, we have not had that many problems areas out there but, we do have what now has popped up in ambler 309 north bound ramp to butler pike is closed because of an accident, and taking a look at how slick those conditions look, take it easy out there travel less than posted speeds we have another accident in chadsford where a vehicle hit a guardrail we have injuries here, route one baltimore pike west of route 202. heads up on. that they are starting to pop up a little bit. we have down wires in mount laurel hartford road closed at wilmington university. he will he university is
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closed near hartford lane and church road is closed near country club parkway. we have speed restrictionness place. new jersey turnpike 45 miles an hours and all of the other restrictions we were talking about yesterday, the good news , those have lifted, guys, back over to you. incredible video shows a transformer explosion in croyden bucks county. twitter user posted this with well, if anyone is wondering why croyden lost power. >> bucks county is among the hardest hit by the winter storm. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is in richboro where people are waking up in the dark, good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. if you are keeping track at home you will remember at 43,030th i said peco's working around the clock to restore power. come 5:00 that number dropped to 46,000 customers, and now the number has dropped a little bit more to just over 46,000, customers, here in bucks county, alone. thinks hardest hit area for peco in the philadelphia
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suburbs and it is becoming frustrating for people still waking up in the dark because many of them have been in the dark since last friday's nor'easter. lets take a live look behind me on the scene, at bustleton pike and tanyard road in richboro, bucks county. you can see a section of the road is still closed because of what crews have been dealing with all week long. down trees and power lines, fortunately, this area does have power, this morning, but you know what that wet, heavy snow, added to an already saturated ground that has done so much damage not only here in bucks county but throughout the delaware valley. take a lot at video, neighbors wasted no time at all yesterday starting this latest round of clean up, this is croyden where, neighbors, have a large oak tree on magnolia avenue. it fell due to the wind and heavy snow. a woman was inside of her home nearby when that very old tree , came crashing down, fortunately she was not hurt and then just a few blocks away neighbors or are hard at work too their power went out
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mid afternoon when a transformer blew. they were bracing for a long night, take a listen. >> i have a one year-old daughter, and it is very cold outside, so it will be cold in the house. >> reality of what it is. i would like to see it get fixed quickly but we will wait and see what happens. >> reporter: this morning peco tells us it has emergency operations center, opened and all available personnel working safely to restore power, as you heard, thousands of people are still without power, this morning, and peco will have 4,000 employees, and contractors hard at work throughout the day-to-day. they say you should see power start going on rapidly when the sun comes up later on this morning, of course, we will keep you up to date. we are live from richboro, bucks county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. trang do is in the mobile weather watcher, navigating the roads. she has been giving us a firsthand look at what lies
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ahead for your morning commute >> right now she's live in west mt. airy. so how is it looking right there. >> reporter: hi, guys, we are just moving along and i'll tell you here in the northwest of the city, things are a little bit more dicey then what we saw in south philadelphia. we will take a look here. this is our roof camera, this is kind of the worse, that we have seen, so far this morning , you can clearly see, chunks of snow, in the roadway , and, you know, it seems like it has been plowed a little or it has been just cars driving through and making their way but, as you can tell, it is a pretty rocky drive, wow, there we go, and similar conditions, over on certain streets in manayunk, just from what i have been eye balling here compared to south philadelphia it does seem like there was a lot more snow that fell here as opposed to south philadelphia which was pretty much, clear even the side streets, but take a look at this road, this is a street that is just completely, snow, ice covered. we saw the jeep, just a moment
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ago come through here with a little bit of difficulty. if you live in the north, and west of the city, you are definitely going to want to take some extra time because right now, i mean it is just us on the roads but it will be lots of volume as people go back to work today, as many areas of the city are, perfectly clear, and including broad street, and kelly drive as well as i-95 but again as usual on these secondary road they have in the got tone them just yet. so i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> frank do i know you cannot see jim but he is having a hard time watching your shot. >> i get car sick, so i'm fine now when i see you, i need to be in control of the vehicle, i have controllish yous report report report i don't get car sick and i'm car sick in here. >> riding in a horse and buggy would be like. >> all right. >> thanks. >> we will check with you later. "eyewitness news" cameras were out at 12th and market
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streets overnight where parts of the sidewalk are block off because of fallen ice, and it is not good here. if you are coming in the city to day watch out for dangerous prospects of falling ice wearing your ear budds while you walk. teacher in manchester township ocean county is on the mend after she was struck by lightening during the snowstorm. >> it happened yesterday afternoon on ridgeway road, authorities say that the woman holding an umbrella when the lightening struck. she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. well, folks in south jersey give yourself some extra time today if you are heading to work, the late winter blast made for a sloppy commute yesterday in moorestown, burlington county. snow led to down limbs and slow going on the roads and if that was not enough, there was also, some thunder snow. >> i was inside, comfortably, nice and warm, and then i heard a loud cracking and i ran outside, frankly scared me a little bit. >> definitely not something i was expect to go day. >> different experience, seeing lightening and thunder in the middle of all this white, snow and ice and
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everything. i never expected that to happen. >> road crews were working throughout the night, so it will be easier for, drivers around this morning as they get around. up next, we will show you, tell but some new m and m flavors and why one is going to be sitting around. plus paris jackson is making her big screen acting debut we will preview her new role, coming up, chelsea. jim and rahel, i'm tracking sunshine, so lots of melting expected today and potentially another coastal system as we head in the later part of the weekend we will have details coming up but first your cure auto insurance , travel forecast.
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just kind of ties in very well. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ i got to tell you late michael jackson's daughter paris jackson is making her big screen debut. >> hey, stranger. >> what are you doing here. >> you disappeared on us. >> jackson appears alongside
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cher lease theron in gringo she plays a role of the seductive criminal in the film it opens up in theaters, tomorrow. nobody is giving up around here and don't you forget it, ever. >> i got to tell you san francisco's rocky theater is having a special screening of the new movie, idle dogs, people can bring their dogs to the movie, i know, i will be in san francisco, soon, it happens march 19th. movie release is, the 24th. kristin chenowith is jim hit show mom, she play a strength coach who tries to cleanse energy of christie, played by anna furis after a run in with bonnie over a parking spot. janne just won an oscar for her role in i tanya. mom airs tonight at 9:00 on cbs-3. >> i do like kristin chenowith >> i love her. >> she was in wicked on broadway, amazing voice. >> we will see. >> i love her.
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>> weather-wise today, so, we have good news for today. >> today but i see is what coming down the pike here. >> it is not a guarantee i will say that. all models are not on board with what could happen this weekend. we will talk about that but for today we will enjoy a nice quiet day weather-wise. i get a break and breathe a little bit. take a live look at bethlehem camera in northampton county. folks pick up two to 7 inches of snow, quite a range, but a beautiful scene as we are's waking up this morning, however, you can see slick roads, potentially, maybe talking about some icy conditions as we are waking up this morning. our weather watchers have been submitting tons of reports, of reports, for us, since yesterday, and we so appreciate it. you guys are certainly our eyes, on the ground, and keeping us up to date with what is going on, and we will show you a look at some photos that people have sent in, and also from temperatures, i mean , we're talking about temperatures below freezing for a lot of our weather watchers. right around 32 degrees for
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eileen in gilbertsville, ed says it is 31 in his backyard. bill in cardington 31. john in perkasie right around 30 degrees. so this is where we could see some problem spots, some slick spots, because that slush could have refrozen, especially with temperatures below freezing or near freezing in many of these areas. lynn, in cherry hill right around 32 degrees. right around freezing. twenty-nine for john. he lives in mullica, new jersey. look at the temperatures now, cross the entire delaware valley. we have 31 in reading. we have seen the numbers drop to around 32 degrees in, wilmington. we're at 33 now in philadelphia 33 in millville. thirty-four in atlantic city. i will tell you if you are stepping outside, number one watch out for slick spots but also, dress warmly because, it feels like 209's when we factor in the wind out there so, you know, we have that potential for some messy conditions, as we step outside this morning, and chilly conditions as well, we have had a record snowfall in wilmington, 4.6 inches, yesterday that beats the old record setback in 1969 of 2.6
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and record snowfall also in philadelphia, 6.1 inches beating the old record of 4 inches, setback during the same year. and so yeah, lets talk about what potentially could becoming our way as we head in the ladder part of the weekend time frame we're thinking sunday night into monday. gfs model, american model, bring this low right up the coast, possible nor'easter developing sunday night into monday and that means we have rain, snow potential in the forecast. totally different story when we look at european model, this storm cuts down to the south, so as i was saying to jim and rahel, all of the models are not on board with this. this is something we will be watching very closely, as we head, in the next couple of days and we will keep you posted especially heading in to the weekend. tons of sunshine today. we will get a lot of melting going on, a high temperature of 45 degrees, take a look at your seven day forecast, we have potential for a couple of flurries, isolated snow shower as we head into friday, and then this weekend we will
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spring, forward, and potential coastal storm on our hands sunday night into monday. again, not a guarantee, and then tuesday, some flurries, 42 degrees and 44 as we head into your wednesday. but meisha, right now i'm concerned about those temperatures very close to or below freezing this morning. >> i got to tell you i cannot seem to catch a break, i'm heading for minneapolis where it is colder and coming back where there might be a third nor'easter here. good morning, everybody. happy, what day are we on, happy thursday, good morning. we're looking outside like chelsea said, yes, i think the main concern on the roadways this morning is what would potentially, have melted, it is now refreezing over, and some areas it is looking wet, you can see the splatter off the tire, and in other areas it is looking like black ice, so you are not really going to know where it is, just because of those temperatures, where we are, and we will not know if it is black ice or fit is wet, unless we actually, see that it is wet, and even there you might get a pocket of what has refrozen over. just be careful.
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we have an accident here 309 southbound near susquehanna road, this is in ambler, pulled off to the far right and we will be tapping our brakes as we travel on by and volume levels in this area, they are starting to heat up. now, we have another accident, out here in chads ford where our vehicle hit a guardrail. it does have injuries involved route one baltimore pike west of route 202, another area, give yourself a couple minutes down wires in mount laurel. hartford road closed near wilmington university. elbow lane closed. church road is closed near country club parkway, jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. in other news a bill that restricts gun sales and allows teach tears carry weapons to school ills on its way to florida governor rick scott. members of the florida house approved the measure yesterday the bill is in response to the deadly shooting, at mar junior i stoneman douglas high school in park land, florida. seventeen people were killed in that shooting last movement and president trump is, still finalizing his plan time pose stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum, the president wants to slap a 25 percent import tax on steel and 10
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percent on aluminum but u.s. allies like canada and mexico, could temporarily, be exempt. some republican leaders are concerned that the plan could spark a international trade war, and harm u.s. businesses. a california teenager is in jail this morning after police say he impersonated a san bernardino sheriff's deputy. jasmine generals says that the 14 year-old boy pulled up to her house in a ford explorer with flashing lights, and she said that he asked if there was a domestic disturbance there when she answered, some of his questions, jones says he took off, jones says that she thought the whole situation seemed a little bit fishy and called police once the boy left. >> i just saw the police uniform and said that does look right, you know, belt buckle, i said he looks a little bit older. >> is what up with kid these days. police found the boy inside that white suv and arrested him. face of weight watchers
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oprah winfrey shed her stock shares in the company, nearly a quarter of her stake, according to the filings winfrey sold shares for a range of about $58, $64 per share. winfrey said she plans to give those proceed to charity and stresses move was meant to balance her portfolio, nothing more. here's a big step, m and m flavor to melt in your mouth not in your hand. limited addition is crunchy espresso. >> espresso, wow. >> crunchy raspberry, and crunchy mint. only one will stay on the shelves. fans will to have vote and cast their vote by twitter to see which won would stay. >> which one would you do. >> espresso. >> espresso. >> yes. >> i don't want mint. >> i like raspberry. up next, we will show you unique ways world is celebrating international women's day. >> also ahead do you worry about work. >> not really. >> actually, me either. >> we have result of how much sleep is who by people anxious over their jobs, we will be right
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5:54. thursday morning a lot of
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people take work issues home with them. >> for many work issues keep them up at night. new survey fines 15 percent of professionals lose sleep, because of work stress very often. 29 percent say it happens somewhat often. study shows men are affect more often then women, experts say if you cannot balance work and home it is time to make a change. >> are you in the right line of work? are you overwhelmed? do you need to talk to your boss about your current level of responsibility? >> survey also found that 13 percent of american workers never lose a wink of sleep thinking about their jobs and i'm one of them. today is international women's day, in france, actors, producers are promoting their version of the times up movement. >> group brought their message to the iconic eiffel tower, words now we act, women in french are illuminated on the monument. bridge celebrated with the ceremony. they want to pursue legal action, for sexual assault victims. back here stateside, hard to miss these golden arch
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necessary linwood, california. mcdonald's franchises honoring international women's day by flipping the golden arches upside down to make a w. today 100 other mcdonald's restaurants will sport, arches , all of them are owned by women. upside down logo would be seen on packages and employee uniforms. well, coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" much more on the storm clean up and word of the a third, yes, i said a third, nor'easter possibly heading our way. >> chelsea will break that down. tattoo 101, pat gallen goes to a local college to learn about tattoos, find out why it is considered a criminal justice course. >> and in healthwatch testing your risk for breast cancer from home, it was just approved by f.d.a. see how it works coming up
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we are live with the number of outages and when customers can expect lights to come back on. roads are slick, many snow covered and some of the won cleared refreeze overnight, mobile weather watcher is live patrolling streets to give you an idea what to expect. and as we clean up from this nor'easter, another nor'easter is heading our way, yes that will make a third potential storm in less than two weeks. >> i'm glad you told them i didn't to have. it is thursday march 8th good morning i'm jim donovan. >> thanks a lot.
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i'm rahel solomon. there are several school delays and cancellations. you can find that at bottom of the screen or cbs >> lets he bring in chelsea and meisha as we get back to normal. >> well, busy, we starred off this morning, there wasn't much other than down wires, you know, down tree here or there but now accident after accident after accident is starting to heat up out there. >> it makes sense. when we first came on air temperatures were above freezing but since then numbers have dropped below freezing. in many locations look at wilmington at least right now at freezing, 32 degrees there. thirty-one in reading. we are at 28 now in lancaster. and temperatures are just way too close to freezing for comfort this morning, 33 degrees in millville. and 33 in atlantic city. up to 34 now in philadelphia but still, there is some areas , where temperatures are just, too close for comfort. and as we head throughout the day-to-day, by the noon time hour making it up to 41 degrees. by 3:00, 45. mostly sunny conditions, it will feel more like 30's
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