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california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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- pick up. - what's this ? it's what you ordered. "grilled pork tenderloin." well, it never looked like that before. i tried something a little different this time. - a little different ? - why don't you just serve it ? the customer is waiting. all right. you asked for it. wow ! that was better than last fourth of july. - are you all right, jamal ? - i'm okay. i'm not so sure about the alarm system. - where's mr. brashov ? - right here. i'm sorry about that mr. brashov, but i'm sure i can fix it. no problem.
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- what happened ? - oh, i crossed some wires. too bad you missed it, mr. brashov. the fireworks were terrific. i heard it. that was enough. how long will it take you to fix it, jamal ? oh. i'm not sure. i have to read the instructions again. sometimes it's hard to believe that jamal is an engineer. that's the trouble. he is an engineer, not a repairman. repair person, mr. brashov. thank you, rosa. if he had not been laid off, jamal would be designing bridges and highways right now. - but not burglar alarms. - no. not burglar alarms. look who i found. - hi, jess. - there's a stack of dishes waiting for you, henry. i live to wash dishes. what'll it be, jess ? - what ? - i asked you what you wanted. oh, sorry. how about a cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie ? - something different for a change. - what ? - never mind. - katherine. has anybody called me from the restaurant
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news ? - not since you asked me an hour ago. - maybe they sent a letter. i gave you all the mail this morning. victor, you look upset. what's the problem ? it's this newspaper. i'm trying to get them to come to crossroads cafe. - the restaurant news. - they list all the restaurants in town... and interview the owners. it would be a good way to attract new customers. we should be in there. why don't you call them ? i already have and now i am waiting for an answer. what do you need with a dancer ? i didn't say dancer. i said answer. you should speak more clearly. i'm sorry. i'll get it. no ! i'll get it. crossroads cafe. good afternoon ! yes, we deliver. that will take 25 minutes. thank you. - not the restaurant news ? - not
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yet. i'll get it. crossroads cafe. good afternoon. no, i'm sorry. you have the wrong number. may i speak with you for a minute ? can you fix the burglar alarm ? i think so but i have to check another manual that i have at home. do you think that i could leave early this afternoon ? to go home and read the manual ? no. i need to drive across town to pick up my baby-sitter. you're going out tonight ? yes. a man i worked for in cairo... is visiting the united states on an official tour, and there is a reception in his honor tonight. it sounds very important. jihan and i would like to go and pay our respects to him. of course you can leave early for such a special occasion. thank you, mr. brashov. i'm really glad you said that, mr. brashov because tomorrow night there's this rock concert, and i would really appreciate it-- i'm sorry, henry but that is not such a special occasion. but it's my favorite band ! you said the same thing when you left early last week. yeah, but that band has slipped off the charts.
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- it-- it did what ? - don't ask. how am i ever going to improve my english when people talk so funny ? would you like some fresh coffee, jess ? - more government spending stories ? - what ? i asked if you'd like some fresh coffee. why don't you speak up ? sure, i'd like some more. everybody mumbles all the time. - what are you doing, victor ? - can i talk to you for a moment, my friend ? let's go in the office where we can have more privacy. what's going on ? in here. - i was just leaving mr. brashov. - have a good evening. i really appreciate this. and i want you to know... that i'll be in early tomorrow to fix that burglar alarm. - i promise you. - don't worry about it. good night, mr. washington. what's he talking about, fixing the farm ?
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alarm. jess, my friend, i think you may be having a hearing problem. are you kidding me ? my hearing is just as good as it ever was ! i'm sorry, jess. i don't think it is. but that's nothing to be ashamed of. i may be getting old but i'm just as fit as a young man. you don't believe me. come on. i'll prove it to you. what are you doing ? i'm challenging you to an arm wrestle. - come on. this is silly.ll show you who's old and weak. i never said that ! stop wasting time, victor. put your arm on the table. ready ? one, two, three. go. you win. you let me win. that doesn't prove anything. i think you beat me. i did not cheat you ! but if that's the way you feel then forget the whole thing !
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he doesn't hear what we're saying ! isn't this wonderful ? yes, it's very elegant. but i feel out of place here. why ? this is how it was for us before we came to this country but now things are different. but they can be like this again. if i can have a few moments with el sayed abdul salam, i'm sure that he will be willing to help. help how ? do you want to go back to cairo ? of course not. we have come to stay, but perhaps he could put in a good word-- you will be an engineer again. this is only temporary. abdullah ! mohammed ! gamal ! what a surprise ! el salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. el salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. - what are you doing here ? - we are part of the visiting delegation.
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how marvelous to see you both. el salam alaikum. salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. alaikum el salam jihan. how wonderful to see you. and you. - how are your families ? - everybody is well. they send their regards. balaam just celebrated her seventh birthday. please send our best wishes. of course. and the little baby is doing well ? yes. she is growing so fast. it's hard to believe. - and becoming quite a handful. - i can imagine. so. all is well with you ? yes. last year i headed the cairo project and i'm proud to report it went even better than planned. good for you. and you, mohammed ? i've been lucky enough to become the senior management consultant. congratulations. it's so good to hear of both of your successes. thank you. but i'm sure what we have done is nothing compared to what you have done. yes, we are very eager to find out about your success in the united states. we always knew you were going to go far. my throat is so dry. i could do with some water. tell us, how is your job at whitestone engineering ? have you tried the mahshi ? they're delicious. don't you agree
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? yes, they are fine. but we want to hear about gamal. so you must have been promoted by now ? actually, i am no longer with whitestone. oh, you're not ? what is the reason for that ? it was my decision. i am now in the restaurant business. congratulations ! that is just like you. - it is ? - so what's the name of the restaurant ? - crossroads cafe. it's downtown. - do you serve egyptian food ? actually, it's international. we serve all kinds of food from mexican to romanian. knowing you, i'm sure you have plenty of customers ? yes, we are usually quite busy ! i cannot wait to go back home... and tell everyone that gamal al-jibali owns his very own restaurant in america ! well, it's not exactly what you think. that's our gamal: modest, as usual. ah, look. here is el sayed malaad. we must say hello. gamal. we will talk later. sure. congratulations, my friend. we wish you the best of luck in your new business.
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oh, gamal. why didn't you say something ? i'm sorry, but i couldn't just tell them the truth ! when they knew me, i was an important civil engineer, and now i'm just a handyman. you should not be ashamed of what you do. you work very hard. i'm proud of you. so, it was only a small lie. what harm could it possibly do ? [ narrator ] victor valenski and john waco: two men who found themselves without a job... for very different reasons. victor valenski was a university professor... before he moved to the united states 14 months ago. right now i'm a pizza man and driver... because it's very difficult... to find job in my profession. [ narrator ] john waco was caug in the layoffs...
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that devastated the aerospace industry. he had been ouof work for two years when he heard about a retraining program... for engineers who had lost their jobs. i was contacted by the redeployment center at northrop, and they told me about the education for teachers... at cal state dominguez. [ narrator ] the program provides both training and support... for men and women at a difficult time in their lives. typically, a participant is someone in their midforties, and so they have a number of family pressures: mortgages and kids in college and those types of things. it's helping that individual look at a different occupation... and a different set of requirements, both physical and intellectual than what he or she has experienced in her former work. [ waco ] every day is a new experience with the kids. it's just something about teaching young people. it makes the whole new experience worthwhile for me.
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[ narrator ] as for victor valenski his job as a delivery man is only the begiginning. [ valenski ] i have a dream to have computer. and my job as a pizza man paid good money, and i bought it. and i think i will work it two or three months, not more. i know that pizza man is not end of my career in united states. i know, i believe, i trust. i am sure that i find good job, step by step. would you like me to bring you a cup of coffee, mr. brashov ? no, thank you, katharine. i have to finish this... and get to the bank before they close. you haven't told me about your party, jamal. how was it ? - it was all right. - and did you see your friend ? yes, i saw him. i have to get another part from the utility room. i'll be right back.
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good afternoon ! you were here yesterday, weren't you ? yes. you loved the cooking so much that you had to co back r some more, right ? no. i work down the block and i only get a half hour. this is the closest place to eat. what'll you have ? what's fast ? well, there's-- - do you want to answer it ? - no, you go ahead. excuse me. crossroads cafe. may i help you ? yes, he is. would you hold on for a moment please ? mr. brashov, it's the restaurant news. i knew they would call. hello ? yes this is the owner of crossroads cafe. - what's going on ? - the restaurant news finally called. i am looking forward to it. thank you. - so ? - tell us ! - what's going on ? - that was the restaurant news. - we already know that. what did
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they say ? they say a reporter is coming to the restaurant to interview the owner. - oh, when are they coming ? - the reporter wants to show up without notice so he can see the cafe under normal conditions. i'll bet he'll want to interview the rest of us, too. sure, you can show him some of your dish-washing techniques. and i'll fix one of my best recipes. - that'll either cure them or kill them. - what do you mean by that ? now, look. we have to be on our best behavior. that means you two have to get along. i thought you said they wanted us to act normal. i am sorry i'm late. i forgot the time. just by chance, in this episode, we are learning how to do... what i just did: apologize.
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there are times when each of us must apologize... for something we have done like the people in the situations we are about to see. i need to hurry and close this segment
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of "word play." otherwise, i will have to apologize again because it's time for us to get back to the story. i'm so sorry it took so long. thank you. miss ? can you take this ? we're in a hurry. sure. isn't mr. brashov back from the bank yet ? no. and henry is still out delivering orders, sot's just you and me, kid. it's just me out here, unless i can get jamal to help me clear the dishes. you're not saying much today jamal. anything wrong ? nothing is wrong. i'm just very busy. - so how'd it go last night ? - if you don'tind, katharine i'd really rather not talk about it. ooh. touchy, isn't he ? is there a full moon or something ? because everybody's acting crazy. - you're not referring to me, i hope. - you ? you are always crazy. i mean jess. he hasn't been in... since mr. brashov spoke to him about his hearing. i'm afraid he was insulted. jess
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is very sensitive about his age. do you think we should have called first ? this is america. no. this will be a great surprise for gamal. would you like some coffee while you decide ? yes, thank you. is mr. al-jibali here today ? he just stepped into the back. he should be out in a moment. gamal ! is that you ? we had to see your new business ! how kind of you to stop by ! are you doing some repair work ? yes. my handyman is out to lunch. so i had to fix something myself. i suppose that's the way it is when you have your own business. katharine, bring over some coffee. and where is henry ? he should be back from that delivery by now. so, my friends how do you like my restaurant ? - it is a wonderful little place.
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- very charming. it is, isn't it ? not too pretentious. - rosa, how are you doing on tomorrow's special ? - excuse me ? - what do you think you're doing ? - come along now, katharine. you have work to do ! excuse us one moment. - you can't tell me what to do ! - are you feeling okay ? katharine, meet me in the kitchen this instant. come into the kitchen ! what's wrong with him ? maybe there is a full moon. please. i need to talk to both of you... in the kitchen ! okay. fine. we'd love to see your restaurant's kitchen. do you mind ? - oh, no, no, no ! that's impossible ! - it is ? yes. it's the board of health. they are very strict. only employees are allowed in the kitchen. i have a little problem. okay. but you owe us one. a big one.
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my friends ! welcome to my cafe ! - you have already welcomed us, gamal. - i know ! i felt the need to do it again ! is there anything else i can get you, mr. al-jibali ? - not right now, thank you. - i'll get to work on next week's specials. hello, everybody. you're back already ? oh. good. jamal. i just heard about another robbery down the block. how is the alarm coming along ? i want you to finish hooking it up right away. what are you talking about jamal ? do you allow your employees to use your first name ? oh, we're one big family here. katharine, we have another customer. menus, please. yes, sir ! jamal, all the wires are connected. does that mean the burglar alarm is working ? i don't know. you tell me. what do you mean, tell me ? who is the handyman around here ? - oh. you are ? - i am. oh, victor ! may i talk to you for
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a moment, please ? "victor" ? - what's going on here ? - that handyman seems to have a bad attitude. if you don't mind me saying so perhaps you should replace him. mr. brashov ? i-i mean victor ? no. he can't be replaced. why not ? has he been with you for a long time ? something like that. how's your coffee ? it's good. i'm sorry, boss. i shouldn't have spoken to you that way. i am just having a bad day. it's all right, victor. i understand completely. say something to me. anything. - what's the matter, jess ? - the doctor just cleaned my ears out. but it obviously didn't work. i just thought i heard victor call jamal "boss." - well-- - yes ! well-- what are they saying ? i can't hear a thing. come on in the kitchen, jess. i've got a special that'll explain everything. i thought you said that customers couldn't go into the kitchen. oh ! him ? he is the delivery boy. i just finished my deliveries for the day.
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what else do you want me to do ? i don't know. ask mr. al-jibali. - who ? - jamal. ask jamal. why ? just do it ! - okay. jamal, what do you want me to do next ? - i don't know ! i would like to speak with whoever is the owner of this restaurant. - do you have a complaint, sir ? - no. i'm the critic from the restaurant news. - i would like to know who is the owner. - i am ! - that's me. - i mean, that's him. but someday i would like to own a restaurant of my own just like this. i have some questions about how you first started this restaurant. and i'm supposed to have the answers. that's generally the way it works. - how did you start all this ? - also, i would like to take a picture of you... in front of your restaurant. - now, wait a minute ! - who are you ? he's the handyman. if you're the handyman what do you do around here ? i work on the alarm system.
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i certainly hear that ! - can't you fix it ? - i'd better do it ! but gamal, isn't that the handyman's job ? yes. it is the handyman's job. and i am the handyman. then, if i'm not mistaken, that makes you the owner of this restaurant. yes. this is the owner, mr. victor brashov. i had a hunch that was the case. i'm sorry for the mix-up. it was just an experiment. an experiment ? i'd like to hear more about that. i'm afraid i owe you both an apology. i lied to you. as you can see, i do not own this restaurant. i merely work here as a handyman. why did you feel you had to lie to us ? - i was ashamed to tell you the truth. - what is the truth ? i did not quit my job at whitestone engineering. i was laid off. this was the only job i could find. - you could have told us that. -
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of course. we would have understood. i had failed. and you both had such a lot of faith in me ! oh, gamal, we still have faith in you. you took a big chance when you moved to america. that took a lot of courage. we've always admired you for that. really ? of course. you are our friend. we like you for who yoare. we don't care how successful you are. - thank you, my friend. - maaleshi. i should have just been honest with you in the first place. no harm done, my friend. jamal may be just a handyman now, but he's the best handyman i know. we don't know what we'd do around here without him. why, he can fix anything ! well, almost anything. here you go, mr. brashov. all done. and i promise you it will work this time ! that's fine, jamal. and i hope i never need it. jess, my friend. are you feeling better ?
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i feel fine, victor, now that i know my hearing is okay. and look what i have. a copy of the latest restaurant news. - are we famous ? - hey ! let me see. i'll read it ! no fighting, children. the paper is jess's, and he deserves the honor of reading the article. the title is: "crossroads cafe; who's the boss ? "not only does victor brashov run a successful restaurant "but he's a good friend to his employees; on one occasion... he even let one of them pose as the owner." does it mention about how delicious the food is ? - he mentions that too. - what about how beautifully the meals are presented ? - he says that next. - did he say how fantastic the busboy is ? sorry, henry. maybe next time. but all in all it's an excellent review ! congratulations, everyone. i want to thank you all again. you are good friends to do for me such a big favor.
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mr. brashov, what you did for jamal was wonderful. - thank you, katharine. - if a good friend of mine were to come into town would you do the same for me ? closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles
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crossroads cafe is a series that teaches english... to speakers of other languages. for more information call toll-free:
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