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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 20, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> no apology for the past, but the french president, president hollande, speaks of the truth and nigeria. hello from doha, everyone. the russian president has lashed out at the united states, saying american human rights law is hurtin relations. >> no end in sight after nearly two years of war in syria. we will meet one man who spent the last year trying to keep his
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family alive. the first in a president elected -- first female president elect. for 50 years, algeria has been waiting for an apology from france. the french president addressed the parliament a few hours ago. this was how the president responded to date. >> i recognize the suffering here that colonization inflicted on the algerian people. amongst these sufferings, there was a massacre in other places o f algeria.
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these are in the minds of the people but also of the french people. >> following that speech for us was our correspondent who explains now why president hollande avoided a more specific apology. >> it seems as though he is taking the route of truth than apologies or using the word sorry, because that would be very difficult for french people to swallow because after all suffering. these were people whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were born in algeria. president hollande would have alienated all those people and not done justice to their memories or their suffering if he came out with a one-sided
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apology. what he did do was in clear, unequivocal terms acknowledging the crimes of the past. >> it is about as gloomy as a prediction that could have been made about syria. >> we do not see any prospect of any end of violence or political dialogue to start. >> he also said he is worried about atrocities being committed by both sides then theya uninvestigation has found rebel fighters. the secretary expressed support. this video is said to show rebels detaining fighters in a refugee camp.
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these pictures are said to show fighting in a province. we're going to go to turkey now. let's talk about what u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon was talking about earlier. he talked about political dialogue. he cannot comprehend the idea after this. >> so far, neither side is agreeing to proposals put forward bending the iranian plan once a transitional government which is a nonstarter for the opposition. a turkish plan calls on the president to leave in the first few months of 2013. it is not just a question of getting rid of the president, but getting rid of the regime as a whole. at the end of the day, who is
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going to negotiate? they are worried their representatives in exile, the main political body, would succumb to outside pressure. they have made a lot of warnings. we have been inside syria and number of times and people have told us if they allow outside powers to impose their solution on syria, we will not accept that. right now, the men who have the guns, they really have the power. if they do not agree to a political settlement, it is hard to see how that will work. the government is still pushing forward with the military option. >> i referenced a u.n. report then they tell us more about that and what it found. >> the u.n. is warning that foreign fighters are now involved in both sides of the
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conflict. we have not been able to really work in government-controlled regions but we have worked in rebel-controlled areas we have seen foreign fighters ourselves. the opposition does not shy away from that fact. they do stress that the majority of the fighters are syrians and they welcome foreign fighters because according to them the world abandoned their cause. at the end of the day, the real question is the armed opposition is divided. you have groups recognize in this area national coalition and other groups are saying we do not recognize their existence or believed in what they are calling for spending some are calling for an islamic state been big a very complicated situation inside the growing
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divide in the opposition on the ground between the mainstream free syria army and the islamist groups. we have heard the united nations make a lot of warnings over recent months but really what can they do? if they think about deploying peacekeepers on the ground, that is not going to be accepted by the opposition as well. >> thank you. i one want to shed some light on the syrian conflict a little more. a harrowing story of their lives over the last three years. we hear from one family displaced by the conflict. >> he has spent the last years struggling to keep his family members alive. the recently fled to jordan with his wife, four children, and his ill sister.
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they escaped from homs, then to aleppo, and then elsewhere, only to find themselves in a refugee camp later. >> are regime is made of monsters, and not humans. they entered a nearby house and killed all of its 11 members in cold blood. later, they were laughing, drinking, and smoking weed. >> although he is a supporter of the rebels, he never held a gun because he cannot afford 1. he used to sell plastic bags in the street to make a living. they arrived here with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. they were displaced for almost a year before they escaped. they have no idea what happened to their house or their belongings in homs.
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he says the worst thing about his country's conflict is that it has made his family even poorer. >> we came here only to face more humiliation. this should be a lesson to all arab countries, not to start a revolution so people do not end up as refugees in another country. we did not expect our brothers to throw us in a desert without water or heat. >> they spend each passing day in uncertainty, not knowing when their displacement is going to end. there is no option but to return to syria once the conflict ends. >> syria is ours. it is not for the assads or those who are more powerful than them. >> they are most like syrian
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families. they djust want to be able to go back home and be part of their country's future. >> interestingly, the russian president appears to be distancing himself from the syrian president, speaking in the last half hour saying russia is not backing the syrian government at any cost. a different tone from someone who has been one of assad's allies. >> president assad has not visited moscow a lot during his tenure. he visited european capitals more often been then we are advocating a solution which would prevent a collapse of the region and the continued civil war. what is our proposal about?
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what is our position about? not to retain the regime price, but first people should agree on how their participation would guarantee the ruling. not by first destroying everything and then trying to negotiate. >> the media conference is ongoing. he has been speaking for three hours. he gets an opportunity once a year to speak to president vladimir putin. it is all happening in moscow. human rights watch says is really attacks in gaza violated international laws. the attacks killed two cameramen
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and wounded 10 other people. the group says these were unlawful attacks on journalists and media facilities during the november 2012 fighting. iraq's president has arrived in germany for further treatment after having a stroke them that he was taken to hospital monday night but doctors have reported the stabilized him. he has had a series of health problems in recent years. a shake-up at the u.s. state department. who is out of a job following the findings of a security investigation. women using technology to build their business. the those headlines in just a
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moment. >> it is a very unsettled picture across europe. we have this area of low pressure. this frontal system giving some torrential rainfall. and improvement here but on the forward edge of this frontal system there is likely to be some snow extending down toward the alpine region. some shower weather for the u.k. and much of france, too. over eastern parts of europe seeing cloudy skies, outbreaks of rain. -14 degrees is expected in moscow. we have a fairly brisk,
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northwesterly wind making an impact all the way down towards sudan seeing temperatures below average at 29 degrees. as we move into central parts of africa, while the monsoon rains are pushing further, a decent amount of rain is being reported but generally you see the rainfall pushing away from the democratic republic of the," . -- of congo. >> the french president, president hollande, has addressed the parliament as it celebrates 50 years of independence. although he did not directly apologize, he did say he recognized the suffering experienced by algerians. u.n. secretary general ban ki- moon sees little hope for
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political dialogue and is worried about atrocities being committed by both sides in syria. vladimir putin appears to be distancing himself from the syrian president. he says russia is not backing the syrian government at any cost. south korea's first-team a president elect is promising a new era for the korean peninsula. >> the post-election ritual in south korea -- a visit to the national cemetery. her mother and father both lie here and she paid public tribute to them. she spent energy and her campaign trying to distance herself from her father's rule.
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now the campaign over, it was time to set out how she intended to govern. >> i will try to make the society show economic benefits. >> she has promised to rein in the powerful conglomerate that drives the economy. a tricky proposition at the time of slowing growth and uncertainty. the other constant uncertainty allies at north of the border. she knowledge is the difficulties in fulfilling a pledge to explore what she calls trust-based diplomacy. >> north korea's launch of a long-range rocket has shown how serious the reality is that our security is facing now. recent conflict is growing. i think people are calling on me to overcome this crisis.
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>> there was not much in the way of specifics but for some people her very election is transformative because this is still very much a male-dominated society. >> part of that is not only a cultural issue, but in infrastructure issue. there are not that many day care is that provide the quality of care that mothers would be comfortable giving their children. i would not be surprised if more attention was given toward that. >> park wrote in the visitors' book i will open a brand new era that will change the revolution. >> the state department security chief has resigned following a report on the attack in libya.
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>> the september 11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, four americans were killed. an investigation has concluded that operational failures at the state department helped make the attack a possiblpossible. >> the state department had not given benghazi the security, both physical and personal resources, if needed. click the review upheld the insistence that the administration had no intelligence predicting an imminent attack. the investigation found several officials at fault. >> we did conclude that certain state department officials and critical positions of authority demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks. >> the report also blamed the
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libyan government for a lacking response to the attack. secretary of state hillary clinton accepted the report and the findings and it took responsibility for them. >> the pentagon agreed to dispatch hundreds of additional marines to coast around the world. -- to posts around the world. >> republicans charge that despite those conclusions, the officials were guilty of an intentional effort to mislead the american public, forcing the u.s. ambassador susan rice to withdraw from consideration as the successor in the new obama administration. >> after four years of little change to u.s. gun laws, president obama says he wants to overhaul regulations on assault
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weapons ban that he has assigned his vice president to come up with a plan that he will outline next month. 28 people were killed at the school shooting last week. >> after the school shooting in connecticut, president barack obama said he is prepared to put the full weight of his office behind this issue. these are the victims. three more children. in newtown, connecticut w ednesday. politicians are discussing how to prevent another mass killing in their classrooms. >> we have an obligation to try. >> he has put his vice president in charge with coming up with suggestions. >> there is already a growing consensus.
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in majority of americans support banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, a majority of americans support banning the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> the president is not saying that he is considering laws that would get rid of the 200 million guns that are already owned in the u.s. most of the pro-gun rights congressman have stayed quiet in the last few days but some are starting to come out to say they will fight any legislation. >> no, they will not fix it. >> people believe for the first time in a very long time this mass shooting, more than the others, can force congress to act. >> i think people have been intimidated by the whole
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subject. that is where i think the vibe is different. by no means am i under estimating the difficulty of this. >> the president is calling on the american people to get involved, to call congress and to remember this. the concern for gun control advocates is that if the president wait too long, they will lose momentum. the president says that is not giving the american people enough credit. >> the u.s. could look to australia for guidelines in regulating gun laws. in massacre in 1996, 35 people died of. >> it was australia's worst massacre since european colonization at a popular tourist spot. 35 people were shot and killed
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in a single day. but the government seized the moment to bring in tough new gun control laws. semi automatic rifles were banned all but for the police. a new licensing scheme came in for all gun ownership. >> the government is offering a really good buy back here. >> over 700,000 guns were handed in and destroyed within a year. the impact was dramatic. >> in the few years, we had 100 people shto dead in mass shootings. after those laws, there have been no more mass shootings. >> could something similar
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happened in the united states? australia does not have the united states history or attachment to guns. there is no australian equivalent to the constitutional right to bear arms. over 80% in favor in australia and they have far fewer guns in the first place. >> as for the policy issues in a vault, rigid it is for others to comment on the policy issues at this stage. >> there is a gang culture in sydney but rarely sees members shot.
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those are numbers washington politicians should consider. >> it can easily be considered a poor nation. a lot of people have access to mobile funds and there is a well-established process. the rise of e-cash in mogadishu. >> some good news. the message on her phone says she has been given $150. an equivalent of two months' earnings to turn her tiny store into something like a supermarket. >> the money gives the power to buy and sell things. >> it is all part of a scheme to
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support people who aid agencies have identified as vulnerable and who need help. the money arrives on the phone itself. the problem with cash, there are plenty of temptations to waste the money. research has shown when you give it to women, they invest in businesses or in their children. >> they developed a system they call e-cash. this is the first time it has been used to deliver aid. >> it is safe, quickly, everything. >> security is what makes it ideal here. not only does she received the
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money electronically, but she can use the phone to pay for everything. she is disabled,
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