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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 30, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> an end in sight? the turkish prime ministers as the conflict in syria could be over soon. the tribal policemen in pakistan and fights for his life after 21 of his colleagues are adapted and killed by the telegram -- taliban. the sectarian and divide. there continue to protest against the shia-led government. but the armored is of the moment there russian airliner crash lands on a road near a
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moscow airport. the turkish prime minister says the current glut in syria could be coming to an end very soon. -- says the conflict in syria to be coming to an end. these pictures appear to show fighters in an eastern damascus suburb. hashim, the turkish prime minister says the bloody conflict soon be over. why is he saying that? >> they have been saying about for the last few months.
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he said a dictator cannot stay in power by killing his own people. the news behind his statement is that there is a new syrian administration coming in very soon. maybe he is referring to the plans to establish an interim government when the conditions on the ground are there. they have a major concern. they say there is a group of deputies that we stream in if the crisis moves are. this is why they have asked them to tackle particularly what is coming out from the syrians. >> brahimi seems to be taking the opposite view. he says the pace of deterioration in superior --
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syria is deteriorating and they risk becoming another somalia. >> the concerns is that everyone is talking about the fighter is not being able to move forward and make a decisive victory, particularly in a major town. they have not been able to make a decisive victory, particularly in aleppo. they have not been able to take control or return the tide in regards to the gains made. right now, what we're going to see is further tragedy, the humanitarian plight in the country, more casualties, and since yesterday, we have seen them stepping up their operations as strikes get
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underway on the outskirts of damascus, basically everywhere in the country. we're talking about huge casualties here today across the country. >> thank you so much. brahimi, the arab league on voice as as it gets worse, they are looking at others. >> there are four million people in syria in desperate condition. 2 million displaced and another 2 million may not have left their homes and villages but they lack even the most basic necessities. they are not a number. they're human beings. men, women. there are also half a million refugees, most of them in jordan and turkey. you feel ashamed standing in front of them try to tell them is that will give hope.
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>> thousands fleeing are going to greece. >> the emigrants' washing ashore are now struggling with their first european winter. they are from somalia, afghanistan, increasingly syrian. all on a camp that is run by volunteers to provide food and shelter. he has just arrived from aleppo with a vague plan to find his brother in athens. >> our live was assured in syria. we cannot stay in syria. there were bombs attacking the houses. we cannot stay in syria. >> this is where many people cross over to the greek island from turkey.
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it is seen in the distance behind me. it is not far away, but the journey is dangerous. the boats used are often in battered conditions and at this time of year, the seas can be very rough. not everyone makes it across. more than 20 drowned from this group and here is the only survivor who was finished half dead out of the sea by the greek coastguard. they're now trying to call friends and family to tell them he is alive. he is receiving counseling, but he seems very confused about what to do next. meanwhile, more and more syrians are arriving in athens who know no one in this city and to speak. greek. he ran away from the government army.
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>> every day, like yesterday and tomorrow, i just wait and speak on the internet with my close friends just in case i hear news from the fall. >> there are also syrian families crowded in basements. one of six children traveling with their mother. athens is not what they hoped it would be. >> no charities, nothing to help us. weird is going from cold and hungry, a place to place. >> as long as the war continues, people will carry on trying to reach greece the matter how ill- prepared they are to receive them. al-jazeera, greece. >> in pakistan out, a man shot dead in the northwest of the country. two others managed to escape but one left wounded. the bodies were discovered in a
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remote tribal area four hours from the capital, islamabad. they were expected taliban fighters. 17 people have been killed in a bomb attack in the west. it happened in this province and is believed they were shi'ite pilgrims when they came under attack. we have the latest from the capital, islamabad. >> despite desperate attempts to secure the relief for the trouble policeman held under cover, they went ahead and executed at least 21 of the policemen. one was able to escape from the scene alerted the authorities about the incident. they that arrived on the scene to find out one of the policemen had survived the attack and was moved in critical
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condition. are the same day, a group of peasants moving from the border town on the border of pakistan and iran was attacked 45 kilometers from the provincial capital. the bombs were a remote control device set to leverage through at least one of the buses and destroying it completely with many casualties on board. they fear the number may rise because of the nature of the injuries. most of the wounded are in bad condition, badly burned, and the ones who were killed were burned beyond recognition. >> and demanding the government take action to protect women after the death of the victim of a gang rape. the 23-robot a was -- the 23-
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year old girl was traveling and died at a hospital. >> they're gathering to express solidarity air of disappointment about how women are being treated. people have been gathering despite the government having a block down on security. there tried to stop people from coming into the city center, but there is a designated protest. and hundreds of people are there right now. people trying to break out of that area but it seems to be contained with very tight security year. at the heart of the matter, the people asking the government why they are so willing to quiet them down but will not give any aberration as to what is going on and what they're planning to do about the issue. there have been 600 rape cases
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this year and only one conviction. that gives you an idea of how the system is not geared to deal with this problem and the government has been appeasing people saying they would look and new laws and regulations, but at the heart of the issue, it is the whole mind-set. they're members of the assembly who have been charged with rape sitting in government-this has been going on for so long, the fact that women are treated as a sub costs member of society despite the fact that employee had a female prime minister. they're saying, yes, we will try to change the way they as work, but despite all of its rules and regulations, no one should enforce them. >> rebels in the central african republic are reported to be only one town away from the capital.
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they also want further talks with the african union. the army was forced to retreat as the rebels advanced. the former israeli foreign minister has been indicted for a breach of trust down fraud. he resigned early this month. he denies the accusations and says he will run in the upcoming elections in january but he will be forced to quit if a court barring some guilty. 30 muslims in iraq are continuing demonstrations against the shiia-led government. they are reducing the iraqi government of discriminating against sunnis. what the demands of the protesters here can be evidenced behind me. they want an end to the policy of the government's of the
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policies. they want the release of female presidents and they want to and demoralization of sunnis in iraq. they denied all of the allegations saying activities should not be held and they should be held responsible for their own facts. they will be looking into the issues and when it comes to the finance minister, the rule of law should save the body guards that were arrested have confessed to tear activities including assassinations and bombings targeting different political leaders. >> tackling the stigma of hiv
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and aids in africa. plus, despite years of hard study, many south korean graduates have trouble finding a job. we will talk to one whose year is ending better than it began. that is all coming up. clucks across central africa, most of the heavy showers will be at or south of the equator. you'll be seeing some fairly clear whether over the next day with temperatures at about 31 degrees. 32 degrees for you. across northern africa, we have a disturbed area of low pressure across the central bend. what this means is four parts of
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libya, you will see some coastal showers as we head towards monday. for tripoli and toward the benghazi. cairo, a high of 21. in the u.k., quite a bit of flooding as the system has pushed persons thursday. unfortunately, this is what it looks like on the ground. a lot of the areas here are flooded and the water levels are quite high. we have warnings in effect across the area. look at the forecast. as you can see, another system coming out of the atlantic so we will start with the lighter showers. by the target to tuesday, showers will increase. where the rest of europe, we're looking at an ice conditions.
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non-profite, pro-people. >> welcome back. the top stories are now the zeroth, wounded dr. 21 of his colleagues were found shot dead in a remote tribal region. the officers were kidnapped on thursday. hundreds of suny muslims -- sunni muslims protesting that they're getting targeted for arrest. they have been protesting for days. prayer is being held in india for a gang rape victim who died from her injuries. her body was cremated after being flown back from singapore. six men are being charged with her murder. let's get more now on the security situation in pakistan.
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they say it is unlikely that the government would engage with talks with the taliban. >> basically, this is part of a concern of an organized campaign mounted by terrorists, whoever they are coming to demoralize the securities and also to defeat any attempt by the government to crack down on them. the second objective of this campaign seems to be putting fear and terror in the minds of common people live this is what we have seen across the country in the last two weeks. it has been a deadly terror campaign which have led to demoralization in pakistan in general. >> this, just off the back of 24 hours ago. we have them in video offering to talk with the government.
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here is the leader of the pakistan a telegram. was that a genuine offer? -- pakistani taliban. >> it is a very contradictory position. he house primarily rejected everything that comprises pakistan, of the constitution, a liberal parties. he does not want to lay down arms and still he has offered to dock with pakistan. this basically means he wants the state of pakistan to submit to his wishes. obviously, the state of pakistan will not do that. the demands the is placing are unacceptable and if we accepted them, that would mean submission of the state to a very small militant group. >> video footage has emerged of the moment the russian airliner
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crash landed onto a highway outside of moscow. an investigation left four people dead. what's the impact was so strong, it's but the plane into three pieces. the overshot the main runway at the airport and came down on a highway. the cockpit ended up on the road with other parts of the plane spread across the perimeter. it was operated by russian airline. it is not yet known what caused the crash. >> the plane touched down within the landing zone but it was on late -- unable to stop within the landing strip and it crashed within the main dispatching. and continue to move outside of the safe zone. >> rescuers searched for survivors among the wreckage.
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this is all that is left of the passenger plane that could carry up to 200 people but it was virtually empty with only eight crew on board. they were taken now of service in 2005 and prior to this had been involved in no fatal accidents. >> they have a very experienced crew. the captain had over 15,000 flight hours, is significant amount of experience. >> they were trying to remove the wreckage from the crash site. the russian prime minister, dmitri medvedev has offered -- ordered an immediate investigation. >> out of africa has the highest number people living with hiv aids. 5.6 million people are living with hiv, more than two
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children have been orphaned. they have increased spending to $1.60 billion to tackle, the highest by any low or mid income country. they're worried about the stigma attached to h.i.v.-aids. >> it is still new in south dr. koop. she believes it is what more people want. it is free and available at every clinic and a hospital, but people do not want to go there so the government has teamed up with a charity group to provide testing in people's homes. >> it to be stiff. in line with someone i know and they will tell someone this on get tested. this is more private. >> those who do not mind going to the hospital sometimes find it difficult to get there. >> this family is one of many
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who are unemployed and the parents are struggling to feed their children. finding money to catch a bus and pay for the hospital is hard. someone's home testing kits to be sold in shops, but it is a controversial idea. >> if you are alone in the house and you find yourself you're positive, we do not know what is going to happen there. i doubt it will take the results in a positive way. they may react in a very certain way. >> bringing it into people's home has other advantages. >> it may be tableau. brain these services helps these families to help someone into a kind of mediate, give them the
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information to give tested. >> they hope the program will be rolled out throughout the country and anchorage more people to get tested and stay on treatment. >> australia has condemned japan's resumption of the zero waling program. -- of their whaling. the case is due to be heard next year in international court. >> of the rest of the world behaved like the japanese, there would not be a whale left. this must stop. we cannot continue to have a situation where everybody knows that it has nothing to do with science and yet japanese fleets travel from one side of the globe to another to engage in
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this and to break the moratorium year after year. >> the sea shepherd conservation society is on a boat planning to intercept the fleet saying a moratorium should be enforced. >> they should be enforcing this, but the international commission really does not have any teeth. there is no economic or political motivation for them to do so. there's no difference between what the japanese are doing and what elephant poachers are doing in kenya accept that in kenya, they are black, poor, and get shot for what they're doing. australia could send the military and escort them out of the area. there's a lot of trade deals and money at stake. japan is a very strong economic superpower a.m. they tend to get what they want. >> the global financial crisis has left millions of people without jobs. in south korea, youth
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unemployment is at nearly 7%. one group of graduates have come up with an unusual way to address the problem. >> it is a difference now let the 2012 from how they began it. she did during temporary work in a small office, one of countless graduates finding scant reward after years of hard study. while the pay is no better, she has become a member of a new group designed to help young people face hardships. >> i am the secretary general. i doubt that i would get the kind love and recognition i find your anywhere else. i am very pleased with the job. but she went to a fortune teller to gauge moving to australia to work in a nail
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salon. visited a group that specializes in finding work overseas. >> i want to experience life overseas. it's the opportunity came up, i would still like to go. >> the work of the product of an initiative by the use initiative. it plans to start small, 300 young people the spot and less than the $2,000 providing emergency micro loans to those who need them. >> the structure will continue to help fund a one another. humble, though it may be, but it is all about collaboration. >> the bank has already held one
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of the unemployed young people. -- the bank has already helped. >> the president of bolivia has subsidized and electric company. soldiers have been sent to guard the installations. they belonged to the spanish
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