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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 30, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> the situation has been very, very bad. >> but they remain skeptical of the initiative. they say assad and those loyal to him should be discarded from any future deal. they have intensified air strikes across the country. here in the eastern province,
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they have bombed rebel strongholds. the military is stepping up its campaign to keep them from advancing. the rebels are holding territory. they were bearing the brunt to push them out of damascus. there is the rage and violence in the city of -- raging violence in the city of homs. they are trying to protect themselves from the shelling.
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>> almost two years of fighting in syria, half a million people have fled the country. they are going to and neighboring areas. as we report, this is just off the coast of turkey. >> immigrants who wash ashore, they are preparing for their first winter. they are increasingly syrian. this is run by volunteers to provide food and shelter. one person has just arrived from callaspo -- aleppo with a vague plan to find his brother.
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>> they were bombing the houses. we cannot stay. >> the journey is very dangerous. there are bad conditions. been at this time of year, it can be very rough. more than 20 rounds. -- drowned. taken out of the sea, freezing cold, by coast guard. but there is no answer.
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he seems very confused about what to do next. he knows almost nobody in the city and does not speak the language. >> yesterday and tomorrow. just in case the heels of news -- hear some news. >> there are syrian families crowded in basements. this is not what they had hoped it would be. >> they will try to keep going,
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no matter how ill-prepared they are to receive them. >> continuing demonstrations. and 30 years on. a murder. >> hello, again. it is just one system after another one. taking a look at the satellite picture, this is going into the eastern parts of canada. it was certainly a lot of snow. there is another weather system working its way across the rockies. there is winter weather as we go through monday. this whole system than is
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marking its way up towards the eastern part as we go into tuesday. there will be rain, and that would drag down temperatures. the rest is quite quiet at the moment. about eight degrees. further south, showers pushing in. you can see these here, pushing down towards panama. this is the way it should stay for us through cuba, as well, as a go into monday and tuesday. meanwhile, further south, showers. as we go through monday, we will see plenty of them in the northern parts of argentina. behind it, it will turn a lot fresher.
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the turkish prime minister says the war in syria will soon be over. there are refugee camps on the border. protesters in india have been calling for harsher outcomes. they have been in the capital. they gathered in new delhi over the death of a 22-year-old gang rape victim.
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they have been charged with murder after she died from her injuries. she had been receiving medical attention. there was every security -- heavy security. in the central african republic, and they are reporting to be only one away from the capital. rebels advanced on saturday. they already had control of four regional capitals. rebels have rejected offers to negotiate. more violence in iraq, where muslims are continuing to demonstrate against the government. they have been protesting against the prime minister, who they say it is against them. we have this report. >> the protesters' message could
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not have been clearer. the people want to topple the regime. thousands have taken to the streets to protest against a perceived injustice of the government, nouri al maliki. >> we want to investigate charges against bodyguards of the finance minister, and it only targets of us. >> there is a powerful tribal leader in one province. he says the government. >> it will never end. they are targeting several, including the finance minister. more will come. >> the protesters also accuse their own political leaders of failing them. the deputy prime minister was
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forced to leave the protests. he was hit with rocks and bottles. there were tense moments that followed before the guards took him away. but the focus of the protest was the prime minister and his regional allies. they say iran is supporting the government and president bashar al assad. >> they are saying they are not going anywhere. on saturday, the state television showed pictures of the bodyguards of the finance minister. there are claims they confessed to assassinations and bombings. no one seems to trust the government or its judicial system. that is why there is fear of sectarian violence that is increasing. >> allowing building materials
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into gaza for the first time since hamas took control in 2007. it began going through the crossing on sunday for a private construction project. qatar says it will pay $400 million for reconstruction. by examining the wreckage of a russian jet that crashed, five killed, survivors seriously injured. it may have caused the plane to skid off of the runway. we have the latest. >> a harrowing scene. motorists dodging the debris of a russian airliner. remarkably, none of them were killed. the plane overshot the runway at the airport and crashed on the motorway. >> the plane touched down within the landing zone but for some reason was not able to stop
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within the landing strip and went at high speed and crashed into the main station, destroyed it, and continue to move outside of the safe zone. >> the cockpit ended up on the road. the rest went across the perimeter fence. they held an emergency crews. >> i feel so sorry for the victims. our sympathies go to the families of the dead. >> investigators believe that the brake system of the plane was faulty. this happened during the peak holiday travel season, and it draws attention to the poor air safety record of russia. they are looking for tighter controls. >> it happens very often. too often. >> it could have been a greater loss of life. a passenger plane can carry up to to a hundred 10 people. it was virtually empty with few
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core members on board. aljazeera. >> a demonstration in the capital. there were orders to clear an area for traffic. the government is hoping that keeping shops open and will help the economy. in germany, the economic performance has been strong, but their future is intricately tied to the euro zone. 2013 and angela merkel. she faces challenges on the domestic front. a report. >> let us days and look as best as we can into the crystal ball to the year ahead for angela merkel. she emerged as perhaps the world's most powerful woman,
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certainly germany's most popular politician, but 2013 could well be a year of living dangerously for the german chancellor. at a recent conference, she rallied the troops for an election in september. >> we have kept our promise. through our leadership, germany has emerged stronger. >> she repeated her tough stance on bailouts and the need for budgetary tightening that made her so popular in germany, but her problem is even coming first in the elections will not be enough. >> she has a very unstable coalition. she needs the coalition right now. she is considered to be a favorite coalition partner.
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>> at this time, the arithmetic suggests that her new coalition partner after the vote will be her biggest political opponent. this would likely signal a shift away from their hardline austerity in europe. at least at the 2013 predictions are borne out. she may have steered a steady course in the euro zone, a sovereign debt, and banking crisis, but the journey is far from over. >> problems will come again from the financial crisis. we do not know what state of emergency will pop up in the next year. the global economy. >> 2013 they also be the year when germany starts to feel what much of the world has suffered
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through, the pain of a
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