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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:25pm PST

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>> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. i urge the senate to confirm them as soon as possible. >> that may be easier said than done as barack obama names the man he wants to run the cia. cleaning up the mortgage massive 2000 aid. u.s. banks agreed to settle billions of dollars worth of compensation claims. challenging china's new leadership, a journalist protest over censorship in her rare public display of dissent.
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-- in a rare public display of dissent. the u.s. president has nominated two key allies to top jobs in his new administration. chuck hagel will become the first former soldier to hold the post of secretary of defense. john brennan would become the new head of cia. both appointments have to be approved by the u.s. senate. nominations have already caused controversy. >> president obama is putting the finishing touches to his national security team. introducing the man he wants to lead the pentagon and cia. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. i urge the senate to confirm
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them as soon as possible. >> both nominees face difficult questions before they are confirmed in the u.s. senate. chuck hagel seems perfect for the pentagon. a former republican senator from nebraska. some conservatives say he is not strong enough supporter of israel, even though he voted many times to send billions of dollars there. >> i will do my best for our country, for those i represent at the pentagon, and for all of our citizens. >> john brennan is a long time administration officials who spent 25 years in the cia. >> i will make my mission to ensure the cia has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, and the values we hold dear. >> but he is controversial, too.
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he has been the public face of the legality of drone strike spread >> he understands we are a nation of laws. in moments of debates and decisions, he asks the tough questions and he insists on a rigorous standards. >> four years ago, john brennan had to pull his name out of consideration because liberals did not think he had done enough to dissociate himself from the bush administration interrogation policies. now this nomination and not of chuck hagel are going to raise new questions of the direction in which president obama wants to take the nation on national security. >> chuck hagel is sure to face opposition in his bid to become the new secretary of defense. >> at the end of the day, after
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an appropriate amount of questioning, and with the appropriate answers, he will be voted out by the committee and voted for the job by the united states senate. >> tell us a bit more about what goes to war against him, why they're against it. >> -- what those who are against them, why they are against him. >> some have caused him to have to apologize for the statements. he has been insensitive to the gay lesbian and transvestite community with a comment he made about a proposed selection a few years ago. of course, there are some who believe he is not strong enough behind the state of israel in terms of protecting its from iran. >> is a likely to do anything different to bring anything different to the floor on that issue? >> chuck hagel brings a lot to
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the floor and a lot to the entire defense portfolio. he is a unique person. he served as an infantry riflemen in vietnam. he would be the first sergeant ever to move up the ranks to secretary of defense. he seems to be someone more concerned about ensuring that as we operate overseas, we operate as members of a coalition rather than unilateral action. i think he brings a perspective and a well known streak of independence to the job. it will be interesting to hear his confirmation hearings in the weeks ahead. >> do you think we could see a change in approach? >> i really do not think so. this nation stands behind the state of israel. behind its defense comment behind its right to exist. chuck hagel believes in that. i believe he will do everything in his power to ensure that.
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>> a group of u.s. banks agreed to pay more than $19 billion to settle complaints stemming from the 2008 mortgage crisis. the group includes bank of america, which agreed to a separate settlement. alan fisher has this report. >> the crash in the u.s. housing market was one of the key factors in a global financial meltdown. banks warning people would not be able to pay their mortgage began to foreclose. banks are now admitting they mishandled the process by skipping steps. they also -- rarely offered people the chance to change the terms of their loan. they will have to pay $8.5 billion in compensation. they have been ordered by regulators to carry out a review of all the foreclosures in 2011. people who were on the wrong end of the bank's decision could
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receive anything from $1,000 to $125,000. 3.8 million people have been affected. critics say the deal allows the banks to escaped responsibility. the deal also allows the banks to report much better than expected results in the next figures. the u.s. congress has asked regulators for a briefing on the proposed settlement before the end of the week. >> a man accused of shooting dead 12 people in a colorado cinema has appeared in court. 58 others were also wounded. james holmes is charged with more than 160 counts but the hearing will determine whether the case will go to trial. the case has raised fears debate over gun control laws.
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we have more from washington. >> a colorado police officer arrived just minutes after the shooting to find the gunman standing calmly by his car. he was wearing multiple layers of body armor and a gas mask. inside, and another officer said police found some much blood on the floor, they had trouble keeping their footing. congress gets word on that will see the president special report into weapons control in the united states. 27 people were murdered, including 20 schoolchildren. it will be ever on the 21st of january, the time of president obama as inauguration. republicans are warning that the report will have to be thoroughly looked at and discussed before they could think about moving any bills and to congress. it will have to wait until after the country's next debt crisis.
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>> here is a recap of our top story spread barack obama has nominated a former republican senator to be secretary of defense. if confirmed, chuck hagel would replace leon panetta. the group of u.s. banks has agreed to pay more than $19 billion to settle complaints stemming from the 2008 mortgage crisis. the group includes bank of america, which also agreed to a separate settlement. delegates from the government of the central african republic it had postponed their departure for peace talks with rebels. they were due to begin on tuesday.
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journalists at a leading chinese newspaper have gone on strike as disputes over press freedom. it is known for its investigative journalism. the street, and editorial column was changed by a sensor. -- last week, an editorial column was changed by a sensor. >> renowned for serious investigations and testing the limits of censorship, it is at the center of a dispute over freedom. the censorship of its editorial that called the political reform into a tribute and to ruling party has enraged many of the paper's journalists and its readers. >> this act of suppressing the freedom of the press should be changed but otherwise, it is gone to be detrimental to the public interest. >> i am here to say the southern weekly is not alone. a lot of people are supporting them. >> the chrysanthemum is
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sometimes seen as a symbol of nobility. this is more than symbolic. leading journalists at southern weekly have called for the propaganda chief hu change the editorial to resign. -- lou change the editorial to resign. they have begun a strike. >> to protest the propaganda. >> with more than 1.5 million readers, southern weekly is particularly influential. this case is being seen by many people as a challenge for the new chinese leadership. the editorial used a phrase that he had previously used. >> this is a problem not just
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for his rhetoric, but going forward because of social media. in the kind of language put out by the official press can be subverted by a call for constitutionalism. >> it will tell us much about what sort of china they want to run it. >> googles executive chairman has arrived on a controversial mission to north korea. it is part of a delegation led by the former governor of new mexico. the u.s. state department has criticized the trip, calling it on helpful. richardson disagrees. >> we are here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. we will ask about the american detainee who is here. we're interested in economic and political situations. we are concerned about the
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missile launches. we are concerned about the importance of dialogue. >> church leaders in venezuela are warning of the country's stability is at risk due to the absence of the president. church leaders have criticized the government for not providing more details about his state of health and month after his operation. one of boeing's new passenger jets has caught fire while parked at an airport in boston. investigators believe an electrical fault is to blame. it was being operated by japan air lines. it has suffered a string of problems with the electrical system. five men accused of murdering and indians didn't have been formally charged with the 23- year-old died after being gang raped. the brutality of the crime has sparked protests across india.
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>> they arrived in a police van flanked by security for their safety. they were brought into a side entrance to avoid the dozens of reporters waiting for them. the main entrance was jammed and satellite trucks and news correspondents. the accord was close to the public. the magistrate charged the five subjects with the murder and rape of the student. the case has roused the emotions of the public. members of the bar association announced they would not represent the accused. proceedings on monday were interrupted when some lawyers offered to represent the accused. it caused an argument with an accord and the magistrate walked out. -- would then the court on the
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magistrate walked out. >> everybody should get a fair trial. i want to represent the accused person because nobody is coming forward. >> lawyers said they have a strong case with dna evidence to tie the defendants to the crime scene police said they have recovered items stolen from the victim and her friends while they were attacked on a bus on december 16. prosecutors have managed to assemble the case and bring it to court three weeks after the crime was committed. lawyers say this is exceptional and unprecedented. the government has had to stick to its action because of media scrutiny. there have been daily protests. : for greater protection of women. our rate is reported in india
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every 20 minutes, -- a rape is reported in india every 20 minutes. >> we can see it happening in the courts now. >> this'll be the first of five so-called fast-track courts to start hearing. lawyers said the case could be wrapped up in months. an achievement in a country where rape trials can take up to 10 years. >> in southern australian states bracing for more bushfires. officials and tanzania said they're searching for bodies. about a hundred people are still missing three days after the fire started. >> tomorrow, it will not be an ordinary day.
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it will be perhaps the worst fire danger day the state has ever faced. sydney's temperature is expected to be 43 degrees. >> twitter is being taken to court in france to get to hand over the names of people who posted anti-jewish tweets. from paris, we have this report. >> the small paris office only has five permanent staff and relies entirely on donations. the french union of jewish students is preparing to take on one of the giants of the internet. they expect to win. they want them to reveal the names of people who posted anti- semitic tweets so they can be prosecuted for hate crimes. >> the internet has become a forum for racist speech. people are free to say what they want with impunity and we need to stop that. that is why we expect the french
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legal system. >> it began in october with one or two people. it grew into a wave of hateful messages, becoming the third most popular subject on twitter in france. over the past year, the number of anti-semitic acts in france have doubled. >> the case which would be heard in the high court is possible because of the anti discrepant -- anti-discrimination laws. it is a new territory and it will -- it is new territory. lawyers said the law is trying to catch up with the rapid development and social media. >> what is is a clash of cultures. you have freedom of expression and the u.s.
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what we're having is a clash were people are saying, what is more right? freedom of speech or people's privacy? >> ask for a comment, twitter repeated its standard statement. twitter does not mediate comment. we will investigate each report. tuesday's case could force twitter to reexamine how it operates. >> the french actor has denied that he accepted a russian passport to escape taxes. he showed off his russian passport on sunday after receiving it from the president. he threatened to give up his french citizenship last month over the government's plan to raise taxes on the rich. the actor is reported to of told french media his plans


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