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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 11, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> rebel fighters in syria taking over the biggest air raids in the country and battle to get control of another. hello from doha. muslims in pakistan and calling on the army for protection after dozens are killed. the rebels in mali on the march doctor reports that the u.n. is calling for swift intervention. the somali in the millions on piracy calls for millions to give up their trade as he
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retires. opposition fighters in syria have taken control of a major military air base, the biggest in the country. the battle for taftanaz as been going on for two months. they're stealing weapons and taking over the runway right now. the fighters are also attacking another military base in the north. government troops are trying to secure the outskirts of aleppo. as the aftermath of attack in the town. there are also reports of heavy shelling by government plans. for more, i am joined from our reporter in beirut.
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how have they taken control and who has been leading the charge? >> in syria, it is the main force that has been able to give the regime a hard strike against a regime forces. they're the ones who led the attack and for two months, this has been a very strategic victory for the rebels. we're hearing from different sources that this is the case and at the syrian regime is already pounding the airport with strikes, but the rebels are saying that from this base, many of the airplanes who had killed so many rebels took from the airport and is a major shareholder for the rebels. it has been a major weakness for
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the rebels because underground, they have grown stronger. they were able to strike at the army. when the army and the regime more attacking them from the air, it was very hard for the rebels to defend themselves. now they feel like in taking over this airport that they will be able to strike at the regime better and they will be more protected. we have seen them take this airport before. the regime and the rebels will the police strike a very hard and take it over again. >> they have taken control of other air bases before, but how much of a coup is taftanaz? >> in the north, it is the largest.
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they took off from that airport. it would be a major handicap for regime forces. it is also important symbolically because in the past month, they have been declining that they have made many advances on the ground and they're hoping that by taking over this airport that they will try to turn the tide again and make a victory for themselves which would help to boost the morale to show that they can make progress. analysts are looking at the regional areas cutting of more supplies. on the ground, it will show that they should be getting supplies back and they are able to intercept this regime early in this is a major point they made. this regime can be beaten
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militarily if they get the right aid. >> thank you. >> the leaders in pakistan and facing allegations they've failed to protect shiite muslims up for a bomb attack killed dozens of people. human rights campaign say their inaction was a publicity in the bombing of their calling for help to keep them safe. >> this is where more than 80 people died and 100 wounded. this was a club popular with the community here. there were two blasts. a suicide bomber set off the first explosion. then the security, rescuers, journalists, there were all killed by a second bomb. the suny muslim groups as that since the suicide bomber or remotely detonated a car bomb.
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>> this is extreme cruelty. nothing could be more cruel. muslims and bombing another. look at what they have dawn's where city. >> members of a paramilitary force were also targeted. there were reporting an independent state. in the pakistan northwest, worshipers were targeted as they waited to hear from their religious leader. so many attacks across the country with so many killed and injured have shown them just how sick -- insecure they are. >> this is terrorism aimed at stabilizing and pakistan. they're very concerned with the situation. they did not care how many people are dying. they just kill enough in order to create about neighbor pakistan. >> the government has three months left.
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>> people from the south to the northwest are burying their loved ones. it they send condolences instead of actions. >> sectarian attacks have nothing doing in pakistan, but last year saw an alarming rate of violence against majority shi'ite moslems. 400 were killed in a targeted tax in 2012. 18 pilgrims traveling were shot dead by those wearing army uniforms. later in the year, another 25 were killed in the same manner in another district. the pakistan director poor human-rights watch assays the palette -- pakistan's state is failing its people. going through the
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empty and struggling to democracy. pakistan and stand up the cost of the first constitutional transition of power from one elected civilian government to another. there are a series of courses that are determined to sabotage that transition to maintain further civilian rule. certainly, these militant groups are ratcheting up the pressure by creating a crisis- like situation that is not to say that they have not been targeting this all of last year, but the scale and scope of the attack is brightening in the failure of the pakistan ministate -- pakistani state as large for all to see. >> tension growing between india and pakistan. they have been stranded after they refused to allow crossing.
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and some of the high machinery -- commissioner to protest. u.s.-led forces in afghanistan and reaching the goal of allowing afghanistan to defend it so. that is the opinion of the defense secretary leon panetta who has been meeting with the afghan president's in washington. hamid karzai is also saying that he will go in to meet barack obama. around 58,000 american troops are still serving there. the french president has vowed to stop the advance of al qaeda revels in mali. french troops have already arrived. witnesses are saying that they have touched the darman the french planes have been reportedly flying in the area.
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some soldiers were already stationed in the country for training services as a part of an agreement. this is coming after they pushed the army out of the town 600 kilometers northeast. it was some of the fiercest fighting since the of qaeda-led group began taking control nine months ago. >> the terrorists have recently regrouped on a line that artificially separates north and south mali. they want to strike a fatal blow to the very existence. we cannot accept this. we're facing an aggression. i have decided france is ready to act on behalf of our african partner request of the authority. this is strictly within the u.n.
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security council. this is the requirement of solidarity and responsibility. four rebels in the central african republic say they will observe a week-long cease-fire as the talks continue. they're calling on opposition representatives in state affairs. the president is meeting with the rebels to try to end the month-long crisis. we have the latest from where of the negotiations are taking place. >> the deal are going to be signed by the rebels known as seleka. it consists of various conditions that both sides have laid down. seleka wants political transition in the country.
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it also want south african troops in the country to leave. they want the president to put that forward to the african union. those are the priorities. the government wants a unity government which would mean the president would still retain his powers and once the rebels to leave the towns they have taken over. the cease-fire should be happening very soon. what regional powers here want is a pen ultimate solution. but japan has approved a new stimulus package it where the $224 billion. app would be direct spending from the government. the prime minister says he hopes the money would boost the economy and create 600,000 jobs. american express will be cutting
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more than a 5000 jobs this year, mainly from the travel business. they have been hit hard by customers moving away from traditional travel agents to buy trips online. they employ more than a 63,000 people. one of the most prominent pirates in somalia today is stepping down. he is urging others to do the same. plus -- the shrinking water supply in nigeria. >> towards turkey over the last several days, the snow across turkey and men in the locations has been quite substantial.
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we will get a little bit of a break it, but more precipitation will be coming into play. it's going to be a combination of rain and snow. we are expecting cyprus and turkey with a high temperature of about four degrees. we have a system in the atlantic coming to play which will bring rain across france, the u.k., even the iberian peninsula. we do expect to see a high temperature there of about 10 degrees. to the northern coast about for the up, that same storm in the mediterranean will be making its way towards syria as well. the rain will not be too much of a problem. the high-temperature in benghazi of about 20 degrees. we do expect to see about 18 degrees as the high in cairo. towards tunis partial, a cloudy and 17. we will be seeing some clear
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skies there and temperatures expected to be about 31 degrees. expected to be about 31 degrees. >> good to have you with us. a reminder of the top stories. the syrian rebels have taken control of a strategic military air base.
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the battle for taftanaz have been going on for months. attacks have killed more than 100 people and the bombings in the province and an area in the valley, nine people were also killed in a separate shooting. the french president has vowed to stop the advance of al qaeda rebels in mali. french reports have saying that they are already there push and them out of the town which is 600 kilometers northeast of the capital. there has been in other school shooting in the united states. one student shot and wounded at a school in california before a teacher in another staff member talked the gun man into surrendering. is president joe biden has been talking with the nra. he is heading a task force after
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the sandy hook school shooting. thailand will be sending about 400 refugees back to me and more. is the second such deportation in one week. they were found in a rubber plantation and more than 100,000 of them have been displaced after sectarian violence. members of the community in thailand have been protesting against the government of myanmar. they have gathered outside in bangkok. they want them to stop the fighting. this may soon be a thing of the past four primary students in indonesia. they want the subject removed so more time can be spent on things like religion and nationalism.
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they say the move is a step backward. we have a report from jakarta. >> learning about the motion. it is a prime exercised for children around the world. these children may lose out on some experiments of the government goes ahead with taking a science out of the curriculum. >> science is cool. lots of beautiful, objects can be made through science. when i grow up, i want to be a professor in biotechnology. >> the education ministry says there too overburdened for such causes and they want schools to focus mainly on religion, nationalism, the indonesian language, and math. that would mean the end of signs causes so they could learn
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about their country's frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. >> they are the right age to learn. they are ready to learn the basic concepts of science. what about their future? >> fascinated to listen to listen to the explanation about the many volcanoes. science is important to learn the way of thinking. they say it is necessary for them to be able to compete internationally. indonesia's's booming economy is growing more than 6% per year and they urgently need to educate their young regeneration. compared with neighboring countries, they have few scientists add that not many can afford to study abroad. >> we cannot rely on a small
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group. we need a critical mass of educated, sophisticated middle class in the nation's the will work together on a vision of what this country should be. >> business people are setting up private schools to fill the gaps. most indonesians' could only afford to send their children to government schools and then hope what they learn will be enough to give them an opportunity to improve their lives. al-jazeera, jakarta. >> to south africa now were striking farm workers have been involved in two days of confrontation. they're calling for the minimum daily wage to be doubled. >> this highway has become a battleground and they have the superior firepower, but there are hundreds of businesses. the seasonal workers want the minimum daily wage increased from $8 to $15.50.
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most of south africa food for aid borders is here and it is built on the banks of for the paid black workers. >> i am bending down trying to pay wage i cannot afford. >> he says he already record a loss on every carton. he is worried about what will happen if the can of bill is export orders. >> in the long run, the chances are good that they're going to lose their jobs and the labor unions are not telling the workers that. >> they pay for 110 season workers and the helps the full- time staff with medical b ills, housing, and electricity. >> the workers do not want to be identified because they are afraid it will be targeted by the people are a strike. one man was on his way to the
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farm when he was doused with petrol. >> he believes that the farmers can afford a 20% pay rise. he was part of an independent group of researchers who did a study into the workers' demands. >> it is good for the industry as well that we start moving as quickly as possible out of these low-skilled, low-paid wages. it is something the whole industry is in and we need to get out. >> this is one of the most unequal societies in the world and they want to rent some of the power and wealth away from the people who still benefit from the legacy of past lives. al-jazeera, south africa. >> was once counted among the largest reservoir is in africa, but it is now shrinking. it supplies water to four different countries and it is thought it may drop by the end of the century.
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we have more. >> this is the vanishing water supply it that is vanishing. there lies have been made difficult. he has been fishing at the lake for the past 30 years. >> fishing here is not viable anymore. we rarely catch fish, and when we do, they are tiny. >> this was once one of the largest water reserves. today, it covers less than one- fifth of the area. they're saying the lake could disappear within a decade. climate change and global warming is it affecting us. they also say it is possible for
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the lake to be drying up. most farmers have moved george greener areas and across borders. >> they're moving to cameroon or chad. to some extent, a lot of nigerians are moving. but the phenomenon is also causing tension around in the communities. there are repeated conflicts over the resources. >> right now, there are the issues. >> we will start harvesting the wheat soon. >> the plans to replenish the late are getting the canal to pump water uphill. it is the first of its kind in
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africa and it could cost $14 billion. until the plan becomes functional, concerns over how much longer the lake will remain continues. al-jazeera, lake chad. >> the somali pirates commander has announced he is retiring. "big mouth" called on other parts to give up the trade. he has been given millions of dollars in ransom money from ships seized in the indian ocean. >> we have been involved in this dirty business for a long time and we have faced the consequences of the job. we have to quit. how wen negotiations on can easily get rid of this dirty business. we expect the new government to eradicate it. >> the pirates have remained a
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serious problem off the coast of somalia. the international maritime bureau says there were 71 attempted hijacking last year of which 13 were captured by pirates. 147 hostages remain in captivity as the pirates continue to demand a ransom for their release. earlier, i spoke to a somali political scientist and political science professor who said the root causes of piracy need to be examined. >> when we talk about piracy, this phenomenon has been cyclical. sometimes it is up, others it is down. there are factors that affected. the number of attacks have significantly fallen, but there are other factors other than the
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environment or involvement either way. there are a number of pirates, illegal fishing and that is considered piracy. toxic waste dumping is another form of piracy. as long as these interlinked factors are out there, i expect the piracy to be cyclical. remember. in 2006, there were very few attacks. they were able to control
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