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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 13, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> french fighter jets push further into mali. >> thwe are al jazeera live from london. who hosni mubarak's supporters celebrate after a court orders a new trial for the ousted egyptian president. returning to the scene of the concordat tragedy after the cruise ship ran aground. hundreds of thousands stick to the streets of paris rallying against gay marriage and
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adoption. hello. french planes have pushed further into northern mali. fighter jets bombed a training camp and airport in the rebel stronghold gao. the u.s., britain, and other nations are pledging uses nickel -- logistical support. african states are stirring to deploy their own troops. let's get the latest now from the capital of mali. bring us up-to-date with the latest you have found on the ground. >> french forces have pushed deeper into the eighth rebels territory. they have attacked the town of
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gao and an army base. it has been taken over by rebels. they are said to have raised that army base on the ground. after stopping the advance of the rebels, bid has other strategic towns as the french forces a week in the military might. here there has been a huge response to a call by the president for the people of mali to help their week army. >> at a medical facility, people have gathered to donate blood. they are responding to our request from the president to support the country's forces which ever way they can. >> we are ready to respond to
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any request. if called to fight we will respond. we are ready to die. >> others donated money and food to the military. >> officials have called the french intervention in welcome ship. there's also a sense of guided optimism that the operation might once again unite molali. >> i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back,. >> i do not see any solution but a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists? it is not possible. >> the man to lead mali tumble the visited wounded soldiers. >> i am telling the people thank you for your support to our
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national army. we have launched defenses without having any assistance. we're happy to have the french by our site. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. one of the main streets, they fight. traders are also doing a brisk business. the french have been bringing in more troops. about 100 soldiers are right here on sunday. they say their forces will pave the way for the deployment of other soldiers from the republican block. >> i understand you have got a bit more information about that deployment. >> ps. yes. chief of defense forces states are getting here. some of them are writing this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday in which they are forced to map out a plan for
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deployment. of this plan -- some say this plan is going to be presented to the heads of state of those who will be on the ivory coast on saturday. what they are also samying is the outcome will depend on a security meeting on monday in which the international community in member states of the u.n. are supposed to pledge their support. what we know is most of the states may not be able to fund themselves and bring their soldiers here. it seems it france might be left holding the candles for a while. they are finding the best way to
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bring their troops here. that would need a lot of support. >> interesting. thank you. of appeal has ordered a retrial for ho hosni mubarak and his security chief. they were accused of killing hundreds of demonstrators during the uprising. 846 protesters were killed. thousands more were injured. mubarak was sentenced to life in prison in june of last year for his role. >> these are hosni mubarak's supporters inside the courtroom celebrating with a field as a long-awaited justice. the verdict is fair. i thought well mubarak and all this assistance will be found innocent.
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>> there's nothing to prove that he killed the protesters. it was the fact that he did not protest -- protect them. he did not kill them. there's a difference between killing and negligence. with an employee be fired just for being careless? >> the court has thrown out convictions. a panel of judges will be looking into the case in setting the date for a new trial. mubarak and his sons will remain in jail. there are facing separate corruption charges. his 82 were on trial were previously acquited prompting anger over why the police force has been scared. they will be retried. in cairo, those we spoke to were skeptical about the outcome. >> they will be speared somehow.
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we have no faith anymore. so many former regimes have been set free. >> the judiciary is functioning at the speed of a turtle. it has been two years. those who died had not been redeemed. >> lawyers, activists, and the judge were complaining about the weak case put forward by the prosecution. things could change in the new trial. a new committee says there is fresh evidence against mubarak and his aides. a new prosecution has been given the report. much of what is to come will depend on the content of this new report, details of which are made to the public. for almost two years, many egyptians have complained that justice had eluded this. the police force has not been reforms.
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multiple rounds of violence have not been held accountable. >> there is consistent violence outside the courtroom. there are concerns the new trials could serve their emotions at a time when the country is struggling to fix its economy. al jazeera comic cairo. >> survivors have been marking the anniversary of the concordia along with relatives who died. it is one year since a crashed into rocks. a number of events have been held there to market the date. >> this is part of the rocket that ripped open the whole of the costa concordia. some of the people who survive the disaster in family members who didn't hear it on the first anniversary, the coast guard has
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revealed new pictures of that night. they showed the dramatic rescue of more than 4000 people, some shelling to keep their balance and the dark. -- struggling to keep their balance in the dark. hundreds of survivors have returned to the islands. he was in the ship's casino when it crashed. he survived by climbing into a lifeboat. >> i was playing roulette when i felt a loud crash. it fell all over the place. in the music room, at the piano was on the floor. there was a hard crash. >> in the islands church is packed with some of the people who knocked on its door a year ago looking for shelter. it is not just on giglio that people are looking. there have also organized in
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peru in indonesia. all of the ships will be lowering their flags at half mast. people are united in their grief and remembering an accident that never should have happened. i last met kevin when divers will still searching for the body of his brother. they never found him. he still has so. >> we have to wait until the ship has been taken away. maybe then we might find some answers. then we might find him underneath the ship. that is what i think. hopefully, just for a few months or how long i have to wait. we will wait. the question people are being investigated over the tragedy including the ship's captain. indictments will be handed out by the end of february. the trial is still months away. the operation continues. this has salvage the most
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complex the world has ever seen. more than 400 engineers and experts are working around the clock. al jazeera. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been marching to the french capital to block a new law that would legalize a managed -- marriage and adoption by same sex couples. >> there may be dancing in the streets but these people have serious objections to the way france is headed. they came to paris from all over the country to say that despite what the government is planning, marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> i really believe that a family is a father and a mother. it has always been like that. it is not have to do with any religion.
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you make a commitment to society. you love and protect each other. two men are to women love each other but they will never make children. reaching o -- or two when in love each other but they will never be able to make children. >> this has brought together conservatives in people from christian, jewish, and muslim communities. this was a carefully managed presentation of mainstream unity. the organizers are trying to make sure only slogans are on display appeared their conscious of accusations of homophobia. they do not want to be portrayed in that way. >> despite them claiming this is a thing of family, the right watch this with dismay. >> i understand that some of them are not. it is very simple.
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they are on the streets. they are opening up everything. francois hollande has a secure enough parliament majority that the legalization of marriage will probably pass by jean. support is slipping. most french are with him on that. those rallying on saturday insist they will fight all the way. changing the traditional french family means weakening the very foundations of the country. al jazeera, paris. >> there has been a game marriage protest in the vatican where female protectors disrupted an address by the pope. but it was delivering his regular prayer. they were protesting against the opposition to the marriage. on saturday the children to go up with a father and mother. still ahead, why more protest
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camps are planned despite israel's the victim palestinian activists from their west bank and. beijing goes off the charts. how long will it and hang around a?
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>> the french military says it is affecting the stronghold of gao. egypt court of appeal has ordered a retrial for a hosni mubarak and his security chief. they were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of
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hundreds of thousands of protesters. survivors have gathered for the anniversary of the costa concordia disaster. fighting continues around army bases and airfield in the northern city of aleppo. they have also gone suburbs of in damascus. pictures showed the aftermath of air strikes on the eastern suburb. at least nine people were killed in that attack. forces reportedly targeted [inaudible] . palestinian activists are threatening to pitch more tens decimated for israelis. that is of -- that is despite their addiction. palestinians want to establish an independent homeland in the west bank and gaza with east jerusalem as the capital.
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the plan is early settlement and would be a huge blow to palestinian statehood because it would cut of east jerusalem from the west bank. the strongest allies strongly oppose the project which would cover 12 square kilometers. >> palestinians and other activists pulled up two days of protests against plans for more in legal settlements in the occupied west bank. the severely organized incumbent which was forcibly removed by israeli police was a new tactic for these activists. they say it was an organized, peaceful resistance which aimed to take the moral high ground. almost no involvement from factions but organized by local civilian groups. >> another aim is to go beyond the routine of the weekly resistance.
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we want it to escalate got to be more creative, and to surprise the israeli occupation. this is an important element. >> they were slightly more sturdy count pitch. they pointed out that they were gathering on mainly privately owned palestinian lands. >> the organizers say they consider it a great success. for such an initiative to be successful comedy will need a lot more people to show up. to do that they will have to persuade palestinians that this will make a difference. >> not everyone is convinced. >> nothing will get rid of the occupation. popular resistance is useless. >> other believe it is a good thing. >> we limit our losses. at the same time we make our
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voices heard to the world. >> the popular committees do not reject violence and what they call their resistance to israel. as they do see this new tactic as crucial. it is one that is missing among the infighting of palestinian politics. it must have struck a nerve. the israeli supreme court was allowing this to go on but the prime minister was the one who stepped in to put a stop to it. al jazeera. >> an explosion has killed seven afghan visitors following a night time nato raid in which four soldiers and an afghan soldier died. they tried to pull the bodies of the four taliban's from the rubble of a mosque. it is not clear if that caused the explosion. a roadside bombing of an army convoy has killed as many as 17 soldiers and injured 22 more.
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a pakistani cleric who spent years living abroad is sticking what he calls a march. they're calling to end corruption and social injustice. he will lead a million people on a peaceful resolution. protests to 96 shia muslims. people have been taking to the streets in several other cities. the prime minister -- and the members have vowed not to bury the bodies until they are protected. police them to india have arrested six men for adapting in raping a 29 year old woman. it comes four weeks after a deadly attack on a student on a bus in delhi which outraged indians.
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the victim boarded a local customer village appeared the best driver took her to an undisclosed location or five of their friends and joined them and raping her. the victim recalls what happened. >> the bus driver refused to drop me off of my village. he allowed all the passengers to get off except me. they must behave in the rate to me. -- they misbehaved and raped me. >> they demonstrate against recent changes to adoption laws. it bans u.s. citizens from adopting u.s. children. change took effect on january 21 in response to a u.s. human rights law. the government is using or thinned as pawns in a political dispute. georgia has released inmates deemed to be political prisoners by the country's new parliament. the amnesty comes as prisoners
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to work convicted of trying to overthrow the government and buying for russia. it also reduce the jail time for another 12,000 inmates. serbia has adopted a set of guidelines for reconciliation talks for kosovo. it is a strong signal that is losing its claim. serbia has previously maintained that it will never recognize the 2008 declaration of independence. thousands have taken to the streets of madrid to protect its plans to privatize the health- care system. it includes sending the managements of six other 20 private hospitals to others. the weather department the smoke will continue to shrug the city for the next three days. pollution levels search further off of the charts. there remains hazardous to health. >> an almost invisible city.
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the capital is cloaked in smog. the streets are practically empty. millions of the residents are having an alert to stay indoors. there are dangers level since friday. it called weather and light winds preventing the pollutants from dispersing. >> are tiny particles in the air. this runs from 0 to 500. air quality is considered good when the index is below 50. reading said between 305 hundred. levels have gone off the chart. readings are above 700. the severe conditions are being blamed on a variety of usual suspects. more traffic polluting factories and coal burning. it is the long-term affects that have kept them were made.
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>> according to a time line, we need more than 20 years to get better air quality. the whole generation will pay this. people are not only trying to protect themselves, but also petitioned for a term from blue sky. they have forced the closure is a several highways and airports. well indoors, many people have taken to voicing their concerns on line. some describe this as post apocalyptic and beyond belief. al jazeera. >> lightning strikes have ignited more than 100 new fires in new south wales. it is in the state northwest where police have ordered residents to leave. to mergers are soaring. it is making its -- temperatures are soaring. it is making it difficult for
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firefighters. a dust storm shows a moment a family was caught up in the storm. bali is considered -- ballet is considered the most disciplined of the dancers appeared a group of blind students are donning their tutus. >> in a tiny dance studio, they dance i feel rather than cite. she is visually impaired. 80% of her vision is gone. she is one of many students thought to be one of the few for the blind anywhere in the world. >> my friends tell me how can you be a dancer if you are blind. i tell them this is all about my will power. >> there is a reason of the schools are filled with mirrors. dancers learn by watching.
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it has not stopped the students things to their teacher. >> i teach them all through touch. they touch my body as i perform the moves and then they repeated to learn. after they learn, they are determined. all i have to do is call up the news and they can repeat it. >> the class is here are free for students and open to hearing impaired in children with mental disabilities. the benefits of the ballet stan farr -- extend far beyond the classroom. >> discipline, balance. >> backstage before a recent performance in front of a packed house, she is understandably nervous. >> i hope it all goes well. it is going to be very emotional for all of us.
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>> the performance last well over an hour and it is flawless. the hard work has paid off. these dancers have given their audience beautiful to see even if they can only feel it themselves. al
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