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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 2, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> thousands rally for candidates aheadndidates of the election. strong opposition between the two parties as the countdown begins. you are watching aljazeera, live from london. coming up, obama fails to head off the big budget cuts, find out what this means on main street. more violence in bangladesh where protests continue, after the death sentence of a senior
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politician. in moscow, a u.s. court rules the russian death was accidental. candidates in the kenyan president election make their final appeals for support. opinion polls show a close race between the top two candidates. the outgoing prime minister. monday's zero is the first goal since the 2007 post-election violence. >> supporters are confident of victory. but them -- by the middle of the week they expect their candidates and his running mate
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to be sworn in as the next leaders of kenya. ruto is a popular leader from the west of kenya but both are suspected of wrongdoing in the last election and return the vote into a referendum of the charges. >> many say he cannot rule because of ice cases but god has opened the gate and we will see who the leader will be. >> believe -- they are convinced that they have the numbers. at another parallel rally, the court coalition celebrates their candidate.
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he is the outgoing prime minister of the government of national unity. he presents himself as a great reformer. this is his third attempt at the presidency. he also knows that this is his last and he wants to win this to avoid what every man recognizes to be a bruising second-round fight. >> this is the end of the government of national unity and the start of a new constitution and if they get right, this will be the beginning of a new political rule in this country. the kenyans also understand the cost of getting this wrong.
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>> the president of chad says that one of the top commanders of al qaeda has been killed in mali. he has been blamed for the killing of many westerners in the last five years. and a ceremony was held in the capital of chad on friday to honor the soldiers killed it during the fighting against al qaeda in mali. the president said that the battle against al qaeda is not over. >> it is they who have killed the mangy hottest leaders in the north of mali. is your soldiers who have lived -- liberated and to alongside the french soldiers have liberated the towns in northern mali.
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but the word is not over. >> barack obama has asked congress to keep working on a tax and spending plan, before massive budget cuts. speaking hours before the sequestered came into effect, barack obama ask for a solution, when republicans for the spending cuts. >> none of this is necessary. republicans in congress chose this outcome rather than choosing a single tax loophole. they decided that supporting special interests is more important than protecting the middle class families from this cuts -- these cuts. we are in the home state of barack obama in illinois. can you tell me the effect of these cuts will have? >> these are broad cuts that
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would touch every american, cuts to early childhood education, teachers aides would be cut, law enforcement and the military, and cuts to senior programs. there are cuts to a program that brings food to senior citizens in their homes. there is a waiting list of about 100 seniors who want to get these meals. these are the cuts that would, at some point, they could potentially affect a lot of people. >> given the impact, how are ordinary people reacting to the situation? >> they are upset and angry and frustrated. they have been hearing about the budget crisis for several weeks, and a lot of people did not think that this would actually happen. the economy has not been good in
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the u.s. and in this area people were hoping that the economy would improve, and they were hoping that these cuts would not go through and trickle down to the community and affect people. there is a lot of anger in the white house and in congress. >> are people hopeful but they will sort out some compromise? many people did not believe the u.s. would get to this point, did they? ablee didn't and they were to compromise a little bit before and there was some optimism that there will act like adults. and they will sit down together and hammer something out and resolve this. >> thank you for joining us. portugal has seen its biggest anti-austerity protest for months.
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hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in these across the country as they call for an end to tax rises and spending cuts. >> i am here to protest against this government, which is determined to pay a debt that is not our own. this is criminal and a legal and forces us to live on bread and water, which forces us to work with bankers to have no interest in this class. >> an inconclusive reports of last week's election showed that it will be weeks before the government is formed. we have more on the impacts that the political issues are having on ordinary italians. >> until a year ago, fabiolo had a good job with the securities firm in rome, but since then she has been unable to find work or
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get government assistance. the party -- the democratic party does not have anything to offer her. >> i don't think left parties will protect people like me. because they want to -- they do this for their own interest. they don't care about the workers, i think. >> she would like to see silvio ber-- berlisconni, but grillo says that he will only work with law on a lot by lot basis. >> the new members of parliament will not be turning up for work here. they will come to choose the speakers of both houses. it may be a lot longer than that before italy is close to finding a government. >> the democratic party has
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ruled out forming a coalition with the center right. >> we had an agreement with them for sharing the support of the government, for the last 14 months and then, before the elections, he became the main opponent. >> to the outside world, the political deadlock continues to provide spectacle and concern. for italians, the center they turn their back on the uncertainty, the better. >> for people have died in a dozen others are injured in violent protests across bangladesh. we have more details. >> a thrid day of street fighting in the bangladeshi capital.
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protesters and riot police -- they responded with tear gas. this ended after one of the top opposition leaders was sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal. this is during the 1979 war of independence. this is the third member of the party to be convicted. found guilty in court that was set up in 2010 by the prime minister. >> he does not have any guilt -- and the government is trying to kill him. >> his conviction has triggered rioting across the country.
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>> when the activist damaged and set fire to vehicles, we dispersed the march. we're not quite sure of the number of elected -- and arrested. >> some accused the police of detaining people trying to escape the violence. >> i was innocent, i was just on my way home. they're picking the third membet people. >> i had nothing to do with this. >> islami is in opposition of the nationalist party. they're still facing hundreds of war crimes and the government denies that they set up the tribunal as a means of silence and opposition early next year. >> we will be live in cairo as
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john carey continues his first tour as u.s. secretary of state. and building the unsinkable ship again, the plan to recreate the titanic.
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>> hello again. the top stories here in aljazeera. the top presidential candidates are rallying over the final minutes of campaigning. kenyans are due to go to the polls on monday. obama calls for congress to continue to work on a tax and spending plan, as the budget cuts begin taking effect. at least four people have died on the third day of protest and in bangladesh in the wake of the
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war crimes tribunal. >> the foreign minister of syria has criticized the u.s. decision to continue the coalition. iran says that the syrian president asaad will remain leader until next year. >> i not understand how the united states can support the man who killed the syrian people. >> inside syria, government forces are accused of dropping bombs on civilians. there are also reports of fighting in damascus, and on the
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border of syria and iraq. the united nations is expected to announce that the number of syrian refugees -- this is not until the number who have registered as refugees. the u.n. believes the 950,000 people have fled syria since the conflict began, and 4 million syrians are displaced. in jordan they are hosting more than 300,000 people. around 320,000 are thought to be living in lebanon. >> there are bad conditions in the camp with the toilets far away and we are in the middle of the desert. there are only two bakeries.
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>> this is different than living in our own country and we suffer from this new environment. we try to connect with the new come back streets, they are suffering from this because they are not working here, and this is very expensive. >> john kerry is in egypt as he continues his tour of egypt and the middle east. he has met the secretary general and he is urging egypt to sign a loan deal for the international monetary fund. he joins us live from the egyptian capital.
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we have seen so for the historic is dominated by syria. but this is not the focus of his trip to -- trip to egypt. >> not at all. the egyptian economy is in a dreadful state and unlike countries like syria, which have a mere 22 million population strong relatively isolated from the world economy, egypt is a major player, in the sense you care to mention, with 8% of the trade going through the canal -- this is a vital area with israel. and it is absolutely important to the interest of america, and the global economic interest that egypt gets back on its feet again, economically. massive unemployment here.
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this is the revolution that america does not want to see, in any sense, falter. even when he met the foreign minister, he was hammering the economic line. >> we do believe in this moment of serious economic challenge, it is important for the egyptian people to come together around the economic choices. and find some common ground in making those choices. >> a lot of criticism in the u.s., and this will actually affect the fact that egypt still remains the second-largest recipient of u.s. foreign aid in israel. >> this is not going to be affected and here is why. america needs the aid to egypt as much as egypt does. american gives 1.5 billion at
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the moment, 1.3 billion in military aid to egypt. egypt can only spend this on american military equipment and that means jobs in the arms industry. that means political leverage over egypt. the aid package is a thank-you note for maintaining peace with israel, and those interests carry their own words, and they are vital to america's interests. over to the united states you have politicians saying, we are not happy with the human rights situation and the muslim brotherhood are not handling things well and in israel we do not like how -- they are dealing with this and we think that they have only back to the muslim brotherhood because they guaranteed the safety of israel.
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this is something that neither country will want to knowledge. >> that is the latest there from cairo. and the russian government says that they will launch their own investigations into the death of a three year-old boy who was adopted by american parents. they believe that his death was accidental but there are protests in moscow. >> latest move in an ongoing diplomatic spat between russia and the united states. thousands of pro-kremlin demonstrators took to the streets of moscow for a ban on foreign adoption. >> i believe that the children of russia should stay here and be raised by russian citizens, with our families. we have strong traditions that we must pass on.
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>> this comes after the death of a boy who was adopted by american parents. some suggest that he died as a result of abuse but an autopsy determined his death was accidental. >> we returned the finding that the cause of death for this child was a laceration to the small bowel artery, due to blood trauma. in the abdomen. but the belief is that this is accidental. >> the autopsy results have not met the russians. the call for meaningful steps between the russians and the united states. americans have adopted 50,000 russian children since the collapse of the soviet union but
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this has not been without controversy. a tennessee woman put the boy back on a plane to russia and said that he was facing behavioral problems. the kremlin banned all adoptions by americans after a law that was passed by washington, preventing russian suspected of human rights violations from coming to the united states. they accused the kremlin of playing politics and using children as pawns. >> an armed filipino group that has taken clothes -- taking control of a coastal village in asia has called for a cease-fire as they try to bury their dead. the malaysian and philippine government are urging the group to surrender. charles strasser has the latest. >> the family mourns and he calls for those to surrender or
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face consequences. >> there is absolutely nothing to negotiate and they should surrender this soon as possible. where they will have to face all the actions by malaysian authorities. >> they landed by both in this remote corner of malaysia and say that this area has belong to them since the 18 eighties. malaysian troops have surrounded the area. it is not clear how the shooting started but at least 12 followers of the sultan and three police officers were killed. the government is increasingly embarrassed by the situation. the president has called on his citizens to surrender or face prosecution's on charges of causing armed conflict. >> the path they chose is wrong
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in the only correcting for you to do is surrender. >> in manila, members of the sultan's family say that they will defend their land until death. >> we are fighting for the right cause and this belongs to the sultanate. >> they have widened the security implications as the crisis began at a crucial stage of peace negotiations and the islamic revolution front -- liberation front. they have been fighting for a homeland in the southern philippines four years and the peace talks are being brokered by malaysia. the philippine president has said that those trying to undertake -- are trying to undercut the government and trying to prevent a possible peace deal with the liberation front.
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>> if you have ever wondered what life was really like on the titanic, you may get the chance as what is described as the biggest sequel in history. a billionaire shipping magnate is planning to build titanic to. they are planning to recreate a legend. >> this is 101 years since the unsinkable sank. the maiden voyage is the final voyage, 1500 lives lost in one of the waters greatest disasters and one of the silver screen's biggest successes. >> not a movie sequel, but a maritime sequel as this ship is built to almost identical specifications. with some very important safety improvements. time they arers'
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hoping to complete the journey that the predecessor never managed to. >> the titanic ii will be out the same way as the first, with the smoking room and the tennis courts of from 1912 and three glasses so they can pay for the -- classes so passengers can pay to live like those who died. >> there are stories of courage and self sacrifice and the titanic itself was a turning point for the world in cruise shipping. we have been safe this century, probably because of what they did at that time. >> the original titanic to set off from rigid set off from southampton, and the journey continued -- the journey ended when they struck an iceberg. this ship will be made in china
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and it will travel across the world, and it will leave southampton again, bound for new york. there is a lot of work to be done to get this ship built in the next three years, -- >> we have the safety net and a series of life rafts, and you will be able to see from the bridge over the bowel. >> with claims that 40,000 people have applied for tickets, it will be full steam ahead for the recreation of one of the most famous and most tragic failed to
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