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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 14, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> blasts and gunfire in baghdad as plumes of smoke fill the skyline. , live fromjazeera our headquarters in doha. these are your other top stories. >> dbuona sera. >> the new leader of the roman catholic church, pope francis, is the first non-european pontiff in more than 1000 years. israel confirms the new ruling coalition. who has been left out?
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breakthroughs and failures, the final day of talks on the protection of endangered animals. we begin with pricking news out of iraq, where -- breaking news out of iraq, where there are reports of several explosions during rush hour. to green zone is home several embassies and government ministries as well. our correspondent is live with more information, osama mohammed. >> just a while ago, four main, big explosions hit the compound where our al jazeera compound is located. there are different ministries, such as the ministry of foreign affairs, the main provincial council building, and the
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justice department -- and the building for justice. there were explosions. there were -- we heard that the -- we heard the sirens and the armored vehicles. we contacted our police sources. they have been saying that at least two were killed and other -- another dozen injured. askhat's what i wanted to you, any of the numbers you're getting, the latest numbers on the casualties here and what is the situation right now? are you hearing from police or your sources that it is still going on? hearing the helicopters hovering over the skies of the perimeter. the security forces have imposed some sort of security -- some sort of curfew in that area where our office and the ministries are.
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this is the situation that remains. >> you are saying that the area there is quite packed with ministries. it is very close to the al jazeera office as well. , it is really close to al jazeera. we were surprisingly -- we got all of these glowing -- all of this billowing smoke coming into the office. the main explosions happened after a calm day. >> thank you very much. that is osama mohammed reporting from the iraqi capital of baghdad. catholics around the world are welcoming the appointment of a new pontiff. pope francis began his first day as leader of the catholic church in private prayer at the basilica in rome.
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the man formerly known as jorge mario bergoglio is the first pope to be selected from outside europe in 1000 years. .e began his day in prayer what is on his to do list over the next couple of days? , accordingheduled to the archbishop of new york >> to pay a visit to america's -- the archbishop of new york, to pay a visit to pope benedict. his next public appearance will be on sunday. we are when the pope -- told this might change on sunday. the vatican expects a lot of people in st. peter's square.
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it may be on about any on which he made his first appearance yesterday after he was elected. theuesday, it should be official inauguration of the pope. that is usually a mass attended by many world leaders. he receives the ring with which he will seal everything. it is the ring that each pope gets once he is elected. and it gets destroyed after the -- ors demised or he cut he resigns. the vatican is happy to have a new pope and for the holiest week in the catholic faith -- have a new pope before the holiest week in the catholic faith. >> is he the right person for this? there is certainly a lot of hope.
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there are a lot of people who will tell you that he was elected and it indicates the church is going to seriously tackle all these issues of the sex scandal, but also the very much needed reforms. he is an outsider when it comes to the vatican. the central government of the vatican has always been quite opec. opaque-- he is considered a man of the poor. he used to take the public bus to go to work. there is a lot of hope pinned on him. >> thank you very much. israel has a new coalition government. hardy has reached an
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agreement with yesh atid. let's get more. times ofr of "the israel website, good to have you with us. a deal was reached in the 13th our. reports of a lot of wrangling taking place. what do you make of this? has beenink netanyahu weakened? >> the tale emerged pretty much when the white smoke was billowing out of the vatican chimney. it coincided with the new pope. it took much longer than finding a new pope. netanyahu is weakened. he will be running a four-party coalition. he is somewhere near the center of that coalition. yeshs made a deal with atid, a central party. there is another party further to the left and another party
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further to the right. it is not the coalition he really wanted. he has some quite strong rivals within his cabinet who will be looking to make life difficult for him, i think. >> the ultra-orthodox parties have been left out. they have been a key ally of netting yahoo's parties -- netanyahu's party. >> they were unthreatening allies for neptune yahoo. these other parties refused to sit in government with him unless there were dramatic reforms. those other parties have prevailed. there is a domestic agenda now for this government, which may seem new legislation making -- new legislation for requirements to serve in the army. we may see reform to the education system. that is where there is common ground. where there are differences are on things like negotiations with the palestinians, the pro-
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settlement forces, the elements to the left that will want to move forward, accelerate any possibility of progress with the palestinians. >> let's look at the international issues for just a second. ?here does this coalition stand what will happen with peace talks with the palestinians? as well as putting a halt to illegal settlements in occupied territory? >> netanyahu is somebody who believes in the settlement enterprise and who would argue that there is a israeli legitimacy in the settlements. there are parties and players who will want to expand settlements quite dramatically. you also have people like the former foreign minister, who led negotiations with palestinians a few years ago, who wants to make progress. you will have conflicting forces pulling in different directions.
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remember, president obama is coming here next week here that will be relevant. what will he say acco i suspect -- what will he say? i suspect he will want to freeze, but i don't know if that is possible. i don't think people should think the political fighting is over. i think it is just beginning. much.nk you very the united states has an point -- has appointed a new six monthsto libya after the last one was killed in libya. the former ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate last september. digit should and police were directly responsible for hundreds of deaths during the country revolution -- egyptian police were directly responsible for hundreds of deaths during the country's revolution.
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they used snipers to shoot into the crowds. the killings were authorized by former president hosey mubarak. .early 900 -- hosni mubarak nearly 900 protesters were killed. -- doctors hospital at hospitals near tahrir square said they were treated for wounds to their faces and che sts. we have with us a retired egyptian police colonel, part of the group that is trying to promote good relations between the police and the public in egypt. what could be the fallout from this report on the police force in egypt? it to record states that police were directly responsible for hundreds of deaths during the revolution. -- it directly states that
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police were directly responsible for hundreds of deaths during the revolution. >> they have been accused of killing protesters during the revolution. to report was not announced the public. had it in hand to be able to read what it includes. we are sure that people have been murdered during the revolution. there are two views about this, whether it is the police or other groups, have -- hamas or hezbollah. this is a very important point. the police have an obligation to prove who killed these innocent people during the if it is them, they have to submit. or if it is someone else, any
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terrorist group or islamist who did this crime, they should go to court. what have we witnessed -- >> do you think this report could lead to convictions of senior officers as well as the former president and his interior minister? duringe already noticed the last 25 months, a lot of police officers have been accused of killing protesters. 99% of these cases have turned out to be proven innocent towards the police officers. itself, raises a lot of questions about the justice system in egypt. .> this is what the court said they are proved to be innocent. there are other things that have not been investigated yet. -- who was able to enter into the prisons?
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>> i would like to keep the focus on this particular report that has been released by the associated press and their findings. tell me what you think the fallout will be from this report on the police and the police force in egypt, especially considering the strained relations currently between egyptian's and the police? >> the people have the impression that the police forces are accused of killing them. perception is reality. the police force has an obligation to prove their innocence. second, to get the people accused of doing these crimes and put them in court. otherwise >> people will still have this perception in their minds. they areficers feel innocent. they are blamed for things they
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did not do. they are -- they have huge confusion. this adds to the confusion. having said that, this report coming to the media now -- having been announced to the public, people will accuse the police force more than they have. there will be more confusion. it opens a gate for more instability in the country. >> thank you very much. a retired egyptian police colonel speaking to us from cairo. at head on ash ahead on al jazeera, curiel -- , kenya'sal jazeera prime minister says he won the election. we are back in a moment.
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>> hello again. good to be back. we've seen quite a bit of snow across many locations in europe. these clouds making their way in and down toward the south. i want to take you towards spain. this is what it looked like on wednesday from many locations. 42 provinces were affected by the very heavy snow that passed through the area. 13 of the roads were closed in the region. a lot of school campuses were closed as well. things are looking much better as we go into the next couple of days. this is the forecast map. a lot of clearing out happening across the iberian peninsula. we will focus more towards the east. where you see these highlighted areas, belarus, ukraine, that's where the heaviest rain and snow is going to be be over the next couple of days here that has mixed in all the way towards russia.
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temperatures will get just above freezing overnight. across the mediterranean, we are looking at a storm system. we expect to see not a lot of rain on the coastal regions. it's going to be quite windy. for tripoli the top stories on al
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jazeera, iraqi police say at least 12 people have been killed in a series of blasts and a gun fight baghdad. the explosions hit during rush hour in a heavily fortified area which is home to several ministries and foreign embassies. pope francis has become his first day as leader of the roman catholic church by leading pairs at the basilica in rome. he is the first ever latin america pontiff -- leading prayers at the basilica in rome. he is the first ever latin america and pontiff. -- latin american pontiff. benjamin netanyahu's new coalition. , kim jong-'s leader un, has overseen a live fire military drill near this disputed border. the area is described as a hotspot. the exercise was held just days after north korea threatened to wipe out a south korean island. it is official.
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china has a new president. xi jinping has been formally approved to take over from hu jintao. he was named chief of the communist arty in november. his new title gives him power over chinese -- the chinese army. he will tackle corruption at every level of the government and has pledged to put a stop to extravagant displays of wealth by high- ranking officials in his party. he also calls for a closer partnership between china and the united states. >> the official announcement that came on thursday that xi jinping is the president of china is the culmination of its consolidation of power. he began back in november when he became the president of the party, the head of the military, and now the state. with that power comes challenges. but the ones that have been identified by xi jinping is the corruption in the government and
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the widening wealth gap in his country, mainly borne out of the fact that china has a rapid economic growth, particularly in the last 10 years. his predecessor, hu jintao, the country went from the seventh largest economy in the world to second, within just his term. xi jinping will have to focus on shrinking the wealth gap as soon as he gets into office. also, he is taking his first foreign trip to russia. this is largely symbolic. it is to counterbalance america's pivot towards asia. america is really spreading its economic influence and its military. this is china's symbolic show that they are also spreading their base of power all the way to russia. kenya's outgoing prime minister, raila odinga, is refusing to accept defeat in last week's elections. he announced on thursday he
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would appeal the result in kenya's highest court. >> this is the man who believes he should have been in -- elected kenya's next president. according to official figures, he lost the vote by more than 800,000 ballots here but at a gathering of his parties newly elected -- his part -- by more than 800,000 ballots. but at a gathering of his party's newly elected officials, he said -- >> we must defend the [indiscernible] >> goading the's supporters believe he lost to systematic fraud -- odinga's supporters believe he lost to systematic fraud. rest firstguments with the voter registers.
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there was a widespread collapse in the biometric voter identification system. he believes that the systems were manipulated to direct -- to deprive him of votes and to insulate his rivals -- to inflate his rival's. the electoral commission insists neither problem compromised the results. it would not comment while the port case is pending. the elections observer group has delivered its verdict on the polls. it had 7000 observers spread across the country, 1000 of them crosschecking the vote count. while it says the technical failures did cause problems, they found no evidence of fraud. >> it does not render the election incredible because of the technology failure. >> but there is space for doubt, and that is a problem in an
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environment where the perception of integrity is as important as the reality. kenyans are suffering from a kind of political fatigue. they are glad the elections are over. there is a broad understanding. -- understanding that they need to resolve their differences in the court, not in the streets. >> the inquiry in south africa is expected here evidence from the commissioner who was in charge of security at the time. at least 78 workers were injured by police gunfire at the time. the shooting in marikana sparked weeks of protests across the country. police in pakistan say they have arrested several children who were recruited by gangs to carry out bomb attacks in the south. they say separatist fighters hated boys as young as 10 to plant explosives in the city of quite a -- quetta.
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the boys were paid around $50 each. iran has stepped up its support for the syrian army. weapons continue to flow to ayria through iraqi, -- iran, violation of the arms embargo. iran denies that. the international criminal court says both sides are guilty of torture. the un has stopped patrols in some parts of the golan heights, on the border between syria and israel. funny one filipino peacekeepers were abducted there last week, later -- 21 filipino peacekeepers were abducted there last week, later released. it is the same area where they agreed to a cease-fire 35 years ago. world leaders have been meeting in bangkok at a conference
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aimed at protecting endangered wildlife. they want to put a stop to illegal shark trading and curb .rade of ivory and rhino horns it is a positive ruling for the shark and rhinoceros species. >> it's the end of a decade- long journey and it is also the beginning. the challenge will be to implement these rules. one of the most important things about the ruling is that it is binding. of course, countries cannot implement this tomorrow. they have 18 months to put rules in place. what these rules and processes will do is ensure that sharks can continue to be traded, but only those sharks and rays that are sustainably and legally caught. there is a long history of regulating trade and ensuring trade is sustainable.
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countries will work through scientific and management authorities, within their ministries, to develop what we call non-detriment findings, findings which establish whether a shark species or rays species can be traded sustainably. the date conversation is how do we move forward, how do we bring -- the big conversation is how do we move forward, how do we get more funding. the eu has committed 1.2 million to help countries ensure that their shark and ray trade is sustainable. >> doctors without borders is closing its facilities in morocco in protest. the european commission has put forward new rules to help stranded air passengers. airlines are now required to reroute customers within a 12
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hour time frame or make alternative arrangements to get them to their destinations. it is the biggest overhaul since new laws to protect european travelers were introduced to the commission eight years ago. ireland is considering a controversial new plan to sell off large parts of its forests. it is part of a plan to reduce its debt. it is a decision with historical resonance. ireland was the forest did during its colonial past -- was deforested during its colonial past. >> you can see forest of spruce and conifer, carefully managed and grown to
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