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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  March 27, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> this is the "journal" coming to you live from dw in berlin. >> here's a look a what is coming up in the next half-hour. >> frustration mounts in cyprus. authorities rushed to find a way to open banks but prevent a run on them. >> the world's five biggest emerging economy seek to expand their political influence and economic clout. >> berlin is cry foul after a property development removes part of the famous east side gallery.
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officials in cyprus are scrambling to put measures in place to prevent a run on deposits when the country's banks reopen on thursday. >> is central bank governor said authorities were making superhuman efforts to get shuddered banks ready as promised and give relief to struggling citizens and businesses. >> cypriots are angry and anxious about their accounts, which they've not had access to for about two weeks. >> many have been warned that they stand to lose a large chunk of their savings. >> the streets of cyprus appear calm but it to be a different picture when banks reopen on thursday. lack of information is adding to the frustration. >> people have no money. they are scared. there is no certainty. they do not know if the banks will open tomorrow. >> customers with deposits of more than 100,000 euros could
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lose up to 40% of their savings. the finance ministry is pledging to make sure that no one gets around temporary restrictions. >> we believe in some sort of capital controls have had to happen and will restore confidence, and they will be removed in a relatively short time. >> the unpopular bailout measures have been aggravated by rumors that some have gotten ahead of authorities. they are said to have moved billions of the country even after cyprus shut down its banking system 10 days ago. reports say the central bank failed to prevent foreign investors, traders from illegally transferring funds to overseas accounts. i proven to be true, that could further deepen the fury on the streets. -- if proven to be true. >> our correspondent joins us live from nicosia.
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bring us up-to-date on the situation right now. >> we are getting some information coming in about the currency controls. we understand that at cash points, people will be allowed between $100 or $300 a day. we also understand payroll payments will give out. that has to happen because businesses have to continue. and civil servants will get paid as well. the state workers are due to be paid this friday. the state must function or else we really have a problem. there has been a lot of fuss over the past few hours about the sacking of the chief executive of the bank of cyprus and his entire board by the troika. this 40% level is starting to cause anger not just here but across russia. we spoke to the man at the epicenter of the bank collapse. even he said 40% just is not acceptable. how will people react when the
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money is taken off their accounts? them all right, but there's still uncertainty about if the banks will actually open tomorrow. what do you think? >> i do not think they will. the central bank has said indications are that banks will open with some restrictions on capital. bear in mind that this very wary staff, which as far as i know, and i have spoken to several people -- they have not been informed to come in tomorrow. >> we will just have to keep an eye on developments. we thank you very much for that update. >> as we just heard from our correspondent, capital controls are to be imposed. the head of the cyprus chamber of commerce has explained that capital control will limit foreign transactions, and
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capital outflows, but not movement of money within the country itself. nevertheless, this sounds somewhat like the old shutting the door after the house was robbed. >> unfortunately, it does sound very much like that. according to what everyone is hearing, a lot of money has left cyprus already. it is not about the money moving within sap is, but apparently, volume is so high that as to is apparent to the european central bank transfers money to different countries, and it noticed that it transferred more money than what was being officially paid out through cash machines, so where did the difference go? probably abroad is the assumption, and investigations have been starting, and they are not halting before high officials, either, so there is a lot of excitement about that. >> of course, more bad news pouring in, not just from within the eurozone. >> also from britain.
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economic output suffered in last quarter of the last year. also bad economic news from france and doubts about italy's government forming, so all this is putting pressure on the market here. if we look at the numbers, the dax and the euro stoxx both losing clearly and also the euro suffering. >> despite the woes elsewhere in the eurozone, the bloc's biggest economy is still doing well. german consumer confidence remains high according to new figures. a consumer research group says germans continue to expect strong economic growth in their country. the survey found people were less optimistic about their own learnings. the march numbers were collected before the cyprus bailout crisis, and pollsters warn it could have a negative effect on consumers' moods in the coming months. >> a bit of change of pace now. at their summit in south africa,
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leaders from the brics group of nations had been hoping to expand their imprint on the world stage with a much- anticipated new development bank, but brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa only agreed in principle to create a joint letter. >> the idea is to create an institution that would rival the world bank. delegates were at odds over the scope of such a structure and agreed that more talks were necessary. >> together, the brics nations account for a quarter of the world's economic output, and they want their political influence to mirror that. since last year, they've been exploring the idea of setting up their own development bank, an institution they hope to shake of the global order. it should provide a counterbalance to the world bank, which they say is dominated by western nations and does little to tackle under development.
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there is agreement in principle to set up the bank, but leaders still disagree on how it will be funded and how it will be run the meeting also focused on increasing stronger ties with weaker developing economies like those in africa. >> russian companies are actively in caged in brazil, india, china, and south africa and interested in working together to enter third world markets. >> china is the biggest economic powerhouse among the five brics nations, and it is hoping the closer cooperation will lead to more business opportunities. >> the chinese government encourages and supports chinese firms that invest in other brics countries.
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we also welcome business leaders from other brics countries who want to invest in start businesses in china. >> china has said that brics cooperation had infinite potential, but that has yet to be realized. >> the big five have postponed the establishment of a joint development bank. how will that affect the sense of cohesion and solidarity in this emerging group. >> this shows essentially have different the group acts on international markets. china is a communist regime, and we have democracies with brazil and south africa, so this shows how heterogeneous this group is and how difficult it is for even a small group to find some kind of meeting with each other. >> china, obviously the most powerful economy -- is it taking
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the lead? >> it tries to take the lead and it also tries to use the brics as an instrument for its politics, and the other countries also see around this establishment of the development bank. this will show how good they work together, if china is able to keep all the countries aside or if there are complications in establishing the new brics as a real political group. >> what can other major economic powers like europe, like the united states, expect from this new power blocs in the making? a rival or a partner? >> essentially, the brics are both. the brics countries rely on the european and u.s. markets, so they also have to rely on a partner, but they have their own interests. in future, they will postpone
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and found their needs very carefully against the industrialized countries. >> thank you very much for your time. >> you are welcome. >> in a minute's time, we will look at why a stubbornly long winter has german business is feeling the pinch. >> not just the german businesses, but first, a look at some other stories from around the world. >> shareholders in european aviation ineads have approved -- aviation giant eads have approved what are called the most far reaching measures in that group's history. the ceo said the move would make them a normal company. >> an appeals court in egypt has overruled president morsi's decision to sack the country's top prosecutor and appoint a new one. the judge in cairo has ordered the ministry of justice to reinstate the judge who was
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dismissed last november. >> a dispute has broken out in germany over media access to a court that will try the only surviving member of a neo-nazi terror cell. members of the cell are implicated in 10 murders. eight of the victims had turkish roots but not a single turkish journalist has been accredited. as we mentioned before, the weather has so far failed to take notice of the calendar. it is the end of march, and spring has officially begun, but the large parts -- but large parts of germany are still in the grips of winter. >> we are still wearing our winter boots and winter coats. icy temperatures and snow are not only putting a damper on our moods but also on businesses, which were hoping for a boost from springtime weather. >> it is called a spring festival. the attractions are here. it is just the spring weather
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that is missing along the banks of the rhine. it should be packed with revelers, but where's the fun in bitin cold and icy wind? stockholders are frustrated. >> our sales are down by 80% on last year. >> up and down the country, business is bad for those who make their money from good weather. there's no alfresco dining and no appetite among shoppers for spring flowers. these ones are heading for the compost heap. >> it will add up to between 5000 euros and 10,000 euros, and that is money i need to invest in more stock. >> the prolonged winter coupled with high oil prices mean bigger heating bills for many households. 15% more on average than last year according to experts. the construction industry is also having a tough time of it.
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some companies say revenues are down by 20% this year. >> we are worried we will not be able to make up for our losses over the remainder of the year. >> nobody knows when spring will finally make its appearance in northern europe. what is for sure is that every day's delay comes at a cost. >> maybe we could ask the pope. pope francis has held its first general audience appearing before thousands of worshipers in st. peter's square. >> huge crowds turned out to welcome the pope in sunny but cool weather, who arrived in his pope-mobile, addressing the faithful in italian. he appealed for peace in the central african republic where a coup took place earlier this year. >> easter celebrations in the christian faith began on thursday. >> all right, we will be back
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after a short break. we will be looking at the eurozone's headaches. >> with the focus this time being on italy's political instability. >> stay with us. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back. there's no sign that the political deadlock in italy will break anytime soon. >> italian senator pier luigi bersani has to report to president giorgio napolitano tomorrow. >> the problem is there is no progress to report. today, the protest party formed by comedian beppe grillo rejected his overtures. the group was practically bersani's only resort.
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>> we have met with people who are fed up with their about it -- their leaders and ability to lead. >> father and son see eye to eye on sports and politics. the 18-year-old is a keen rower, competing for a club. alongside his interest in sport, he also has inherited a deep distrust of italian politics from his father. >> i voted for the five-star alliance to send a signal. young people want change. i am sick of seeing the same old faces. they cannot be the only ones to represent us in italy and abroad. >> it was his first time at the ballot box, and he has no regrets about his choice. he won -- he once elected officials who serve the public and who are not just in it for themselves.
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>> the era of political privileges has to come to an end. entire families have to get by on just 800 euros a month while politicians waste money by the bucket load. it cannot go on like this. that is why the five-star alliance wants to cap politicians' salaries at 2000 euros a month. >> his father agrees. he is a lawyer and recently lost his full-time job. he is now working as a self- employed consultant. >> italy is in a deep crisis. increasing numbers of people cannot make it to the end of the month on their income. permanent jobs have become a dream. young people here do not know what they should do. anyone who is talented tries their luck abroad. italy is a country without hope. >> italy's next government will have to get tough on public
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spending. he sees no alternative, but his wife does not think that grillo's five star alliance has the answers. >> grillo's people are in experience. it is great to finally have normal citizens in parliament . abroad be there is no escaping the scale of the problems they now have to deal with. >> the family watches the evening news, unsure of where their country is headed. federico expects a lot from the new parliament. his parents just want the government to be formed quickly to put an end to the month of political limbo. >> beppe grillo is increasing the uncertainty. millions of italians gave him the protest votes. now he has to learn how to take responsibility and act for all italians.
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even those who did not vote for him. >> federico is staying focused on his sporting teams while politicians struggle to bring italy back on course. >> tie 1 is assessing the damage after a strong earthquake jolted the island wednesday morning. at least one person was killed when a temple wall collapsed, and authorities say more than a dozen other people were injured. >> the epicenter was close to the same spot struck by an earthquake that killed two dozen people in 1999, bringing back memories of taiwan's's worst recent disaster. >> it was hard just to hold on when the ground started shaking at around 10:00 in the morning. residents of earthquake-prone taiwan are drilled to a rush of doors, but not everyone was able to move so quickly. >> i was so scared. no one else was at home. i could not run. i was so afraid, my legs became week.
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then the damage was mostly limited to cracked walls and falling through tiles. experts said the shallow epicenter was in the same region as the devastating quake of 14 years ago. >> this area here has experienced frequent earthquakes measuring six or above since the quake in 1999. but the crack did not reach the surface. it is known as a blind fault. tie one lies near the junction of two tectonic plates and is frequently shaken by tremors. wednesday's quake could be felt across the island. >> all right, let's turn to some soccer news now. in the world cup, qualifiers for brazil 2014. germany wrapped up another win over kazakhstan. the two sides only met days ago. germany came how 3-0 winners.
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>> yesterday on their home turf, germany went bigger, bagging four goals and three more points. >> it was a comfortable victory despite a nervous start. germany struggled to penetrate as extend's defense, but after. >> completed an onslaught to make it 3-04 germany. they were firmly in command. >> it was totally out of order that the spectators started whistling.
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>> germany was spurred back into action but could not convert their chances, hitting the post and crossbar no fewer than six times. >> lap it up in the first half so it was o.k. even the the second half was not as good as the first. >> germany take another step on the road to brazil. >> that victory since germany's spot at the top of group c. they are eight points ahead, and qualification is looking very safe, but there is a tight battle for the second spot between austria, sweden, and the republic of ireland. >> let's look at some of the other results. belgium's 1-0 win over macedonia puts them on top of group a. italy on top of group b.
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montana per se ahead of england -- montenegro stay ahead of england. and spain back on track with a win against france. >> antennas, celebrating one of the biggest wins of his career. he has not the world number one out of the miami masters. he is the oldest player in 30 years. >> formula one now. speculation is growing that mark webber could leave rebel. media reports suggest the drivers contract will not be renewed at the end of the season. he is said to still be furious and of being overtaken by his teammate at sun is malaysia
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grand prix. it could turn out to be the final episode in the stormy relationship between the two. >> all right, finally, back here in berlin, a construction worker has removed four pieces of the famous east side gallery, which is the longest remaining stretch of the berlin wall. that construction happen overnight. despite public demand that the site be preserved. >> more than 200 police protected the work crews as they remove one piece after another to make way for an access route to the plant high rise luxury apartments. >> the operation began well before dawn. a crane removed four large sections of the wall with 250 police officers on hand to provide security. the developer had decided to push ahead with plans to build an upscale apartment complex.
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>> we are here because he has a construction permit, and we have to make sure that permit is guaranteed. on the other hand, we are prepared for demonstrations against it. >> protestors were caught off guard. they shut up hours later angered by the sudden move. >> i do not know why anyone would tear down the wall only to build luxury homes around the river. >> the east side gallery stands as a memorial to the repressive regime that once ruled east germany. local politicians have been trying to negotiate a compromise since a move began earlier this month that prompted large-scale protests. but the talks have gone nowhere. >> if you want to recreate portion of the berlin wall, which divided a city into east and west, it needs to remain
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authentic. you cannot just take out a chunk. >> the developer says the four sections of the wall have been moved only temporarily. but construction near the former strip is only just getting going. >> activists here at berlin's east side gallery see this as yet another step in the willful destruction of berlin's historical heritage in the name of luxury development. protests are set to continue to save this iconic memorial that commemorates the more than 100 people who died trying to cross from east to west berlin. >> it is amazing to see the development down there and progress taking place. >> you are up to date at this hour on the "journal." thanks for joining us. >> to stay with dw. captioned by the national captioning institute
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