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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 30, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> the decision of the court for the respondent. >> kenya's supreme court uphols the election of uhuru kenyatta as the country's next president. his main challenger, raila odinga, has accepted and called for unity. also, coming up -- he southrea warns tha they are at war. and a 60% tax on cash to fund
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the country's bailout. and one of christianity's most controversial relics will appear in italy. kenya's supreme court confirmed uhuru kenyatta as the winner of the election. they rejected claims from raila unfair.he vote was >> they have lectured and declaered the president elect of the -- secondary respondent of the election on 4, march 2013 it is the decision of the court that the respondents were validly elected. >> uhuru kenyatta reacted with
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an audioquote -- >> i wish to assure all kenyans the ruling of the supreme court is not a victory for the jubilee coalition. it is a victory for all kenyans who turned up this year to undertake a civic duty by participating in a democratic process that is crucial to the continued governance of the country. >> reacting, railo odinga wished the presidneent elect well. >> i and my brother and running mate have no regrets for taking the case to court. indeed, it is our view that this process -- is yet another
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milestone in the long word to democracy for which we fought so long. truth, justice, and the faithful implementation of the constitution is the best guarantee of peace and s ecurity. >> we heard from key players but what was the ordinary people's reaction to the ruling? >> it is important we've had messages urging calm from odinga, who was defeated, and kenyatta. things have been calm but there are pockets of violence in odinga's hometown. we have reports from kenya red cross saying two were shot dead by police and six people were seriously injured.
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generally, i think the moods on the streets are that people want things to get back to normal. the election was march 4. they want the country to get on. >> kenyatta was indicted by the icc for crimes against humanity. how will this effect his role as president? >> he will say it is business as usual. he will abide by the criminal court and will attend trial in july and he will have the consistency and he will do that. impact him as the icc can't impose travel bands as he abides by the court.
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no majornow there is leader congratulating kenyatta, but david cameron did congradulate him and the e.u. diplomat and for the west, kenya is too important to them. they don't wnaant them to turn to china. they are important with al- shabab and they want to make sure they still have good relations. >> live in nairobi. rose as theorea north delcared war against the u.s. lesupported south. weaponrynds ots of
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are on both sides since the war in the 1950's. the north was incensed by war games with the south and the u.s. >> a delcaration of -- declaration of all-out war. although they've been at wr ar since 1953. and the promise to shut down a border issue between the countries. >> these north korean threats threaten war, cutting the military hotline. harming the peace and stability of korea. >> stability is important for those on the south korean island near the sea border declared after the war, disputed by tne
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he north. pyongyang shelled it in 2004, killing four. >> what if the attacks happen again? i will live here but i am scared of another attack. >> if the north provokes again, i think there will be all-out war. i don't think the north would be that wreckless, but they're jsuust unpredictable. >> kim jong-un threatened to attack the u.s. for military exercises including b-2 bombers. breakshei do not think war out. if it does, the north will fall. why would they start a war to
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kill the same race. >> others say the threats should not be taken at face value. this is kim getting popularity at home. >> it is regime security. this is to bolster the new leader. it comes from the nuclear tests and the u.n. sanctions. >> north korea is known for being unpredictable. seoul is ready for the worst. >> a gunman has gone on a rampage in a pakistani school as the principal was killed and six children wounded. more from karachi. >> wounded school children taking to hospital. after they should have been celebrating -- celebrating a
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prize ceremony, -- >> two men came in on a motorbike. >> a man ran in firing and we were all engrossed in the magic show but as soon as the firing started there was a stampede. >> panicked relatives crowded around the primary school in a low-income neighborhood. >> as a result -- the school principal has died. >> the principle is reported to be a local member of the national party that represents ethnic groups from the northwest. political violence is common but this was light -- shockingly out of the ordinary. >> more than 50 people were killed across nigeria this week in fighting between christians and muslims. 46 others were killed there on
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wednesday. >> they say the killings took place in the villages outside the capital of -- this has been the subject of most of the sectarian violence. muslim north and the mainly christian south, most of the attacks are carried out between the muslims and the christians. people we spoke to told us that johnstowns a calm in and they are visiting security for no further attacks. weeks of tension have build between the two.
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>> the bank of cyprus says depositers could lose 60% of their savings. billioneed to a 12,.8 dollar deal but many say the financial situation will not improve in the long term. >> the people of cyprus have to cope with strict currency controls. a ban on taking more than $1300 out of the country. parlaiment rejected a plan but with time running out a deal had to be agreed and the fine print was revealed. savers at the bank of cyprus see 35% of their deposits turned into shares.
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it will be held by the government for the e.u. bailout. % would go to 40 $ a time deposit. fair the people paying for this are the people who should be paying. >> the social impact will be huge. ins is one of the highest the euro-zone countries. it is probably going to go through the roof in the next few years. tothe harsh terms are likely upset other countries who believe that there may be
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similar terms for other bailouts. o napalitano has called on to lead to form a government, as the elections left three main blocs. about thetalk seriousness and the urgency of the problems facing the country and take responsibility for the formation of a valid government as quickly as possible. >> thousands of protest against job cuts in a belgian city. and construction equipment firm has reported closings that would see 3000 people lose their jobs. still ahead, hope fades for dozens of miners trapped in a landslide in tibet. ofand as the hospitalization
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nelson mandela continues, how he uses support to help south africa. >> hello, and welcome to the international weather forecast. we will start in the americas with a lot of showers across the amazon basin, into ecuador and a line of heavy rainfall extending south, eastward through parts of brazil and rio de janeiro. in paraguay they enjoyed a fine day in parts of chile and argentina. in santiago.egrees in the caribbean we have heavy showers in puerto rico and parts of hispaniola and we see the
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more coastal parts of central america, heavy downpours affecting nicaragua and panama, but further north it is dry and it should be a bright day in mexico city. across north america we see a spell of weather that may last a day or so and we still have driving heavy rain and indeed some snow for the north. sunday we should see some heavy rain, going up to the eastern seaboard. cold air to the north of that, temperatures of - 6 in winnipeg. if >> of the headlines here on aljazeera -- >> the headlines in al jazeera.
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president ofa is kenya as the courts reject the order from raial odinga. north korea has declared open war after joint military exercises by the u.s. cyprus has shown the bailout deal will cost 60% of savings. nelson mandela is in good spirits after another night in hospital. many south africans relect on his -- reflect on his contributions. his legacy goes beyond the political. >> this is the war cry in johanessburg. today, they mean business. this now reflects a modern
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democracy, one of the best public schools in the country. they helped -- the man who helped this happy is unwell. >> he must recover. >> he -- i will pray for him to get better. >> he wore the jersey of the african national team and he had been president a year but used the power of sport to bring it together, and the once-hated afrikaana team was theirs and assuring whites he wanted unity. >> it is great to be in the position and to look around now and sseee the impact, we are all
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one because of this one team. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> it brought people together and i think that nelson mandela was there, it was a uniting time for all of us. >> it unified us and brought africans together under the arm of sports, which has no cultural religion or politcal background. mandela took south africa to another level. >> as mandela becomes more frail, his legacy is seen every day. johannessburg, south africa. >> the egypt prosecutor called for the arrest of bassem
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youssef. several complaitns were filed, including claims he insulted islam and mohammed morsi. an aid convoy has gone to a syrian city that has limited access for the last six months. the teams brought food, supplies.tions and medical gets a difficult path to supplies to the syrians who need this. we have this report from the syrian border. >> getting food to the people inside syria is their main priority. the population suffering the plight of war. the turkish humanitarian relief is one of the main aid groups that is leading the effort to help people inside syria and in refugee camps.
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>> the total of the aid we provided reach 25 million u.s. dollars. we get donations from people in charity groups across the world and operate in difficult circumstances. we have to provide syrians with help that they can provide themselves. >> other aid as muslim countries send more aid and clothes are among the many items that are ready to be transported. and much-de flour needed fresh bread. >> 8000 pieces of this turkish red for the syrians every day. aid workers will have 6000 pieces for people inside syria and the rest will be given for free for the wounded syrians treated here. >> delivering the aid is not an easy task. the aid workers distributing food it said that they saw the death and miserable conditions.
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the war in syria has had its toll on many syrians. the united nations suspects that more than 17,000 people have been killed since the fighting started two years ago. and nobody exactly knows how many people are left without a job, shelter or even access to food. >> palestinians have rallied to mark the 37th anniversary of lands today, the death of six arabs in 1976 during protests against confrontations with israel. israelis fired tear gas across the occupied west bank. local people are becoming frustrated with the israeli authorities. 1993 israelis -- israel has doubled their occupation of palestinian land.
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40 percent of the west bank is under israeli control and the barrier has cut off more than 850,000 palestinians. palestiniansf living in israel have been demonstrating on this street against the israeli policy of discrimination against them, and they demonstrate against the taking of palestinian land across the west bank. they call this wednesday, in protest of the taking of palestinian lands foreclosed military zones and national parks. 40% of the land is now controlled by israel, and there have been protests in bethlehem. this is much smaller than previous years with tens of thousands protesting, and people clashed with the israeli forces with tear-gas towards the demonstrators as well as the
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rubber-coated bullets. president, karzai will meet with other senior officials -- this is the taliban's plan to go in office at the capitol. >> he seemed optimistic about the possibility of peace talks as he met the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry. >> we know that the taliban want to talk to the afghan peace -- and they are talking to us. already. their individual contacts. says that the next step will be official talks. girls go to school under taliban role with broad access to health care -- and broader life the expectancy with more progress. >> the taliban can be part of that and they know how, or if
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they are on the outside, continuing to be violent i think the people of afghanistan, as they will the other day, will rise up and say that we will not tolerate this. r, as karzai went to qatan there was an attack in an afghan city killing five policemen. thee are at war, both government and the taliban are fighting and we will continue until we entered discussions in peace. >> this former taliban commander says that he is not believe they will talk to k arzai. >> i don't think that they will. if they were going to sit down with him they would have said so. >> the demand the release of hundreds of prisoners, something the former commander said that
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karzai should deliver as he is in control of the jails in afghanistan and he ordered the withdrawal of all foreman -- foreign forces. >> the taliban representatives -- the key to any peace involves pakistan and those discussions wait for another day. >> more than 80 gold miners in tibet enter a 45th hour buried after a landslide. the first body was recovered yesterday. sleptied alive while they beneath mud, rocks and debris lie 43 workers. the rolling of rocks sliced a nexcavator -- an excavator in two. rescuers use dogs and equipment
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to try to find movement. 600 metersicult at 4, with several kilometers covered in rubble. is held back by the threat of another disaster . >> a second air disaster shows on the slope and this has gone from 1 meter to considerably more. we decided to take the rescuers back to a safe zone, and prepare another rescue plan. >> the chinese news agency said that they work for the chinese national gold group corp.. tibet is rich in natural resources with chromium and copper and other metals. the chinese government has encouraged mining for economic growth and raising living
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standards. for the moment all eyes are on the rescue operation, but the chance of anyone being found alive so
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