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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 7, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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--international victims help international donors help victims of the war-torn region. have you with us. our other top stories on al jazeera -- north korea crisis. the u.s. calls off a missile test to avoid antagonizing pyongyang. the u.s. secretary of state visits turkey for the third time in two weeks. passing the taste test. new regulations some are fighting hard to swallow.
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-- finding hard to swallow. and international donors conference is underway to help the troubled darfur region. the goal is to raise billions of dollars to rebuild the area. fighting broke out in march 2003 between the rebels and the government forces. since then, more than 200,000 people have been killed. 7.5population is about million. the united nations estimates about 2 million have been displaced because of continued fighting. that is almost 1/3 of the population. 1.4 million live in camps set up by international relief organizations. an estimated 200,000 refugees live in camps in chad. darfur.oks like the same soil and trees.
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nothis refugee, this is home. it never will be. is bitter. the minute security is restored, that is our country and we're throwing back. up to now, there is no security. there is fighting and air strikes. our people are being punished and the world is silent. how can we return? over 1/40 million refugees have been waiting for 10 years for the right conditions to return home. the war the united states once called genocide has fallen to the ranks of forgot conflict. the u.n. is struggling to find funds to protect and feed them. basic health care and education may be scaled back, security withdrawn, and there cowrie's cut in half, even as malnutrition is reappearing in the camps. -- >> it is a serious
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situation. these are emergencies. we still have people in difficult situations. we have no right to leave them alone. withhave to be treated dignity. >> the challenge is multiplying. was 12 when she fled the fighting in 2003. now she is a mother with a new baby. today, nearly half of refugees were born in exile or remembered nothing of their homeland. refugees are worried new generations will not know where they came from. they blame for pushing them out.
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>> we have to give the background. if they did not know anything about darfur, an entire generation has lost its identity and nation. >> the refugees do not want to forget and they do not want to be forgotten. al jazeera, refugee camp, chad. r is that the donor conference. can you tell us what is being said and what is expected? >> the opening session ended. the start of the second session. i do not know if you can see the gentleman talking on the screen behind me. he is the regional head of the darfur authority. he is also the head of the
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justice and liberation movement. fors outlining the strategy recovery in darfur. he is calling on the international community to help and to start the recovery strategy. before he made his speech, i did ask him what he was expecting from the conference. darfur ise issue of one of development and enabling refugees to return to their homes and villages. tore trying to attract money start projects to allow the refugees to return and have hope. i asked him whether he thinks the $7.2 billion request will be achieved. he said there are promising signs, but we cannot finally say
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it all the countries will chip in or that they will implement with a pledge. there are protests against the conference saying the country is not ready for the money to come in. >> yes, that is true. there have been some protests against the conference in doha at several refugee camps. i have been asking officials about the protests. one u.n. official did mention that they take all concerns seriously. however, they disagree that the issue of security should prevent donors from starting a process by which darfur is rebuilt. he said there is no perfect time for security. therefore, the protests -- the process should start as soon as possible.
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i did speak to a sudanese official in darfur. protestsntion that the were linked to the liberation movement. he is opposed to the peace deal signed in doha. two sides of the argument. >> thank you. >> united states has delayed the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile because it does not want to antagonize north korea. pyongyang has been ramping up its war efforts for weeks. we have this report from south korea. sunday on the border between north and south korea. the north koreans have not let anyone or anything into the joint industrial complex on its side of demilitarized zone since wednesday, as a reminder that the countries are in the state of war.
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despite the border being closed, a south korean worker was allowed out to seek medical attention. a hopeful sign, some say, that the lines of communication have not completely shut down no matter how and belligerent official rhetoric might be. the north korean leader has been preparing his people for war. international indices in pyongyang say despite his posturing say they are carrying on as usual. missile has delayed a test originally scheduled for next week which plays well into his desire to control domestically as it can look like a concession to him and a sign of how seriously he is taken by the international community. it is the committee that has and objectedcalm to actions taken recently.
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>> the international community should advertise a vision of copper comprehensive security to turn the global village into a big stage for a common development rather than an arena where gladiators fight each other. no one shall allow me to be allowed to throw the region or the world into chaos for selfish gains. >> the region remains on high alert. south korea has postponed a major military meeting with the u.s. to focus on the north korean threat. japan is gearing up to be able to shoot down any potential missiles. even south east asian and made -- neighbors are monitoring the situation closely. wantnment leaders do not kim jong un to think they have been scared. but no one wants to underestimate him either. act of water has leaked from a separate tank in fukushima. the operator says the leak was
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small. it happened one day after more 1 million gallons of contaminated water was calm. the reactor was damaged after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. the u.s. secretary of state says it is crucial for turkey to fully restore ties with israel. john kerry said relations between the countries are important for regional stability. he also in pea-sized turkey's role in aiding the syrian opposition and refugees. both by allies to the united states. we're hopeful that the agreement to restore normalization will help to open the door to greater cooperation and so that we can all work together to promote peace and be part of the peace process of foreign minister referred to. >> our correspondent is live in istanbul. it seems like a lot is being put
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on the shoulders of turkey. how prominent does the u.s. want turkey to be in the peace process? >> you get an indication from what you heard john kerry say of the importance the u.s. government seemed to be putting on developing turkey's diplomatic role in the region and the importance it attaches to turkey and israel preparing their relations. this visit comes following the phone call broken by barack obama between israeli prime minister and the turkish prime minister. in that phone call, and yahoo apologized for the israeli military raid on the turkish putin. the turkish foreign minister said the issue of the apology is behind them. they must still talk about
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ofpensation for the victims the rate. both went on to talk about the importance of developing the palestinian economies in gaza and in the west bank. john kerry said turkey could have a role in developing those economies. john kerry said he would have more to say about the west bank economy following his visit. he goes to the west bank and jerusalem: his visit to turkey. he did sidesteps the question about the decision to visit gaza. there is a view in this region that if turkey wants to play this mediation role, the turkish prime minister should not just the same he will visit gaza. he should be saying he will visit jerusalem and the west bank. >> syria was a major talking point with regards to the conflict in what to do with assad.
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what was the discussion like? >> you got the impression there seems to be an increasing diplomatic momentum towards trying to bring the issue of assad to a head. john kerry said he and the turkish prime minister had a precise discussion about what needs to be done to create a climate for transition from assad. john kerry said it is our hope there will be greater clarity on that in the coming weeks. john kerry said he is grateful for turkey to take the syria and refugees crossing into turkey. he hopes turkey will continue to do that. he also said they are increasingly coming together with hopefully some sort of plan for how the region will manage a ssad.ition from a
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john kerry said there will be a meeting of the core group of countries involved in opposition to assad. otherow the leaders of countries will be going to washington in the coming weeks for further discussions on syria. a lot going on in the coming weeks and an indication that the pressure seemed to be being stepped up. ahead, uncertainty in the central african republic. we report from the capitol on the delicate security situation. >> i do not know. i asked myself when this will end. attack on in spain that has become a symbol of the unemployment crisis. -- a town in spain that has become a symbol of the unemployment crisis.
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and international donors conference is taking place in darfuro help build the region. the united states is delaying the intercontinental ballistic missile test that was scheduled for next week to ease tension with north korea. the u.s. secretary of state says it is crucial for turkey and israel to fully restore ties. john kerry has been meeting members of the turkish government. he also discussed the civil war in syria and restarting peace talks between israel and the palestinians. the rebel group in control of the central african republic has told al jazeera there must be security before it can hold democratic elections. the united nations says a humanitarian crisis has developed in most of the country. we have this report from the capital.
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>> these new army recruits sing a famous local war song. most of them follow the rebel group. they will be the foot soldiers of the new national army. in one of the poorest countries in the world, some say they have no choice but to fight. is a big problem in central africa. if you are a woman, they will ask you to sleep with them to get a job. are also fed. the nine nations said most of the country needs urgent food and medical help. rebels took around 1/4 of the supplies in the capital from this warehouse. this is some food in the shops, but it is expensive. people cannot withdraw money from the banks that are empty. the soldiers' salaries
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have not been paid. people want to know who is running the country. >> the biggest problem for the country is who will guide us. we do not have the proper group of leaders right now. >> this is the man who says he will guide the nation to new elections. he says he will create a transitional body it will appoint an interim president. one minister told me it may be two years before elections can be held. we have security problems to sort out. people need hospitals, schools, and water. democracy is not just about going to the ballot box. >> the rebel groups as the best chance the country has at peace is a strong central african army. and arms circulating easily a porous border, that makes
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stability highly unlikely. the presidential palace is one of the few places in the city that was not looted. for the past 53 years, most of the presidents have taken their power by force. they will need to prove to people they can rule without a gun. in nigeria, more than 20 people are dead or missing after two separate attacks. in the first, armed men ambushed a police boat. 12 officers are missing. in the second, a group of men stormed a home of the deputy governor in one state. at least 11 people were killed, including two of the governors bodyguards. a diplomat is among five americans killed in a car bomb blast in afghanistan. they were hit on saturday travel into a school. one afghan was also killed. it happened just hours after the top u.s. military commander
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arrived in afghanistan. another american was killed in a separate attack in the east. as nato troops continue to withdraw from afghanistan, security is increasingly in the hands of local forces. areafghan local police trying hard to defeat the resurgent taliban fighters. forces began withdrawing combat troops across afghanistan, military commanders hope these men will become the first line of defense in the fight against the taliban after they have gone. at this shooting range, members of the afghan local police are taught marksmanship by afghanistan's special forces. >> we give them the best training. not only are these men willing to fight the taliban, they are ready to fight. >> stationed in rural villages around the country, the forces are made up of around 20 by a
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dozen officers. help intended to -- extend security and afghan influence to areas beyond the range of government or police and the honorable to taliban control. created by the u.s. and later incorporated into the afghan interior ministry, alp has a stringent testing process. security officials say the world police service is so effective it has become a top target for the taliban, but it is not without controversy. the u.n. mission to afghanistan says the accountability of local police varies from province to province. it is a concern shared by the president. sources close to hamid karzai says the president believes the units are outside his control. there are accusations some members of the local police have been targeting locals with impromptu checkpoints or abusing civilians under their care.
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>> they need to continue to professionalize themselves and remain as transparent as they have been, but certainly becoming a more professional force and a more disciplined force. that is the way ahead. >> the afghan national security council appears unconvinced. it has delayed a request to recruit and train another 45,000 new officers and has not said when a decision would be made. al jazeera, northern afghanistan. >> for more on our afghanistan coverage, our website has more information. israel says the cyber attacks on government websites has failed to cause serious damage. the attack follows a warning by anonymous it would target is really sites. israeli defense and education ministries were hacked as well as some media outlets.
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a new vote will test the popularity of the longest serving government in the balkans, and virtually unchallenged for more than 20 years. the court president is expected to win a third term. -- the current president is expected to win a third term. the government has admitted it will struggle after parts of the national budget were deemed unconstitutional. portugal has promised the u.s. and foreign investors it would reduce its debt in exchange for a bailout funds. they have rejected proposed pay cuts for civil servants and pensioners. spain has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone with more than 25% of the people out of work. in some communities, things are even more dire. what could beited spain's most unemployed town.
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>> it is market day. business has grown almost to a standstill. >> things are very slow. there is no money at all. the name of this town in english means "wait." government figures show 50% of residents are out of work. he lost his construction job. he says his government unemployment benefits ran out a year ago. >> this is a mess. i do not know how i and surviving psychologically. i am stressed. i do not know why can turn to. >> with a small retirement pension, his mother regularly buys lunch for him and her three grandchildren. today it is boiled eggs and noodles. >> i do not know. i ask myself when this will end. i do not want them to go short
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on things. to be built oned construction and the agricultural area. owing isesting and s done by machines. some families say they have looked elsewhere for farm work. the face stiff competition from workers from africa or other parts of the european union. despite the gloom, he is determined his neighbors will not go hungry. he and other volunteers run a food bank for the catholic charity. they feed around 50 families each week. he says the food donations come almost entirely from the minority of townsfolk still lucky enough to have worked. >> there is no calamity. there is a lot of unemployment, but no calamity. nobody goes without eating if they do not want to. >> it is clear recession runs deep here. disaster may have been averted
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thanks to the kindness of neighbors. al jazeera, spain. >> nelson mandela is back home after being discharged from hospital. his office says he was released after improvement in his condition. he spent 10 days being treated for a recurring lung infection. thailand is taking the ultimate taste test. the government is trying to standardize the flavor of some dishes around the world. we have more from bangkok. they are serious about reform, so serious it has been called a genuine currency of the country. it is all about the authentic taste. that is something the government says is not been preserved abroad. it is creating standard recipes for three of the most popular traditional dishes.
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food is considered one of the top four global cuisines. the flavor is being distorted outside of the country. we would like to set one standard. science for use that, testing available ingredients in other countries to see what works best as a substitute for the original. there is no doubt the cuisine is a global favor. there are questions around the effort by the government. can they standardize traditional recipes prepared in restaurants from new york to tokyo in insuring it tastes more like st. -- dishes served on the streets of bangkok? he thinks they're taking the wrong approach. >> you have to create the bible of thai cuisine. you as the country should say this is the structure and
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history. this is how it is cooked. that is where it is authentic. it is not a recipe. acclaimedf's has run thai restaurants are room world. now he has won in bangkok. >> there are different variations that are just as authentic in thailand. to try to legislate is fraught with danger and in digestion and probably impossible to achieve. for now, the war over authentic thai taste will contin
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