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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 20, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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is the scene as police stormed a house to catch a suspect in the boston marathon bombing. this is the moment when the suspect was actually captured. ♪ ♪ this is aljazeera live from doha. searching for survivors after earthquake in southwestern china that killed 100 people. no relief for pakistan's former president, pervez musharraf. ♪ ♪ relief filing for the people
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of boston. police have captured the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings. he is 19-years old and the other suspect, age 26 is dead. the brothers were ethnically chechen and they spend some of their childhood there. dramatic new pictures from boston as police of a surrounded and exchanged fire with the suspect. [gunshots] >> just over an hour after police lifted the stay at home order, the sound of gunfire was heard once again in watertown. >> are two more banks read their. >> it came an hour after a tipoff from a local resident. >> and men came out of his house after being inside all day, abiding by our request to stay
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inside. he walked outside and saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he opened the tarp on top of the boat and looked in and saw the men covered in blood. >> a helicopter confirmed dead man was hiding their and heavily armed forces surrounded the house. the standoff began. he may have been armed or carrying explosives. after two hours and 41 minutes, police moved in and took into custody. the 19-year-old was bleeding and taken to hospital in serious condition before hand, investors and now they had no idea where the suspect was fighting. >> it was a very long, arduous day. you had to worry every moment that you're going to capture the suspect and that people would have to worry and be concerned about their own safety and it was great to have it done about the streets almost deserted as hundreds of thousands of residents locked their doors while swat teams switch for the city. it was extraordinary say to mr.
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a bands of one man and the public was praised for its cooperation. this is where the manhunt ended but this -- is where it all began. officials reminded everyone about the toll - repeople killed in the bombing and hundreds of people injured with some losing their limbs. been taken alive and now the legal process begins. they will be desperate to question him whether he had outside help and had he prepared and carried out the attack and the question everyone's asking -- why? live to washington, d.c. has released a statement by their fat but -- by his family. >> he was killed 24 hours
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preceding that arrest. we now have a statement from his widow. we have found out that the 26- year-old was married and had a child. the family of his widow released a statement that our daughter has lost her husband today. the father of her child, we can begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the patriot's day are, we know we never really knew tamrelin tsarnaev. please respect our family in this difficult time. the family is trying to come to like others in boston and around the world but now finding out they have a very personal connection and trying to deal with that reality. >> they seemed to distance themselves somewhat.
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that the also reports fbi actually interviewed tamerlan two years ago. >> we are hearing that from a law-enforcement official. there was an interview at the request of a foreign government. concernequested out of that the fbi spoke with him two years ago because there was concern that before he was about to make an overseas trip, he had in extremist ties. the fbi spoke with him and reported back to the foreign government that they had no concern and this trip would be ok. following this trip, we are hearing that he went to russia where he had family and he came back much more religious and much more observant of his islamic faith. this came from friends that knew him. this is something that will now be a part of this investigation as the president, after speaking with reporters, following the
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arrest, there will be a full investigation and the full federal resources will be dedicated to answering some of these questions. that is one question that will be examined -- if there was a concern and he was on the radar, why wasn't it followed up on? thank you. more and more is being learned about the two tysarnaev brothers. there were chechen nationals who moved to the u.s. as children. >> the man in the u.s. government accused of planting two bombs hit the finish line of the boston marathon on monday -- the man's father says he does not believe his sons are guilty. >> am scared for my son.
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they should bring him to the police alive. >> they are ethnic chechens and settled in cambridge outside boston in 2003. after their parents at requested asylum. the 26-year-old was a well-known amateur boxer who studied engineering at a community college. he reportedly had trouble adjusting to life in the u.s., complaining of social media that he did not have a single american friend. hia aunt says he was recently married and had a young child. was a wrestler. he makes fun of various ethnic groups. >friends say neither seemed interested in politics but the man's uncle lives in the washington, d.c. area and has led siemens since 2009, says his nephews never figured out how to adapt to life in the united states. >> i say what i think is behind it -- big losers, not being able
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to settle themselves and hating everyone. >> is a local could not say what might have motivated the two brothers to become the alleged boston marathon bombers. the 19-year-old says he studied at a prestigious cambridge school in massachusetts after receiving a scholarship. he described his dues as islamic and said the main things in life are career and monday. -- and money. we know the brothers are ethnic chechens but beyond that, the picture is not certain. when the boys were young, their family lived in the central asian nation of cure distend but may have moved to the russian republic thedagostan to escape persecution of chechens. around 2001, the family moved to the united states but the
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parents later returned to dagostan and let the brothers allowed in the united states. earlier, >> i am outside school number one. it is well -- this is where the whole family after they moved out of cure to stand -- kyrgystan were educated. i have been going around the school and talking to the director and to the teachers. they were saying very much that they did not stand out in any way and were not seen as particularly religious. there is nothing but more to them out in any way at all. the director said that only four months was a small window on their lives. he said if you need any answers, go to the united states where
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they spent more than a decade. they are very much passing the buck back to the united states. they say it has nothing to do with them and nothing to do with the small-scale war that is going on here between fighters in dagostan and the russian government. that is taking casualties every day. there are attacks and bombings and ied's, not something that is getting world attention but the fact that they spend four months in dagostan has put an uncomfortable focus on what is going on here for president vladimir putin who has maintained there is no such thing as a domestic terrorist. they are all international. >> i understand the brothers' father is still in dagonaan? >> yeah esses, he is in another suburb of the town. his store has been firmly
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locked. he was questioned by the fsc, formerly known as the kgb and they have advised him not to give any word media interviews. it was clear in the interview last night that he is amazed his two sons are involved in any way in the bombing at the boston marathon. he has been very clear on that. being an ethnic chechens, he is close to chechnya, two hours away. he must have bad -- he must have very bitter memories of the first chechen war. they were heavily bombarded by ets and thatd j the chechens had to get out as did that. there are bitter memories of his time in chechnya. maybe that passed on to his children as well are.
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and 100 people have been killed after a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit southwest china. it struck early saturday morning and happened at 12 kilometers below ground. thousands of soldiers have been sent to the area to help with the rest to effort. of herped in the rubble house, this girl is one of the many people across the china province whose home has been flattened or badly damaged by the earthquake. sent 2000ities have soldiers to the area. the premier has flown in to coordinate the rescue efforts. uprgency services have set some -- temporary hospitals in the street to treat the hundreds of people who have been injured. he epicenter was near yahan city. many families have been left
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homeless and destitute. >> we were living in our old house because our new one has not been finished being built. our house has just collapsed. everything was lost. >> the earthquake struck at around 8:00 in the morning, local time, with a force that shook the earth at least 10 centimeters per second. a tremor was so strong many people barely had time to escape. they said it seems to go on for a long time. >> last about two minutes. i was in the bathroom and that is to stand up and everything swage. it was followed by two aftershocks. >> this part of china is prone to earthquakes because it is an activityigh seismic along the major fault line. it has now been five years since a massive earthquake struck in the szechuan province
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and killed more than 85 people. back then, it took emergency services a long time to establish the full extent of the damage. while this event is not as strong as that, it will be some time before the final casualty count is clear. >> lots more ahead including -- now that we know more about the backgrounds of the suspects in the boston bombing, we discuss homegrown terrorism in the u.s. and -- we will tell you why citizens in bahrain are trying to put the brakes on any event. our top stories -- the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing has been captured by police. the 19-year-old was found in watertown after a massive manhunt. he is in hospital in serious condition. more than one of people are dead after earthquake struck the chinese szechuan province.
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over 200 are injured and 120,000 people are in need of temporary shelter. the former pakistani leader, pervez musharraf, expense the night in custody. he is expected to spend at least two weeks under house arrest before appearing in court. let's return to our stock -- our top story -- as details emerged on the identities, investigators and the public are trying to understand why they carried out the attacks. president obama said this -- >> obviously, tonight there are many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence? how did they plan and carry out these attacks?
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did they receive any help? >> to discuss the threat of harm, terrorists in the that is states, i'm joined by an international security analyst and former u.s. intelligence officer. he joins us from london. recording ofou a mother has been saying to the media. me that he told would be on the side of jihad. what ever they are talking about, he is a loser. my son would never do this. >> the mother said there that tamrqaln would never be on the side of jihad and would never do this.
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she says it is a set up. what you make of that? >> it is a mother defended her child. clearly, he was involved and clearly, he was not the man that his mother thought he was. we see this sort of response from parents time and time again when their children embrace terrorism. we seek -- we have seen it in the u.k. several times where family and friends say he would never have done that and he was a good boy. it is a very common theme. >> say he was clearly involved. do you think he and his brother carried this out on their own? is this a case of homegrown terrorism without being part of a larger organization? >> that is something that remains to be seen. we have to consider that somehow, these two young men, who had been living in the
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united states for 12 years, one of them had gone to junior high school there, high school, and was in university, they had friends and family and were participating in local school sports programs and yet, suddenly, these two young men who were living a life that so many people want when they moved to a new country, turned against the very country they were living in. something had to trigger that was not done because they watched tv or played computer games. someone condition of the older brother, at least, to begin to consider a more violent approach to the country he was living in. >> would you say this is an attack on the united states? they had lived there for longer than 10 years. is it an important factor at all? should we take that into consideration their ethnic makeup or their religious background? worke fact that they both
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ethnic chechens is interesting but i'm not sure that it's relevant. what is more relevant is the had identification with more of a radical form of islam as opposed to the nationalistic identification of being chechen. we will find that out when the younger brother is capable of answering questions and after he is treated in hospital. he will be intense of the interrogated and the reasons that led to this will be explored. i don't that we will find that they struck against the united states for purposes of chechen nationalism or judge of liberation. i think it will be traced back to radical islam. >> you are a former u.s. intelligence officer. how would you assess the level of homegrown terrorism in the united states? >> there is always an element of homegrown radicalism in the united states. we have seen political terrorism in the oklahoma city
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bombing were at american citizen who was born and bred there attacked the federal government which he perceives to be a threat. we have seen other terrorist events that occurred in united states conducted by u.s. citizens. unfortunately, in any large society and the united states has 300 million people in it, you're always going to have some very small number of people that will embrace radical ideas and act in the illegal and highly irresponsible ways. it is just a fact of humanity. we cannot get away from that abou. >> thank you very much for your time. in pakistan, former military ruler is likely to spend the next two weeks under house arrest. pervez musharraf appear before an anti-terrorism court in us, but early saturday. he is accused of violating the constitution for ordering the arrest and detention of dozens of judges in 2007.
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he is facing charges of treason, declaring emergency rule. is the first time a former army chief has been arrested in pakistan. we go to islamabad. >> after spending his first night, a former military ruler of pakistan, pervez musharraf, was brought the to the anti- terrorist vault required by the law. policekept at a facility. he was given the privilege of the rest house and taken to the court amid security. the court sentenced a regiment and the police took him back to the facility. the administration had agreed to the demands of his lawyers that because of a security threat, he should be kept in his farm house. that farmhouses though officially a sub-jail and he
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will have to appear in front of the judge's on the case emanating from the 2003 decision and he will now have to appear before the court. the court will then decide what to do next. this is one of the few cases against him that are far more serious. it will now give him at least two weeks to plan his next move. >> in india, a man has been arrested over the brutal rape of a young girl which sparked two days of protests. demonstrators are gathering in new delhi after a five-year old girl was treated after being raped and tortured. she was held hostage for days. >> it is correct information that she was locked in a row for 48 hours. that he believes her to
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be dead and left her there. >> the ball right opposition forces have been protesting in the run-up to the formula one event. 10,000 people staged a peaceful demonstration on friday. later, police fought with some protesters who were burning tires but the opposition says the kingdom is using the popular sports event to high political problems that plague the country. our correspondent joins us on the farm. what has -- on the following. >> o >n the phone. >> this is the culmination of almost a week of protesting. we saw a partly operas protest and we are seeing the february 14 collation turned violent. it will try to reach the colaranda. by thender control national guard.
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they are expecting small demonstrations not authorized by the government and they will probably have some clashes in the villages and areas around. we can already see the police are massing outside these areas. voting is under way across iraq and the first election since u.s. troops pulled out in late 2011. it has already been a bloody contest of at least 13 candidates have been killed and the polls will test the popularity of the prime minister ahead of next year's general election. serbia and close above average stay landmark deal in brussels inand kosovo have reached a landmark deal kosovo will have their own police after they broke away in 2008 while many
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countries recognized it independently but serbia did not. there havepopularity been proten guatemala after a judge suspended the trial of the former dictator. the 86-year-old is charged with genocide and crimes against humanity committed in the early 1980's. we go to guatemala city. the three17 years of decades-long silda -- civil war, these men and women are still demanding justice. among them, this woman, who was just 21 years old when the military surrounded her village, killing dozens including her brother . >> we have been asking for justice for years. we don't what what happens to was to happen to our children or future generations. >> the magic holds responsible for the killings is the former dictator. he ruled guatemala during the one of the bloodiest periods of
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the civil war. in march, he was put on trial for genocide but this week, the case was thrown into chaos and proceedings were suspended after judges failed to agree on who should hear the case. one of the country's leading champions of human rights said the integrity of the entire legal system is del on the line. >> is not a matter of the accused or the accusations. it is the judicial system that is having difficulty. it is not just this case, it is a deeper problem and that's why it is important they need to fix it. >> uncertainty only and veteran of the hundreds of victims and their supporters marching in the capital on friday. these men and women are the victims and they have been traveling for days to come here to see the court proceedings. despite the fact the trial is suspended, they aren't giving up hope. there will not return home until
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the trial resumes and a verdict is reached. >> it is important for my community because people are still suffering psychologically and physically. like >> victims of the war, this woman fears if your country can come to terms with this task, it will not be able to build a better future. manow, the world's oldest has marked another milestone. hiss in japan and celebrate 116th birthday on friday. he is a former postal employee and received a video message from the japanese prime minister.
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