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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the newshour. story is this -- the main stories this hour. none fire and violence on the streets of bangladesh as protesters call for blasphemy laws. ruling coalition has claimed victory in the general election, extending its 56-year rule. the opposition is saying the vote is rated. >> the election coalition is complicit in the crime.
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election without any access to the media or the opposition. >> syria condemns a legend israeli attacks on damascus. the sound that could save the life of a human rights activist in dangerous places in the world. there have been running battles -- thebangladesh late bangladesh capital of doc up. protesters want the death penalty for those who insult islam and the prophet mohammed. they ignored a government issue for protesters to leave dhaka by sunday.
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>> with parts of the city in ruins, protesters continue to fight. surrounded by the flames of the day's classes, which, after hours of battle, still burn. ofdreds of thousands demonstrators have taken to the streets. bullets, theybber refused to back down. setting fire to cars and buildings. of doc ahe streets into a battleground. -- of dhaka into a battleground. they were answering calls by demanding new blasphemy laws and saying that blasphemers should be tried under the sharia law. >> this protest is under demand by hifazat-e-islam.
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loggers he is referring to are using new media to advocate for a circular society in bangladesh. that is what the government of this nation is fighting to uphold, a government of secular, liberal laws. protesters cut off the city. the government responding with 15,000 soldiers in attempts to quell the violence. looters seized their moment. opposition leaders are continuing to call supporters to join the parties, meaning bangladesh must rate for larger budget. >> a correspondent who we are not naming joins us on the phone lines now from dhaka. tell us what the latest situation is. normally,are tense.
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at this time, early morning, the city is crowded. it looks almost deserted. very few cars are out. public transportation is very light. people are tense and apprehensive about what went down late in the morning. main commercial hub of the city, where there are hundreds of thousands of people yesterday. it is ironic that it is almost empty right now except for onlookers looking at the destruction that took place yesterday and some people clearing the debris. at least nine people are confirmed dead. that at leasting 20 people are dead. from the medical college hospital that many injuries are coming with a gunshot wound in the back of
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their head, which is quite a big concern, that people were shot in the back. now, no offices or banks are open. , which isarea normally humming with business activity, is totally quiet. there are no offices open. there are mostly onlookers. no protesters are anywhere around. >> what is the feeling about what is likely to happen as the day goes on? do you think the protest has been quelled for the time being? >> at the time being, yes. they have been disbursed to the outskirts of the city. there is an intersection between dhaka and the southern part of the country and many have gone to that area. protests bylls for
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the opposition at around 2:00 p.m. this needs to be seen as confrontational or how the day goes by. right now, we do not have any statement from whether they will again come to the square or if they have other plans. >> talk to me about what their demands are. >> their main demand is that they want atheist bloggers, those who have been writing, they want them to be arrested and punished. they also want the government to pointment some of the 13- charter, which needs to be amended in the constitution in order to become law. the main demand right now is to
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going into a one-point movement to oust the government along with the opposition party. it might change. >> that is the latest on those ongoing protests taking place in bangladesh. thanks very much. 's opposition is refusing to accept election election results. poll results show the national front party, which has one for the last 56 years, and there has been -- there have been accusations of fraud. more from kuala lumpur. >> the national coalition, already the world's longest coalition, has returned to power. the victory was not as big as they hoped. some big names emptied their
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seats and the ethnic chinese all but emptied the coalition. the prime minister struck a conciliatory note at a press conference shortly after the win was confirmed. bow can accept this result because this is democracy. for the importance of the nation, i hope all parties, especially the opposition, can accept this result with an open heart and allow our democratic process to proceed smoothly. >> opposition supporters were bitterly disappointed. one expressed concern amid allegations of cheating. >> we want a satisfactory answer as to why this process was being condoned or done. they were clearly complicit to the crime. .t has cost us many seats
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those with narrow margins. >> the prime minister said the opposition can take legal action but must respect the will of the people. bari zahnve years for -- barisan nasional. -- oursupply these society is becoming more and more complex, more divided. change.l have to >> even with this victory, the prime minister will have to fight for his job. despite losing some of its voter base, he is still the man to lead. with theght up malaysian opposition leader. he spoke about his decision not to concede to feed at this stage. >> you were so confident of the
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win. three hours after holes closed, you tweeted that your opposition coalition had one. what happened? >> a few days prior to had never the country seen such a groundswell of support. local observers and international communities. thatre absolutely certain we had gotten enough support from the people. the country ofd corruption and abuse of power. ,ecause of that, i anticipated we have been looking at the report. nationwide. the only reason this could be blocked or frustrated is by --ious complicity in those
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by those in the party to rob what is rightfully the peoples mandate. >> is that why you you are not conceding defeat even though the election commission has declared the national front coalition as the winner of the elections? >> the national coalition is complacent -- is complicit in the crime. managing the election without the media. these are elections to elect malaysian leaders. you cannot have foreigners come in and elect malaysian leaders. because of their complicity, it is not right to expect them to say that they are wrong in any way. >> live in kuala lumpur.
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talk to us on what basis the opposition say that they were fraudulent. one of thection is most divided in recent malaysian history. the campaign itself was marred with controversy, including phantom voters, indelible ink that cannot be washed off, and even ballot stealing. we still do not know if he will file and elect oral protest, what many analysts say that the drama is not going to be played out in the halls of the election commission, what in the public eye. we woke up this morning with , across socialy media sites, they say they have been disappointed. change is something they wanted in this election but it is something they did not wake up to this morning. >> when you say they may take the dispute outside of the
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election arena, if you like, you think there may be protests on the streets or what? it is unsure whether that will happen. in kuala lumpur, it has been particularly quiet. the opposition has been quiet since. ibrahimsure about how will deal with this loss. whatever he does in the next couple of days will be crucial. >> if he did file an election protest, is there a chance that it would make any difference at there willtorically, be a very slim chance that the election commission will reverse its ruling. what this election has seen is the polarization between malaysian and non-malaysian voters. , prime after he won
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minister najib said that he is calling for reunification. social media sites do not seem to believe that the ruling party should continue as is. it remains to be seen how it will play out in the next coming days. historically, the election commission has not reversed its ruling in the previous electoral protests in malaysia. >> thank you very much indeed. arab leaders have condemned israeli airstrikes in damascus. officials have not confirmed the attack. syria's government says there is evidence of an alliance between the israeli government and syrian opposition forces. >> daylight gave a clearer indication of the scale of the devastation following the nighttime raid. people in damascus said these were the largest explosions ever heard in the capital.
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,ighttime explosions, they said shook the city like a small earthquake. >> we were sitting when we felt the ground shaking. blasts. thewe heard doors went open. heard glass all around us. >> israel's cabinet met on sunday morning, the government holding the line, refusing to confirm that it carried out the attacks. the syrian minister said it was a flagrant violation of international law and has further proof of state links with syrian opposition fighters. >> the government has the right to protect the state and the people from any attack him a whether internal or external, by any means. >> syria assesses the scale of the damage was by the targeted strikes. some are waiting to see how
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syria will respond. >> syria cannot retell your it -- retell your it -- retaliate without the support of iran. i assume that iran does not want to go to war now. this is why they probably will continue to denounce israeli activities and do nothing. if israel has refused to comment on the airstrikes, the country's media struck a triumphal note with headlines like, "missile busters." behind the scenes, israel is stressing it is not taking sides in the conflict. it says any airstrikes are directed at has -- at hezbollah to
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stop it from getting missiles. missiles were deployed along the border to counter any retaliation in these very uncertain days. , the momentuma seems to be shifting. in the past month, the syrian regime has gone on the offensive in some areas that they had lost. why the government has changed strategies. >> it is 10 months since the syria purveyed fire the first bullets in the battle for the airport and still the fight goes on. they have made some progress since last september, but the push to take this air base has stalled. much like the rebel advances across the country. in some areas, it has been river -- reserved. >> the rebels have had momentum for about a year, pushing the government out of towns and villages. has a different
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strategy, moving from the defensive to the offenses and taking key strategic areas across the country. army basekey syrian near the airport. after breaking the rebels siege here, government forces received flesh -- fresh supplies of ammunition and began hitting back. government forces are also fighting back in and around homs. they cut off rebel supply routes in and out of damascus. according to a former syrian government strategist who is still in regular contact with generals and ministers, president asad's future depends on this new offensive. we can seeo years, that the syrian regime has started and offensive war. observe morewe can dramatic theories from syria.
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>> does that mean the military are going to turn against the president? yes. syrian people, i know that they are patriots, but there is a limit and there is a deadline for supporting the regime. >> the commander of the free syrian army, himself a regime general until last year, does not believe they will turn against assad. puts the newfound strength down to foreign assistance. that therell you now are a lot of fighters from iraq hezbollah who are fighting with the regime. the regime do not have more than 60,000 fighters. >> thousands have died again
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this ground. these fighters cannot hold the line. this sacrifice would have been for nothing. the return of government control to these areas could be brutal. >> still to come, the youth vote is expected to play a crucial role in pakistan's upcoming election. lust, the bride accused of a series of murders will go on trial in germany. coming up in half an hour or so, in the champions league, leo messi is on target again for barcelona. al-shabab says it was behind an attack in mogadishu. no one in the convoy was
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injured, but 11 bystanders were killed when a bomb detonated in these -- in the heart of the city. >> another bomb strikes mogadishu, this time in one of the busiest centers in the city. the exploder's were packed into a parked car. al-shabab detonated it. nobody in his car was harmed, but 11 people were injured. it happened apparently to stop shabab operation. >> they were planning a lot of attacks but we stop them. what happened today was one of their attacks, but most of them failed. >> the attack shows just how much things have changed. bombings and fascinations with killings are still here. authorities are preventing these attacks and the fidelity's that
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come with it. it is about convincing the public they can provide security and justice. if they cannot, it threatens the security of the entire country. recovering from another roadside bomb that blew up outside his restaurant last month. it destroyed his business and killed 2 staff. >> it was a really bad situation. now things have settled a bit. >> stability will not come unless they have faith in the police and the judiciary to protect them. they lost effect helped trigger somalia's meltdown in the first place. >> individuals are in the system and they have to go back to their villages for protection. , iess we get these in order
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do not think we can win this war. the police have a long way to go. ,uch like any other militia they are getting extra training and recruits, what they cannot protect the public unless they are trusted. they are learning it is harder to win trust back than to lose it. >> a bomb attack on a catholic church in northern tanzania has killed one person and wounded dozens of others. witnesses say the bomb was thrown from a motorcycle into the church. the driver has been arrested. a senior tribal leader in the disputed sudanese area has been killed in an attack by a rival tribe. ethnicef of the dinka group was shot dead in a .tandoff
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at least one ethiopian peacekeeper was also killed. historic elections in pakistan are days away. it will be the first time a democratically-elected government hands over power to another. young people are especially important. or than one third of registered voters are under 30. >> for many students at the colonial era university, next month's election will be the first time casting the ballot. there are dozens of parties and hundreds of candidates to choose from. the two main parties, the ruling pakistan people's party, and the opposition muslim party are widely expected to get the most votes. pti may pull off an upset thanks to its popularity among young people who make up one third of all registered voters. not everyone is a fan.
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>> we need a leader, not a superstar. -looking person cannot lead a country. >> i have a question. do you think we are in a present situation that we can risk our economic situation on everything? always been a social worker. he has been working in education and health. >> they have been supporting the peasants, the people who did not have any homes. it was the first thing that introduced the people to pakistan politics. , manyy have taken many steps of progress for the better perspective of actor stand. >> i do not support anyone because i know that all of them
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are doing something just for the sake of getting the award. >> do you think that politics in pakistan is hopeless? is it broken? >> it has been years since pakistan was on the map. there was not a single leader in the country who has worked for the country. >> pakistan is going through a difficult time on many levels. >> do you have hope for the future? >> there is nothing to risk now. >> there are concerns many young people will stay home on polling days because they are disinterested or disillusioned with the political process. but not these students. most say they are determined to be heard at the ballot box. in the newshour, it is groups like this that have the world worried about anti-semitism in europe. we will have that story.
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we will tell you about egyptian entrepreneurs offering welcome relief retirement. and an explosion from kevin durant to put down the memphis grizzlies. details in a moment. >> hello. the weather is looking warm across much of north asia. we will see some showers in the northern part of japan. clouds flowing this way. temperatures struggling to reach eight degrees celsius in the rain on monday afternoon. elsewhere, temperatures into the low 20s. ,ot and dry in beijing temperatures at 33 degrees celsius. that sunshine spreads across
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the korean peninsula, right across japan as we go into tuesday. still a little on the cold side, but at least the sun will be very wet here over the next couple of days. winds coming from the southerly direction. furthern intensifying as we go into tuesday. we have seen severe storms with those grains rumbling away. northeast of india, into bangladesh, we have seen some flooding. it is hot and dry elsewhere. showers for sri lanka.
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>> hello again. let's take a quick run through of our top stories. at least nine people have been killed during violence between protesters in bangladesh. thousands of activists are calling for an anti-blasphemy law. malaysia's opposition is refusing to concede election defeat. results show the national front one with a slim majority, extending its 56-year rule. arab leaders have condemned alleged israeli airstrikes inside the syrian capital of damascus. israeli officials have not confirmed attacks. the syrian government say it is a result of an alliance between israeli government and syrian opposition forces. joining forces with those once considered emanates -- -- enemies. suppression be social unrest
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before election in november. >> the president who left office with the highest approval rating in chile's history is back on the campaign trail. >> she did a great job during her first mandate, giving us so many benefits. >> she is the president of the people, especially the old and the children. she came back because she knows that we need her. a socialist, she promises to finish the job she started for better distribution of chilies unable wealth. >> we need quality education to ensure a better future. we need free education at all levels, which means tax reform. that the rich pay their fair share. that is the first thing i will do when i returned to the presidential palace. >> without question, she is the most popular politician in chile at the moment.
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if the elections were next week, she would score nearly five times as many votes as her closest conservative rival. elections are not until november. as everyone knows, that can be a lifetime. knows that, despite her personal appeal and charisma, her centerleft party coalition, which lost the 2010 elections, has also lost much of its credibility. that is why her firm -- her former finance minister is running as an independent. movementslook at the for social change that have dominated the headlines, people are clamoring for new leadership. >> critics accuse her of not pushing reform within her coalition. to leave her risky just job risk a second term, i asked. >> because i love my country and
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i heard the call of those who asked me to return to face chilies new challenges as well as old ones. >> challenges that she would have to face before an electorate that have become far more demanding and less forgiving than when she was last president. >> tens of thousands of people have been protesting in the french capital against president francois hollande's government. he is already one of the least popular president in france's history. >> time to start. a year ago, many of these people were in the same place, celebrating the election of francois hollande. left is of the french in open conflict with the government. its policies have led to austerity, job losses, and despair across europe. >> that is not normal. there are people speculating
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and playing with money like in a casino. they are criminals. there are people dying because of them. >> francois hollande has a in parliament. after a year in office, he has the lowest popularity rating of any modern french president, under 30%. a big reason why is people think he is taking orders from berlin, brussels, and especially big finance. this is why he is so afraid of angela merkel. is not a question of france, germany, whatever. this is a question of who has the money to keep it for them. >> they carry brooms to suggest the country needs a fresh, clean start. for that to happen, francois hollande may have to get his
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own house in order first. >> a pilot whose plane crashed airing an air show in madrid has died. his jet flew into a hangar and d.ploded. the plane nosedive of auch-anticipated trial woman known as the knotty bride bride is about to get underway in germany. she is the only remaining member of an underground neo-nazi group accused of a series of murders. she blew up the apartment she had hidden in before turning herself in. police were still able to find evidence that blew wide-open the existence of the national socialist underground in germany, evidence that showed a series of unsolved murders had in fact been hate crimes. video tape suggested schaffer and her alleged accomplishment
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-- accomplices killed eight turkish immigrants. the suspect killed themselves after this final botched bank robbery, leaving her alone to face justice, something her lawyer says is not clear-cut. >> the perception of this trial has been this sorted by the pressure of public opinion. you can argue that our client has already been tried and executed by the media. >> the murders sparked soul- searching in germany. angela merkel call them and he miss handling of the investigation a national shame. , athe trial goes on parliamentary committee will continue to look into how things went so badly wrong for the domestic intelligence service and the police. they will look at how the focus of domestic security has long been on the risk of religious political violence while surveillance of the far right has been overlooked thomas a scandal that has grown so bad
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that the country's top intelligence officials were first -- were forced to resign after key files were shredded shortly after the national socialist movement appeared. turks make up germany's biggest immigrant community. the case has rekindled their fears of police highest. until then neo-nazi cell was uncovered, investigators dismissed it as the work of the turkish mafia. and those whos suffer from organized crime still suffer today. >> the trial is expected to last two years. if found guilty, she faces life in jail. the world jewish for him has gone ahead under tight sunk -- tight security in the hungarian capital of budapest. harry smith has this report. the hotelecurity at
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where delegates from 100 countries are tethering. it is normally held in jerusalem. organizers told the -- chose the hungarian capital to raise concerns about anti-semitic movements in europe. they do not have to look far for the evidence. this was the scene a few streets away, where there was a rally to protest the decision of budapest authorities to host the congress. one jewish delegate from north america said she hoped that the presence in hungary would send a message to the world. to tell theike prime minister that hungary will not allow the rise of anti- semitism again. hungary was destroyed once. it should not be destroyed again. the third largest party in
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hungarian parliament initially banned the rally, but that was overturned by a budapest court. hungary has the longest -- the largest jewish community in southern europe. a keynote speaker includes the german foreign minister. >> pope francis has said prayers for children affected by violence and abuse. he spoke to a crowd in vatican city after delivering mass. the catholic church has dedicated sunday's to ending child violence worldwide. he stopped short of mentioning any scandals within the church. >> this gives me the opportunity to turn my thoughts to children who have suffered and are suffering from abuse. i would like to ensure them that they are in my prayers. i would also say emphatically that we must commit ourselves clearly and courageously to
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every human being, especially children, who are amongst the most valuable, so they are always protected. >> a swedish human rights organization has developed a personal alarm system. the alarm not only alerts family members and authorities of an attack him a but also social media sites. -- of an attack, but also social media sites. >> this is the sound that could alert someone. it is the sound of an assault alarm in the form of a bracelet. some are hoping it will be the first line of defense. the bracelet is named after a russian journalist and human rights activist who was kidnapped and killed in chechnya in 2009. the device is designed to withstand the violence of an assault and can be set off by the wearer or by force. off, a an alarm is set
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distress signal is being set off. someone could act locally or come to the rescue. at the same time, a signal goes , as you can see here. when the signal reaches us, it will tell us who is under attack. after that, we will be able to locate the person, where that person is right now. >> the alert does not stop in stockholm. it goes global, sending the assault to various social media platforms. >> in the worst case, it could take days, perhaps weeks thomas before the national community is a human rights activist is attacked or has disappeared. with this bracelet, and i think this is one of the greatest
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inventions, literally the whole world can know with in a few minutes and be able to act on it. >> initially, they will be given to five local civil rights defenders. the hope is eventually that it will be used globally to protect those who work in the most dangerous regions of the world. >> cairo is one of the most relocked cities in the world. traffic is chaos and the subway overcrowded. some egyptian commuters have reverted to an ancient method of travel, the river nile. >> arriving in style. not your usual commute. dodging the city's notorious traffic, these pastors have spent an hour coming to work read cairo has not properly utilized a nile for passenger transport. the public river bus system
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offers limited services. private investors are trying to change that. >> i like that it is organized, it is clean. they are open to feedback. they are improving. it is a new idea so there are glitches now and then, but they are taking it and making improvements. >> it takes away all the stress. >> passengers say they get to enjoy the city sights and sounds and are appreciating its beauty for the first time. >> this is going to be a much more effective way to travel through cairo. in just two months, the number of people using the service went from six to 150. >> they want that daily average to 10,000 in a years time. they need support from the government to turn the project into a reliable transport network, including noting docs
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and expanding routes. critics worry about the impact on the river. the operators say they tried to the green. >> we took the environment as the main driver for us. we choose engines that get very low emissions. >> eventually, they want to operate solar powered boats. taxi is not for everyone, but it is one grade to navigate through cairo's traffic problem. -- oming up after the break >> this neighborhood is essentially a blank canvas. it was a little more than an wasteland a few years ago. now it is counted as the biggest open-air gallery in the world. theyd celebrations as claim their second straight italian title. we will tell you how.
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>> welcome back. some call it the language of the streets. other consider it a nuisance. her feet he has been with us for tens of thousands of years. graffiti began in the united states and is now regarded as an important art form. a report from miami, where it has been used to promote an entire neighborhood. >> in urban landscapes across the world, graffiti is often seen as a blight, something communities work hard to get rid of. in many ways, it is a symbol of decline. along came this neighborhood, essentially a blank canvas for the world's best or feed the artists. it was little more than an industrial wasteland a few years ago. now it is counted as the biggest
11:46 pm
open-air gallery in the world. bold andter street is distinctive murals that cover walls of businesses and buildings. one of the largest collections of graffiti in the world. one important factor makes it unique. >> i like having the artwork in the streets and not in the homes of collectors and galleries. it is an opportunity for the everyday person to see creative and to have your work available to the community 24 hours a day. >> there is something else that makes it different and that is the driving force behind the project. drum its inception, it was a business community. for a local activist, that development can be a problem. >> people originally living in these neighborhoods get priced out to where they can no longer afford to live someplace they
11:47 pm
have lived for generations. he is worried the area might become a victim of its own success. >> a lot of the galleries and artists are being forced out because developers are seeing money signs and they are raising rent to ridiculous prices. they want to act like they are the ones who have built this neighborhood and made it happen. it is such a farce. >> as the neighborhood continues to prosper, they are going -- they are gaining a global reputation as one of the best ways of free art on the planet. >> italian gourmets have gathered in rome for a delicious contest. it is the title of best gelato. 16 dairy kings and queens competing in the three-day event. the first stage of selection. the top three will represent italy in the grand finale of the world gelato cup, which will be
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held in italy in september of next year. straight onto the sports. >> thanks very much. howel messi showed important he is for barcelona. he came off the bench to score twice against real betis. that moves the spanish giants within striking distance of the title. >> after being knocked out of the champions league so comprehensively last week, the talk has been about the end of the barcelona era. the sloppy way in which barcelona allowed rael batiste to score the first goal. betis to score the first goal. with lionel messi once again on the bench, it was up to his colleagues to get them back in the game.
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seven minutes later, they did. sanchez making it 1-1. peresefore the break, unleashed a great strike. it was his first goal of the season and not a bad way to get off the mark. messi prepared to enter the fray. as the argentine warmed up, equalized. it did not stop him from being subbed straight away. when his replacement can do this, it is hardly surprising. after 214 goals for our salon that, he is still leaving fans shaking their heads. 215 came soon after. seven minutes of messi is seemingly good enough to win
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both games. they are 90 minutes from regaining their title. >> in italy, a second straight title. they beat palermo to ensure the second straight league town -- league crown. >> aventis may be known as the old lady of italian futbol. having secured last season's crown on the road, the pressure was on to get the single point they needed against palermo for a celebration on sunday at home. chances were few and far between. palermo hit the post. they were awarded a free kick when he was pushed over in the box. 1-nil was how it finished. that result and the three points that went with it and sure that
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the title went to joventis. next week, their final home game. there, a five-star performance to help his team. bologna, 6-nil. the german striker scoring five goals. the first time that has been done in a game since 1986. he was denied a chance to score six goals as he was subbed with over 20 minutes ago. . to south america now. one of the biggest rivalries reserved -- resumes in the argentine capital. to riveiors played hom plate. plate took the lead after just 45 seconds. that was canceled out just before halftime. during the second half, the game was halted because of crowd trouble.
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1- match eventually finished 1. boca third from teh bottom. premier league, there were two games on sunday. liverpool played on the merseyside against derby shire. of manchester united was decided by a phil jones own goal. the biggest names in men's tennis are all in the spanish capital ahead of the madrid open. it serves as important preparation ahead of the french open. the organizers have said they will not go against the world rankings and give the defending champion a higher seeding. nadal is currently ranked five and could face world number one djokovic in the
11:53 pm
quarterfinal. federer. is roger nadal is so strong on clay that a higher seeding is not necessary. >> we all know he would deserve it. he has been so successful that the last 8, 9 years everybody knows that he deserves it. 80is not like he is ranked in the world and needs a bump into the seeds or a bump into the 4. he is already ranked number five. >> the second round of the playoffs in the nba began on sunday. the thunder took the lead over the grizzlies. the grizzlies led most of the game with pondexter hitting this three-pointer. the thunder still trailed in the final minutes. 35in durant finished on
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points, leading oklahoma to a 93-91 victory. also on sunday, the visiting indiana pacers eat the new york knicks in game one of their eastern conference semifinals. game two is on tuesday in new york. the defending champs, the miami heat, will begin their second- round series against the chicago bulls on monday. lebron james has once again been named the nba's most valuable player. he came one vote shy of a unanimous vote. regularnished the season with the best record in the nba. only four other players in league history have won the mvp trophy at least four times. >> this really does not mean much to me. i am humbled and happy about it, but i wish it was 15 of these up here because i am with a great rube of guys that allow me to be the mvp each and every night.
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so thank you. the nhl playoffs, the pittsburgh penguins beat the new york islanders to lead their first round series. first career playoff goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. kunitz scored -- the game-winning goal. 4 is on tuesday in new york. his first race victory. lorenzo and jorge pulled clear to win the base. it was their fellow cattle and who stole the limelight. and aggressive maneuver to snatch the lead. when her bradley wiggins powered his team to victory in the second stage. he finished the 7.4-kilometer
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course in 22 minutes and five seconds. he has moved into second overall with his italian teammate taking the leaders trophy. that is all transport for now. more later. >> tank you very much indeed. that is it for this newshour. you can go to our website
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