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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 6, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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bangladesh as in fighting continues near the capital. hello, you are watching al jazeera live. also on the program, the ruling party wins the election, but the opposition contests the results. grouper of a neo-nazi goes on trial for a series of racially motivated murders in germany. gallery, graffiti-
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style. police in bangladesh have raided the headquarters after hours of fighting with protesters. at least 14 people were killed on sunday. meanwhile, fighting between police and protesters is filling the area outside. , three pictures policemen have died. >> with part of the city in ruins, protesters continued to fight. after hours of battle, the clashes still clear on.
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pelted with rubber bullets, they refuse to lay down, laying waste to the capital. setting fire to cars and buildings, security forces held little back. demonstrators for answering a call from a fledgling group of hardliners, saying that defenders should be tried under sharia law. >> this protest is to press for the list of demands. in accordance with the crown. we demand punishment for the 80th blockers. >> those he is referring to, those using the media to advocate for a secular society in bangladesh, that is what the government of this muslim majority nation is fighting to uphold, a cut -- a country
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governed by secular laws. protesters have cut off the city. quell the violence. opposition leaders are continuing to call their supporters to join the protests, meaning that bangladesh must break for more bloodshed. >> they are refusing to concede defeat after the ruling coalition narrow win on sunday. he has described the result as the worst electoral fraud in labor history. scott reports. >> the morning after a historic election, labor reflects on the news that the ruling coalition will be returning for another term. in for another 12 years on sunday, the victory was not as
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big. some big names lost their seats and the ethnic chinese all but abandoned the coalition. striking a conciliatory note at a press conference after the win was confirmed. democracy has gone, clearly. with the importance of the nation and all parties, i hope that all parties can accept these results and about democratic processes to proceed smoothly. >> opposition supporters were bitterly disappointed. >> you wanted the commission to give a satisfactory answer as to why the process was condoned. and they are. or they were complicity the
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crime. many seats, particularly those with narrow magic. -- of the narrow minded. >> they say they must reflect the will of the people. >> as they continue their role, some feel that it can be business as usual, a small victory compared to the left general electric and forcing them to change the way they run their government. >> they have no choice but to adapt. if they do not, their future does not look bright. obviously the people in this country are very clearly split. >> even with this victory it is not a given that the prime minister will keep his job. he is still the man to lead.
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witnesses could be called to germany's largest neo-nazi trial, which has just started. , accused ofendants 10 racially motivated killings. our correspondent is in munich for us. trialassively anticipated now underway here in munich, lasting two, perhaps two and a half years. 600 witnesses will be called to the stand as the prosecution tries to uncover every corner of his life to determine if of course guilt and of course what might have motivated her to do the things that she is alleged to have done. swirling around outside this court room, other questions around the debate. questions that can only be answered inside of this court room, but perhaps will never be
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answered at all, like why there were such levels of competence within the investigation. picking up on clues to raise crimes that for years they held as crimes connected to drugs or organized crime within the immigrant community. of course, those questions are of potential institutionalized racism within the police force and security services, with a sort of apathy looking the other way as this threat from the far right continued to grow over recent years. these vast issues are really the ones that have focused society's the tensions in germany. not just on this trial, but on a wider issue that is a debate over race that has not got much legs. >> human rights investigators say that they have testimony that circassian -- that syrian
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opposition fighters have used sarin gas. they have yet to see evidence from government forces, but the alleged attacks took place in the capital. the syrian army has denied the accusations, describing them as an injustice to the syrian people. meanwhile, activists say the rebels have shot down a government military helicopter abroad. this video posted online reportedly shows several armed men standing in front of the wreckage. the eight soldiers on board were killed. the number of syrians fleeing the conflict meanwhile continues to rise. the iraqi central government has closed its border to most refugees, the country's curtis region has welcomed 90% of those seeking shelter in the country. living in iraq has rekindled their kurdish nationalism.
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afternoon shift that school, these kids cannot wait to get inside. the school was funded by a turkish company. in syria -- in syria the instructions are in arabic. had banned the songs, the national anthem of the people without a nation. havests around the region lasted for 80 years. they said they will never lower their flag. >> you cannot speak kurdish anywhere. of 500 kurdish refugees each day arrive in the camp in northern iraq. the u.n. refugee agency refers to this camp as quickly
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overcrowded. now have 55,000. the iraqi government has essentially closed its border to refugees. the kurdish regional government has welcome all from across the border. >> this camp is little more than one year old. there are still some, but more and more of the refugees, deciding they have nowhere else to go is as coming here. allowed to work outside, they are encouraged to dream of a new syria that they can call their own. at the refugee camp in northern iraq. >> still ahead, understanding
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the bangladeshi protests. why have they taken to the streets? venezuelaent of continues to celebrate his totory, many are urging him get to work. >> police in bangladesh have raided the headquarters of protesters after hours of fighting. 14 were killed during the strategic on the streets on sunday. the violence has spilled outside the capital. the opposition leader in malaysia has called upon supporters rally on wednesday, refusing access to defeat, results show that they won by a slim majority. the much-anticipated trial of
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an allegedly enough's a member accused of a string of murders started in germany, expected to last two and a half years with some 600 witnesses. more now on our top story from bangladesh. to group's name translates protectors of in rigid protectors of islam, aiming to establish an islamic state in bangladesh. this is the islamic group from the town. now the supporters are taking over the streets of the capital. 35-year-old [inaudible] is a religious school teacher who travel all night from his village for his voice to be heard. >> whoever talks upon -- whoever talks against the profit,
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muhammed, should be punished. we want an islamic state in bangladesh. >> until recently they were at a little-known islamic group made up of teachers and students. the group raises its own money, running the largest network of islamic schools in the country, popular in the countryside. it's institutions are not recognized by the government. in april members brought the capitol to a standstill by leading a march to demand anti- blasphemy laws. they wanted people who defame islam punished. >> the demands that they are putting forward are very much political in nature, and they are serious. a lot of people, what they want to see is that these demands have to be met politically. wax as the leaders say, it is not a political movement, but the group that has the support
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of the largest political parties there 13 demands include separating men and women in public places and restoring the name of god in of the constitution. the prime minister said that the prime minister is considering their demand and that many of those demands have been implemented. continue to make these demands until they are met. >> we will now speak to another one of our correspondents there with the latest on the protests. againstabout the raid one of the leaders. >> we do not know if anyone was arrested.
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some say that lower leg -- lower ranking leaders were arrested from the premise. escorted to the airport. itdo not know if technically is chained or just going back. declaring tomorrow as a day of prayer for the people killed. opposition party is still in a bilevel meeting. expected to come out with a major statement. a lot of people are expecting that it should be published after what happened yesterday, but we do not know that yet. it should be some time. theeen 6:00 or 7:00 in evening local time.
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morees this put in protests at a time when theladesh is already facing possibilities of massive protests? >> i should emphasize that the demands also include the release of papers. of their keyone demands. after what happened in the garment sector and the general level of this crown to be rigid general level of the disgruntled in the country, [indiscernible] that does not mean that they are natural allies. typically they are not natural allies.
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interpreting -- they are interpreting various issues. [indiscernible] >> all right, that was our correspondent there, thank you. libya has passed a law banning anyone who held a senior position during the muammar gaddafi 42-year rule from government. it could force parliament and other top officials to step down. hundreds of people celebrated the position by filling the main square. passed only after gunmen who had supported the rounds for the four and justice ministries. of aecond phase presidential election begins on monday. already saying that it does not go far enough.
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we have been talking to their new leader, stepping up and fast. his -- withring in a spring in his step, the president never misses a chance hisemind supporters that revolution will continue. >> after less than one month in office, the venezuelan leader faces many challenges. from his victory and from onetime supporters, living with constant blackouts. >> we go days without electricity. it is a terrible and serious problem. >> with no power, she cannot use any of her appliances. of powere years
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shortages, she says she wants to see immediate improvement. >> how can a country as rich as ours have these types of problems? everyone is asking the same problems, -- questions, why does the government not have money to fix it? >> besides infrastructure, it is one of the big problems on the minds of the people. >> rising inflation is one of the problems they have to faith. it is affecting everyone in this country and some level. that hisd says teacher, now has half of what they had two months ago. behoves that the man that he voted for can make a change. -- he hopes that the man he voted for can make a change. >> they are ready to help them, but they cannot do it alone. >> public safety is a top concern for everyone. venezuela has the highest murder
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rate in south america. the venezuelan leaders grapple with economic and social issues, perhaps the biggest challenge they face is from their own party. >> the party under nicholas maduro is not as unified as it was under hugo chavez. no one ever questioned his decisions, but they could challenge maduro. >> maduro has no time to savor his victory. after months of political uncertainty, venezuelans are expecting fast results from their new leader. go to someoing to breaking news out of pakistan now. reports that a bomb went off, a bomb attack at the rally for a political candidate for the jui party, killing 15 people,
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wounding 45 others. i believe we have a correspondent there on the phone with us. what can you tell us? thisll, we do know that particular explosion happened at a rally organized by the agency , because of the shape, situated close to the border now. dredged [indiscernible] in thet from groups taliban and al qaeda. thes said to have shaped attacks from a remote region. the number priorities that you mentioned are quite high. more in the region, there is fear that the death toll may rise. >> commander, this is just a
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series of attacks that have increased in the lead up to the general election coming up? but >> absolutely. what is surprising is that it has happened under the religious party. they do favor peace talks between the taliban and pakistan, so it will be interesting to see what the target is, or if this was an attempt on the man himself. very difficult to see, but at the moment your right, and attacked by one party of another party, feuding religious parties. if they took responsibility for
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it that would prove that they are going all out in trying to structure the elections. >> thank you for joining us from islamabad. thank you. two other news, the world, moving ahead on scrutiny in the hungarian capital of budapest, holding a protest against the gathering. perry smith reports. >> tight security around the hotel were delegates have gathered. chose the hungarian capital this year to highlight their concerns. far fornot have to look the evidence. this was the scene on saturday, just a few streets away. they held a rally to protest the decision of the budapest authority to host the congress. one jewish delegate from north america said that she hoped that her presence would send a
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message to the world. i would like the prime minister to say that hungry was not allowed the rights of anti- semitism in hamburg. hamburg has been destroyed once, it will not be destroyed again. inthe third largest party the hungarian parliament, police had initially banned the rally, but that was overturned by a budapest court. hungary has the largest jewish community in central europe. the country's prime minister attended the conference with other key north -- keynote speakers. >> police in china have arrested 900 people accused of selling fake me. 20 tons ofold over what was supposed to be much 10, but was actually fox, minks, and
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rat. over $1.6profit of million. china and palestine have agreed to work together to help their economies and promote their cultures. the palestinian president is on a three day trip to china for talks with the president. meanwhile, the israeli prime minister is also due to arrive in beijing on wednesday. right, some call it the language of the streets, but griffey in one form or another has been around for thousands of years. modern-day graffiti began in the united states and is now seen as an important art form. in miami is being used to promote an entire neighborhood. around thendscapes world, graffiti is often seen as a blight. something that people work hard to get rid of. in many ways it is a similar
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decline. >> but then came the win would arts district, a canvas for the world's best graffiti artists. the whole area was little more than an industrial wasteland a few years ago, and that it is being touted as the biggest open-air gallery in the world. bold andter street of distinctive murals cover the walls of the buildings and businesses, the largest graffiti in the world. one important factor makes it unique. >> i like having the art work in the streets and not in the homes of collectors and galleries. it really is an opportunity for the everyday person to see creative expression and have a hours per day. >> there is something else that makes him different, the driving force behind the project, the business community and not our but -- and not artists that made
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it happen. he said that kind of development could be a problem. >> the people who originally lived here were crushed out, they can now longer afford to live in a place where they were for generations. >> there is also uncertainty over the future. >> a lot of the galleries and artists are being forced out because developers are raising rent and seeing dollar signs. it is a shame, they are the ones who are acting like that they made this happen and that is such a farce. >> as a neighborhood, the area continues to prosper and grow, gaining a global reputation. al-jazeera, miami, florida.
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