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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 27, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> opposition leaders meet in istanbul. the humanitarian situation inside the country worsens. .his is al jazeera also ahead, a breakthrough in talks between colombian rebels and the government. can you save without soap and water? the african in the engine that could improve health and hygiene of people. they call him the picasso of the east. the works go under the hammer in hong kong.
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syrian opposition leaders meeting in istanbul have opened the door to an expanded coalition. the syrian national coalition spokesman made the announcement after talks on sunday. fighting appears to be preventing them from making significant changes. it was to elect its new leader on monday. internal disagreements have delayed that decision. meeting.lowing the tell us about the makeup of the coalition. >> earlier in the day, there appears to have been a decision to expand the coalition to include eight new members seculared with the opposition. it seemed the issue of expansion was behind them.
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once again, the politicians are back to the drawing board. increasing frustration among the observers. the meeting that was to last for three days is already today's over the schedule. thousands of dollars are being spent. still no breakthrough. talks are continuing to add more people to the coalition. this is problematic. there are certain entities that want to be able to affect the decision making process of the coalition by adding new members. once again, no breakthrough in istanbul. >> what does this mean for issues such as the election of the new president for the snc and whether they will be achieving -- attending the geneva talks next month? >> it means a delay in --alizing the composition, putting but crucial issues they
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need to agree on including the election of a new member, and whether or not they will be attending the much anticipated talks in geneva sponsored by the united states and russia. the u.s. secretary of state is french andh their russian counterpart. european decisions coming out today on whether to extend the weapons embargo on the rebel groups. very negative signals coming from istanbul if the opposition cannot get its house in order and the four important decisions are made. we get the sense that the opposition is waiting for decisions from europe before they make their stand, primarily because they want guarantees that if they go to geneva -- any final settlement would not include assad. >> european foreign ministers are in brussels discussing
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whether to lift the arms embargo on armed rebels in syria. britain and france want to ease sanctions so weapons can be supplied to opposition fighters. some officials have warned the move could jeopardize a proposed peace conference in geneva. >> we are in touch with people the opposition groups and will try to find a way forward. on the arms embargo and specifically, this will be an opportunity for states to discuss how they want to go forward. there are strong views in favor of trying to find a way europe can demonstrate it is united and has a strong position to take forward. to continue.erable we have to have the agreement on the policy. we have tried on previous occasions to make sure there is still a common e.u. policy.
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if we cannot have one in the future, each country and will have to ensure it has its own sanctions or it will have to be reconstructed for the future. we're looking for common ground in this meeting. of course it is preferable to keep the policy together if we can. >> peter is in brussels with more. >> britain and france will be making the case for lifting the arms embargo this is at a time forcesesident assad's seem to be gaining the upper hand. the british former -- foreign secretary made the point when he arrived today saying if the embargo is lifted this will put further pressure to get into the negotiating table. this is not a view shared by the majority of the 27 nations. they feel that piling arms into the conflict will only militarize it and threaten any
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coming peace agreement. they are and point to have to come to some sort of compromise of this meeting. -- they are going to have to come to some sort of compromise at this meeting. >> for many syrians, the situation is getting worse. an al jazeera team was able to reach the only major city controlled by opposition forces. thousands who fled their and looking for safety have been forced to move on because of desperate conditions. andrew simmons has this exclusive report. >> before the city fell to opposition forces, it was known as the a hotel of the revolution by the activists. thousands of displaced people settled here. there refuge was protected by the regime. now the regime is gone. thousands have left the city and sought refuge elsewhere. some remain in what was their home. office box.ings and
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we visited one family in front of this police station once used by the regime. time passes slowly for the family. they have been without a home for more than a year. it feelsrandchildren, like a lifetime. is the familyce home now, one room. television is a luxury. her five children are allowed to watch cartoons as one of the few distractions for what goes on outside. >> we are lost between the opposition and the government. we're not on either side. we are lost. both sides have hurt us. >> the plight of the displaced people was revealed by al jazeera last year with secret the link with the city was under -- control. an opposition activist told us it was known as the hotel of
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the revolution because it served as a safe haven. one woman made this appeal to rebel forces prepared to attack the city. >> we have fled. do you want to destroy this city too? and your sister. -- are and your sister. >> now is in rebel hands. an estimated 35,000 have fled. some have gone to rural areas. many have settled on a section of the turkish border that is now closed. we cannot reach them and neither can most agencies for security reasons. it is under the control of groups that want an islamic state. one is affiliated with al qaeda. they say they are laying on services to assist and help those who have fled back. in the block of offices that once housed eight and a 34
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people, only around 40 remain. they have little help. they have to borrow to get basic food. the father traveled only to find his business had been destroyed in the bombing. that was two weeks ago. he has not been in touch since. this is another anxious family with a missing father. biggest thing and this is my dad. >> if you could speak to the politicians, what would you tell them? >> i have nothing to say to them. on both sides. >> it is characterization. -- it is fair to say she probably represents the views of millions. her plight is not as bad as many. no one knows the numbers. no one can accurately describe
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the sort of trauma they are going through. andrew simmons, al jazeera. >> the colombian government and rebels have made progress toward a peace deal. after months of talks, they have come to agreement on land reforms. that has been one of the main sticking points in the effort to end nearly 50 years of conflict. aftertep forward at last six months of strenuous peace talks. the colombian government and the biggest rebel group have finally something to show for their efforts. >> we have agreed on the first point of the agenda in the general accord for the end of the conflict and construction of a stable and lasting peace. >> land reform and development were the first and most complicated issues on the agenda. they have been at the heart of the conflict here for over 50 years. it is the main reason rebels took up arms in 1964.
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millions of poor farmers are at the center of the conflict. many had to abandon their land and live in remote areas without access to water or government services. now it looks like they may be solve >> i can say with certainty that the agreement will allow radical change in colombia. >> the delegation will meet on june 11 to start working on the second port of the agenda, the political reintegration of the rebels. speakers said some details of the land issue might still need to be worked out. >> we have advanced in constructed of steel that will be checked over before the completion of the final agreement. >> the announcement could not have come soon enough. negotiators and the colombian president have been under a lot of pressure to show results. this deal gives them much-needed
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breathing space and renews hope for peace to finally be achieved in colombia. >> we will tell you why students in thailand want to let their hair down for human-rights. we're on the trail with reporters hoping mountain climbers take on the world's highest peak. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the syrian national coalition has announced plans to add eight new members. they were due to elect a new leader on monday. internal disagreements have delayed the the decision. the coalition has yet to decide whether to attend talks in geneva. foreign ministers are in brussels discussing whether to lift the arms embargo on rebel fighters in syria. britain and france want to ease sanctions so weapons can be supplied to opposition fighters.
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the colombian government is a step closer to reaching a peace deal with rebels. negotiators have agreed to reforms that would redistribute land to the poor. that has been one of the main sticking points in the efforts to end nearly 50 years of conflict. south african police are escorting foreign shop owners johannesburg for their own safety. were attacked on sunday night. people began looting during a protest over the killing of two men. it is thought they were shot dead by a shopkeeper after an argument we have this report from the crime scene. >> the violence started late sunday night into monday morning. things on the street are tense. though locals have, in big numbers. they want to know what is going there are some
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somali nationals hovering. he says locals came in and destroyed this shot. things are volatile. the police are out in full force with armored vehicles. they are keeping watch in case. -- in case things turn nasty again. you can see this is one of the few shops that was not attacked by locals. it belongs to a south african. 19 shops estimate belonging to foreign markets have been destroyed and looted. things got chaotic. bins were set on fire. many say they are too afraid to come back. this was a grocery store. the goods have been stolen. the property has been destroyed. local officials say a somali national mugshot two men. that is what caused the
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violence. police are still investigating the matter. >> a south african university student has invented a product that could help millions keep clean. it has proven popular with soldiers and airline passengers. hopes it will be of most benefit to those that do not have access to water or sanitation. >> he wants to change the world one bath at a time. one of his high-school friends inspired him to create dry bath. he wrote a 40-page business plan and document on his cell phone before enrolling at the university to perfect a solution. >> it will cover your whole body. skin.all over your this removes the dirt from your skin. you can wipe it with a cloth. >> his clients include
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militaries, hotel chains, and the major international airline. he gives one way for everyone sold. he has sold 250,000 so far. the product is not available in retail yet. it has not been tested on children under the age of a quarter. but it has potential for .illions in tried to bring dignity to have a poor person basis, he has from south africa tough for entrepreneurs. >> we have 6 million individual businesses. these are one-man businesses. africaor laws of south have been difficult to deal with as a small entrepreneur. if you lower them for small entrepreneurs, those 6 million would hire one extra person. >> he is so frustrated he is considering moving to kenya or
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ghana. he has started an on-line campaign encouraging people to donate and save water by not bidding for a weekend. it is the latest step in his personal mission to make cleanliness are right and not a privilege. al jazeera, south africa. >> philippine police have confirmed seven members of their elite forces have been killed and eight others wounded in an attack. they were ambushed in a remote village in the north of the country. the rebel army has been fighting for a separate state for over a quarter decades. four >> police officers were on their way for a checkup in a remote village with a land mine exploded on the road. a group of 30 armed men opened fire at the vehicle. seven police officials have been killed. eight others have been wounded. philippineewewewewewewewewewewe
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government spokesperson from the national police who said this was a premeditated and coordinated attack from a communist rebel group for the new people's army. there have been no claims of responsibility, but the philippine government said this the communist group to try to confiscate weapons from the government. they said a similar incident happened a few months ago when a group of armed men stormed into a police station and seized weapons from police officials. the philippine government said it will no longer conduct peace talks with the new people's army after several attempts to bring them to the negotiating table have failed since the president took office in 2010. >> the japanese mayor has publicly apologize for suggesting u.s. soldiers should use a legal brothels as a way to curb sex crimes.
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he told reporters his remarks were misunderstood. those comments were made two weeks ago. a true international criticism. he also said the japanese practice of forcing asian women into prostitution was necessary to maintain discipline and provide relaxation for soldiers during world war ii. the indian prime minister is expected to reopen talks on nuclear energy cooperation. india and japan suspended negotiations after the fukushima disaster in 2011. earlier this month, both countries signed several agreements to strengthen trade ties. the head of the catholic church in australia has apologized to victims of sexual abuse by priests. he cardinal told an inquiry blamed a former culture of silence for the cover-up. the catholic church in australia has 5.4 million followers
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representing about one in four australians. it is 60 years on wednesday sense of not everest was first climbed. spentthen, thousands have thousands of dollars for the privilege. making it to the top of the world's highest peak would not be possible without the work of poorly paid local porters. we join them on the trail. >> the airport is the gateway to not everest. if goods and people are flown this far, the journey on words is by foot. hundred supporters from all over the country come here to carry goods for the thousands of travelers to visit. he has been a reporter for over 40 years. >> it is no job in our village. i have one son in school. it is for his education that i do this. >> the guidelines say they can
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carry no more than 30 kilos. in reality, they often carry much more, sometimes even over 100 kilos. many prefer to carry loads for local hotels and lodges for 20 cents per kilo per day. >> there is no point in carrying luggage for tracking agencies. we have to carry heavy loads. it is very expensive. we spend all of our wages on lunch and dinner. we will not even have money for snacks. after they settle into hotels, porters come to places like this. this is all they can afford at the end of today. this is one of the best in the region with food provided by the buddhist monastery. even here, a meal costs $3. we found him in a dingy shelter eating plain rice. a new generation has a very
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different idea of the job. he just took his 10th grade exam and came to the region to try his hand at portering. toi would give in 60 kilos carry. this is not viable living. a plan to leave the country for work abroad. >> most of the younger ones say they do it only as a vacation job. as a livable wage, they say carrying heavy luggage is not worth the indignity. >> on tuesday we continue our coverage from the foot of mount everest. steve reports on how an increase in human traffic is leaving to high altitude tensions. concernss raising over safety. that is coming up on tuesday. for most people, how you wear
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your hair is part of your personal style and expression. that is not the case in some of thailand's schools. we report on how school regulations for her cats have become a human rights issue. >> discipline and good behavior are on parade as the day begins at a state school just outside bangkok. their appearance is a national -- is a matter of national policy. every student is expected to cut their hair in the same way under regulations imposed in the 1970's after a military coup. even young men like this 18- year-old. >> it is terrible. we are grown up. it should not be about the hair. long hair looks ahead -- good too. >> it has been one of the least popular rules of school. for decades, most kids would not say anything about it. in recent years, some students
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decided to speak out for their rights. and on-line campaign began four years ago with a manifesto that says the regulations are contrary to the thai constitution and makes young people only learn how to follow orders. >> they said they would cut my hair to the right flank. it is my hair. i do not want anyone to do anything with it. my hair style does not have anything to do with my academic performance. >> the issue got more public exposure in 2011 when a student who wanted to be allowed to grow his hair took his case to the national commission on human rights. it recommended the regulations be changed. the department of education has done that. human rights are growing and falling international standards. if there is a violation, they may not read the rules, but
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there is discrimination. we need to fix those. >> the issue has been treated like a joke. but it is an indication that young people are increasingly in empowered and that could have consequences beyond the length of their hair. >> taiwan has requested access to a video killed by the philippines coast guard related to the killing of a fisherman. investigators are looking into the incident that took place on may 9. the philippine military killed a man in disputed waters but said it was done in self-defense. the name may not be as familiar as picasso, but a sale of his works raised $500 million. that is more than picasso's works ever earned a single auction. his works are expected to earn even more of an auction in hong kong. be asse paintings may not
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well-known as many western works. but the man behind them has earned more in the world auction market than previous top seller pablo picasso. 25 of his finest pieces are up for auction again. they are expected to fetch more $500 million records set today years ago. >> is fine art has been playing an important role in chinese culture. as living standards began to improve, there was more interest in chinese fine art. >> with more money to spend, the chinese have become major players in the art market. they are investing in their own artists. capitalizing on its reputation as a gateway between east and west, hong kong also wants to be the bridge between chinese art and the rest of the world. the city government has budgeted over $2 billion to turn these 40 hectares into a cultural district with a high-speed
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railway it leaking it directly to the mainland. the art world is paying attention. one of the most important international art fair skin to asia for the first time this weekend choosing hong kong as its stage. shared with be others. it is a right -- it is right to see it becoming more commercial. >> i hope one day chinese art works will surpass the western ones. >> for the people behind the cultural drive, it is about more than money and investments. they hope to create a healthy wereustainable art scene works can be enjoyed for their own sake and not just for the money they earn. al jazeera, hong kong.
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