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tv   Witness  LINKTV  June 30, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thewith its numerous canals, russian city of st. petersburg is known as the venice of the north. founded in 793 by saint peter the great, it was built to a rival the canals of venice.
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capital to the moscow, and the city entered into a long period of decline. in jordan as the bombardment. after the fall of the soviet union, the city will from hibernation. -- will from hibernation. hibernation. but behind the facade, the toll of nearly a century of neglect hidden from view. in these once grand and now faded entrances, with many of the city's pour. crowded into apartments now coveted by russia's new rich and aspiring middle class. galina. she lives in a beautiful, but dilapidated building along the
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innks of the nevsky river, one of the most prestigious parts of town. like many, she obtained her apartment when property was privatized amid speculation and property wars. this is the story of galina and her neighbors, poor people under constant instigation of schemers. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> in this communal apartments on millionaires street lives irina. >> [speaking russian language] [cat meows] >> [speaking russian language]
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>> galina's top floor apartment on millionaires tree was damaged beyond repair, and a wealthy man paid-up local officials to obtain a permit to build a loft on the roof. galina was forced to about. city authorities refused to take responsibility for the correct action and repair the damage.
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action andcorrupt repair the damage. >> [speaking russian language] >> alexander and svetlana are irina's neighbors in the
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communal apartment. >> [speaking russian language]
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>> the system is run where property rights are nominally protected, but powerful interests conspire to circumvent them. these people like those on millionaires street are vulnerable to abuse. irina and her family were evicted from their room in a communal flat on millionaires street. >> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language]
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>> irina is on her way to visit her old communal apartment and room on millionaires street. an estimated 800,000 people in st. petersburg still live in communal flat. >> [speaking russian language] [knock on door] >> [speaking russian language] >> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language]
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>> the residents on millionaires streets living in constant fear of eviction. they are sitting on valuable property. investors are always calling, offering well below market prices and suggesting they should take the money while they can. >> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language] >> some communal apartments in the building have already been cleared by their residents. these have been converted into luxury apartments like these and often rented out for exorbitant prices. yevgeny defending those threatened with eviction.
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>> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language]
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>> the inhabitants of this old historic neighborhood have been sold they will have to move to make way for luxury residences in a project related to the former mayor's son. >> [speaking russian language]
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>> [speaking russian language] >> [speaking russian language] >> svetlana and to neighbors received a letter saying they will have to leave and move into new lot sold-out housing
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developments on the outside of town. >> [speaking russian language]
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>> in a country where the city before authority is the norm, a before 30re passivity is the norm, a few demonstrate. the people's voice is heard. talking at once in russian] >> [speaking russian language]
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>> hello, i'm john cleese. do you realize that native peoples are largely responsible for the survival of the planet? yes, because it's their forests that are still managing to offset some of the greenhouse gases from the major polluters like us. but although native peoples have the smallest ecological footprints, they unfortunately manage to suffer the worst impacts of climate change. it is their islands that are sinking, and their glaciers that are melting, and they are not happy about it. soon, we will be hearing directly from some of them, as almost 3,000 indigenous delegates from around the world struggle to have their voices heard at the united nations a


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