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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 6, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ >> welcome to "the journal." i am sarah harman in berlin. supporters of ousted president of egypt protest after mohamed elbaradei has been declared prime minister. the president of bolivia offers edward snowden asylum, and bartoli is the champion in wimbledon after defeating lisicki in straight sets.
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liberal opposition leader has becomebaradei the interim prime minister, the first step taken by the interim president who took office two days ago after ousting mohamed morsi. he called for mass protest against mohamed morsi. the nobel peace prize winner and former nuclear chief is shown as accessible to the western government. the interim leaders have their work cut out for them, because the parties of morsi have rejected the new government. the country remains divided with supporters of morsi calling for his reinstatement. >> supporters of morsi call for the return of their leader.
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protest the removal of the first democratically elected president, saying he was unjustly targeted by the army. >> the parliament has ousted the president and are calling parts of the constitution unconstitutional. they are trying to dissolve the state. >> soldiers have taken up positions on cairo's streets to maintain the peace but there are fears of other violence after clashes that left 70 people dead over the last week. and constitutional judge was sworn in as the interim president. he was in charge for two days before asking elbaradei to take power. they have already rejected
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compromise. >> we have more from our correspondent in cairo. what is going on right now? this is east of the city -- a much smaller building than tahrir square. >> liberal opposition leader elbaradei has been named prime minister, what does this mean for egypt? >> there is a lot of promise connected to this, what is this like for the muslim brotherhood? the head of the military -- he is really one of the great people for the muslim brotherhood -- with an idea of signing with the islamists, he is a very problematic prime minister.
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the coalition for the military coup, one of them, the only islamist party -- they say that they are rejecting the appointment, they say this is not what they agreed upon. he was just appointed, a short time ago, and the first problems are already starting within the old coalition with people who were with the military. >> in cairo, thank you very much. protests have flared in turkey has the government plans to open gezi park to the public for the first time since june. protesters tried to gain access to taksin square.
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authorities warned that further demonstrations will not be tolerated. bolivia has added their name to the list of countries offering asylum to american whistleblower edward snowden. morales, says evo they have no fear of america or their allies. venezuela has also offered asylum to the contractor. all three countries pose a direct challenge to the u.s. government that demands edward snowden be arrested. he may face an espionage charges over the surveillance program. he has applied to 27 countries for asylum. > evo morales has hit back after his journey to his home country was disrupted. >> i would like to tell you that we will give edward snowden asylum. he is being persecuted and we
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are not afraid. >> he was held up in austria after several european countries denied him passage into their airspace. he remains in the transit zone at this airport, and he flew to russia from hong kong two weeks ago after leaking information about a secret american surveillance program and several countries have offered asylum. hime have decided to offer the international humanitarian right to asylum, to protect him from the persecution that has been unleashed from the most powerful, imperialists country in the world. nicaragua,ident of says that they
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asylum as-- give well. >> if circumstances permit we will happily receive him if he wants asylum here in nicaragua. >> questions remain if he would be allowed to travel. his passport has been withdrawn because any airplane he is on may be grounded. >> the main opposition bloc of the syrian national coalition has elected a former political prisoner. they met for two days before who isng al-jarba, supported by saudi arabia. they hope that they can replace president assad with a transitional government. government forces closed in on areas held by the rebels in
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homs. in tennis, as ad day for germany as berliner lisicki lost to her french opponent. she was on course for a fairy tale victory but did not take a single set. >> of the rising german star could not find a way into this game, losing the first set. she was two strong and two focused and punished her opponent. the second set threatened to go the way of the first as her ferocious serve deserted her, and her shots wandered, consistently long. she fought back in a gutsy display -- but in the end,
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bartoli converted the fourth match point. >> i am overwhelmed by this whole situation. she has been in that situation before and she handled it perfectly. i hope i will get the chance. once again. >> this was almost too much to but fewr lisicki, doubted that she will be back in the final, soon. >> some analysis on that game, i am joined by our sports correspondent. match,lapsed during this what happened? >> the occasion just really got to her. by was virtually in tears the second set, none of the real
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strengths of her game more on display today. completely in a thick, and her forehand was all over the place. she just could not get a foothold. she was very brave and should take a lot of positives from this performance. i think that she has another grand slam title in her future. >> this is the second singles final four bartoli, lisicki's first. was the experience that deciding factor? >> she had her serve broken in the very first game of the match but she really influenced her style on the game with awkward, double-handed groundstrokes and it was very difficult for lisicki and bartoli punished the errors, showing lisicki what she will
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have to do when she gets to the grand slam title. >> looking ahead, and the murray is number one. what do you think? >> we will see some nerves from marie as well. he has struggled more this year because of the wake of expectations. this is an enormous. he has been very defensive, his second serve was very vulnerable. he is such a great returner and he got the wimbledon monkey off of his back -- hopefully that will help. djokovic is coming off of the longest final -- so we will see an exciting match that will be exciting for everyone. >> the tour de france entered
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a 195untains, with kilometer route. he put on an impressive display of strength to show why he is the favorite this year. he launched an eight -- an attack that left his rival floundering. the 2011 winner was four minutes behind -- and he takes over the yellow jersey for the first time. on tuesday, the trial begins for the captain of the cruise liner. he is facing manslaughter charges for his role in the crash. january 2012 it crashed off of the rocks with more than 4000 people on board. 32 died in the disaster as he abandoned the ship before
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passengers were evacuating. be trial in italy will publicized. it is still partially submerged in the mediterranean. engineers and experts work to remove it in a massive salvage operation. >> experts from all over the world to bring their equipment to this island, this is said to be the biggest ship selvage operation ever, costing 200 million euros. be likent the island to the used to be, with no trace of what happened. technicians are housed next to the wreckage. divers have constructed under water scaffolding to temporarily support the wreckage. they special vessel is here from hamburg to attach a large containers that will be filled
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with water. operation is anticipated to take place in september. the rest of the containers will be filled with air, and will serve as a floating device to keep the ship above water. this is now the second summer with the costa controia. holiday bookings are down by 50%, and the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity is not the case. >> of the wreckage is a huge nuisance, we already had to deal with the economic crisis in italy. this is one more hard ship. >> people have stopped coming here just because of this. >> this tuesday, the former captain is scheduled to face manslaughter charges, but
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because of a lawyer's strike at the start date of the trial may be pushed back two weeks. >> thank you for watching. >> in a small town 30 kilometers north of berlin, the neo-nazi party protests against asylum seekers, as the residents have a demonstration. >> this is one of the organizers of the counter- demonstration. he alerted his fellow residents when he heard about this
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demonstration. they do not always meet with such determined resistance. they have a groundswell of a lead to oral support in some areas of eastern germany. but not here. >> we want to make a stand against the far right, and we will not let a few people tell us what we should and should not do here. >> this does not belong here. i am the principle of a local high school and i told all of my students to come here. well, werk has gone so will not let this ruin it. havingere in support of the refugees here, we believe this is good for the community. >> of the far right demonstrators want to march to the asylum hostile, but they
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cannot get through. in an act of civil disobedience, he used his camper van to block the road. police aren't happy. happens --hing else we will have to get you out of here in a hurry. >> overhauls have to clear the road for the neo-not cease. others looked on anxiously. but the residents are determined to protect them, and they make some much noise that nobody can even hear these supporters. >> this is completely incomprehensible that the authorities are giving these neo-nazis a stage in front of the refugee hostel. >> all not seas are stupid. respected the people who came to
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stop this march. idea.has had another good here, let's keep on singing. we shall overcome ♪ >> the neo-nazi chants are drowned out. by now, some refugees are confident enough to come outside. everyone protests against the hate speech of the neo-nazis in their own way. refugees from pakistan decided to join the counter- demonstration. nazis two hours, the neo- throw in the towel. racism doesgainst not have to be dangerous.
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so many of the refugees were not afraid to join in. they were supported by us. this was the goal. >> they have driven away the neo-nazis in a peaceful way, and they feel empowered as more people express their way of making a difference. >> one year ago, there was less public support for the refugee hostel in the town of 20,000. two days after the protests -- he expressed how this all began. the citizen's action groups where they first met -- almost all of the residents wanted to prevent this. withwere full to bursting 400 people, the biggest gathering in years.
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atmosphered cut the with a knife. people were equating refugees with criminals and said that property prices would fall, and i thought that i would be heckled off of the stage. suddenly, there was a lot of clapping -- and i finished my speech and i said it -- let's accepted these asylum seekers, and not tell them -- like mary and joseph that there is no room at the inn. can do something. i am prepared to give language lessons. >> the attempt to get the residents on their side backfired and the neo-nazis were thrown out. catholic churches set up a
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citizen's action group to support the refugees with bible class is -- classes. stories ine a lot of the bible about people having to leave and i was impressed with how the catholic community expressed this with the children and took the refugees as an example to show what it means to have to flee. >> the residents helped out with everyday needs. the 75 year-old is going shopping with these chechen asylum-seekers. these women say that they feel safe but they were very afraid when the neo-nazis' came to their house. yes, this was terrible for them. one of the men gathered up all the children and took them away.
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they were afraid because they were not sure what might happen. >> one child was shot dead in chechnya -- they don't want to talk about this on camera. benedictus was also persecuted. withshe fled from cameron, her toddler, she was pregnant with her second child. the journey to spain was traumatic. >> we paid for a dingy. a few congolese and camaroonians and me. the engine broke down in the ocean. the spanish coast guard it saved us. but for people from the group died. -- four people from the group died.
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day for is a special the refugees. worker has organized bicycles, donated with a few volunteers -- volunteers. >> for those seeking asylum, this is a new feeling of freedom. is back from his shopping trip and at the supermarket, a local couple spontaneously donated 30 euros to the refugees. >> when you meet people face-to- face, people often change their attitudes. that is one reason we organize the festival for next saturday. bringing people together is very important.
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these residents help the refugees where they can. they bring old furniture and clothing. he helps with the carrying. >> i cannot just bring this to the junkyard. i am happy to be able to do a good deed. we live in such luxury. a refugee child myself. when we came here, i can remember how we were housed, in empty rooms, with one covered. >> of the nation's store is filled to the brim, refugees can come here to take what they need when they moved to their own proper accommodation. many people have changed their minds and donate or held out where they can.
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really would say that the son of the discussions we have -- we have this huge stores of donations and the bicycle workshop. and a lot of people who don't need to be afraid. remove anyo remaining concerns, the other members of the groups have organized a party at the refugee hostel, the weather is not great but the branch of the technical relief agency has set up tents. refugees, this is a chance to say thanks. they have prepared a typical dishes from their home countries. the residents have also contributed local specialties. this
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everyone. thank you. >> this band provides the musical entertainment. are a lot more visitors than expected. not had any contact so far, we were just curious and wanted to see who is coming and who is living here. >> we also really like to eat so of course we wanted to taste all of the food. the new culinary experience, there are plenty of musical exchanges, and everyone is having a good time. theast week, we thought mood would not be this good, with all of the racists around, or because of the bad weather,
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but now there is solidarity. >> there is no place here for ignorant racism or xenophobia. these residents are a shining example to other
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