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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 12, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the "journal". >> are headlines, edward snowden comes out of hiding in moscow saying he has no regrets and wants temporary asylum in russia. >> tensions rise in egypt as supporters and opponents of the ousted president take to the streets after friday. and the pakistani teenager who survived a taliban murder attempt says education is the best weapon against terrorism.
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it has been a day of fast moving of ants surrounding the nsa whistleblower and -- edward snowden who says he will remain in russia and seek asylum there until he can get safe passage to latin america. >> he made the statement at the moscow airport where he has been hiding the past three weeks. his appearance on friday was his first since he arrived from hong kong. most of his requests for political asylum have been refused. >> the kremlin has yet to respond and washington has cautioned russia about renting the request. >> hundreds of journalists gathered into the airport to catch a glimpse of the world's most prominent fugitive. but they were out of luck. human rights published the first
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image of edward snowden since he went on the run a month ago. a group of russian activists and lawyers met with him behind closed doors to inquire about efforts to apprehend him and plans for political asylum. >> he would immediately ask for asylum in russia. yes, it he wants to stay here officially but eventually he will want to move to latin america. >> and she he asked the organizations to put in a good word with vladimir pugh can -- putin. >> the response was positive, on the condition he starts to earn the interest of our american partners. >> he said he would stop leaking information in exchange for asylum and he had not intended to damage u.s.
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interests in the first place. the u.s. has warned relations will suffer if he is allowed to stay. >> just before going to air we heard that the u.n.'s human rights chief has called on all nations to respect the right of individuals to seek asylum. for the view from russia, let's go to our correspondent. markets, what is it looking like? will he get asylum in russia? >> according to a russian news agency, or a spokesperson said they have not received the new bid for asylum but the conditions remain the same. president putamen -- putin said edward snowden was welcome to stay in russia but he had to stop leaking and harming the united states. >> how concerned is the kremlin about to its relations with
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washington? >> the relations between washington and moscow are tenants. -- tense. take the civil war in syria. but what we see in moscow is that russian officials are concerned about the case of edward snowden. they are fuming more and more uncomfortable with him staying in russia. only the secret service might be pleased with the situation. that is a high-value target so they might keep him here until they have all of the information they want. >> thanks for that. >> staying with the story, he disclosures over programs have caused outrage in germany. according to him, the u.s. conducts more surveillance in germany than anywhere else in europe. >> hans went to the white house
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for meetings as he seeks more information about the u.s. intelligence programs. he said officials have promised to open up its operations to better inform germany. at least six people are dead after a train derailed that high-speed in a paris suburb. the death toll will likely rise. >> the southbound train went off the track. police say the train was "ripped into two parts" and several carriages clashed -- crashed into each other. the cause remains unclear. the accident comes as millions are going into the holiday weekend. >> a fire onboard board of a part boeing 787 dreamliner london's airport shutdown takes office -- takeoffs and landings. >> no passengers were on the
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dreamliner when the fire broke out. no one was injured in the european aviation agency says it is too early to say whether the 787 will be grounded again. the newest airliner was grounded earlier this year because of overheating batteries. >> the united states has joined the germany calls for releasing mohamed morsi. he has been under arrest for over a week, along with other leaders from his muslim brotherhood. >> the brother hit is on the streets today saying they will remain there until he is returned to. the opposition forces are out protesting say they want to make sure new elections are held. >> protesters from all over the country, praying together on this first friday of ramadan. protesting against a military coup.
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[chanting] 10 days after he was ousted, supporters say they will not go home until mohamed morsi is reinstated as president. >> we are peaceful. we are staging a peaceful sit in. we can only succeed through nonviolence. the whole world can see we are sitting here peacefully to topple the military regime through nonviolence. >> the army is taking precautions to prevent a repeat of the violence that left dozens dead. it set up checkpoints at the city center where opponents have called a rival rally. >> with the very latest, let's go to cairo. what is the situation right now? are people concerned about violence? >> there are basically two sides, fasting in ramadan.
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one side per post -- in favor of the muslim brotherhood and the opponents into rear square -- in tahrir square, you could see a change that mr. today. it was more like less islamicist tones. there is a new tactic on the side of the muslim brotherhood. they want to have more see reinstated but they are presenting as a defender of the revolution against the goa terry. there were some other people -- against the military. there were some other people, not as many people, but you could see a sense of a disappointment, they're called to remove the president, they
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were very ca happy about it. they do not understand why the world does not share their happiness. >> what about the latest lyrical developments with the u.s. calling for morsi to be released. >> i do not think it will be happening. everybody would be afraid that will make the situation more explosive. i guess he will stay where he is right now. >> thanks very much. >> one aspect of the up people in egypt is getting increased numbers of sexual attacks on women. >> men assaulted or raped at least 91 women over a four day period. >> and the attacks are still going on. the following report to contains disturbing images. >> a group of men this around a woman a young demonstrator and
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force her into a side street. the mob set about her, subjecting her to a gang rape. this footage was posted on the internet afterwards. hadir was the victim of a similar crime. >> one night when i was out, some young men shouted at me. i ignored them. that is when they started to hit me. they groped my breast and my body. i screamed but no one came to help. >> t the cradle of the revolution, millions of men and women have protested side-by- side. first to oust hosni mubarak and the muslim brotherhood. but with the attacks and women, the square has become a no go zone for many. a place of fear and menace. this woman was assaulted and
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raped during a demonstration. the attack has left deep scars. >> the violence against women is organized. it has political motives. it is meant to intimidate women. it is also meant to discredit the man with us. they are saying, you can't even protect your women. >> and then there are the everyday attacks, random groping in public, women have to be on their guard against sexual predators. some men use their faith to defend their actions. they believe women are inferior to men and that allah created a patriarchy. that does not explain the hatred and the violence. this footage was filmed secretly from a window. a mob forces a woman again into a side street. it is clearly a planned attack but who is behind it? activists say they know who is to blame.
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>> the islamicists. for them, independent women are a disgrace. they say it is your own fault. they at home. >> this is a self-defense lesson for women held in private after friday prayers. this is where the fight back begins. whoever is behind the violence, the aim seems to be to intimidate and scare women away from politics. but they are not alone in their fight. these young men are taking a stand, patrolling to try to prevent attacks so that women can exercise a fundamental right in the new egypt, the right to protest. >> that taliban in pakistan try
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to murder her because she dared to speak out in favor of education for girls. >> but she survived a bullet to the head and now malala yousafzai is turning 16. >> she was invited to celebrate her birthday and deliver a speech of the u.n. headquarters in new york. she called for a global struggle illiteracy, and terrorism. >> it was a sweet 16 in deed. hundreds of young admirers turned out from -- for her birthday bash, hosted by ban ki- moon. >> usually the podium is occupied by the general assembly president or myself. but today, it may be natural that malala is sitting at the front and center. >> malala made a plea for the power of education. >> i am here to speak for the
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right of education of every child. [applause] >> malala made headlines as an activist in her native valley. a taliban region in northern pakistan. she wrote about schooling for girls for the bbc and the new york times. that made her a target. a gunman opened fire on a school bus. malala was shot in the head and evacuated to england. the teenager escaped death by inches. she was released just months later. this incredible story of a woman who challenged the taliban and has made her an inspiration millions like her around the globe. the u.n. has declared july 12 malala day. pakistan has dedicated a holiday honoring her courage to fight the taliban by focusing on what they fear most, education. >> we will be back after a brogue -- quick break.
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>> and we will be paying a visit to the bundesliga's training camps. >> in 71 days the polls will open in germany's and election. >> we have been looking at the economy and family policies. >> and today we are focusing on the candidates, angela merkel and her challenger. ♪ >> she is germany's most popular politician. after eight years in office, angela merkel's position look stronger than ever. for many she can do no wrong. and this is the man who wants to unseat her,.
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he served as her finance minister in a grand coalition in till 2009. >> we will have to see what kind of chancellor he will make. he is a smart man. >> but is he intelligent enough to deferred -- defeat merkel? >> merkel comes across as very competent. a problem solver on a european level. that is good. >> from the eurozone to devastating floods, merkel has attracted praise for her skills and even out of her comfort zone on representational duty. she has been able to cut a better figure and racer popularity as a result. -- raise her popularity as a result. for peer steinbrueck, he is
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against merkel and himself. steinbrueck sometimes comes across as blind, arrogant, and unlikable. his social credentials have been dented by his big earnings from speaking engagements. supporters have been shaky within his own social democratic party, questioning whether he can fulfill voter expectations. >> the image depends on a number of factors. trustworthiness, leadership, expertise, and whether voters like them on a personal level. >> bad news for steinbrueck. he polls badly on all four points. most people want to see angela merkel reelected. >> ms. merkel enjoys a positive image along the -- with a lot of people. that makes it difficult for any challenger. be it steinbrueck or anybody
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else. >> her popularity has allowed her to break with her party's conservative mold, and the compulsory military service, pushing for same-sex marriage, shutting down nuclear reactors and plans for a minimum wage. steinbrueck has to appeal to the left without alienating the center ground, difficult but not impossible. he will have to play to his strengths during the campaign to have a chance of defeating merkel in september. >> irish lawmakers have passed a new law that will allow abortion when the life of the mother is at risk. >> this caused very intense debate in the catholic country. ireland has banned abortions for any reasons but discussion on the issue reopened last year after the death of a woman who was turned down for an abortion.
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>> celebrations erupted in the middle of the night. pro-choice activists celebrating the legalization of abortion in exceptional cases. ireland allows that if there is a threat to the mother's life or if she is at a risk of committing suicide. the debate in parliament lasted two days and voting took seconds. the result, a comfortable majority. >> the bill is passed. >> abortion divides the catholic country. in a survey this month, 40% said abortion should be legalized with the same number of respondents opposed. >> we are here to protest for the lives of women, that their value is equal to human beings.
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>> it would be better for the ministers to think, how can we save two lives? this woman and the baby? >> support for the camp soared after the death of an indian dentist in a hospital last october. she was denied an abortion as she miscarried in her 17th week of pregnancy. but the debate is not over yet. the legislation is too limited. terminations in cases of rape and r&d we go. her life campaigners -- and incest are illegal. >> inmates have escaped after a riot that that left five people dead. the revolt started when prisoners set fire to their cells in protest over conditions in the jail. reporters say 2600 inmates are in the facility, which is designed to accommodate 500.
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police blame a lack of water and electricity. >> taiwan has evacuated thousands of people as a braces for a major typhoon. it is expected to come ashore at this hour. some 8000 people have had to evacuate their homes. officials are warning of landslides. schools and public offices have been shut as the first big storm moves in. >> on to friday, and while shares in london and paris struggled at the end of the week, frankfurt were able to build on their games and finish with a flourish. a reporter sent us this summary from the stock exchange. >> traders and investors are upbeat because ben bernanke spoke to his low interest-rate policy and that is is positive for shares as well here in germany.
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one chair which was outstanding during the afternoon session was dying there, adding six percent -- was dailmer. adding six percent. that was better than expected. mainly due to the fact the company sold its stake in eads. if you look at the details, it is not going that strong. sales are down compared to the last quarter. and trucks do not go that well. but investors were not interested. the numbers were very good. shares road to a two-year high. >> we can stay for a closer look on the dax. up 8000 212. the euro stoxx 50 giving up ground into the weekend, in new york right now, the dow is down by a quarter of one percent. the euro is weaker against the greenback.
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>> there is less than a month to go before the new german bundesliga season begins and the 18 top-flight soccer clubs have already started their training. 13 of them are doing it in austria. >> other teams are preparing their as well. we look at what makes the alpine republic so appealing. >> it is a view to die for but the clubs are not here to take in the scenery. they are here to get into shape for the season. among them, this new coach. he says the decision to come for training was easy. >> take a look around. we have good weather, a
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wonderful hotel, and a team that is giving 100%. it does not get any better. >> the training facilities are next to the hotel, offering maximum convenience. >> there are strong reasons to come here from a sports medicine point of view. the environment is fantastic. the air is clean. the hotels are perfect for regenerating. players can deal with the tough demands placed on them. it is the whole package on offer that makes clubs choose austria. >> just on the road, hamburg is making preparations for the upcoming season. the captain and his team are playing a friendly against a side from the austrian second division. hamburg have been coming here three years. >> austria has everything we need, it is easy to find
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opponents for friend elise and it is not a long journey to get here. those are the reasons a lot of bundesliga clubs come to -- choose to come here. >> 500 fans have traveled with the team, organized by the club itself. for the supporters, a chance to get up close to the players. they also have brought fans with them. they have to pay for their trip to austria. unlike the clubs. >> we have an advertising partnership. we have billboards in their stadium advertising the region. it is a whole package which includes them coming to train in the area. >> that is another reason why clubs choose austria as they look to scale new heights in the bundesliga. >> this one item of cycling
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news, mark cavendish has won the 13th stage of the tour de france. >> he turned on the power boosters to edge out the slovakian on the sprint to the finish. this is his second stage victory. and the 25th of his career. a fellow brit again managed to hold onto the leader's yellow jersey. >> will russia grant edward snowden asylum? we are following that story. more at the top of the hour. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> setting church against state dealeland, politicians with a permanently catholic country. landmark abortion debate widens. this is a "inside story." >> hello and welcome. after decades of delay and


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