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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 13, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> fighting on two fronts -- rebels triedrian to hold on to a city but also turn their guns on each other. hello and welcome. latestdelhi with the world news on al jazeera. also on this program, tens of thousands flee raids on their villages in the aquatic republic of congo. a powerful typhoon hits taiwan, forcing thousands of people into shelters. dreamliner. for the
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boeing's jet brings a major london airport to a standstill. but first, the free syrian army calling for what it calls justice after one of its commanders was killed. he was gunned down by fighting linked to al qaeda. rebel leaders are threatening to retaliate if the man who did it is not handed over. >> we want to avoid war with al qaeda, but we demand justice for our commander and that all foreigners leave our country. otherwise, there will be an escalation, which we cannot
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announce the details up. >> as i mentioned before, the free syrian army is calling for justice after that killing. shot dead at was the checkpoint, and rebel leaders are demanding that al qaeda handover the man responsible. of therepresentative syrian national coalition says the foreign fighters in syria must be confronted. >> we ask, since to some of the regime and not to make war , nonserious other warriors andrian
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fighters declare war against us. >> the united nations humanitarian chief is appealing for access to the serious and city of homs -- syrian city of homs. medical supplies are running out. government forces have also attacked rebel aces just outside of capital damascus. schelling has increased in recent weeks. we are monitoring developments from neighboring turkey. first of all, give us more on the situation in homs. activistsccording to that we are in touch with, they say there is heavy bombardment as well as multiple rocket launchers used by government forces targeting different paths
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of the town of homs. the bombardment is focusing on a single district as well as the outskirts of the town. we also understand that there are unesco sites being damaged as well as an ancient muslim mosque being caught in the fire. as you mentioned, there are people trapped inside. it is described as a very dire humanitarian condition. >> also, the free syrian army is calling for justice after one of its commanders was killed at a check point. what has the reaction been to that. of condemnation. we have been speaking to the syrian national coalition as well as the free agree army, both of which
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, theyhe act of al qaeda should put the person forward or face repercussions. a spokesperson did mention they are facing a dilemma. on the one hand, they do not want to confront al qaeda and wage war against it because this will shift the focus from fighting government or sis. there will be internal serious rebel fighting -- internal syrian rebel fighting, so this would only help the regime. on the other hand, the spokesperson i spoke to said this is a very critical situation and very sensitive, and they would not like to discuss it with the media, so i think some sort of arrangement will be taking place in the next hours or the coming days to put an end to what the commander called the forces who are out of control. >> lastly, is it possible to estimate what the shrink --
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strength of al qaeda is in serious -- syria? it is, because al qaeda .s powerful inside syria officials saying that those leaders went from iraq to establish their rule inside .yria both groups are powerful. now, when you speak to the fsa commanders and rebel group commanders, they say they are not only trying to confiscate the battle against the regime, but they want to implement their own religious ideology in the areas that they control, so the wings may really go bad for the rebels and perhaps the entire revolution if a confrontation
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will not take place among those fighters. >> thank you. at least 33 people have been killed in northern iraq after a bomb went off at a coffee shop and cure cook as muslims were breaking their past. it is not known who did it. has killed athoon least one person in taiwan and caused widespread damage across the island. the storm is headed towards eastern china. have the latest from hong kong. >> the typhoon had wind speeds of 230 kilometers an hour at its peak and stretched from japan to the philippines. taiwan, directly in its path, bore the brunt of the extreme weather. seen such a strong typhoon since i moved here 40 years ago. >> the homes of more than 8500 people were evacuated, most from
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the south, as the center of the storm passed across the capital taipei in the north. their, a patrolling policeman was killed and dozens more injured by flying debris. >> we found a lot of fallen trees and debris on the street. we are trying to clear the debris as soon as we can. >> more than 100 shelters were set to accommodate the evacuees, the soldiers, and emergency crews working to contain the damage and restore power to more than 520,000 homes. the damages build expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars with crops destroyed and businesses flooded. >> in france, investigators are looking for the point failure as they try to find out why a train carrying almost four and 2000 people crashed in the south of paris. at least six people died. many more were hurt.
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>> the death toll is provisional because we are waiting for a very strong crane coming from the north of france and which is very difficult to install. we have not found any of the solutions. you cannot exclude for the moment the possibility of more victims, even though we hope that is not the case. airlines crash in san francisco has claimed another life. a chinese girl died in hospital a week after the accident. two chinese girls died at the scene. .80 people were injured ethiopian airline says it will continue to operate its fleet of fire broke after a out on one of the jets at heathrow. the runways were temporarily closed that the busiest international airport in the world after fire began aboard the plane operated by ethiopian airlines. just backew model is
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in operation after being grounded for three months because problems with its batteries that kept catching fire. an independent aviation analyst gave us a sense of what might have caused the fire this time. >> we saw the grounding of the dreamliner fleet for three months, from the beginning of the year, because of the battery issue. now we have this fire on this ethiopian airlines jet. we do not know the cause yet, but it does appear at the moment to be related to the electrical system. again, once we investigate it and are given more information, we will be able to absolutely -- absolutely fix on a possible cause for the fire yesterday. >> police in indonesia are searching for hundreds of prisoners who escaped after a jail right. security forces have you taken control of the prison after five people died. protests began with the prison water supply was cut off.
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>> and emergency repair and cleanup operation is being conducted, but the situation has returned to normal somewhat as convicts return to their cells and locked up as a friday night, but the prison officials told us that there are still some difficulty trying to identify who exactly remains, and that's because the fire that was started during the riots damage mostly office building where prisoner records were kept. there is still a large operation going on trying to be captured escaped convict. military and police personnel are conducting roadblocks, stopping buses, checking identity cards of passengers, conducting searches in nearby port areas to make sure escaped convicts are not able to lead by sea. some of the men who are still on the run are people who were convicted of terror offenses. one of the more high-profile been ina man who has
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and out of prison three times for robbing banks, and he is also known to link to the old network responsible for a series of bombings on christmas eve in the year 2000. security analysts described him as a smart, crafty individual who knows how to use firearms. recapturing him and the other escaped convicts will be the top priority for indonesian security officials. >> crowds are building again in egypt's capital cairo. supporters of deposed president morsi continue to demand his release. muslim brotherhood leaders call for rallies across the country to coincide with the swearing-in in of a new cabinet. we have support now from our special correspondent, who we are not naming for safety reasons. >> the removal of mohamed morsi by the military seems to have done nothing to lessen the country's and. on the first friday of ramadan,
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muslim brotherhood supporters poured onto the streets to show their anger at the military and their support for the deposed president. theas a big valley despite hunger of fasting and the heat of summer. they want morsi released from detention and reinstated. states shared the first of those wishes, though it stopped short of any serious criticism of egypt's new rulers. for andntinue to call for thenue to convey fair treatment and the good treatment of those who are detained and continue to express the concerns that have been expressed a couple of times. a statement made by the german foreign minister today -- they called for the release of mohamed morsi. do you concur?
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>> we do agree. >> you do agree that he must be released? >> the crucible of the revolution on friday, morsi's exit has satisfied the demands of any, but there was anger at what they see in u.s. meddling. unacceptable at the united states wants to control us. the people have the final word. nobody needs to tell us where our interest lies. we know better. whether muslim or christian, we are all united. what the army did is on behalf of the people. it was not a coup. >> we hope, we dream that we will not see anyone from the muslim brotherhood in egyptian politics. they are a religious group. religion and politics should not be mixed. >> such a raw schism in religious society would be a huge challenge.
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the army, popular with protesters at the moment, will not remain so if fitness handles missed handles power or out stays its welcome. the muslim brotherhood, the wounded, is clearly still a force to be reckoned with. >> still to come, monsoon rains continue to claim lives and devastate communities across northern india. and charcoal trading may be banned by the united nations, but it is a booming business in somalia. the top stories on al jazeera -- the free syrian army is demanding al qaeda hand over the man it blames for killing their commanders. he was shot dead on wednesday. a powerful typhoon has killed one person and injured dozens more after making landfall in taiwan. the weakening storm is now
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heading towards east china. authorities there are expect in a storm surge along the coast. in indonesia, police are searching for hundreds of prisoners who escaped after a jail riot. five people died in the violence. security forces have retaken control of the prison. in bhutan, polls have closed, and voters are choosing a new government. it's only the second time the small himalayan kingdom has held an election. it became a constitutional monarchy in 2008 after the king relinquished his powers. the ruling party is expected to return to power with a small majority. monsoon rains have devastated northern india. hundreds of people have died. thousands have lost their homes and floods and landslides. we have this report. >> along the river banks, water are held. they were lost when the dam suddenly broke. with two months to go in monsoon
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season, people are worried they will lose what is left. >> we are still living here. the government has issued a warning. they say the rest of the house might fall, two. >> neighbors are helping out. everyone is in this together. the houses on the other side of the river have been cut off after all the bridges were swept away. people have been sending food and baskets -- in baskets. the school across the river has water flowing through it. >> we are going to try to make a temporary school so that children will not lose out. it will take a year to rebuild. >> the government has to provide. they are not doing enough. we are also fighting nature and trying to restore the balance.
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this man from a neighboring village has been frantically trying to locate his brother. >> he was working in the canteen. he said he was coming home soon, but you never came back. i went searching for him. there were many more bodies, but not his. desire a strong reminder of how forceful nature can be, and this is just the beginning of a trail of destruction destruction caused by this angry river. father upstream, thousands of villagers are still stranded because of broken roads like this, and unless the rains decide to calm down, they still have a long way before help comes their way. >> the pakistani girl who survived being shot at the telegram has called for all children to be educated. a impassioned speech before the united nations
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campaigning for education for children and equal access for women. >> a global struggle against poverty and terrorism. let us speak up. speak up. our books and our pens -- they are our most powerful weapons. one child, one teacher, one book , and one pen can change the world. education is the only solution. education first. >> and delivered on her 16th a. well, the united nations believe peoplelala is inspiring around the world, so it is giving an award and her name. the first recipient is another remarkable teenager, this time from india. >> only 15 and already helping to get child laborers out of
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work and into school, just like many other girls in her village in northern india. she used to work herself, from the age of four, stitching footballs. a nongovernmental organization rescued her and helped her into school, where she went on to become a youth leader. >> i tried to solve the problems of the schools and the children. i helped students who were working as laborers to go to school. >> she has traveled to other arts of india and abroad to try to help reduce illiteracy. and variouso nepal other places as well. she conducted a door-to-door campaign to spread awareness about education among children and their parents. >> it's that body of work that got her the first united nations malala award. >> we did not even know how important the award is. we are so proud. i cannot express my happiness in words. >> in india, more than one million children under the age of 14 work.
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many in factories, quarries, and minds. --ording to the internet international labor organization, more than 250 million children around the world have to earn a living. more than half of those around 150 million have jobs that are hazardous, defined as dangerous or in unhealthy conditions. while the overall number of children deployed globally is increasing, there are more 15 to 17-year-olds working than ever before. more than 129 million. 's story is an inspiration for many children. she continues to push for re- schooling, despite being shot by the taliban and pakistan for campaigning. there are many girls out there adding their voices to a growing chorus for children demanding their right to learn. authorities in southern china have scrapped plans to build a uranium processing plant after hundreds of local residents took to the streets in protest worried the plant poses a risk
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to safety. china's government is spending billions of dollars in reducing its reliance on coal and boosting clean energy. a child is died and eight others are missing after a boat carrying asylum seekers capsized off the size of australia. it was carrying 97 migrants from iran, afghanistan, and sri lanka. they were arrested after a caller alerted authorities the boat was in trouble. charcoal from somalia is banned by the united nations and u.s. government, but trade is booming. there is demand soaring in countries like saudi arabia and the uae. we have this report on how merchants are illegally benefiting from the destruction of somalia's forest. black gold.omalia's in this port city, there are million charcoal works.
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they've been getting bigger as supplies arrive almost daily. >> charcoal supports millions of people. those who burn it, those who transported who otherwise would not have anything to do, but the trees are god-given. >> charcoal is one of somalia's biggest exports. the cutting of trees for charcoal has become a free for all. it gets more and more lucrative. land for grazing is disappearing fast. he has a children and has been making charcoal for more than 28 years. to do that, he digs up trees and
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there is the wood before setting it on fire. >> there are few opportunities here. everyone is looking for a way to survive. charcoal is the only way i can feed my family. >> the united nations band charcoal exports from somalia to cut off funding for our shabbat fighters. it is a money source that is yet to be interrupted. they take a dollar from every sack of charcoal. in total, they get $440 per vehicle. >> we found evidence that charcoal is still shipped out. the local governments here have launched an international campaign for the temporary lifting of the ban. it wants to be able to legally ofort the current stockpiles
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charcoal with the reasoning that it is too late to save the trees that have already been cut down. >> one of the most widely traveled dinosaurs in the world .as settled in mongolia it is like coming home, as it is where he died 70 million years ago. our reporter is slightly younger. at tyrannosaurus. in the hands of smugglers, his travels took him from the gobi desert to the united states. he was about to be auctioned off for $1 million, and the mongolian government stepped in to reclaim and national treasure. long much-ar- publicized legal battle, he came home to a hero's welcome. the speeches have only been found in a single rock formation
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within mongolia, but along with other fossils, they frequently come up for sale in the united aids. >> mongolia has been criticized for not -- that the government did not do anything while smuggling was going on. >> mongolian law makes all fossils found within its borders mongolian property, but there are few mechanisms in place to stop smuggling. it's only now that the government is setting up new legislation to protect heritage areas. mongolia arein very rare and preserved. true results, measurements, and facts, which is very important for research. >> currently, just one museum in mongolia displays dinosaur
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fossils, but the culture of ministry says the natural history museum is old and could collapse. the exhibits are being packed up . home ford a permanent the renaissance, it was a case of out with the old and in with the older. his new home will be in this building, a relic from mongolia's communist past. it will be the country's first museum dedicated to dinosaurs. >> when he moves to his new home in september, he can also look forward to the company of other well-traveled fossils. as part of the u.s. federal case that brought him back, 33 fossils are on their way back along with large dinosaurs from exhibitions in europe and japan.
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