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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 13, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello, a warm welcome to "the journal" on dw. these are the headlines this hour. the united states increases pressure on russia as edward snowden says he wants temporary asylum there. officials blame the devastating train crash on the needs for an urgent upgrade. in running of the bulls
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pamplona. accusednited states has russia of giving edward snowden a pop -- a platform after he made his first media appearance in three weeks. he is still stranded at the moscow airport he fled to a in hong kong after showing that he thethe man who revealed present program -- and has asked for asylum in russia until he can ask for asylum in central america. >> edward snowden said he would apply for temporary asylum in russia but officials have not received an application. the united states is wanting him to face prosecution at home. >> providing a propaganda platform runs counter to the declarations of the russian
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government, of neutrality. they have no control over his presence in the airport. this is incompatible with assurances that russia does not want mr. snowden to further damage u.s. interests. >> a kremlin spokesman said that barack obama has spoken about average snowden over the telephone but did not disclose any details. this case is not likely to improve u.s.-russian relations, which is strained over human rights issues. the russian government has not been in contact with edward snowden. >> under russian law, there is a specific procedure for political asylum. the first is a request to the federal migration service. >> there is no telling how long had been snowden will remain in russia.
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applied forad temporary asylum, and he said that many south american countries have offered him asylum. >> opposition parties have slammed the foreign minister for not getting information on the federal spot -- federal spying plan. defended u.s. monitoring, which he said prevented dozens of attacks worldwide. but many germans are outraged over reports that the u.s.'s spying on their allies. describing the visit as an overall success with tangible results. but back home the uproar continues. aher leaders say that this is disaster. >> this was transatlantic
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submission. >> we need a government that attacks the fundamental rights from the u.s. secret service. >> of the left party of germany had harsher criticism. >> this was not about clearing things up. the government wants to obtain even more information. they say this is political in nature. >> this is completely senseless criticism. i made it clear to the americans how important privacy protection is in germany. they agreed to confidentiality agreements connected to their prison program. >> this is not enough for the opposition social democrats. they want a binding agreement to protect the fundamental rights
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of german citizens. syrianbattle between rebels and government forces continues as the red cross has called for a halt in fighting to bring life-saving support for those trapped in homs. there was shelling at the start of the weekend. 93,000 people have been killed since march 2011 according to the united nations. provincees in guandong have it scrapped a plan to build complex,, -- uranium this was after protests against the broader efforts to boost the use of clean energy. aremany in china increasingly wary of nuclear energy as a viable alternative.
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onyphoon has made landfall the eastern coast of china. trains and flights have been canceled in the affected areas. in lower areas are forced to relocate. this swept over taiwan were this killed at least one person, and injured dozens. this of rooted trees and ripped the roofs off of buildings. sncs say a operator faulty switch is likely to cause of the train crash on friday. six people are dead and five people are fighting for their lives, on the run-up to the sunday celebrations. they are still searching the wreckage for victims. heldmoment of silence was across france for victims of
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this train disaster. this is the city that they were going for. rescue teams have been searching for people who may still be trapped in the wreckage. >> for the moment we cannot exclude the possibility that there are more victims, but we hope that this is not the case. >> the national rail company believes a faulty switch may have been the cause of the accident. the train derailed 200 meters from bretigny-sur-orge and broke in two. many people were trapped for hours before being rescued. >> the train started to shake and i saw the car in front topple over. >> the window next to me shattered and there was glass everywhere. >> the driver reacted swiftly, sending an emergency alert after
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the derailment. this halted all traffic in the area to prevent a collision with another train coming the other way. >> in russia, 18 people were killed after a truck crashed froma buzz about 35 miles the capital. dozens were injured and many were in grave condition. more than 200 rescue workers were called to the crash site. a preliminary investigation revealed that the driver was at fault. delivered ahutan the to the people's party, second election since the small democracy ife a you eat -- five years ago. experts say that this is a
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rebuke of corruption and deteriorating ties with neighboring countries. openedhas only recently to the world and have their own unique method of measuring progress. thinkple in bhutan differently. happiness is more than an emotion. they are the only country with a gross national happiness index. her business may be called the happiness shop, but she calls the contest -- context of happiness, hard to define. >> i am so sorry. i do not know what to say. i have called my daughter? >> this is in the southern
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himalayas between china and india. the landscape is beautiful. about 700,000 people live here, the way of life foster's mutual respect. >> we have a lot of these culture andth our religious upbringing. >> democracy is still in the early stages -- and the first elections took place in 2008. people still adapt to the new system and politicians do not associate change with unhappiness. >> this does not mean we are unhappy, we need change because we need to see that the youth are given a lot of opportunities. >> it is hoped that these opportunities will reduce poverty. many people survive on the equivalent of one or two euros
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per day. the running of, the bulls has left 23 injured. today, people were trampled as they tried to flee the bulls. of thelatest running bulls ended in chaos. people were trapped in the bullw entrance to the ring. wo dozen people were injured. >> one person is in critical condition, suffering from chest trauma, and is under mechanical ventilation which is required. >> of the running of the polls as a longstanding tradition,
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part of the festival that has attracted criticism because of the high number of casualties and the way that the bulls are treated. theycling and -- has won 14th stage of the tour de france, the first win for an italian. it went back into the hills, a 191 kilometer track. his firstrentin win as a professional. julian semoir attacked, and would have been the first frenchman to win on this year's tour. with two kilometers left,
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trentin's team passed him. in the overall standings, chris prim mantains a lead. -- to the testt during the mountain stage. >> i am expecting a big gain. >> the french public would like to celebrate a frenchman winning on bastille thaday. market -- soccer market [inaudible] [no audio]
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ch --nk swit [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] >> today, a fantastic player who is one of the great hopes of spanish football arrived at real madrid. >> he wanted to be part of the club. a great challenge begins with him. >> real madrid is poised to
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rival barcelona once again. >> we have more on our website. we will be back with more news at the top of the hour. stay with us. >> he is getting his bikers ready for the journey ahead. he chooses a flag bearer. >> i am busy setting up my camera, turning biker for a week for a trip from russia to theany, and a journey into history of both countries. the tour starts in st. petersburg. in the mother of god cathedral
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downtown. >> with members of his congregation, the russian orthodox priest is planning to visit the resting place of soldiers killed or wounded in action. this woman wants to know what happens to her great uncle. he was last heard of in germany. he says he is frequently confronted with tales of suffering and ill fortune. >> people, the most incredible war stories. when i look in their faces i can feel the great burden of responsibility that i carry.
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>> for now, the priest is responsible for the 40 people who will accompany him to germany. part of them are bikers and the other half are members of his congregation, men and women. packedgage is so tightly he wonders if they will find anything. >> he expects to reach the border on time if they set off at 10:00, but this is a long trip and you never know. >> i hope that the weather is great. i have never been to europe, this is exciting. >> this will be fine. thee is surprised by goodbye -- and says that they will see each other again. the sound of their departure is hard to ignore. st. petersburg, 300 kilometers
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before we reach the border of finland. he rides at the head of the convoy. five hours later we reached helsinki. allweather is great and we enjoyed the baltic sea air. the way to germany we have 24 hours to get to know each other better. be bikers,they may but they want to do something meaningful and not just drive around. our grandfathers' drove tanks and we are riding motorcycles. but he said his grandfather was in a german concentration camp, is for him.s trip
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they invite me to join them for supper in their cabin. >> every ship has an official dining room and this is where the party is that. >> many of the bikers are travelling to germany for personal reasons. memories of world war ii are still alive in most families. >> i was an only child, he tells us. my father was a young man when he fought in the war. his worst experience was after a german tank attack. my father survived on -- unlike his comrades. he had to crawl over their dead bodies. germany was the last resting face -- last resting place for
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his comrades. we are driving forward to commemorate the soldiers who fell in the war. i want to say that we have not forgotten you. >> of the arrival on german soil. 66 years after the end of world war ii two. -- world war ii. this will take us to southern germany. on the itinerary -- meetings with the people who lived through those times. hamburg, stop is in the largest cemetery with massive war graves. >> let's go. >> i am amazed. the russians have a german
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memorial site first, for the air raid victims killed in hamburg in 1943. 40,000 germans are buried here. germans were not waging war. the germans in this grave were victims, themselves and not responsible for the war crimes of hitler's armies. there were people who were butchered, and as a christian you should not replay evil -- repay evil with evil. i am touched by the german gesture, with figures from greek mythology. symbolizes the helplessness of the civilian victims.
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>> i find the prayer for the dead deeply moving. i feel the sincerity of the russian christians in their mourning for german more victims. after the group photograph, we move on to the russian war graves. the biker is once more -- once more transformed -- into the father and in the russian part
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of the cemetery he will pray for the victims of warfare. [indiscernible] almost 400 soviet citizens are buried here, and they were called traitors during the stalin regime. [indiscernible] >> the prayer is for those who were victims of the nazis and of soviet propaganda. it was the germans who brought them here and it is the germans
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to look after this from today. we are doing what our fellow germans have neglected to do, fulfilling an honorable mention by defending the fallen -- who abandoned by our homeland. >> over the next few days we traveled down country roads and highways, spending the night here or setting up of art -- our own camps. they oncelages that marched through. we were here at the site of one world worst crimes in history, the site of a nazi concentration camp.
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>> we visit what is left of the machinery of mass murder. laundry.dubbed the inmates were forced to unaddressed before being sent to the crematorium next door. 85,000 innocent people were detained here, most were poles or russians. >> i feel personal obligation to mymemorate the victims -- companions who accompanied me will take their impressions with them. >> he says we should never let
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the freedom -- let the memory of the war fade. and it is important for those who did not experience the war to come here, and experience that changes us. >> i am thinking of my grandfather, taken to a concentration camp as a child. how could they do that to him. >> they started back on their long journey back home. [indiscernible]
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