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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 14, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> commanders of the free syrian army discuss their next move as the threat grows of war between rebel factions. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, -- >> we find george a moment not guilty. >> the florida man who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager is cleared of all charges. >> i think it is outrageous. >> in some parts of the u.s., it brings a furious reaction.
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hundreds of thousands forced from their homes as a storm sweeps through southern china. the regionale of high speed messaging services. india, it has stopped. of the freeze syrian army had told al jazeera they do not want an all-out war with rival rebel fighters. i have been battling a group linked to al qaeda for control of a key checkpoint in syria's largest city. the same group is blamed for a officers to of days ago. we have this report from inside syria. >> the fsa say they have received death threats from the al qaeda serial bridge. the two side to disagree over leadership and ideologies in
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their battle against assad's forces. the general of the supreme council says he wants to prevent open warfare between the two sides. >> who do not consider a car that our enemies. it is their business if they consider as their enemy. we condemn the action and are able to retaliate. >> the command appears unsure on how to deal with the latest threat. it is clear they are in a difficult position. the stress they want to avoid internal fighting because it would weaken them in their fight against the regime. not declared war on the al qaeda-linked group yet. some believe those groups have started to work to weaken the effort s-- the fsa. some commanders do not want to stand aside while groups under
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the al qaeda umbrella gain strength. islamic state fighters tried to storm their people close to the border with turkey. >> we are expecting to do anything. beards.e under they are collaborating with the regime and have made it clear they want to target fsa commanders. we need to take action. >> islamic state of iraq told us they're working to cleanse the fsa of regime supporters and those they say are cooperating with the west. on thentrolled territory border with turkey. the fsa say they're keeping a close watch on their activities. >> they help us fight the regime. make syriat to another afghanistan, we will take necessary measures. command say they do
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not want war, but they have already lost men and territories to the islamic state in at least five incidents in the last week alone. reports intting egyptian investigators have begun questioning the deposed president mohamed morsi. prosecutors are looking into , attackingof spying military barracks, and damaging the economy. his supporters of gathered saying they will continue protesting until he is reinstated. a former egyptian ambassador to the u.s. has accepted the post of interim foreign minister. he will serve in the army-backed government. a homemade bomb has wounded four policeman outside a shiia village west of the capital. a local newspaper says the
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explosive device was detonated remotely. the american man who shot and killed the unarmed black teenager trayvon martin has been found not guilty. ofrge zimmerman was accused murdering the 17-year old in florida last year. the case led to widespread protests and prompted a debate over race and self-defense laws. florida versus george zimmerman. the verdict, we find george zimmerman not guilty. hours deliberating, the jury cleared george zimmerman of murdering an unarmed what teenager. zimmerman was a neighborhood watch coordinator who have been accused of acting like a one to the -- want to be cop. trayvon martin was walking through the neighborhood when he
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was shot. zimmermann said he was acting in self-defense when martin attack him. it was another 44 days before he was arrested. florida has a standard grown law that gives people wide latitude on the use of deadly force if they feel threatened. >> this case has never been to bearce nor the right arms. not in the sense approving this is a criminal case. but trayvon martin was profiled. there is no doubt he was profiled to be a criminal. if race was one of the aspects , weeorge zimmerman's mind believe we put out of proof to show zimmermann did profile trayvon martin. >> we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self- defense. i am glad the jury saw it that way.
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i hope those who doubted his reasons and background now understand the jury knew was enough to find him not guilty. >> as the verdict came through on saturday evening, there were angry shouts from protesters outside the courtroom. in the united states, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime compared to one in every 106 white men, according to the bureau of justice. parentson martin's likely know, across the country, homicide is the leading cause of death of young black men. the odds were stacked against a son. their sun. >> a tropical storm has hit the east coast of china force in half a million people out of the homes. in the central region, rescue workers are still trying to reach those trapped by the worst floods in 50 years.
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>> winds of 118 kilometers an hour generated 10 meter waves and a spectacular display for the locals played enough to witness the typhoon hit the east coast of china -- brave enough to witness the typhoon hit the east coast of china. >> and do not think it will reach me but i can feel the spray from the waves. >> authorities were taking no chances evacuate in 500,000 people ahead of the storm including thousands of fishing boats. dozens of high-speed train services have been suspended and flights canceled stranding passengers at terminals as far away as shanghai. the storm worked its way inland bringing torrential rains and flash flooding and causing widespread damage to vehicles and buildings. more than 5000 soldiers and emergency workers help with the evacuations rescuing villages stranded and roads cut off by falling debris.
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two people died in the typhoon in taiwan. more than 100 more were injured before it reached china late saturday leaving 520,000 homes without power. china has been besieged by extreme weather. in the southwest, rescue workers are still trying to reach people trapped by storms that have killed more than 80 people. flooding is said to be the worst with more than 200,000 people forced to evacuate for now in taiwan, the cleanup has begun. opposition 132 out of 47 assembly seats facing its campaign on strengthening the economy and improving relations with india.
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is live in the capital of bhutan. this is a tiny place, very few people. surrounded by countries with enormous world power. presumably both wanted to get some kind of influence in bhutan. how does this change with the new party in power? >> you are right. major countries to the south and north, in the and china, both wanting to have some influence .ver bhutan it has to be said bhutan's allegiances have always been closely linked to india. india supports a great deal of in economy by investing hydroelectric power, road building, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. the relationship has always been very strong.
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thehe previous parliament, bone of contention was a u.n. meeting in rio de janeiro. bhutanese prime minister met the chinese prime minister. that rattled india and a lot of people in bhutan. it was picked up by the opposition as to what the particular position was of bhutan and its relationship with china and india. ofrecent days, subsidies kerosene, andnd, subsidies for electricity have been removed raising prices and ifding bhutanese to wonder they have been punished for preliminarily talking to china.
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they got twice as many seats as the outgoing party. they have little experience in government. the country could be in for big changes. >> yes. they performed their election campaign on the word change. we have heard it across many campaigns since barack obama won his first term. change does seem to be the word even here. the incoming people's democratic party is a very young party. most are in their 30's to early 50's. most have no ministerial experience. vibrant, a newg, who wantn of bhutanese to make a difference and say we can make a difference.
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the difference between this party and the income and government was they had been ministers who have been loyal to politicians as all are in this country. they have served a monarchy. in the first election, people felt it was safer to go with the devil you know. they have five years of a party that gave them growth, electricity, good communication. now they wanted a change. the economy is on the downturn. there is a current with the local currency. drive to build the manufacturing center the only contributes 10% of the gdp to make bhutan were self- sustaining. reporting fromr the capital of bhutan. stories on al jazeera.
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fighting continues in syria between the three syrian army and a rival al qaeda affiliated groups. fighters from the islamic state of iraq in syria shot commander two days ago. egyptian investigators have begun questioning mohamed morsi. supporters of gathered for another day of protests. the former egyptian ambassador to the u.s. will be the new foreign minister. the american man who shot and killed trayvon martin last year has been found not guilty. the jury in florida cleared george zimmerman of murder and manslaughter charges. zimmerman says it was an act of self-defense. confirmation from the united nations that seven of its soldiers killed by gunmen in western sudan were from
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tanzania. 17 troops on the peacekeeping mission were injured making this the worst attacks since the deployment began six years ago. the u.n. has condemned the killings calling them a heinous attack. the peacekeeping team was north of the state capitol when they came under fire. peacekeepers on control earlier this year since the joint united nations and african union mission began six years ago, thousands of foreign soldiers have been stationed here with a mandate to protect civilians. in recent months, they have become targets themselves. the saturday incident happened in the southern section of darfur. it is thought that troops were transferring to another base when they were attacked with heavy machine guns and possibly grenades. coursesituation over the
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of this year has been problematic. we face new challenges particularly in the form of tribal clashes that have been going on. last week, we had a patrol ambushed. we had three peacekeepers injured. darfur, moreng to than 40 members have been killed in hostile action. their reaction has been to deploy as many as 150 patrols around the clock. >> we need to have a different .andate and way of operating it is necessary. that is worthy of their. >> the conflict has forced more than 1 million from their homes. this year, hundreds of thousands have fled the fighting. the u.n. says its peacekeeping presence is strong enough to fulfill its protective mandate. some rebel groups say they
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consider foreign troops to be legitimate targets, meaning this worst ever attack may not be an isolated incident. >> police and soldiers in zimbabwe have been voting ahead of presidential elections on july 31. they will be busy that day. on saturday, the election commission said they did not have enough money. the head of the commission says it has received less than 1/3 needed to hold elections. opposition parties in ethiopia are stepping up their push to scrap a controversial anti- terrorism law. they say it is flawed and aimed at silencing government critics. there are hundreds of political prisoners in jail, among them 10 journalists. we have this report. petition at the office of the opposition party headquarters. it is the call for the removal of an anti-terrorism law ratified in 2009.
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the party needs at least 1 million signatures to move to court. so far, 10,000 have signed. relatively young party staged a protest early this month against the same law and promised more protests. >> many of us have friends in with the anti-terrorism laws. someone has to lead to reverse course. we know that. we are scared but we have to do it. >> the law criminalizes publications likely to encourage terrorism allowing security agents to arrest and interrogation without a warrant and permits the prosecution to use indirect evidence and hear say in court. there are people who exposed
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terrorist ideas. we know. whoe are some oppositions still collaborate with other terrorists. >> in 2005, at least 200 were killed in anti-government protests. the opposition was so badly defeated in the 2010 election that the government easily won. today out of more than 500 members of parliament, only one is from the opposition. another one is independent. one of the old faces of the the government is infiltrating his party and intimidating members. tothe freedom is not there be able to see an inkling of democracy in this society. if you go out of town, it is worse. >> the new opposition may be fighting the same old in different ways. even they note it will take more than a campaign to make a
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significant mark in a field dominated by the ruling coalition. al jazeera in ethiopia. >> the amount of foreign money getting into iraq is at an all- time high. that is according to this year's u.n. world investment report. it is up 17% in six years despite factions that prevent foreign companies from doing business with iraq. some of it goes to the petrochemical industry. the service sector receiving a little more than 8%. one sector that has the potential to make iraq and foreign investors rich is foreign mining that now it's only 8%. we have more from central iraq. >> it is one of the hottest places on earth and potentially one of the most lucrative in central iran. it is here and giving the
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failing economy a boost. despite the fact iran has some of the largest mineral reserves in the world, 57 billion tons, the mining sector is still undeveloped. the government and private companies want to change that with foreign investment. mining industry accounts for up to 25% of the stock market. should investment in the industry develop and grow, it should help the stock market in iran. >> especially now as the oil industry is under international sanctions. exploration projects have grown, outgoingy under ahmadinejad's government, increasing sixfold. it is mainly china taking advantage. >> china has good ties with iran under sanctions.
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china has benefited the most, more than the european countries. if european countries have the same policy, they could benefit and invest. >> at the moment, iran does not export most of its iron because it does not have the refining capacity. iran economy is based on oil and gas revenue. more people are employed in the mining sector than in the petrochemical sector. getgovernment hopes to close to half a million people. this place holds more than dirt. without the means, digging up the profits is still a challenge. al jazeera in central iran. >> police in the united states are expanding their use of automatic license plate readers. as the technology becomes widespread, the controversy surrounding their use is growing. car in thewn a united states, chances are you
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are being watched from cameras on telephone poles to police cars. number plate readers are increasingly common. they capture more than 1000 images a minute and are used in 38 states. police officers say they are a valuable law-enforcement tool. >> while i am doing my job, this works in the background and is able to pick up things like stolen license plates or wanted people we may not always kept. >> they contain a database of vehicle registration plates from stolen cars and other vehicles involved in crimes. as an officer drives by a row of parked cars, it compares the plates with the database. ,f there is a much -- a match the officer is alerted and an investigation begins. a growing number of americans say the leaders are a dangerous tracking technology recording
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and storing the movement of millions of law-abiding motorists with little oversight. the american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit against the los angeles police department are doing is to disclose the information is accumulating. it appears the technology has the potential to be abused. >> when he had to amounts of information is collected and stored by the government, that gives the government power over us. we live in a democracy. we need legislation that put in place protections and limits on how these new technologies can be used. >> the aclu argues that has been little public debate about how long the images can be stored. this police officer says credit reports, driving records, and criminal histories are already available to law enforcement and these images are no different. >> it is used only for criminal
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investigations. it is not shared with anyone except another law enforcement agency that might have an investigation. it is safeguarded. >> there are safeguards regulated with little yonsistency, drawing fears the are just another piece of technology contributing to a surveillance society in the united states. al jazeera, washington. >> if you were to send a telegram about our next story, it might go something like this. --egraph service in interest india to be stopped, stop. >> the telegraph office has not been described in years. it to the announcement it was closing to bring customers rushing back. never sent a telegram. now she is sending out more than 100 messages to business clients and colleagues.
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this is going to be antique one day. >> all of this new business still will not be able to save the 160-year-old service. in its heyday in the 1980's, 600,000 telegrams were sent every day in india. today it is just 5000. the operator says the service has lost more than $230 million in the last six years. >> it is not commercially viable. the cost is high. the revenue is less. that is why we're closing in. >> the telegram was once used by people across the class divide to send news of births, deaths, and everything in between. but mobile phones have rendered the service obsolete. the telegram will go to the museum. >> technology is advancing.
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no one wants to wait and experienced life in slow motion. >> for him, the telegram has been his life. for more than 30 years, he has hand delivered messages across new delhi. >> i have a mobile phone. apart from making a call, i do not know how to do anything. how tol villagers know send a text message? the telegraph has always been there to deliver the most essential news. now the last telegraph will be sent in india putting the final inp to a remarkable period the country's history.
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