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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 14, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal." these are the headlines for you this hour. fury in the u.s. as the man who shot an unarmed black the major is cleared of all charges. the french president declares the molly offensive a victory during national celebrations in paris. but an a frenchman, englishman wins the bastille day stage of the tour de france protests have broken out
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in several cities across the u.s. after george zimmerman was found not guilty of murder. the former neighborhood watch shot an unarmed black teenager last year after saying he looked suspicious. the case opened up a huge case about racial profiling. >> anger and disappointment outside the florida court room after a verdict was announced. >> nationwide protest! >> i think it is outrageous. him and murdered him. >> jurors at a different point of view. they said george zimmerman acted within the law when he shot trayvon martin in february of last year. a stand your ground law which allows anyone to use
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force if they fear for their lives. >> we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself and self- defense. lawyers for the dead man's family say he could not have acted in self-defense since the teenager was unarmed. >> all of america has to dig deep in their heart to try to find out how we as a society can learn from this tragedy. has fueled an emotional response not only in stanford. in california, there were angry demonstrations. in washington, dozens of people took part in a peaceful protest rally. the wrong message to people in this country that a young black men are constantly being victims of violence. >> the case from today national debate about race relations. the zimmerman is now a free man,
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but discussion is certain to continue. >> we asked our washington correspondent why the zimmerman case struck such a nerve in the united states. >> we have to look at the circumstances. 17-year-old trayvon martin was a .lack, unarmed team -- teen he was tailed by zimmerman for just looking suspicious. the police in florida did not arrest him until 46 days after the killing. it appears about racism, at least that's what many think it was about. with why people kill african- americans. it's about the fact a white man can kill an african american unarmed boy just because he looks suspicious. it comes down to the question of what is value of a life of a young black man and the verdict has provoked deep feelings of anger, disappointment, for many afro-americans and civil rights
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activist in the u.s.. a obama is an afro american president, but it is still a big issue in america. has data thatden could do severe data to the u.s. but he doesn't intend to release it according to a guardian journalist who helped publish the intelligence leak last month. in an interview, he said snowden could do more to the u.s. in one minute than anyone else in history if he wanted to. he remains in the transit area of the moscow airport and says he has applied for asylum in russia. egypt has frozen the assets of leading members of the muslim brotherhood as investigators houstonestioning president mohamed morsi in relation to a number of accusations, including spying, inciting violence, and liberty
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-- deliberately damaging the economy. mama morsi was arrested on july 3 after being deposed by the army. angela merkel called for his immediate release and urged all parties to find a common path. meanwhile, more ministers have been promoted to the egyptian interim government. mom and the ouster of morsi, the interim government is on sunday, aarea reform advocate and former u.s. diplomat and peace laureate was sworn in as interim vice president. in a further appointment, egypt's ambassador who served in washington until 2008. supporters of morsi and the muslim brotherhood are refusing to accept his ouster by the military and have continued their protests. sworn in before
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an authority and not chosen by the people, an authority not recognized by the constitution by people or the entire world. it is illegitimate. >> a muslim brotherhood has called for more large-scale demonstrations on monday. >> we will be looking at france's bastille day in just a moment. but first some other news in brief area heavy rain swept eastern china on sunday after a typhoon was downgraded to a tropical depression and mood in land. residents of urban areas struggle to drain their flooded cellars. roads were inundated while dozens of the ledges were cut off a surging waters. syria government forces are continuing their assault. activists reported heavy fighting and released this unverified video said to have been shot on sunday.
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the un's is more than 25,000 people are trapped in the city and has appealed for their the redof movement. cross says as many as 60,000 congolese have fled to uganda after a rebel attack on a border town. the group said it needed urgent help to cope with the sudden influx. i have now recaptured the town three days after the attack. malian troops opened france's annual bastille day on sunday. the french president praise his country's achievements in the fight against islamic extremists in the west african nation. troops from 13 african nations marched together with the french military in honor of their role in the conflict. >> france's national bastille
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day celebrations are always an opulent this play of the country's power and strength that commemorate the french revolution of 1789. today, there were soldiers from molly among the thousands of troops marching down the champs- lyses. called thellande action in molly a victory against terrorism. he said his country was on the way to economic recovery. >> we can rest assured the second half of the year will be better than the first. i don't have to wait. i will prioritize investment. that is what the prime minister has announced. the decision will have an impact on france's teacher. conciliatory words in the face of record unemployment and an ailing economy. the country is in recession again and just lost the last of
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its major aaa ratings. consumer confidence is also at a record low and the government has announced this year's public at this it could go over target. amid these persistent economic woes, he is putting on a brave face and says his government will contain public spending, including cuts to the defense budget. maybe next year, there will be fewer jet taking part in the bastille day flyover. >> but change gears to sports and the tour de france and hope for a french win on bastille day chris frahm who defended his yellow jersey and won the top 15 states that took him to the top. there are -- it's a 242 kilometer stretch and one of the races most grueling challenges.
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the massiveued .ssent it all came down to the last monday kilometers in the final climb of the day. then, seven kilometers from the finish line, he made his move, passing a two-time tour winner and catching up to the colombian. with just over a kilometer to go, he put on the afterburners, crossing the finish line 30 minute -- ready seconds ahead of the next person. >> i'm trying to get more of a didn't see i really myself winning that stretch today. hean't believe it area >> leapt more than four minutes ahead of his closest rival. race a rest day, the
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continues on tuesday with another mountain stage. >> from a world record holder, his jamaican teammates have tested positive for banned stimulant. the news comes on the same day that an american sprint star revealed he had also failed a doping test. he did not identify the substance he said a sample and may had come back positive for and is still waiting on results from theas withdrawn athletic world championships in august. he won the world 100 meter time in 2007. to tennis and italy's he has beat the home crowd a red two when the mercedes cup in stuttgart. the italian bounced back to win the next two. it is the first title of his career.
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in german soccer, munich has agreed to buy a barcelona fielder 425 million euros. the 22-year-old will undergo a medical exam in munich in the next few days before signing a four-year contract. a spanish man has grabbed the moto gt championship after winning the german grand prix. they were sidelined by injuries but he did not miss a beat, securing his second win of the season. he finished second after pulling off this during passing maneuver. too much for the german who finished in fourth.
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toughest triathlon challenges in the world where 3000 athletes fought for first place in bavaria. he ruled the 180 kilometer bike race and crossed the finish line 12 minutes ahead of the competition. he came in third despite struggling with a flat tire. after a week's delay, the qualifying series for america's saw its first match race in san francisco bay. a dispute over design rules to read and to turn the regatta into a farce until injury stepped in to mediate. new zealand had
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a competitor to beat after sailing alone for days. the reason, the other teams had not when the race. italy boycotted the opening designn protest against rules until the jury reversed it. the third challenger from sweden is still working on its boat after a fatal accident in may. all in all, a bizarre start to a challenger series featuring high-tech catamarans speeding across san francisco bay at a 270 kilometers an hour. but audiences have been dwindling in the event's main sponsor has cut back its funding because of the dearth of contending boats. still, onlookers got there money's worth in saturday hospital which sought team new zealand finished five minutes ahead of the competitor, taking the kiwis a step closer to challenging oracle for the cup. we have plenty more sports
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for you on our website. we are back with more at the top of the hour. please stay with us. >> the week began with a shootout in the egyptian capital cairo. more than 50 islamist protesters were killed and hundreds wounded in an incident that raised tensions across the country. the muslim brotherhood said its supporters were holding a peaceful vigil outside the headquarters of the republican guard when the army opened fire. the army said it forces came under fire. the muslim brotherhood was outraged. it urged its supporters to rise
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up against the army. demonstrators came out in their tens of thousands to show support for the man they see as the rightful president of egypt. >> we will not let this country be robbed again by the military junta. >> the new interim president issued a decree promising parliamentary election in six months followed by a presidential vote, a much faster timeframe that many were expected. >> it's seen as a compromise candidate accepted by secular forces and some islamists, but the muslim brotherhood rejected all such moves. upir supporters kept protests throughout the week as did opponents of mohamed morsi who support the interim government. the than one week after army toppled each apostle first elected leader, the country appears more divided than ever. >> hope france's visited an
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italian island this week to draw attention to the plight of refugees. he led a special mass to remember the thousands of migrants to paris to see trying to get from africa to europe. 10 people drown in one incident >> when i month area heard this news a few weeks ago, i couldn't get it out of my mind. it was like a thorn in my heart. i thought i needed to come here to pray. he called on the european union to introduce more humane policies and warned against what he called the globalization of indifference. just before the pope arrived, more migrants reached the island. car bomb rocked the lebanese capital on tuesday, one of the biggest explosions in this city in years. war than 50 people were wounded but no one was killed. the bomb was planted in a a root suburb known as a
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stronghold of the hezbollah movement. the group is allied with the syrian president, bashar al- assad. the bombing has been carried out for their involvement in serious. the lebanese interior minister called it a criminal act aimed at stabilizing the country. any he see it as the most troubling sign yet at the syrian civil war is spilling over into lebanon. >> muslims around the world began the fasting month of ramadan this week, but many say their concerns over events in egypt and syria were overshadowing the annual fast. >> it is a very hard ramadan for muslim people around the world they don't know the way of mohammed. they kill each other.
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>> for a one-month, adult believers are not supposed to eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. ramadan is one of the five pillars of islam. the prime minister of luxembourg announced he will step down on wednesday admitted -- news that triggered early elections. he's one of the chief architects of the euro and came under fire over a scandal involving the countries the grid services. an inquiry found the nation's spy agency had been out of control for years. it was allegedly involving bribery, warrantless surveillance and snooping. the reports of the prime minister was a rare of many practices but failed to react or pass on information. they announced they were withdrawing support and calling for new elections. he then bowed to the pressure. >> i will go to the grand duke and under the resignation of my
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government. has been set for october 20. his christian social people's party confirmed he will once again run for the office of prime minister. >> the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing appeared for the first time in court on wednesday. dzhokhar tsarnaev and his older brother are suspected of detonating two bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon on april 15. three people were killed and hundreds injured. a manhunt ensued in which tamerlan and a police officer were killed. the 19-year-old pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. the families of the victims and some of those injured were in the courtroom when he entered i would rather>
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see him suffering all the suffering he has caused all these people. he should suffer the same. death is too quick. >> but if found guilty, he could face the death penalty. the trial is expected to last several months. >> floods in southwestern china triggered landslides, killing at least 40 people in szechuan province. after days of torrential rain, part of china have been hit by the worst flooding in 50 years. around 3 million people have been affected and thousands have had to be evacuated from their homes. bosnia marked the 18th anniversary of the shrubbery need to massacre on thursday. tens of thousands gathered for a memorial service near the massacre site where more than 400 victims were reburied. their remains were only recently identified.
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had toes of the dead wait nearly two decades for this day. ini'm burying two brothers law today. altogether, i have grades seven relatives. i don't understand it. how anyoneerstand can have that much hatred toward us. in july of 1995, bosnian serb forces stormed trevor nietzsche, slaughtering more than eight hours muslim men and boys. their bodies were dumped in mass raves. it was the worst single atrocity committed in europe since the second world war. of the former greece state television broadcaster took the streets to protest the introduction of a low-budget replacement station.
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the new program was launched on wednesday but has been heavily resized by viewers. the state broadcaster was taken off the air last month as part of government austerity measures. nearly 3000 workers lost their jobs overnight trade the move almost brought down the coalition government. was foundan lawyer guilty of tax evasion on thursday, nearly four years after his death. he was just 37 years old when he died in a moscow prison in november 2009. human rights investigators say he had been beaten and denied medical treatment for a serious illness. his arrest came shortly after he accused the russian interior ministry of stealing millions through tax fraud area critics say the charges and the trial were politically motivated. at theessing a meeting
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moscow made airport, edward snowden announced he would seek asylum in russia. mr. snowdenseem could not fly given the current situation. he's trapped which is why he would like to apply for asylum in russia. amnesty international is convinced he would fear great ainge reviewer extradited to the united states. we have said that from the beginning. >> but americans and has said in the past that snowden couldst they if he pledges not to reveal anymore information that could damage the united eight. also on friday, the german interior minister was in washington where he met with vice president joe biden to discuss what extent the internet spying program revealed by snowden had affected germany. he declined to, comment on whether the u.s. had broken german law. >> six people died in france on
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friday when a train derailed in a paris suburb. officials say the train was approaching the station at high speed when it went off the tracks and broke into two pieces. some carriages slammed into the platform. nearly 400 people were on board the intercity train. many were trapped for hours. the platform onto but it took a while for firefighters to arrive. >> the french president raced to the scene to meet with survivors and families of the victim. an investigation is underway. >> in the early hours of riding ring, the irish parliament passed a law allowing abortions in special cases. >> the bill is passed.
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new law allows abortions only if the mother's life is at risk. the issue of a woman's right to choose the plea divides ireland which is predominately catholic. support for the pro-choice camp soared after the death of the young mother last october. she was denied an abortion even though she was having a miscarriage, she later died of what poisoning. continues.ate pro-choice activists say the new law is too limited. abortions in cases of or rate is still legal. >> the pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban last year celebrated her 16th birthday in a ceremony hosted by the un's secretary-general. she said the taliban helped remote her fight for girls education. that a bullett
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would silence us. but they failed. >> teachers at her former school in pakistan say there are more girls at school than before the shooting.
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