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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the newshour. live from al jazeera headquarters in doha are -- in the world's top news stories. public anger in the united states over the acquittal of george zimmerman, who killed an
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unarmed black teenager. egypt's interim government takes shape despite strong opposition from the muslim brotherhood and calls for more protests. wave of attacks across iraq. more than 50 people killed in mostly shia areas. houses gos fashion scouting. a demonstrations are taking place in cities across the united states following the acquittal of george zimmerman, who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in florida last year. in new york, thousands gathered to protest the verdict. rallies have been taking place in chicago, san francisco, miami, and washington dc.
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the case has gripped america over the role of race in the killing. the justice department will examine whether new prosecution is possible under federal law. at a local church in miami gardens, parishioners came out for their normal service. but this is the neighborhood trayvon martin grew up in. the decision to find george zimmerman not guilty has left them reeling. disappointment and injustice is palpable here at the church. most will tell you this is a simple case of racial profiling by george zimmerman and the stanford please. he will also say -- they will also say that there are trayvon martins in every u.s. city. >> i am very upset. a young man walking home from the stories killed and nothing is done about it. >> i think it is a hurt on the nation right now. we are at a point where things need to change.
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>> if it had been the other way haved, a black man would been in jail. simple as that. >> as the verdict was read saturday night, trayvon martin supporters reacted against police. >> not guilty. >> nationwide protests. >> people took to the streets to voice their anger. protests and in you'd into sunday. >> this decision is really unbelievable. how can you not hold an armed man who killed an unarmed kid responsible for the death? , it is not right for that to happen. >> for george zimmerman, who walked out of the court a free man, things may be far from over. he justice department is looking into launching a civil case that could see the neighborhood watch volunteer back in court. >> if there is a civil court -- case, it is almost impossible
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that zimmerman would not take the stand. that could be critical to a future case. >> demonstrations have been marked by a subdued sadness in a verdict many view as a miscarriage of judgment -- of justice. they want to make sure trayvon martin's death was not in vain. >> hillary sultan is the washington bureau director for the national association for the advancement of colored people. orlando,me from florida. if i could first get your reaction to the acquittal of george zimmerman. has justice been served in this case? >> not at all. it is quite outrageous. it is outrageous that a 17-year- old kid can be stalked, a costed, get into a scuffle, and then be shot to death by someone, is later acquitted and allowed to go home.
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it is such a low consideration for african-american life and the kind of profiling that was done in this case is something that clearly has to change. >> we will look at the issue of racial profiling a little bit later. but what now? the naacp is calling for a civil rights case to be brought up against zimmerman. >> absolutely. out to the department of justice, attorney general eric holder, and said it would be important to have a federal investigation of this case on a civil rights basis. that the state case was a travesty. to have a law that was interpreted as it is in florida, in which the only issues were not that the young man was pursued, not that the law enforcement officers told him to step back, not that he was armed , and not the fact that trayvon martin was unarmed, with nothing in his possession other than
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candy and a can of iced tea, our concern is that it makes it too easy for someone to take someone else's life and get away with it. withe naacp is in touch trayvon martin's family. is this what they want, a civil rights case to be brought against zimmerman? >> yes indeed. it is our hope that we will not only see a civil rights case wrought by the federal government, but also by the martin family. justice needs to be served in this case. it cannot be left this way. what we are seeing now is thousands of people across the country in cities from the east to the west, north to the south, all saying the same thing. there has to be justice in this case and we have not yet seen that. >> this case has sparked anger and a debate about racial profiling. how big an issue is this? how much racial profiling goes on in the u.s.? problemill have a major
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with this issue. when law enforcement utilizes ,heir power to stop people assuming that, because of their race, there is a need for what we call a pre-textural stop. it is not that a crime has been committed, but because of that person's race, it is perceived that they are either in the wrong place, they should not be in that place because of their race, or that they are about to commit a crime simply because of what they look like. simply because of who they are. it has to stop. we have looked at highway stretches in which we had african-americans and others and there are disproportionate stops if we do the data and statistics. what that does is undercut the trust and integrity in law enforcement. in this case, we had mr. zimmerman, a volunteer community watch captain. in this case, he decides to use a strategy that is too often used by law enforcement across
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the country. that is deciding that because of mr. martin's color, his race, that he needed to be apprehended. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. >> it was an honor being with you. thank you for having me. news, at least one person has been killed in an attack in egypt north sinai province. unidentified five -- fighters fired rocket propelled reneges. the side of the border bordering the gaza strip and israel has seen a sharp rise in attacks. of military says it is part a campaign to clamp down on fighters in the sinai desert who were using the tunnel to smuggle weapons, supplies, and people. the move has already pushed up prices of supplies in the gaza strip.
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more people have been appointed to egypt's interim government. cast with leading the country back to civilian rule. a delega f sta nal devernment. military removed mohamed morsi as president, his supporters almost two weeks after the have remained defiant. large crowds gathered ahead of demonstrations planned for monday. >> egypt's interim government is starting to take lace. he has been sworn in as interim vice president. he is a key opposition figure that led the national salvation rod, a coalition of groups against the depots president, mohamed morsi. the muslim brotherhood is coming under increasing pressure. haspublic prosecutor temporarily frozen the assets of the group senior leaders. meanwhile, egypt's defense minister and head of the armed forces spoke on sunday.
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he said the military pushed referendum ona his presidency before they gave him an ultimatum. >> i spoke to the former president in november and we called for a national dialogue which would not have been led by us. we were afraid that the risk between the leaders would trickle down to the people. because of their deep divide between egyptians. >> they debated over the timetable for the political transition. a political wing of the conservative movement says it wants elementary elections held before the constitution is amended. those alternative is that in charge of correcting the situation and putting it back in order is the people's will. that can can be achieved through parliamentary elections that could produce a parliament that can say it represents the will of the egyptian people through
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the avenue of public voting. >> protests in support of mohamed morsi are continuing. they have called for demonstrations again on monday. ramadan has started. this is when muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. it does not seem to have had an impact on the sides of the rally. both sides are able to call thousands to the street and the political divide is as deep as ever. >> angela merkel has spoken about the events in egypt. the german chancellor urged egypt's new leaders not to exclude any political group. >> the developments are very tough and i share the view of the foreign minister that mr. morsi should be released. inclusive process with all groups must take place in egypt. the muslim brotherhood may have marginalized some people before, but that does not mean that
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people who feel they have more influence should marginalized the muslim brotherhood. >> several of iraq's major cities have been hit by another major wave of bombings. if the people have been killed and another 140 injured. the attack happened in the evening. this was the scene. other cities wereon saturday, ae were killed in attacks around the country. -- this report is from baghdad. >> bombings even during the holy month of ramadan, but these ones happened in the south. the worst of them happened to be three suicide bombs in the same area, the same market and bus route. to go off were timed just as shoppers were at an outdoor market after breaking the days fast.
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south of baghdad, a mosque was bombed. the targets have expanded to sunni mosques as well as the traditional shia targets. mourning continues for more than 30 victims, almost all of them in a tea shop men bombed this week after they were gathering after breaking the days fast. no one is claiming responsibility, but al qaeda said they would step up during ramadan in an effort to destabilize the country and show people that there security forces cannot protect them. offar, no claims responsibility and no comment from iraq he if initial -- iraqi officials. as to how they plan to keep iraqis safe. >> revels in syria have suffered several defeats.
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their ownng within ranks appears to be getting worse. alal qaeda group has told jazeera they are trying to cleanse rebel forces, what they call government forces. they spoke to rebel commanders about the infighting. >> the fsa say they have received death threats from al .aeda's syria branch they disagree over leadership and ideology in their battle against government forces. the fsa supreme council wants to prevent open warfare between the two sides. >> we do not consider al qaeda our enemies. it is their business if they consider us are and -- their enemies. we condemn their actions, but we will only point it out. >> the commander appears unsure on how to deal with the latest threat. after speaking with the
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top leadership of the free syrian army, it is clear they are in a difficult position. they want to avoid internal fighting because that would weaken them in their fight against the regime. on fsa has not declared war the outside groups, at least not yet read some believe those groups have started to work to weaken the fsa. some commanders in the loosely structured fsa do not want to stand aside while groups under the al qaeda umbrella gain strength. they hold us that islam it fighters tried to storm their depot close to the border with turkey. >> we are expecting them to do anything. they are collaborating with the regime and they have made it clear that they want to target fsa commanders. we need to take action. >> the islamist state in iraq
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told us they are working to cleanse those who cooperate with -- they now control territory on the border with turkey. the fsa say they are keeping a close rocked -- a close watch on activities. if they want to cause strife, impose a new understanding of religion, and make syria the next afghanistan, we will take the necessary measures. >> the fsa say they do not want war, but they have lost men and territory to the islamist state. >> lots more to come on the al jazeera news hour. we report from zimbabwe. earlyty officials cast ballots for the upcoming elections. many say the polls will not be fair. >> i am in the bangladeshi capital where a key political
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figure awaits the outcome of his trial on charges of war crimes committed 42 years ago. >> and in sport, reaction to news that two of the world's fastest man have failed doping tests. china's economy has slowed down. data released shows that the growth rate declined to 7.5% in the last three months compared to 7.7% in the previous quarter. how young people are facing the biggest squeeze as the economy cools down. >> the plight of every new graduate, finding a job. searching for two months. job. really hard to find a even if you do, it is rarely
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satisfying. . sometimes you think you find a job but after a few months, you are disappointed and have to look again. >> he has serious competition. a record seven million students will graduate from university and colleges across china in the coming weeks. mother, hest of his has taken an internship at a beijing cleaning company. concerns of high costs of living and bad air quality here. still, there are more opportunities and the competition is good for him. >> in just 10 years, the number of graduates in china has risen sevenfold. china's middle class is growing due -- growing dramatically. more families are able to s slo, businesses are saying there are simply no jobs. >> i called it the educational great to look forward. give not a bad thing to
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children the chance to go to college. if you do not control the scale, it creates many problems. >> the chinese government says the problem could affect social stability. it has ordered schools and state owned agencies to hire graduates and pick up the slack. academics say that does not go far enough. what is needed is a major overhaul of the country's economic strategy. >> that means to change the china mode. china mode is a government intervening economy that may work at certain times and bring fast economic growth. it can also be a hurdle and causes corruption and private sectors to collapse and drives away innovation. >> china's economy has slowed. 7.5% thisys to about year. that could affect the labor market, making worse what is already a serious problem for china.
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>> and economist joins us now rum singapore. welcome to al jazeera once again. expected,ing 7.5%, as in the last three months. we'll china's growth continue to slow? on the will depend global economy. secondly, to what extent the governmentualiwter headline growth. it is a balance between the two. global growth slowed down more significantly than expected. they might lend the local economy more of a helping hand. >> will this affect the unemployment rate and create more bad debt? bt is a problem
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and an issue. if you look back the last few months, policymakers have been trying to clean up and strengthen the domestic banking system. while they have a good eye on what is happening in the formal lending sector, there are still some questions over informal lending, which is growing. in essence, to prepare for the possibility of external shocks impacting the local economy. strengthen the domestic banking system. as a result, you get the squeeze on overall credit in many parts of the country, which is leading to a slowdown. short-term pain, but a long-term run with all the growth and more jobs for the chinese themselves. >> you do not think that the days of mega growth in china are over then? >> we are not going to see the double-digit growth we have seen for the previous couple of decades. the chinese economy is not far
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larger than anytime before. the rate of growth will will definitely slow down. as a result, we are looking to see more quality growth. issues, aing social widening income gap, pressure on pricing, which will take its toll throughout the population. it is time to restructure the economy. >> thank you. in indonesia, police and soldiers have been deployed to break up a wry it at a boxing match which left at least 18 people dead. the championship bout turned into a stampede after the local boxer lost. least 47 other spectators were injured in the rush to escape the fighting. police and supporters of
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bangladesh's largest religion party have confronted each other ahead of the verdict at a war crimes trial. he is charged with planning atrocities during the 1971 liberation war with pakistan. if he is convicted, he faces the death penalty. convictions in similar cases have triggered violence. >> the latest war crimes verdict in bangladesh is another blow to the country's opposition. werel of these books written by him. >> almost 91, he is the former head of the conservative religious party. now part of the opposition alliance. seniors, he had been accused of crimes against humanity during the 1971 war of independence, darted his wife and son say were politically motivated. >> they have no evidence whatsoever. statemente political
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in support of united pakistan does not make you a war criminal. >> it is believed that 42 years ago, pro-pakistan groups colluded with pakistani forces against the bangladeshi revolutionaries. a number of death sentences have already been handed down. crimes including rape and genocide during nine months of conflict. he insists his support for pakistan was no more than a lyrical. but some did go further, according to one prominent student activists jailed under martial law at the time. >> evidence is strong that these elements might have been formed. --y were engaged in facing these are the civilian elements. who were supporting the pakistani rule.
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in are some say 3 million were killed. others suggest far fewer. what is not in doubt is that war crimes were committed. the question is whether justice is being done. the prime minister describes the trials as an effort to punish those accountable. critics suggest he is using the process for political effect. with an election coming up, the government is trying to undermine the opposition. also that the war crimes tribunals do not meet international standards. like these, violent protests following war crimes verdict livered earlier this year, will determine whether long-awaited judgments do help heal old wounds or open new and dangerous divisions instead.
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>> hello and welcome back. top stories here on al jazeera. thousands of people have gathered in various u.s. cities to protest the acquittal of neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. he was cleared of murdering a black teenager, trevor -- trayvon martin, in florida last year. at least 50 have been killed in the latest wave of bomb attacks across iraq. most of the targets were in shia areas. supporters of deposed egyptian president mohamed morsi out .gain gathering this ahead of demonstrations planned for monday. meanwhile, more people have been appointed to the country's interim government. suez is one of egypt's most important cities. it sits on the suez canal.
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it represents economic stability. there is still significant support for the military. suez looks glance, like any other dusty egyptian city bordering the sinai peninsula. with a canal that carries its highly strategic city. since the government took over, suez slowly came back to its normal bustle. this city saw the first major protests of the 2011 revolution leading to president hosni mubarak's downfall. memories of that are not far off even with what has happened in the last two weeks. >> if it was social justice, we would have food to eat. they are all thieves. one gang of thugs. if i cannot find food to eat, then the president is a thief. >> they are in support for president morsi.
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not wanting to be seen on camera and stopped us to make sure we knew that. suez is known for its defined and resisting occupiers. even though morsi won the election by a narrow margin, the town is still very pro-army. he runs a shoe store within sight of the canal. written on the windscreen of his sisi is my president. he led the movement to oust morsi. >> the muslim brotherhood should not have taken control from the beginning. we voted them and trusted them that our lives would improve. he took us by the hand and made us look big to the world. we all support the military. they took us out of the dark place we were in. justme egyptians are not in suez -- not just in suez might disagree.
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>> northern ireland's first call corp. police -- for peace after a police officer was hurt in violence in belfast. more than 20 have been arrested in attacks against the police. they are protesting a decision to block part of a route during an annual march. discussion is between pro- british unionists and nationalists who say that unification with ireland -- a reform of u.s. immigration law continues to be a topic of debate in washington. they have passed they build to strengthen border security and provide citizenship to it the estimated 11 million migrants who live in the u.s. illegally. the house of representatives have yet to it -- has yet to act. from anolds reports town.
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a warning, you may find some images disturbing. >> in a corner of the cemetery, markers without names jut from the sandy soil. below them lie the lost, the unknown, the left behind. a were migrants from mexico and central america who died lonely deaths in the thick forest of south texas. >> it is horrible. it is just a senseless death. i do not really understand it. ofhe is cheap deputy sheriff the county. last year, he recorded 129 dead migrants. this year, the numbers are increasing. ,> those that are not found they decompose completely and the animals come in there and shred them, shred the body completely. the type of bodies you will never find. >> and impoverished crumbling town more than 100 miles from the border. but a border patrol checkpoint
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on the highway is the last barrier for migrants en route to the cities of houston, dallas, and beyond. human smugglers have found a way to evade it. >> 10 kilometers before reach this checkpoint, they get off the highway and leave the mike -- and lead the migrants on a march through the brush. a move fast for many kilometers at a time. anyone who cannot keep up or gets sick and injured gets left behind. many of those people never leave these woods alive. >> these photos are of corpses found on the sprawling ranches. they died from heat exhaustion and thirst. >> you can find them sometimes so deteriorated that it is almost like a horror movie. you are missing skin, limbs, eyeballs. that is a sad situation. >> local rancher mike vickers lives near the checkpoint andand
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every day. among them, he believes, are gang members and criminals. >> that gun has plenty of bullets in it. >> he and his wife keep funds and several large dogs on hand for self protection. >> as time goes on, i feel less secure. i am going tor if be assaulted, it is when. >> the u.s. has tightened border security in many areas but less so in desolate and difficult regions like south texas. that has not deterred migrants from crossing. a local human rights activist. >> the more you create a situation, the more people are funneled into areas that are more dangerous. death is still not a deterrent. theartinez does not follow debate over immigration reform in washington closely, but he says attention must be paid to what is happening here.
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>> these people are human beings. they are someone's dad or mom, cousin, brother, relative, whatever the case may be, they are human. >> reform, if it comes, will be too late for the nameless men and women resting the need the sand. -- beneath the sand. seek a stronger mandate for peacekeepers in sudan after seven of its troops were killed on saturday. the united nations said an unidentified group ambushed them airing a peacekeeping mission. several others were injured in the attack in the southern darfur region. police and soldiers in zimbabwe are voting almost two weeks before the rest of the country in presidential and parliamentary elections. opposition groups have accused ot officials, soldiers, and police
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officers will be voting early. safety 9000 police officers are registered to vote. are9,000 police officers registered to vote. in they 44,000 are government books, a difference of over 20,000. >> these people are not part- time people. they are conducting their duties all along. they are also in power under the police act to perform any other duty that is performed by police officers. all of these false allegations that police are going to rig the elections and so on. >> elections in zimbabwe have always been controversial. this one is no exception. the party only wants the official salary role to vote. thehey are challenging number of police officers registered to vote.
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they go to court on monday saying they are concerned about vote rigging. >> amnesty international released a report saying that police and soldiers continued to intimidate human rights activists ahead of the polls. >> what we might not have this , we may have a cleaner way of manipulating the election, playing along with the numbers. that would be what is going on. >> police and soldiers are off on sunday and monday. some say the process is too slow. others say polling stations did not have enough outlet tapers. the public will vote at the end of this month. found in mali is very likely to be a hostage killed by al qaeda captives. the frenchman was kidnapped from a hotel in northern mali in
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2011. it was thought he was killed this march. the na checks are being carried out to confirm the body's identity. activists in ethiopia are demanding the release of journalist and other prisoners jailed under an antiterrorism law. they say controversial legislation aims to silence critics and should be scrapped. the ruling coalition says the law is directed at legitimate targets. efrin sawyer has more from addis ababa. >> young ethiopians sign at the opposition party headquarters. an anti-terrorism law that was ratified in 2009. they need one million signatures . so far, 10,000 people have signed. another relatively young youth artie staged a protest earlier this month against the same law. it has promised more protests.
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>> somebody has to do it. we know that. we are scared, but we have to do it. >> the law criminalizes police tos and allows arrest without a warrant and permits prosecution to use indirect evidence and hearsay in court. >> they are not implementing this in a swift manner. there are people, exposing terrorists ideas, we know. some politicians still collaborate with other terrorists. >> in 2005, 200 people were killed in antigovernment protests. the opposition was so badly defeated that the government usually one.
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today, out of more than 500 members of parliament, only one is from the opposition and another is an independent. >> one of the old faces of the opposition was jailed for two years after 2005. he says the government is infiltrating his party and intimidating its members. >> to even see an inkling of democracy in this society, if you go out of town, it is worse. >> te use in different ways. even they know that it will take more than a fragmented campaign to make any significant mark against the ruling coalition. >> the leader of the armed group -- bokon -- vocal ron haram --they praised a recent attack in which a dormitory was
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set on fire, killing 29 students and a teacher. france has been honoring its military during the annual but steal day celebration -- bastille day celebration. but they have been overshadowed by issues about the economy. >> as always, the bastille day parade attracted the crowds and gave the armed forces a chance to put on a colorful show. showing the nation that france is still an important layer on an international stage. francois hollande was joined on stage. soldiers from the west african nation led the parade, along with troops who helped mali's army regained control of northern regions from jihad
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groups. the deployment was popular in france. survey shows that voters want him to concentrate on domestic issues like jobs. he insisted the economy was showing signs of recovery. consumption is up slightly. progress in terms of recruitment, even if it is very slow. we are certain that the second quarter will be better than the first. >> this interview came two days after an intercity train jumped the rails and crashed into a platform south of paris, killing six. although it would be days before they remove the wreckage, the rail operator has said a detached metal bar between two rails probably caused the derailment. checks on similar components are being done nationally. hollande says no one should jump to conclusions. >> i have ordered no less than three inquiries, one by the minister of transport, one by
11:41 pm
the train company, and another by judicial authorities. we already know the equipment failure. >> he said france needed to prioritize investments in regional rail lines. he refused to rule out tax rises, insisting his efforts to reduce the budget deficit would pay off. he is an unpopular president. it is not clear whether this performance would have helped him. [no audio]
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>> puts the final touches to a typical product made in italy, with a difference. this one is made in greece. she is one of tens of females across italy who joined this team that taught the trade in jail. while serving a 16 month prison sentence for robbery, she hopes the new skills will give her a fresh start in the outside world. >> i did not even know how to -- i hope this will help me once i get out of here. work outd to find here. that is why many and up committing crimes against her it >> almost 3000 women are jail sentences in italy. the department of justice said that half of them know how to sew. only five percent have a chance of finding work on the outside.
11:43 pm
these bags will soon be sold in shops across italy at a price of about $200 each. as the inmates tell us, the feeling of empowerment they get from learning their skills is priceless. garments made behind bars have proved to be fashionable before. 16 years ago, a group of former a fashion line called making jail, now a successful brand. their employees are all x prisoners who earn a salary, learn printing techniques, and they are giving -- they are given freedom of its prescient. back in prison, many women hope to follow their example and set up their own business once freed to make a clean cut with the past. >> it is time for all of the sports. >> thank you very much. athletics is facing a major test to credibility with less than a month to go to the world
11:44 pm
championships. details emerged of positive tests for two of this for -- two of the sports biggest sprint stars. both have failed dope tests. >> united states sprinter tyson to be running in the best form of his life. this year has seen the former , but now heholder will not be competing at next month's world championship in moscow. a u.s. anti-doping agency informed him on friday that competition tests had returned house and it a statement, he not have a sabotage story. i put my trust in someone and i was let down. i made a mistake. i am pulling out of monaco and the world championship." former 100 meter record holder also confirmed he tested
11:45 pm
positive for a banned stimulus. the jamaican reacted by insisting he was innocent. "i have never knowingly or willingly taken any substance or substances that break any rules. i am not now, nor have i ever been, a cheat." another jamaican has confirmed she failed a test at last month's national championships. according to his agent, the world's fastest man, you same boat -- usain bolt, is under no suspicion. what he looks to be running out of teammates and rivals. >> more on that story on our website. you can check out aljazeera .com/sport. this comes just a month after another jamaican tested positive or a band director. diuretic.d
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england came through to win by just 14 runs. australia looked to be closing in on their unlikely victory target of 311. the match changed as edison intervened with his 10th wicket. goes one up in the series. the second begins at lord's on thursday. great chessen a match, a very even chess match. the momentum changed so quickly so often. able to takewere it in the end. >> respect for the way we played. that is what is important. giving our all every time we take the field. we know it is going to be tough. for the people that have written think we might have
11:47 pm
changed a few of their minds. 'first steps as the new manager. it all began rather badly with a defeat in thailand on saturday. taking over from alex ferguson, who has been in charge for no less than 27 years. >> it is my first season as manager of manchester united. the finestly football manager -- he was probably the finest football manager that ever lived. if i could do a quarter of what he did, i would do very well. it is like any other preseason. you have to work hard, knuckle down, and prepare yourself as best you can for the first name of the season. on the pitch, it has not been that different, really.
11:48 pm
obviously, it is really strange because i have only known one manager. >> canada's exit from the gold cup has been confirmed. panama already assured in their place of the quarterfinals of this tournament. early defeats, canada had to win to maintain any hope. instead, they finished bottom of their group. his mickelson has ended drought of victory on european soil. winning the scottish open. he birdied the first extra hole. next up, a shot at a fifth major title at the open championship. that starts on thursday. chris freeman has made a huge move in his bid to win the tour de france. kilometers, the 15th stage is the longest of the tour. he finished 29 seconds clear and has a big advantage over his
11:49 pm
main rival, alberto contador. overall leads an of more than four minutes. marquez has moved to the top of the standings. danny byrd rosa missed the race missed theny pedrosa race with injuries. now 2 poles ci is lear in the standings. differenta little bit because without danny and jorge on the track, it is a little bit different. even like that, that was an important race. i live the race. it was a great experience.
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one fan who has caught 7000 records at a major league game has set another record, this time from catching a ball from a helicopter. he did it, setting a new market of 356 meters. that apparently is more than 100 meters better than the old record. that is all your sport for now. more later. size of a molecule, solar panel so small they can be melted into wallpaper. it is nanotechnology. from a state of the art facility in albany, new york. scientists may look ready to walk on the moon, but they are exploring another frontier at the atomic level. the university of albany's college of nano science and engineering is at the forefront of nanotechnology, research, and development, a science that is
11:51 pm
not just about exploring nature, but changing it. >> once you make it small enough, it changes property. we have just begun to explore what we can do with particles that are so small that new properties appear. the world's top semiconductor makers are going small to develop faster and more energy efficient computers. one of the unique things about this facility is that you have leading companies in the computer chip industry, fierce competitors in the global marketplace, working side-by- side. they are sharing ideas. practical uses of nanotechnology are endless. students at the college are studying pharmaceutical application, from treating glaucoma to preventing tooth decay. smaller, more efficient solar panels are also in the works. >> you can imagine these on the roof of your car. these things become smaller and smaller, they become more
11:52 pm
flexible, lighter. but the performance is good or better than what you get from the old-fashioned panels. >> a design firm is one of the colleges more than 300 corporate partners. they are already incorporating nanotechnology into their buildings. >> we do not know what will be on the market in three years. we might not be designing the building to accommodate that. understande here, we what might be coming two or three or four years from now and we can begin to anticipate those things as we do in our buildings. >> new york state officials have referred to the center as a model for economic development, a big rose as it pushes the boundaries of the world's tiniest technologies. >> thanks for watching. that is it for me. goodbye now.
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