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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 15, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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of war crimes. the bangladesh former opposition leader sentenced to 90 years in prison. you are watching al jazeera. also coming up, supporters of mohamed morsi continued to demonstrate as a senior u.s. official of raws for talks with the interim leaders. shiia muslims targeted in the new wave of violence in iraq for
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ramadan. protests in the united states over the acquittal of a man who shot an unarmed teenager. scotland,e field in archaeologists believe they have done the world's oldest lunar calendar. the former leader of one of oppositions largest parties has been found guilty of war crimes. he was given the death sentence which was committed to 90 years because he is 91 himself. he was convicted of atrocities committed during the 1971 independence war with pakistan. his supporters say the verdict is politically motivated and they will protest. >> in the latest war crimes verdict in bangladesh, he was sentenced to 90 years in prison.
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many had expected him to receive the death penalty. >> all these books are written by him. >> before ahead of the conservative religious party now in opposition was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during the 1971 war of independence against pakistan. his wife and son insists the charges were politically motivated. >> there is no evidence. political speculation in support of united pakistan does not making a war criminal. >> it is believed in the war 42 years ago, they colluded with pakistani forces against the bangladeshi revolutionaries. a number of death sentences have been handed down for crimes including rape and genocide during nine months of conflict. his family said his support for pakistan was no more than
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political. according to one prominent student activist at the time, some collaborators went much further. elements might be involved. the pakistani army could not do it at that time. they were engaged otherwise. these are the ones that were supporting pakistan. >> the numbers are in dispute. some say as many as 3 million were killed. others suggest far fewer. what is not in doubt is war crimes were committed. the question is whether justice is being done here. the government describes the trials as an effort to punish those accountable. using theggest he is protests for political effect. there are claims with an election coming up, the government is trying to undermine the opposition. also that the locally
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constituted war crimes tribunal do not meet international standing -- standards. violent protests after a war aimes will determine whether long awaited judgments do help to heal old wounds or open new and dangerous divisions instead. but get more from david who has been following the tribunal closely joining us from that country. there been suggested might have been some kind of relief that he was not sentenced to death. did you get that impression from him in court? >> he is a 91-year-old man. he is feeble, barely able to hold himself upright when seated. it is difficult to know what he was feeling at the time.
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i spoke to his son after the verdict. he did admit he was relieved his father did not face the death penalty he was extremely angry his father was being convicted of. in his view, his father had supported the pakistan military during the war. he was against the independence of bangladesh at the time, but he was not involved in the crimes they alleged he committed concerning killing unarmed civilians. >> what are the divisions in society because of this? >> there are divisions about whether or not you are to the accused or you believe the tribunal is an appropriate forum to hold those to account who are alleged to have committed crimes during 1971. the small party is part of the opposition alliance. it does have an ability to bring
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people into the streets. there was a concern that if there was a death penalty verdict, there could of been significant amounts of violence as a result. there's also widespread support for the tribunal who believe people like him should be convicted and suffer the death penalty. it was one another one of his colleagues was sentenced to life where there were large demonstrations on the streets. both sides are capable of bringing significant amounts of people on to the streets. one side tends to be involved in violence more than the other. it seems to me both sides are notppointed, but sufficiently disappointed that it will result in significant trouble. >> some elections are due soon. are we seeing the tribunal's
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used for political reasons as alleged? will the opposition be able to use these verdicts to their own ends as well? >> there will be elections towards the end of the year. it is not clear how those elections will impact on the tribunal. local elections have indicated the opposition is doing well in the polls of the moment. they are in alliance with the other party. it is difficult to know how the government will deal with the situation. there has been a slowing down of the process of the tribunals. his verdict was expected to months ago and has only come now. to people may be the government was reluctant to have more verdicts that will create more problems on the street for the government. >> we have to leave it there.
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we have been told by someone that the trial was unfair and there would be an appeal. >> this is not a fair trial at all. we have seen this in the previous verdicts and this verdict. they have shown there is no relationship with proceedings in the court. the judgments are given based on political motivation. i want to give you one example from my father's case. they said he wrote the letter for someone to be killed. that letter was not provided in evidence. he has been sentenced to 40 years on the basis of that letter, but that letter has not been given as evidence. it proves the letter does not exist. any relative of the individual
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has not been brought. all the witnesses are here say with no direct involvement. he did say he was not directly involved yet they come up with this ridiculous judgment. >> a senior official is in egypt for talks with the interim leaders. he is expected to meet military officials as the least three people lost their lives in an attack in the north side province. what wasied fighters grenades at a bus in the city. tensions are high after the overthrow of mohamed morsi. u.s. deputy secretary of state is in cairo. he has met with u.s. ambassador to egypt and pakistan as well as egypt's interim prime minister. egyptian officials have not released a full itinerary of who
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he is expected to see, but we visitingpect he will be see i military leaders and people from civil society groups. it is significant because he is the first high-ranking u.s. official to visit cairo since mohamed morsi was deposed. the u.s.-egyptian relationship is vitally important for two reasons. 1.3 u.s. gives egypt $ billion every year in military aid. the u.s. has said it will .ontinue to supply egypt the u.s. has been careful not to call this a military coup. if they did, they would have to cut their funding to egypt. the other vitally important reason for maintaining and strengthening the relationship treaty.979 peace for america, it is important this is maintained and that the sinai region is kept in control and israel's security is
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guaranteed. in a professor of political science from cairo university. do you think william burns trip to egypt will achieve anything in the short term that we will be able to see for ourselves? is he simply on an expedition to find out what is going on? >> i see it as a fact-finding mission. i do not think it has any of the goals. it might bethought to release mohamed morsi. i do not think that is one of the objectives of the visit. there has been a u.s. assessment that has invested too much in the ability to stabilize the situation in egypt. this assessment was revealed to
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be wrong. i think the u.s. administration from allhear directly corners and reassess its politics in egypt. >> mr. burns is not likely to turn around the military men and those behind the toppling of mohamed morsi and say you have to sort this out quickly or we will cut aid. unlikely? is in thet think it interests of the united states or the intention of the united states to cut military aid to egypt. this military aid is in the u.s. overallhe policy in the middle east. it is linked to the maintenance of the peace process and relationship between the military in the united states and the military in egypt is important to stabilize this country and preserve the peace
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treaty between egypt and israel. it had been suggested a week perhaps there would be islamists or extreme appointed to the cabinet. >> the names have not been released yet. everyone was approached including the muslim brothers. i do not think they will accept to participate in the cabinet. might, but we do not know if they have decided. i think they are hesitating because once they participate in the cabinet, they might lose
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some of their supporters and voters. they have a strategy to try to replace the muslim brotherhood. i think they're swinging back and forth. i am sorry to interrupt. thank you. it is good to have you with us on al jazeera. targeting a police patrol has left one officer dead and 10 more injured. there have been a series of bombings across the country. on sunday, at least 30 killed and more than 100 hurt. the blasts going off in mainly shiia areas of people were breaking their religious fast. in boston, three bombs exploded near markets. other cities were also hit. let's get more on that from baghdad. just shiia targets
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anymore. some of the most recent have s,cluded sunni mosque including cafes and supermarkets. more than 300 people have been killed this month, a big increase. joining me is a spokesman for the defense ministry, and brigadier-general. thank you for being with us. can you tell us why we have seen an increase in attacks against all targets recently? if you could count, it would be increasing the number of the attacks. we have sosame time many actions by our military forces. 70 to 80 persons from
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al qaeda, we have captured or killed them. there are so many good works in baghdad and other provinces. to be usingrategy here to say that we're even if they are threatening or attacking people in supermarkets. nowadays, they're not able to fight face-to-face with our military forces. this nowadays is to be compounded with what is going on in syria. on our bordercus ofh syria because about 90%
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the bombs are coming from the border with syria and other countries. in thee are fighting fight between good people against bad people. still good people working. thehank you, general, interior ministry spokesman saying he believes a lot of this is the influence of al qaeda including fighters coming across from syria. , live from baghdad. coming up -- time to run through the top stories on al jazeera. the former leader has been sentenced to 90 years for war crimes. he is 91. he was convicted of atrocities committed during the 1971 war of
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independence with pakistan. he is the fifth senior figures sentenced this year. a car bomb targeting a police control in iraq has left one officer dead and 10 others injured. a series of bombings on sunday killed a least 30 and injured nearly 100. haverters of mohamed morsi called for mass demonstrations in cairo as a senior u.s. official is in the capital for talks with the interim leader. there are thousands of people in istanbul protesting against what they call the military coup in egypt. they were carrying signs condemning the ousting of mohamed morsi and the rest of religious leaders. protection of democratic legitimacy. of rally was also in support pro- morsi loyalists in egypt.
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in syria, fighting continues between the government and rebels in damascus. at least 39 died. hundreds of families trapped. elsewhere in syria, and government forces have bombarded the northern oscars of homs, the town considered a rebel stronghold. the fighters have been targeting a military airport. 130 people were said to have died after a military offensive on sunday. activists say five separate air strikes were carried out by -- loyalists in several villages across the northwest. what is going on in syria has divided society in lebanon. some support the egyptian -- syrian president and others backing the rebels. one popular singer was so thatonate in his support
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he gave of his career in music and joined the fight. >> until two years ago, he was a singer, considered the king of romance for teenagers and their parents throughout the arab world. now he is a fugitive. the lebanese government calls and they wanted terrorist. -- calls and they wanted terrorist. in this video posted on youtube, he appears to be boasting about killing two men believed to be lebanese soldiers. a groupoined it seems led by a sunni cleric criticizing hezbollah and its leader. the syrian crisis has deepened divisions in lebanon. the singer's seems to symbolize the resentment towards has below.
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he used his fame to encourage people to fight along with the syrian rebels and against hezbollah. is to beays his wish killed fighting for his cause. in this video, he appears to be threatening to kill his rivals and go after followers of hezbollah. his followers killed a dozen lebanese soldiers. the army responded by attacking their stronghold in south beirut. in the two days of fighting that on thed, they are now run. stillf his old cd's are on store shelves. the owner tells me not many people buy them anymore. shocked, he says. >> how can one make the shift from singing about love to being so violent? >> he still has sympathy among some lebanese like this college
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student. >> i like him as an artist and i like him more now. >> it is this kind of sympathy for a man accused of killing soldiers that worries the lebanese security agencies and politicians. al jazeera, beirut. >> u.s. president barack obama has spoken after the acquittal of george zimmerman. there have been protests in times square with people chanting calls for justice. in los angeles, a main intersection blocked as police stand by. san francisco, people marching through the streets protesting the verdict. across san francisco bay in oakland, on the march. the case prompted a debate over the role of race in the killing. the u.s. justice department has said it will be looking at whether a civil case can be brought against zimmerman.
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we have this report from miami. >> at the local church, parishioners came out for the regular service. this is the neighborhood trayvon martin grew up in. the jury's decision to fine george zimmerman not guilty of his murder has left them reeling. the sense of anger and disappointment is palpable here at this church. most people will tell you this was a simple case of racial profiling by george zimmerman and the sanford police. many will tell you there is a trayvon martin in every north american city. because ary upset young man walking home from the store is killed and nothing is done about it. >> i think it is a hurt on the nation. we are at a point where things need to change. >> it is corrupted. if it had been the other way around, it would not have been all of this.
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black man would be in jail. simple as that. >> the verdict was read late on saturday night. trayvon martin's supporters reacted in disbelief. >> not guilty. >> nationwide protests! >> people took to the streets to voice their enter, mostly peaceful protests that continued into sunday. >> this is unbelievable. how can you not hold an armed man that killed an unarmed kid responsible for the death? it is not right for that to happen. zimmerman, things may be far from over. the justice department says it is looking into launching a civil case that could see the neighborhood watch volunteer back in court. impossible mr.t zimmerman would not have to take the stand. that could be critical to a
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future case. >> so far, the demonstrations have been marked by sadness at a verdict many see as a miscarriage of justice. there is determination trayvon martin's death will not be in vain. >> police in france have arrested 21 environment 2 activists that injured a nuclear facility in the south of the country. greenpeace is calling on the french president to close the plant saying is one of the most dangerous authorities say there are still a number of demonstrators but they're not in sensitive areas. projected a crack on to the side of the reactor. the fashion industry in italy is looking to make use of an untapped source of talent, female jail prisoners and have a chance to show off how they can sew. selling designer bags, she
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puts the final touches on a typical product made in italy with a difference. this one is made in prison. many across italy to a joint the scheme of teaching the fashion trade in jail. while serving a 16-month prison sentence for robbery, she hopes the new skills will give her a fresh start in the outside world. not even know how to sew, but i have always loved bags. i hope this will help me when i get out. we know how difficult it is for former inmates to find work. that is what many in that committing crimes again. >> almost 3000 women are currently serving jail sentences in italy. the department of justice says half of them know how to sew, but only 5% have a real chance of finding work outside.
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-- bags will soon be sown sold in shops across italy for about $200 each. the inmates tell us the feeling they get from learning new skills is priceless. the garments made behind bars and approved to be fashionable before. 15 years ago, a group of former inmates started a fashion line named "made in jail," not a successful brand. the employees are all ex- prisoners who earned a salary and are given freedom of expression. in prison, many of these women hope to follow their example and set up their own business when free to make a clean cut with the past. al jazeera in rome.
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