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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> egypt said the president soresy clashed with police in cairo. demonstrations have taken place in cairo and other cities around the country and at least 22 eople have been injured. >> also on the program, jailed for 90 years. former leader of a party in beng la desh is convicted of war crime during the country's battle for independence. more protest in the united states under a neighborhood
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watchman who shot a black teenager. it's been another night of clashes in egypt between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammad morrissy. these pictures show crowds gathered in the c street area of cairo, one of the city's main roads. they erected metal barricades to block traffic. police fired tear gas to try to end the protest. these are some of the people wounded in the clashes. some of the demonstrators treated for birdshot injuries and also tear gas inhalation. this is the scene in the area of the capital. the pro-morsi crowd are showing no sign of leaving and calling for him to be reinstated. we will go right there to gamed. what are you hearing about the
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njuries? >> we have seen a flow of people being brought through on motor bikes and crowds right behind where i'm standing. we have sent a cameraman to film injured and most are from air rifles or trucks essentially. there are cases of suffocation from the tear gas because the majority of injured are the result of air rifles. i want to bring you up to speed on one thing. this is a message that's just been dropped by the military helicopters, which have been hovering above the square for the past couple of days. essentially the gist of the message says, dear honorable egyptian, do you know that there are innocent people who have been killed in egypt today? there are properties belonging to honorable egyptians that have
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also been destroyed and the reasons behind that has been insightful statements and comments made by those who do not fear god and they are only doing it for political games. it says, please distance yourself from these people and be shore and confident that the egyptian forces would not allow for anything or any harm to be brought upon anyone of its citizens. essentially over the past few days, the military especially around this time of evening that's been dropping some of the listless trying to convince people to leave this square. obviously, this isn't being received well because those are are here, are here in spite of the military and their main anger is being directed tors the military. comment like these do little to engage them, more to convince them otherwise. in fact, a lot of common belief, i will allow them to pan to the
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helicopter now to make another round above the crowds here. nd essentially, you will hears chanting, leave, leave, leave, general. leave general citizens. comment belief amongst a lot of the people here is that these leaflets or pamphlets in themselves are in insightful in that they represent little more than a not-so-disguised, well-disguised warning if people do not leave the square, they will be forcibly removed by the armed forces. a lot of the people i spoke to drew comparesons how israel used to drop leaflets on those no in gaza or americans in afghanistan or iraq. those gathered below are receiving it and essentially garnering more hatred and anger towards the military. >> is it also making people want to protest more? what is the next stage at least
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for tonight? >> as far as those gathered, numbers dwindled slightly as people get ready to have a small meal before the fast begins in about an hour, hour and 15 minutes from now. however, the core 120,000 to 15,000 remain here throughout the past couple of weeks, and do remaven insiftant. and the feeling is people will continue to take to the streets and will remain in the open-ended city that's been announced here as well as outside cairo university. anything more than that it's not really clear. really the brotherhood and support have been left with very loirl then street protests because they're top leaders have been rounded up. they're assets frozen. the rest who have not been rounded up are wanted men. in terms of the political dialogue being proposed essentially shot in the foot before that happened because who will you have dialogue with when all of the leaders are fugitives
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or behind bars? >> thank you. we can go right now to our guest who joins us live from our studio indown town cairo. robbie, we're hearing and seeing certainly on social media also reports of clashes taking place across cairo. what can you confirm for us? >> certainly exkla lation on behalf of supporters of pro morsi have been clear the past few days they want to take their kalis outside the constant presence in the eastern part of the capital. outside, by the way, the city. they have been organizes marches the past few days in other parts, specifically coming close to the center of the city in around c square n that area we have seen supporters of the president gathered in large numbers and block traffic on the key life line on the bridge
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because of that blockage of traffic, we have seen security forces respond by firing tear gas to clear that area an lou traffic to flow one more time. other confrontations we understand in giza, where another citizen has been taking place in another of that part. we understand the sit-in came under attack by unknown asigh lantz. it's not clear who engaged the president in that area. more than 20 people we understand have been injured so far. >> and i did also want to ask you your thoughts on what gamed was showing us there, that warning leaflet being dropped on the people. >> certainly for those gangered there, they have been banding together. there's certainly a brethren mentality over the past few days that has perhaps not enabled them to look at other perspectives or what the military has been trying to tell
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the wider public. the military has been saying it's important for those who have been gathered in the streets to clear the protests because mobilization and countermobilization is perhaps not fruitful at this point when the country is trying to move forward. we have seen the president oirk a call for a dialogue for national reconciliation. it's important to note that the military made it very clear in other leaflets handed to the protesters that they will not be sought after or will not be legally prosecuted if they choose to leave that area. at no point did the military say it will try to break that rally by force. the only warning we heard from the military is if the protesters tried to approach military install lations. public in guard, defense ministry. at no point did the military say it would try to break that specific yale by force. -- rally by force. >> thank you. we can speak now to monia.
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her brother is being detained along with mohammad morsi's presidential team. she's joining me live now from london. what do you know about the where-abouts of your brother or indeed anyone from the presidential team? >> we actually know nothing. like the other presidential aides and hundreds egyptians being detained for no reason. we have no idea where he's being detained, who is detaining them, what are the conditions they're being detained as. we have no idea. why are they -- why are they detained beyond the civil and human rights. >> have you reached out to anyone to try to find out more about their detention or conditions of their detention, where they are, for example. >> the problem is we have no one to ask because we don't know why they're being detained. who is detaining them? who should we be calling out more?
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what we have seen, resurfaceing people out there being detained for no rb. my brother, like hundreds of others. what we are seeing now is the corruption, who are we going to reach out to, to be honest? >> what is your next move, in the case of your brother >> any legal action you're considering? >> we're contesting human rights organizations actually human rights produced three days ago about these detention, the -- any detention happening against my brother and many, emother people and actually communicating against the international community trifmenting to show the coup that the servicing in egyptian nowadays the even tack a protest and praying and fact tonight hundreds of casualties tonight and what we are seeing now is robotics, brutally arresting people. >> the military has said and
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what we are hearing from the formal opposition now, n.s.f. and so on, these are necessary measures because this is a political earthquake right now. and there has to be 34ezz ured taken in order to try to calm the streets. what do you make of that argument? >> when we went out in january 2011, my brother was one of the first people out and along whunds of other egyptians went out wanting human rights back. we i won't against police brutality and we went out against peace protesters and what we are seeing is just everything is coming back again. corruption is back. state police brutally back. what did my brother or hundreds of egyptians do to be detained without an arrest warrant? >> month lingtsgts be are -- monia, thank you for joining fruss -- us from wrur brother is being detained.
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joining me on set, professor of contemporary history at the university. we want to talk about this point forward, national reconciliation. something the i the rim president has been talking about. >> the good one, looking what is the president now and what is his team now? >> this is a good -- this is an indication. a gesture the military can make a decision about that. has a president ha problem, they may send him outside with his family where he is now and say you're not allowed to leave the country but you're free. this decision has not been taken the good willwill from the military is not there at all and this is a step
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towards conciliation. >> you call it goodwill but what reaction would it be to have mohammad morsi go to another city rally and show his face now. >> if the military believe what they have done 13th of june is correct and they have really 35 million people in the street, they should not be worried having mohammad morsi outside where he is now. if they are really confident about what they have done. taking this into consideration. without having to dwell, you cannot speak about reconciliation. can you not speak about reconciliation when you have every day people taking to the court and you're freezing their assets. these are measures to be taken first before you speak of reconciliation. you need steps towards society, to stop this kind of dehumanization. this is dividing the society.
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you live in egypt yourself. i'm sure you saw a lot about this. society ot a healthy now. we know this is a transition time. we understand what it means in the transition time but this is not beyond what egypt should go. egypt was mature enough to move its revolution. now egypt has a lot of maturity and leaving the country. we speak about maturity in politics. there is no maturity in politics. everyone is fighting for their own interest and without taking into consideration interest of the country. country now is becoming more -- the economy is declining. olitics declining. the feeling of egyptian identity also is declining. this is -- this is our main issue.
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these issues should be looked at seriously. >> i don't think they are but we will talk more about that as well later. thank you for joining us. other news now, he was the former chief of bangladesh's largest religious party and now sentenced to 90 years in jail for war crimes. the fifth member of jihadi islam to be sentenced over atrocities during the 1971 war of independence butcht his supporters say the government imprisoned him to settle political scores. jonah hall reports now from becca. >> in the latest war crimes verdict in bangladesh, golam was sentenced to 90 years in prison. only his age and infirmity saved him from the death penalty. the former head of the conservative religious party, now party of opposition, was found guilty of charges related to genocide and criles against humanity during the 1971 war of ndependence from pakistan.
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his familiar dismissed the trial as politically motivated. >> all of the verdicts show there's no relationship with proceedings in the court. judgments are given on the basis of political motivation. >> it's believed in the war 42 years ago, pro-pakistan groups colluded with pakistani forces against the bangladesh revolutionaries. a number of death sentences have been handed down for crimes including rape and genocide, committed during the nine months of conflict. following the verdict, members of the youth wing of islammy took to the streets in support of goal up azam. rival groups believed he should be executed. translator: as a freedom fighter, i'm happy with the verdict. he was the number one war criminal. i would be much happier if he was given death penalty. >> numbers are in dispulet. some say as many as 3 million
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people were killed. other suggest far fewer. what is not in doubt war crimes were committed. squet whether justice is being done here. the government under the prime minister describes the trials as and effort to punish those accountable. but critics suggest ha cena is suzing the process for political effects. there are claims with an election coming up, the government is trying to undermine the opposition. also the war crimes tribunals far short of international standards. but it is scenes like these, violent protests following war crimes verdicts delivered earlier this year that will determine as much as anything. whether long-awaited judgments do help heal old wounds or open new and dangerous divisions instead. onah hall, al jazeera.
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>> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera, egyptian police fired tear gas for supporters of ousted president mohammad morsi. these are pictures from the c-square area of cairo. protesters calling for morsi to be reinstate vd set off fires and blocked traffic. and more than 20 people have been injured in the fighting between pro morsi supporters and police. these are pictures from makeshift hospital where the njured are being moved into. and a bangladeshi court rejected the former war leader of war crimes. he's been sentenced to 90 years in prison. supporters say the trial was politically motivated. thousands of israeli arabs are protesting against the controversial plan to eejict bed owe went settlers from their villages. in some places it's to make way for new, illegal jewish settlements.
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the threat of forced removal by israel has vest comparisons with south africa's apartheid regime. paul brennan explains. >> this is the village that will not die. al ara keep, a veteran settlement once home to 600 people, has been bulldozed 52 times by israeli forces. flozz running water -- there's no running water or electricity. but the elder is adamant, this is bet owe wan land legally held nd will he not move. >> i would rather die here then live in a city or village that is not on this land. >> on monday several hundred protesters including several members of the rirme parliament marched to demand a stop to the controversial plan. the plan will forcibly evacuate 35 bedouin settlements which the
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government has designated as unrecognized. the israeli governments insist that the plan is to benefit bedouin to give them the facilities they haven't got at the moment but protesters here detect a far more sinister motive. it's important to remember these bedouin have israeli citizenship, same citizenship as jewish-israelis yet the government stands accused of treating the two groups very differently. > what's going nowadays in the desert, it's an indication israel is racist and upper regime. there's no doubt about that. >> by an narrow vote, the plan has passed its first stage to becoming law f it passes all of the stages, this bedouin settlement will be among those forcibly evacuated. >> we want the international community to put more pressure on israel and we want the human rights concept to get involved to get intervention inside the
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city of asia and put more pressure on our stage here. >> on sunday israeli cabinet approved a 140 million dollar, five-year development plan for the nag environment desert. the bedouin would be moved into a handful of government-built townships. critics say it's a policy of adjudication and promise to oppose it at any turn. >> the shooting death of florida teenager trayvon martin was tragic and unnecessary. attorney general eric holder's first comments since the acquittal of george zimmerman on saturday. he says federal prosecutors are continuing to investigate. meanwhile, demonstrations have been taking place across the country. in birmingham, alabama, hundreds gathered at the site where civil rights demonstrations were held 50 years ago. also protests in los angeles, frake and oakland, california, as well as in new york. meanwhile, the president promise
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to release all of the country's political prisoners by the end of the year. he gave at insurance during the visit to the u.k. the british prime minister raised concernings about myanmar's human rights records. we have a report now from london. myanmar's leaders are no longer shunned by the west. president ten sane welcomed to downey street by the british prime minister david cameron, the former general converted himself into an elected leader. he told mr. cameron democracy is young in myanmar but the progress has been made. but outside parliament, campaign groups condemn the meeting. they say many people in myanmar are still suffering persecution that it's too early to welcome president saine to london. it's difficult to know how far the reform process in myanmar will go but protesters worry britain is putting commercial interests before human rights. they're especially concerned
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about the plight of the minority rohinja community. tens of thousands of people were driven from their home in clashes with the buddhist community. they now live in squared camps. myanmar's security forces are accused by human rights groups of taking part in this persecution. the president, they say, has turn aid blind eye to abuses against muslims. >> we want him to end all of this discrimination and ensure their citizenship rights. >> there have been real changes in myanmar. opposition leader is in parliament. many political prisoners have been released. but campaigners here in london worry the west has become too friendly, too fast with president seine, making it more difficult to push for further reforms. al jazeera, london. >> a senior politician in the upper house of italy's
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parliament is under pressure to resign after he compared the black government minister to on orangutan. he made the comments by the man who became italy's first black minister in april. he has since offered an apology. he's a deputy speaker of the senate and member of the anti-immigrant northern league party. the prime minister called on the another league president to do something. >> i repeat, what italy is going through since yesterday on such issues is a page of shame which is absolutely unbear afpblet is this is the sing sear appeal to stop this without any political meaning. president maroney, please close this episode as soon as possible. >> now, it was once a vibrant town south of buenos aires. then 30 years ago, it was flooded and remained hidden underwater w0r8d.
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slowly the waters around argentina's town that drowned started to receive. -- to recede. >> they like to tour the ruins to remember what it was like 30 years ago. argentina's golan age in the 1940's, it was a lake-side town filled with hotels. tourists came to base and relax until 1985 when water broke through a make-shift dam and started to cover the city. novak remembers when people started to leave. >> water started going up slowly and continued coming until 1994. there was at least ten meters of water and that water stayed there for two decades. people were taken all of their belongings. >> but unlike all of the others, novak decided to stay, convinced the water would one day recede.
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but it took more than 25 years. this place used to be bustling lake-side resort and that you see behind me used to be the swimming pool. thousands of people used to come here to baste in this salty water that experts say have ten imes more salt then the ocean. for this man, the ruined town san example of what happens when man plays with nature. >> this could have been prevented. this is the last of seven lakes and in times of drought the government did a series of infrastructure reforms that ended up with the lake being flooded. ? 1985 the lake grew so much t. covered the whole town. >> norma recalls escaping with her family as floodwaters rose. now living in the nearby city, she hopes the government will invest in her hometown. >> there are some people who
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would love to go back and live there. i don't think that will be possible but the government could restore the beaches and area so we can use them once again. >> if what's left is now a tourist site and for those who knew it best, reminder that nature will always have its will.
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