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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 16, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> more deaths in egypt, fighting between police and supporters of the deposed president. hello, this is david foster and you are watching "the world news" from al-jazeera. coming up, $2 million in cash? the leader of a mexican drug cartel is arrested. the president of myanmar promises to release all political prisoners in his country.
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and a marine reserve is facing a crucial test. we now believe that seven people has -- have died, that is the official figure in egypt after clashes between police and supporters of the deposed president, mohammed morsi. security forces firing tear gas at demonstrators close to the camera who have tried to block one of the main bridges over the nile during the night. it just so happened that a senior on what was in the city meeting interim egyptian leaders. not only a figure about the number of dead, nicole, but also a massive number of arrests as well. right, it turns out it was a far more deadly night
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than expected. injured andere reports now that some 400 people have been arrested. the deaths, most of those occurred around the cairo university area. two people died in the bridge square area, the one behind me that you can see in this shot. that was the total from the clashed overnight, clashes between pro-muhammed morsi supporters and police. >> in terms of the demonstrators still on the streets, you were telling me earlier that there were a great number of people in one mosque suggesting that they have now moved out. people a few hundred have gathered inside overnight. there were different reports about whether they had planned to hold a sit in or had gone after some kind of protection.
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we spoke to someone who was in there this morning to confirm that the people had taken cover there and wanted shelter from the clashes going on outside. in the last 30 minutes they have left and are now on their way to toster city -- nassar city join the pro-rebel rally and are hoping to secure their package out of the mosque, because the people inside were worried that they would be attacked by different groups of men in the area who were positioned outside of the mosque. >> do you want to give us an idea of why this seemed to happen last night when there had been some days of relative calm? difficult really question. difficult to put your finger on why there are a few days of quiet in the capital, cairo, and other parts of egypt, and then every few days or a week will go by and there will be another
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outbreak of violence. it is very sporadic and i cannot give you a specific reason for it. we have had some quiet days with the incidences, like here at the sixth of october bridge, where we had rallies from supporters. the last time that it happened, 10 days ago, there was a street battle between the two camps, but this time they tried to block off the sixth of october bridge. if you try to block off a major thoroughfare in cairo, you will get a reaction. the police moved in, which is somewhat unusual, they had tried to keep out of the various clashes until now. there were some shots heard as well. that is when things escalated overnight. michael johnson, cairo. well, mexico's most wanted drug lord has been captured. miguel angel treviño morales is
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the leader of the nefarious zetas cartel, blamed for some of the most gruesome killings in the drug wars. he was caught by marines near the u.s.. we did this report from mexico city. >> one of the most wanted and feared criminals in mexico was captured alive by mexican security forces. >> at 3:45 in the morning, a helicopter detected a pickup truck with three people inside. they were detained and arrested. >> miguel angel treviño morales is the leader of the zetas, one of them as a violent drug cartels in mexico. he was arrested just 100 kilometers from the u.s. border. he is the most important cartel leader to be apprehended in years. >> he is accused of organized crime, murder, torture, money
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laundering, and carrying weapons that are exclusively for the use of the armed forces, among others. >> his capture marked the biggest victory yet for the president, who campaigned on a promise to bring down violence. since taking office last december, homicide rates have not dropped, but the capture will most likely boost confidence for the president at home and abroad. the leader was known for his vicious tactics, including decapitation and hanging. he ordered the mass killing a 72 migrants in northern mexico in 2010. miguel angel treviño morales took control of the cartel after the original founder was killed by marines last year. he is wanted in mexico and the united states and it is uncertain whether he will be extradited, but one thing looks more than likely to occur, mexico could see a spike in violence in the weeks and months ahead as rival gangs fight for
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the abandoned territory. in cairo. live events the egyptian capital here. speaking onsomeone behalf of the interim government. in the meantime, on behalf of the interim government. , are we government going to see the same old routines? fact, you will find new, creative figures among the upcoming government. however, we will have to rely on old and former minister is. we are keen on pumping new blood that in the government. we are also keen on introducing
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new, innovative ideas and creative figures. with respect to the second part of your questions, with respect reconciliation, it inthe bigger atmosphere which we are working. we should march forward toward social justice development and make a project. we should also maintain the minimum level of reconciliation. however, reconciliation is not an alternative to the revolution or an alternative to the will of the people. it is the bigger atmosphere in which we are working to safeguard the revolution and its demands. >> what are the measures taken by the presidency office to contain the tension in the
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streets? of to minimize the amount protests across the country? also to steer away from violence? had it is have not the rule of law. we will adopt a rule of law, taking swift and strict measures against any violators and outlaws. we are also open to all feedback, the president's office is open for any initiatives meant to put an end to riots or any unnecessary demonstrations on the street. >> the words there of the spokesman, talking on behalf of the interim government, suggesting that cabinet posts have, indeed, been offered to members of the freedom of justice party, the political wing of the muslim brotherhood.
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and also to the [indiscernible] party, the conservative right. let's talk to nicole johnston. we were hearing their on behalf of the government, waiting, as we know, for someone to perhaps come and talk on behalf of the pro-morsi opposition. surprise, off as no nor is it a surprise, perhaps, that they were turned down. >> correct, we have been hearing that for the last few days. this political protest road map, as we know, is under way. we are hearing the various positions being offered and, in some cases, accepted, but we are waiting for this government to be sworn in, that will really be the next step in this process, egypt has been quite seriously waiting. we have seen their political situation, it is very unstable,
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it has not given people any certainty on the street. we are seeing chaos, as we have overnight, seven people killed, 200 injured. >> we will leave it there for now. thank you very much indeed, nicole johnson in cairo. also with you here on al- jazeera, top stories, hundreds of supporters of the ousted president, mohammed morsi, in egypt, clashing with forces. state tv says that least seven people were killed. a few moments ago the spokesman ar the presidency said that number of members of the muslim brotherhood have been offered cabinet posts and they turned
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them down. the same went for the ultra right to religious conservative party. of mexico's most wanted drug lords, miguel angel treviño morales, has been captured. the infamous leader of the zetas cartel was caught by marines near the mexican border. the president of myanmar is now promising to release all political prisoners by the end of the year during his first official visit to the uk. he also set a nationwide cease- fire with rival ethnic groups might be possible within weeks. many campaigners are not convinced. are noers in myanmar longer shunned by the west. the president welcomed them to downing street. the former general, who converted himself into an elected leader. >> he told mr. cameron that democracy is young, but the progress has been made.
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>> outside parliament, campaign groups condemned the meeting, saying that many people are still suffering persecution and that it is too early to welcome the president of myanmar to london. >> it is difficult to know how far the reform protests -- process will go. some are saying that britain is putting commercial interests before human-rights and they are especially concerned about the minority community. >> tens of thousands of refugees have drifted from their homes because of clashes with the buddhist community and lived in squatter camps. security forces are accused by human rights groups by taking part in this persecution. they say the president has taken a blind eye to these abuses. >> we want him to end these racist attacks.
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>> there have been real changes in myanmar. the opposition leader is in parliament, many political prisoners have been released. campaigners in london worry that the west has become too friendly, too fast for the president, making it more difficult to push for further reforms. >> let's bring into the discussion matthew smith, bangkok, the executive director of fortified rights, a human rights organization in myanmar. when the president says that he promises they will take a zero tolerance approach to renewed violence and against those who fuel ethnic hatred, do you take him at his word? >> it is difficult to take a president at his word on this issue, particularly because there has been very little accountability. in fact, no accountability for the many crimes committed in the state since june of 2012.
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there is a very well documented campaign of ethnic cleansing that has been happening with political party operatives, monks, and other citizens and state security forces not being held accountable for those crimes. >> correct me on this, but in the last 24 to 36 hours there has been the arrest, which might suggest is on with the grounds, of an activist in that part of myanmar. >> that is right. there is an activist who was arrested yesterday. sari, he was detained yesterday and as far as we know, he is still in detention. this is part of a trend throughout that part of the country. security forces and police have been arresting leaders that are part of the muslim minority. educated members of the
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community are being threatened, rested, and the change, in during very horrific conditions. it is quite a concerning issue now. >> what is this? on the one hand the president says that all political prisoners will be out by the end of the year, but on the other hand they are still being rounded up? >> that is right. it is positive to hear the president talked about improving human rights and releasing political prisoners, but the fact of the matter is that there are still hundreds of political prisoners in the country right now. over the last several months activists throughout the country ,ave been facing persecution threats, and intimidation. some have been arrested and formally charged. there are several laws on the books that are currently being used to crack down on any sort of dissenting voices.
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are formallyaws amended or repealed, the reforms are really not taking hold. >> there are some groups that were almost extra-judicial about operating in a sense on behalf of the regime. are there others operating outside the law so that they can say it has nothing to do with them? >> sure, the central government has even tried to distance itself from the behavior of the military. when the military commit war crimes and other abuses, for example, we see the central government claiming it has no authority and is distancing itself, but when the military does something positive, of course the government takes credit. this was one of the most abusive security forces in the country and it is possible that they are abolished now, the big
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questions remain as to where those soldiers will be replaced, who will replace them along those border areas? this is a big concern, especially given the lack of accountability in the state. >> matt smith, thank you very much. good to have you with us here on out jazeera. i know you have been waiting some time to be on air. nine people, one of them a child, have been shot dead by syrian forces at a military checkpoint. those of you may find the following pictures disturbing. filmed by activists near the damascus suburb, it showed bodies of the victims, some appeared to be shot in the head, others in the chest. activists said that pro-gunmen have killed others in a reconciliation committee, reportedly there were working to convince the gunman to put an
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end to fighting. there are reports of intense fighting -- fighting between rebels and regime troops on the outskirts of damascus. dozens were hurt after government planes bombarded a village in the province. britain said that they would give syrian rebels equipment to protect them against chemical weapons. one of those weapons being sarin gas. syriand of the government accusing britain of the trail after they abandoned plans to arm rebel fighters. he made the comments to a british newspaper after the u.k. prime minister ruled out forming the opposition on advice from his military. britain and now says that they plan to trade moderate -- train moderate rebel units in non- legal aid. iraq has been hit by waves of bomb attacks in the biggest increase in violence for that country in years, including
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blasts of football fields in mosques and cafes as people marked the fasting month of ramadan. jade has the report from kirkuk. >> the attacks do not leave much time for mourning. this shop was next to a cafe attacked by a suicide bomber. spraying broken glass, blood, and flesh in to the verge restorer. is dottedghborhood with funeral banners. he was this man's childhood friend. >> kirkuk is always targeted because it has arabs, kurds, and other ethnicities and there are tensions. some parties are interested in making trouble, so they try to spread tensions. >> more than half of the 40 dead
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were boys and young men from this neighborhood. >> this is a hangout for football fans. it is quite festive here at night during ramadan. late in the evening it was packed with young people, on the sidewalk they were drinking tea and playing games. here a stranger walked out and detonated the suicide vests. disabled and one of the youngest to die. >> 10 years old, just the child, they are taking ball bearings out of his stomach. does god except that this happens to the iraqi people? >> for every victim, the entire family is torn apart. >> he left a 16-year-old widow and a 1-year-old child. he had gone out to get milk for his son. >> he was bleeding. he had holes here and here. we took him to the hospital, hoping that he would survive,
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but he passed away. >> his friends in the photo were also killed in the blast. >> police patrol the streets, but they are a target themselves. >> it is more work to secure baghdad and after capturing or killing. >> in neighborhood after neighborhood there is not just grief, there is fear. kirkuk, iraq. arrestedi police have 15 better when protesters. hundreds of tribesmen have been protesting in a southern israeli city. paul has the report. >> this is the village that will not die. a settlement once home to some 600 people, bulldozed 52 times by israeli forces. there is no running water or
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electricity, but the village elder is adamant that this is legally held bedouin land and he will not move. inas long as i am not prison, i will return to this land. i would rather die here than live in some other village or city. southern city on monday several hundred protesters, including members of the israeli parliament, marched to demand a stop to the controversial moves. this plan will forcibly evacuate 35 bedouin settlements that the government has designated as not recognized. >> the israeli government stresses the this will give them the system they do not have that the moment, but protesters suspect more sinister motives. >> it is important to remember have israeliduin
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citizenship, but the government insists on treating the group's very differently. >> it is simply an indication regime,ael is a racist no doubt about that. by a narrow vote, if it passes all stages this settlement will be among one of those forcibly evacuated. >> we went to the community to put more pressure on israel, and we want the human rights concept to be into word inside the situation. >> sunday the israeli cabinet approved a $140 million five- year development plan for the desert. moved into a handful of government built townships. critics say that is nothing less
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than a policy that they promised to oppose at every turn. meetingternational considering ways of protecting the ocean around antarctica, failing to reach agreement. russia and ukraine blocked a move, saying that the meeting did not have the authority to set up marine protection areas. both countries had earlier backed the creation of a marine protection area as part of an effort to save critical habitats. many people say it is wildlife. the philippines, one of the fastest-growing economies in southeast asia. the number of overseas workers wanting to turn -- return home are taking advantage of the boom. we have the success story of one of those people. >> they had been a fixture on the griddle -- literally -- glittery world of high-fashion. now his goal is for his creations to shine even
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brighter, but this time in his home country of the philippines. >> every time i see someone leave the country, i feel so sad. you have to sacrifice a lot and nothing can heal the country, but ourselves. we have to start on our own. for me, i came back because i would like to help, i would like to share what i have learned abroad. >> albert came back last year and is happy with what he sees. the economy is alive and well, he says, enough to sustain an unstable industry, like fashion. the filipino economy has grown in the first quarter of this year, faster than most of their asian counterparts. according to the president, more filipinos are coming home with renewed confidence in the economy. >> albert and a number of other attorneys are just a small number of those workers. more than 2 million still work abroad and are able to find jobs
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in their own country. >> the philippine government is struggling to reduce poverty. the economy is not able to create enough opportunities for the 1 million job-seekers each year and unemployment is considered some of the worst in asia. >> at the moment, the institutions are being improved. that is the reason for the renewed confidence, essentially. now you have to move from just having good institutions to creating better business environments. >> albert remains reassured, saying that the film means creating a better future for and sell without having to live a ways from home. al-jazeera, manila.
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>> today, at my direction, the united states launched a targeted operation in abbottabad, pakis


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