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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 20, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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the firstia since load of asylum seekers to as people protest against the new policy -- australia saddens -- the firstsends boatload of asylum-seekers. also on the program, protesters in egypt maintain their sit in as the leaders of the country warn the country risks losing its standing in the arab world. return -- the kremlin critic freed on bail arrives back in moscow.
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plus -- the links japanese readers -- leaders are going to in order to win an election. the first boatload of asylum- seekers turned away from australia has been intercepted and sent to pop a new guinea. all new arrivals to australia by boat will be resettled on its pacific neighbor. >> with an election around the corner and the labour party trailing in the polls, the prime minister is keen to show he is serious about tackling illegal migration. after signing a deal with papua new guinea, he has got his chance. 83 people have been intercepted
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near the australian territory of christmas island. >> my message to asylum-seekers around the world is simple -- under the arrangement with papua new guinea, if you come here by boat, you will be sent to pop a new guinea. i also have the message for the people smugglers around the world -- your business model is over. seekers than 500 asylum- are being held while their claims are assessed. most of the facility was destroyed. >> the fact that people are here for processing does not in any way excuse them from the criminal law. >> among other places, australia processes asylum-seekers to the northeast, christmas island to the northwest, and now, papua new guinea will protest new illegal arrivals, but people are not convinced. not want the people to come and stay here. >> they come with different
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mentalities, ideas, religion, and whatever. >> what we need to do is work with our neighbors in the region safer, more stable conditions for them so that people do not take these deadly risks. what we also know is that the policies do not work. they do not address the root cause of why people are taking desperate measures to get to and that is because they are prompted by dangers elsewhere. >> it is not the first time asylum-seekers have rioted. two years ago, they set fire to a detention center in sydney. many spent months or even years in detention while waiting to hear if they will get to settle in australia. the government cost new hard- line stances designed to stun the flow of asylum-seekers, but they are concerned all it may do is increase the number of detainees. in guinea sayms
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the number of people killed in ethnic violence could be much higher than previously thought. they say the number could go up to 200 as more bodies are found. violence broke out on monday between rival ethnic groups after guards at a petrol station beat to death a young man they accused of theft. israel's finance minister says an agreement has been reached to release palestinian prisoners and an attempt to restart peace talks between the two sides. he told israel radio they would include important prisoners who had been in jail for a long time. this follows an announcement by the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, that a basis for talks had been agreed. >> on behalf of president obama, i'm pleased to announce that we haven't reached an agreement that establishes a basis for resuming direct final status
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.egotiations this is a significant and welcome step forward. the agreement is still in the process of being formalized, so we are absolutely not going to elementst any of the now. any speculation or reports you may read in the media or elsewhere or here in the press are conjecture, not based on fact because the people who know the facts are not talking about them. the parties have agreed that i will be the only one making further comments about this. if everything goes as expected, i will be joined in washington for the beginnings of additional week orthin the next so. >> u.s. prosecutors have charged a fugitive al qaeda leader for
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an attack in january that killed more than 30 people. he's wanted on charges that include hospice taking, kidnapping, and conspiring to use a weapon of mass distraction. the u.s. is offering a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest. in italy, five people have been convicted of manslaughter for the costa concordia shipwrecked. b helmsman, onboard hotel director, to naval officers, and the head of the company crisis center will be sentenced. the russian opposition leader has returned to moscow where he was greeted by hundreds of his supporters. the anti-kremlin critic was sentenced to five years in prison for theft, but on friday, he was released. alny started blogging about russianon at some of state-owned companies in 2008.
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he criticized putin's united russia party, calling it the party of crooks and thieves. he inspired mass protests against the kremlin when he was arrested and imprisoned for 15 days. he declared himself a candidate for moscow's mayoral election in september. >> this was the kind of yomecoming that alexei navaln could only have dreamed of a few days ago when he was facing five years in jail. of course, he was dramatically called back to court a day later , another request of the prosecution told that he would be freed ending his appeal. ,e has arrived back in moscow and he's announced on the steps of the railway railway station where he came in earlier on saturday that he would be running for the mayor of moscow. he said, "we will be running and we will win."
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that claim might be taken with some skepticism. some opinion polls suggest that he is a long way behind in popularity, behind the kremlin- backed candidate, but alexi navalny has aexei vociferous and growing support system here. his supporters have said they would not be frightened by any intimidation, and they hope the campaign would be a success. standarges, of course, against him. they are apt and embezzlement while he was working as an .npaid adviser to the governor he always says that those charges against him were politically inspired, designed to stem his rise in popularity, but now he is back in moscow.
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the real challenges begin as he tries to build on his support. killede women have been in protests north of egypt's capital. it happened as thousands of people took to the streets across the country rallying for and against mohamed morsy. , leavingnce broke out six others injured. one person is in critical condition. police say live ammunition sticks were used in the fighting. this was the scene where people have been holding a sit in since morsi's removal from office more than two weeks ago. thousands have been calling for his return to power. it was not just supporters of the former president who were out in force. of opponents were pledging their support for the interim government. meanwhile, egypt hoss interim foreign minister says the government has not asked for any mediation and the political crisis. his first address
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since his appointment, and he said the country is at risk of losing its leading role within the arab world. he has also pledged to strengthen egypt's place in the international community. restore the situation of egypt within the arab community. the arab world is our national framework. the arab world without egypt will lose the leadership and will lose the base, the background. this is one of the priorities of restoring egypt to its arab atmosphere. >> it was very clear from that press conference given by the interim foreign minister that the interim government is very keen on keeping the wheels of this political protest spending area fast. with very little acknowledgment of what has been going on the , they talked about what was happening going forward. theing egypt back on diplomatic map, for example.
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it is very clear that on the one hand, you have the presidency pushhe military trying to forward this road map on the other hand, you have tens of thousands on the street calling for the reinstatement of mohamed morsi. it's a wide gulf between these very hard-line positions. the question is whether and the coming days you can in way engage the muslim brotherhood so that there can be some sort of negotiation. even given that, how can a muslim brotherhood really go back to its support base after three weeks of protesting and tell them that they have accepted a deal which does not include the reinstatement of mohamed morsi? really, the muslim brotherhood are in a very difficult position, and the military and presidency do not show any signs of budging on their position. >> the nile river has been diverted to build a massive dam. the countries downstream fear it will leave them short of water. that story coming up.
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plus -- me 35yvon could have been years ago. >> president barack obama speaks out about the trayvon martin killing, calling for a debate on race in the united states. thestories on al jazeera -- first old loads of asylum- seekers trying to reach australia trying to be just really a has been intercepted and sent to papua new guinea -- the first load -- the first boat load of asylum-seekers. another night of her oh and anti-morsi protest left three people dead. alexei navalny has returned to moscow after being sentenced to five years in prison for theft
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pending his appeal. silence has broken out celebrating the capture of a serious town close to the turkish border. demonstrators threw petrol bombs and firecrackers at right police, and they responded with smoke grenades. turkey is concerned the seizure could further strengthen kurdish rebels fighting for independence. is taking and will continue to take every necessary to step keep its citizens and territory safe. within this frame, took her supporters have taken the necessary measures within the wills -- the rules of engagement and return fire and shot the bases from where gunfire was turned toward turkey. >> the u.s. president has spoken out about the george zimmerman verdict. barack obama says he could have teenagermurdered trayvon martin 35 years ago, and now he is calling for a review
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of race laws in the country. surprise.a it was personal, and it was unscripted -- an unusual appearance by president barack obama, talking about race. >> the issue of the trayvon martin ruling. >> trayvon martin was a teenager walking home, confronted by a neighborhood watchman, george zimmerman. there was a fight. martin was shot and killed. a florida jury found zimmerman not guilty. he claimed it was self defense. for almost a week, there have been protests across the country, some violent. the signs most kerry say, "i am trayvon martin." now the u.s. president is saying so is he. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> he went on to try to explain his anger. >> there are very few african american men in this country who have not had the experience of being all of when they were shopping in a department or he.
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-- shopping at a department store. that includes me. >> the president earned mostly praise on the sweltering streets of washington. >> i think it was definitely useful. i honor the fact that the president would stand up and say something. how could he not? >> the president says in the future, police need better training and that laws should be changed to make it harder to claim self-defense, and that was instantly criticized on right- leaning media. >> the president had no equipment words or any kind of words for the zimmerman family and the ordeal that they, too, have been through. added president has not fuel to the fire, has added oxygen to the fire. >> that is the risk the theident has taken, that if protests become violent, he will be blamed. in this country, still divided by race, clearly demonstrated by
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one case, the fallout and the fact that the u.s. president felt the need to say, for him, this is personal. firefighters are battling wildfires in the u.s. state of california. people have been forced to leave their homes as the fires burn for a fit they. rainer protests show while could help them through the flames, emergency workers are concerned that lightning could spark new fighters. investigators have confirmed that one of the passengers from an asiana airlines plane that crash landed in san francisco was hit and killed i a rescue vehicle. the young chinese woman was one of two passengers found dead on the runway. a third person died in hospital. >> today, because of death of passenger is listed as multiple blunt
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injuries that are consistent by a motorrun over vehicle. received when she she was alive at the time. >> a judge in michigan rules that detroit filing for bankruptcy while h the state constitution. the city is home to the nation's auto industry but has seen a decline over recent years. our correspondent explains. >> detroit, once one of america's most prosperous cities, today is the largest city in the u.s. ever to file for bankruptcy. the decline has not taken months or years, but decades. the 1960sl unrest in and the challenges within the automotive industry, detroit has slowly lost over one million of its residents. gone with them -- tax revenue and infrastructure tom a leading to stress on city services and benefits. the exodus of the this mess and industry has given rise to
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abandonment and blight. much of what used to make up the once bustling industrial complex in the city of detroit now looks like the aftermath of a long- fought war, which is why michigan governor rick snyder and state appointed emergency manager said filing for bankruptcy was the only tool to deal with the crippling debt. >> i do not view that as a terrible answer in the sense that now is our opportunity to stop 60 years of decline. this is fundamental. how long has this gone on and ,eople have not stopped to say "stop kicking the can down the road and do something?" >> some lifelong residents expressed cautious optimism. >> i guess you could call it a rebirth, sure. i'm obviously frustrated because it's like another thing to explain. i'm always on the defense. are relyingoiters on their pride and resiliency to
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move forward. >> i think that detroit is really forward-looking and having public and private groups work together, so i think there is a lot of hope for detroit. >> moving forward, it also continues on the validity of the bankruptcy filing itself. the legality is already being challenged in court. >> the indian government has ordered a review of the scheme that provides free school meals to poor students. died offter 23 children poisoning. dr. say 23 others who have fallen ill are now out of danger. >> the sound that many students at this government school wait for every day. across india, tens of millions of children like these are sitting down for a free meal, provided by the government.
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>> rice pudding, fried rice, and soybeans. >> for many, this free school lunches the only decent meal they eat all day. and not not only helps fight it actually, encourages the children to come to school. >> but the recent poisoning of dozens of primary school theents has damaged credibility of the program. more than 20 children died after eating food likely contaminated by insecticide. are now fighting for their own children. they cook good food, but sometimes it's bad. sometimes the food has insects and spoiled. governments and teachers say they are unfairly blamed. but we have to be vigilant all
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the time to make sure we have firewood and fresh vegetables. this is distracting us from teaching. parents say the program is beneficial, but quality controls need to be stepped up along with training for school cooks and teachers. >> the food quality monitoring mechanism is very poor. there are 84,000 villages, and all those religions have to be monitored because the food is being cooked there. >> for now, the government is continuing with the mid-day meal scheme, but it will have to work hard to restore people's faith in the program. >> we are hearing from our teams in beijing, that there has been an explosion at has taken place at beijing international airport. hall of the arrival
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international airport in terminal three, there's no word yet on any casualties or debts, but -- casualties or debts, but that explosion has taken place in terminal three. we will be speaking to our correspondent in beijing to find out more, and we will be with you as soon as we can. for thousands of years, the nile river has provided for the people living along its banks colonial ambitions but cause tensions. a town in ethiopia has a project that has raised concerns in other nile countries. >> for ethiopia, this is the key to prosperity. egypt is concerned about the possible impact on the floor of the nile. with ethiopia diverted it, it
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intentions. >> this is a misunderstanding. >> this is where the river flows too. leveraging the river was to pave way for the next phase of construction. eventually, in less than a year, there will be a permanent diversion where the water will flow through panels that will be under the dam. this will not affect the flow of water. that egypt andue ethiopia's distance show how critical it is to have proper talks the twin i'll of the countries that share the nile. >> there is expectation from
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egypt also recognized. .asically, engaged >> six countries have already signed an agreement. they gave egypt and sudan the largest share of the river and power over 80 projects. some countries have refused to sign that agreement. >> about 58% of ethiopians do not have electricity, and even those who do are frustrated by constant blackouts. the government says providing clean, affordable energy is the
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one thing that will not be sidetracked. . if workers have arrived. they were kidnapped from kenya by somali fighters in 2011 and held hostage for nearly two years. it's not clear whether ransom was paid for their release. political candidates and japan are making their final appeal to voters ahead of sunday's upper house elections. minister's ruling liberal democratic party appear set for a landslide victory, and this would give him full control of parliament, making it easier to pass legislation. of has promised a series reforms to revive the country's ailing economy. japan is a world leader in technology, and for the first time ever, candidates are using the internet as a campaigning tool.
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it is all about attracting the younger vote. >> in this campaign, if you want to get elected, you had better be as connected as the people you are trying to reach, especially the young, and with the apps to match. this is from prime minister shinzo abe's party. down some from side to side and see how high he will go. he is quite cute when he smiles, this girl told us. seriousance to more campaigning through facebook and twitter, never have japanese parties been so tuned into social media in the fight for votes. not to be outdone, the main opposition democratic party of .apan has developed its own app download it onto your device, point it in the direction of the official poster, and as it i magic, the party leader will come out and give you his own
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very personal speech brought to you on your own device. and if you are completely won allows you toapp pose with him in your very own campaign poster. >> in japan, the younger generation is getting smaller, and their voting rate is low, so their voice is not heard. this is one way of getting them interested in politics. >> i do not know if it appeals to the young, this young voter told us, but probably to the older politicians thinking it appeals to the young. started, but in the battle of the apps, the big parties are running neck and neck.
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>> hello, i'm john cleese and i've got a question for you. what do you believe about ecstasy? not the drug, of course, but ecstasy as in the ecstatic state, that phenomenon found in so many religious and spiritual traditions. well, in this program, we will explore the ecstatic state through the inner world of the sufis and the whirling dervishes of turkey and of the orisha priestesses of africa and brazil. so, settle back, take a deep breath, as we join our host phil cousineau on this memorable, highly charged episode of "global spirit," the first internal travel series.


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