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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the newshour. jazeera'sal headquarters here in doha. here are the top stories. the lumbee as president orders the army to shoot to kill after rebels kill forces. gunmen stormed iraq's largest prison in another blow for iraqi security. pope francis sets off on his first overseas tour. we will report from brazil, where drones are being deployed for security.
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plus, we have reaction from paris and the man who first coached him. columbia's president has told his soldiers not to stop shooting until the conflict with over.s 17 soldiers were killed after they were ambushed by rebels on saturday. at least 10 of the attackers were killed and 12 arrested for the attack. another four soldiers were killed in a separate attack in the south. the president's comments have raised concerns about peace talks launched last year. >> the instructions to our armed forces, do not stop shooting until we have the end of this conflict. that is how we are going to get to this moment faster, by using blunt force. alessandroder a --
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is in the colombian capital. strong words from the president. correct that is what we understand right now and that is what the government has been saying today. santos flew to the border region with venezuela and had a high- level security meeting with the minister of defense and with other high-level officials in the military. they say they have captured 12 farc rebels that allegedly are dissipated -- participated in this attack. today was the bloodiest day for the colombian military since that peace talks here. he needed to give a strong response to what happened and show strength on the part of the government and the military that has been so badly attacked
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today. yesterday, saturday, was independence day. that was strongly felt by the people. it was a very symbolic data have have all of these casualties. >> telling colombian soldiers to shoot to kill rebels. at the same time, also saying that peace talks will continue. how can they make any progress while the fighting continues? >> we have heard this doubletalk throughout the peace negotiations. what is happening is that santos is saying that there will be no cease-fire. at the beginning of the peace talks, the farc offered a unilateral cease-fire as a gesture of goodwill. the government did not respond to that. they said once again today that no cease-fire will be possible until there is a full peace agreement on the table.
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that is because, politically, santos cannot offer that to the farc. there is a very wary public here in columbia. they are afraid that a cease- fire will give the farc the possibility to rearm and reorganize into territories that they control, in many ways. this is what many people feel has happened in previous failed the stalks. >> thank you. speaking to us from the colombian capital of bogota. in iraq, a wave of violence. gunmen armed with mortars and grenades have attacked the abu theib prison outside capital baghdad and also a prison further north in the town of tashi -- taji. the country is still reeling from bomb attacks on saturday
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that killed more than 50 people. >> these days, iraq seems unfixable. almost every evening, a series of bombings. this one was in the neighborhood of new baghdad. one of the 11 coordinated car bombs in the capital. the attacks were mostly in markets and shia muslim neighborhoods. a lot of people who work here do not have much to begin with. but they also targeted the mixed middle-class area. where soldiers prevented the media from filming the funerals. exploded at the end of this street in the heart of the commercial district. police pass by here all the time, they did not spot the part car bomb. the dead were mostly hard- working iraq is struggling to make a living selling fruits and vegetables. this is traditionally one of the calmer areas. no one here feel safe anymore. >> there is no life here anymore for us. while this continues, someone
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who goes out for bread dies. someone who goes to warship dies and someone who goes out to the streets to make a living dies. >> cafes have become one of the biggest targets along with mosques, sunni as well as shia. is battlingnister internal political division. iraq is caught between pressure from iran and syria. there have been no claims of responsibility for these explosions. they have left the iraqi government unable to convince iraq is they are safe in their own -- iraqis they are safe in their own streets. >> the professor of middle east studies at the american university joins us now via skype from washington. welcome to al jazeera. i understand that you believe the instability in iraq is a direct result of the u.s. invasion. is that correct? >> to a large
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extent, yes. clearly, there are problems and there were problems in iraq that existed as a result of the authoritarian government, which existed in baghdad. there were problems they go back for hundreds of years. there is no doubt that the situation, as it unfolded after the 1990-1991 war, the sanctions , the devastation of the iraqi infrastructure, what took place during the 2003 invasion, the solutions that were offered by the u.s. administration at that iraqis were the dealt with on the basis of their ethnic or religious background. they were either kurds, sunni, or shia. this was in a country that had begun to establish a national identity. what we ended up seeing was the
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whichn-ization of iraq, iraqis are paying a price for today. that is one side. there is also the responsibility that falls on the officials and various political and religious groups within iraq. as a result of that, we have seen polarization. mistrusteen increased between the opposition and the government. and the situation has deteriorated further, as we heard from your report, as a result of the ongoing civil war inside syria. that is impacting on the situation on iraq and vice versa. government can get past these internal divisions, could they do something to make iraq safer? >> clearly, i think they could do more. the number one thing has to need
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to reestablish some kind of trust, to begin some kind of dialogue, perhaps to rely on the to dealtion to begin with the country's problems. one of the problems is how to divide revenue from oil and gas between arabs and kurds. once they begin to do that, that will contribute a great deal to improvement of the relationship between iraq's central government and the kurdish regional government. more important than that, there has to be a new focus on using iraq's oil to improve the living standards of average iraqis. they continue to suffer. security is getting worse and worse. they also suffer from lack of very good educational institutions, water resources, health, employment. you have a very high level of unemployment among the youth.
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there is a great deal of corruption. these are just some of the problem's that are plaguing iraq and there has to be a by officials as well as the opposition if iraq is going to continue to survive as a sovereign, independent state. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. the professor of middle east studies at the american university. , a soldier has been killed and three others injured in the sinai peninsula. it happened at a checkpoint near the border town. it is the latest of a series of attacks in the area. the muslim brotherhood is showing no sign it is ready to engage with egypt's new leaders. there are protests in eight different cities in support of the deposed president mohamed morsi. thousands of his supporters are in cairo, where they have set up a tent city. they are demanding that he be reinstated as president.
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thehe mood among many of pro-mohamed morsi campaigners in cairo has been one of anger in the last 24 hours. reacting to friday nights killing of three female protesters. many people say they were ,eliberately targeted by thugs although some people dispute that version of events, saying that they died in clashes between different sides of the political divide. what is clear is that the mohamed morsi supporters are using those events to claim that the security forces are actually being partial, not doing their job in protecting those who protest. there was a peaceful protest on sunday, with thousands of women marching in the direction of the defense ministry in cairo, not getting anywhere near there, stopped by large barricades by
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the military, but making their point that they want mohamed morsi reinstated and an investigation into what they are calling atrocities by the security forces. on monday, there will be a large rally by the row morsi can't -- pro-morsi camp. this movement is hoping to see a repeat of friday's large numbers turning out, calling for the reinstatement of the deposed president. >> much more to come on the al jazeera news hour. in syria, rebels and government forces are locked in a fight to capture aleppo's western suburbs. we will bring you the latest. in belgium, thousands welcome the new king. and australia's cricketers are completely outplayed at lord's.
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brazil is preparing for the arrival of pope francis. it is his first international the since becoming head of catholic church. people from around the world have been arriving in rio de janeiro as they host their world youth day celebration. >> pope francis expected to arrive here monday afternoon, about 4:00 or so local time. 1.5 million-2t million people expected to be here this week. mostly tourists or religious pilgrims. many are here for the world youth day events, charcoal and siding with pope francis' visit. officials have a lot to worry about. at the top of the list is security. beach,famous copacabana they are taking in the sun. there is also final preparations going on, building a stage for a papal mass. it is one of the major events
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surrounding the catholic church's world youth day that will bring upwards of 2 million religious pilgrims and tourists to the city. but it seems like this will worry security organizers. battles last week between police and protesters. rallyrted as a peaceful outside the home of the governor , calling for his impeachment. officials hope they will not see a repeat of this or the mass protests that swept result last month during international football tournament. >> we have been monitoring possible protests to quantify the number of people who might take heart, to see what their behavior is, and to verify the best measures on a case-by-case basis. >> the personal protection of the pope is being handled by 50 professional police. even that will be a challenge as the pope plans to use an open top vehicle some of the time to
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get around rather than the more secure pope mobile. the vatican says it does not want security to infringe upon his contact with worshipers. still, this is the largest security operation ever mounted ofbrazil for a visiting head state, combining 14,000 soldiers and another 14,000 local police. or than 1000 national force police from the ministry of justice land shut down roads and highways where the pope is traveling. from hundreds of cameras, security forces should be able to respond to emergencies quickly. it is the street protests that can be unpredictable. >> there is protocol and ways in place to deal with organized demonstrations. there is no strategy in the world for the police to act when you have chaos and confusion. confusion, two things security officials are hoping the world will not see in rio this week.
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while more than 1000 federal police agents are specifically going to be tasked with the security for the pope, a lot of these thousands of other police and security officials are really owing to be responsible for the safety of all of the religious pilgrims that are here as well. city and federal officials are going to be using all sorts of tools that they have at their disposal. they will even be using unmanned drones to be monitoring the crowds of people as the week progresses. there are as many as six different road tests planned -- rio,sts planned here in not specifically against the church or pope, but for other things like better public services. these will be watched closely by city officials and security forces to make sure that these do not affect, in any way, with the pope or the events going on this week in rio. >> the president of the philippines will soon deliver
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his fourth state of the nation address in manila. after taking office, has he delivered on his policies to fight corruption? what is he expected to say? >> as he faces the nation today, he is expected to talk about the final roadmap of his final two years in office. he is also expected to highlight the achievements of his last three years. this is the fight against corruption and anti- policy measures. projects areme facing serious scrutiny. many are wondering if he will be able to live up to expectations. the president came to power on the coattails of a political dynasty. his father was assassinated. presidency on the back of a people power
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revolution. when he was sworn into office in 2010, he promised to fight corruption and poverty. three years later, he still commands a fairly high popularity rating due largely to his efforts to curb corruption in government. the philippine economy is seen as one of the most robust in southeast asia. foreign direct investment has more than doubled and the countries global credit rating has improved. she voted for him because of his parents. but she says life has not improved the way she expected. nothing changed. we still cannot find jobs. yet everything becomes more expensive. there is no livelihood. he promised so much but did not deliver. x more than 30% of people here live below the poverty line. the government's anti-poverty measures are struggling due a rapidly growing population. war than 2.2 million filipinos were unable to find jobs back home. the economy remains highly
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dependent on overseas. many say he has to do more. >> that has to be supplemented by real structural reforms in the economy, for instance, land reform is one important component of that. energizing our stagnant manufacturing sector as well as our backwards agricultural sector. political capital needs to be harnessed in a decisive way. >> his government has also met security challenges. there is a territorial dispute in the south china seas. the liberation front in the southern philippines and the increasingly violent communist insurgencies happening across the country. ends in 2016. although millions still put their trust in him, many worry that three years may not be enough time to solve the
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countries remaining problems. has enjoyed enormous political capital, thousands are expected to march in protest today. they say the biggest challenge in his presidency is economic expansion and that is one that would benefit millions of filipinos who are living below the poverty line. >> thank you. live from manila. released aali have group of election workers who were kidnapped while disturbing voter id cards. they are due to hold a presidential election next week despite concerns over security. largely underns the control of tuareg separatists. two people have been killed in pakistan in an attack targeting the office of a political out -- political party. the building was hit with gunfire and hand grenades. it housed and anti-taliban group. to syria now. 13 people from the same family
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have been killed by syrian government forces. --allegedly took place elsewhere, rebels were battling to gain controls of -- to gain control of aleppo's western suburb. >> under the cover of darkness, rebel fighters advance. it is one of the last towns in the western parts of the aleppo province still held by president assad's forces. fighting continued throughout the night. in the temporary operations room, the manners follow the course. men are taking part in the battle. taking control gives us full control of the western entrance to aleppo. daybreak rings more fighting.
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there is no let up in the rebels effort to retake syria, village by village. >> a large part has been liberated. the operations room for the regular army command was based in this area. large parts of the northern district and the neighborhood, the closest to aleppo, or liberated as well. after the neighborhood, we can enter aleppo. >> the rebels see their progress in fighting as crucial. it takes them closer to the homs military academy, one of the headquarters of the regimes forces. they say the neighboring connell is their next effort. the army has been trying to build up around the province in order to take the city of aleppo. push has beenmies dogged by rebels. elsewhere, a stream of victories seemed to have shifted the
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overall momentum in the regimes favor. australia says those on the pacific island are not exempt from the law. they are defending their decision to press charges against 125 asylum seekers. a were taken into custody after a riot that left much of the detention center destroyed. totralia has arrangements hold people who tried to reach its shores by boat. should underestimate the legal power that i have as the australian immigration minister to refuse or cancel visas on character grounds. >> seven people have been injured in mexico after an oil pipeline exploded. it happened in a field, sending plumes of smoke into the sky. police rushed to the scene and were among the injured. thepetroleum companies said
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pipeline might have exploded due to illegal tapping. has been celebrating the swearing in of its new monarch following the abdication of his father. thousands of people lined the streets or the celebrations. >> addressing his people for the first time as king, this air force pilot has become the next monarch of belgium. swear i will respect the constitution and the law of the belgian people to maintain the independence of the country and to maintain the belgian territory intact. received theppe crown from his father, who abdicated after 20 years on the throne. personal message was a tribute to his family. supportede who have me throughout my entire range, i would like to say ain't you and a big cheers. and a big cheers.
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philippe, you have all of the emotional and intellectual ologies needed to serve our country. you and your dear spouse have all our trust. >> king philippe and his wife addressed thousands of well- wishers. still a nation divided by language and culture. monarchywary of a rooted in the south. >> we are in the 21st century today. we think that we have no problem with taking -- with a king. air is only one place he belongs and that is a fairytale. come to show their support and enthusiasm for the new king. a ceremony coloring the brussels skyline. that remindsrade
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philippe of the serious task ahead. the role of king has become increasingly political in recent years. day ending with an impressive day at the capitol, a moment of reflection before reality kicks in for the people and their new king. >> welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. gunmen in iraq have attacked the abu ghraib risen outside baghdad. it is believed they were trying to free prisoners loyal to al qaeda. columbia's president -- president has told their forces not to stop shooting until their conflict with farc rebels is over. 21 soldiers were killed in an attack on friday. at the same time, the president
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says peace talks will continue. a soldier has been killed and three others injured in egypt. where ack happened checkpoint and police station were hit with rocket propelled grenades. says heforeign minister supports the syrian uprising and wants to see democracy there. he also called for an end to the fighting. the meeting comes after egypt's interim government says it will re-examine mohamed morsi's decision to cut diplomatic ties with syria. a panel of legal experts have started work on revising egypt's constitution. before it isdays reviewed by another group. critics say the constitution drafted under mohamed morsy failed to protect human rights and minorities. the economy has also suffered. the finance ministry says the deficit for the first five months has nearly doubled from
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2012. more from cairo. >> the first cabinet meeting lasted almost four hours. a statement was released. the statement fairly tried to reflect the key concerns that egyptians have had over the past few months. chief among those is the economy. the statement read that the cabinet would try to regulate the price of basic goods and commodities. it would also look into the distribution of bread and fuel. people were resorting to the black markets. then it talked about the top priorities of the interim cabinet -- being national reconciliation. not excluding any group from this process. nice words, but the reality on the street is that what has been the biggest and most powerful group in the country until now, the muslim brotherhood, has said that they will not engage in the political process. they see it as illegitimate.
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until president mohamed morsi is reinstated. >> shinzo abe has secured victory in parliamentary elections in japan. his coalition will now have control of both houses in parliament for the first time in six years. he is due to speak in the next couple of hours. we will take a closer look at what he may say in a moment. jubilation at the headquarters of the little democratic party and for the man deemed at the -- as the architect of the party, shinzo abe. seat.ibbons, one for each adding up to enough for a big majority in conjunction with the ldp's coalition partners. it was his economic strategy that got this win, an agenda he has promised to continue. the japanese people have given us their strong support. we are very grateful for that. regarding our economic policy,
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we intend to continue with that as swiftly as possible. what is being asked of us is that the ldp show its strength and proceed with economic policy so that the japanese benefit from that. was ay felt that the ldp safe choice that would guarantee further economic recovery. besides, there was little choice in a name that saw the opposition party of japan decimated. >> who else is going to give us solid government for economic growth? i voted ldp. is no one party that you can truly trust. i suppose the only safe option is the ldp. >> many people in japan now hope that years of political factionalism will give way to a more effective government.
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man of the the moment, has a greater challenge ahead. written off as a politician six years ago, when he was forced to minister, this is a real achievement. taking all his further economic reforms in a country renowned for its rigid regulation and powerful interest whoops -- groups and getting coalition partners to agree to changes to the country's constitution. now the real test is just beginning. tokyo is ans from economist. welcome to al jazeera. a significant victory for shinzo abe a and his ruling party in the upper house elementary elections. abenomics seems to be working, but to keep japan going, doesn't shinzo abe now need to put in place painful reforms, raise taxes, and also tried to open japan's economy to more
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competition? >> yes, indeed. as for the election itself, it is a great win for japan, both for prime minister abe himself and japan as a whole. for the last few years, japan has been suffering where opposition party control one them the houses. whatever the policies, the japanese government tended to find it very difficult to push them through. a greatabe has opportunity for the next few years to implement all the necessary reforms that he has been advocating for years. >> in our has the power. he does he have the will -- now has the power. but does he have the will to put in place these painful reforms? >> that is a big question. i think one big concern for the market is that he does have some
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nationalistic tendencies. he has been advocating to change the constitution. i think the election result itself actually says no to these nationalistic tendencies. nationalistic parties, but they did not win many votes. i think the prime minister understands that it is economic reforms to implement. i do not think he will diver to these nationalistic ideas. >> do you think abenomics will lead to japan's full economic recovery? >> well, it is difficult to talk about the future. for the next 12 months, i do think there is a very high chance that the japanese economy can keep growing.
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in april of next year, there will be a consumption tax rate hike or it i think it -- tax rate hike. i think it will be difficult for it to go all the way through with this fiscal tightening. i do think the government will come up with more spending plans to offset the pain of fiscal tightening. >> thank you for speaking to us. investigators in panama have confirmed that 2 mig fighter jets were on board a north korean ship. ony also found radar systems the ship that was stopped by panama on july 7. it was on its way from cuba. cuba's government said they were being sent to north korea for repairs. officials in new zealand's capital of wellington have started cleaning up after sunday's earthquake. the city was rattled by a 6.9
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tremor that broke water mains and shattered windows. it left parts of the city without power. or people were injured. -- 4 people were injured. the enforcement of a ban has led to more protests in france. 20 cars were torched and more violence in a paris suburb. >> for a second night in a row, trouble broke out in a paris hubbard. cars were set on fire as anger over the enforcement of the law boiled over. there were fewer people involved than friday night, but there were several arrests. >> the beginning of the night was calm. on the second part of the night, a small group was forming. about 50 assailants were involved. they started to fight against the police and burned vehicles and rubbish and public property.
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>> the ban on school-based sales was introduced two years ago under nicolas sarkozy's government. theeceived support across political spectrum. some campaigners said it stigmatized some muslims. women who break the law face fines and a possibility of being .ent to citizenship classes the latest unrest was triggered when a man was arrested on thursday. he allegedly assaulted a police officer during an identity check on his wife, who was wearing a full face veil. night, 250 people were involved in a violent confrontation with the police. a teenager suffered a severe eye injury. officers say they will maintain a presence in the area until calm is restored. >> portugal says it has spoken to the nation after talks wrote
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down between the three main political parties. they have been trying to ensure that a 102 billion dollar international bailout for portugal stays on track. the president of portugal says the country will continue as it is and he has called for more talks between parties. the national salvation compromise was not possible to achieve, i considered that the best alternative solution is to remain in its function. cohesion and solidarity of the code -- could be the end. secretary. secretary says he agrees with the greeks efforts. he has been holding talks with the prime minister in athens. he acknowledged the challenges greece has been dealing with but says ongoing reforms are still needed to stabilize the economy. >> we know that greece has passed through a very difficult of adjustment and reform.
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we recognize the difficult decisions and shared sacrifices of the last few years as well as the challenges that remain. i am particularly pleased to see that your government is close to completing the first program review and taking difficult actions necessary to sustain momentum for your economic reforms. a rich cultural heritage. in the face of its economic woes, the art endures -- the art industry is struggling to survive. >> she is one-woman export industry. her poems have been translated and sold around the world, turning her into a national brand, part of the greek landscape. greece is so proud -- [no audio]
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>> of course they are missing. they are not paid. you can organize evenings. comet art does not always cheap. the television orchestra will go when the broadcaster is revamped. even the centerpiece of athenian cultural life, the athens cultural hall, is not guaranteed survival. our funding has fallen by about a quarter of $1 billion over three years. even the national book center is too close. greece has produced 2 nobel laureates in literature. culture is arguably its greatest export. for greece, culture ancient and modern is big business. but you have to invest to collect.
11:40 pm
greeks spend $175 million on the museum, now a pilgrimage for millions of people each year. the new culture minister is not promising new money. >> money is not everything. of course, money is necessary. but there is a certain imagination. people also like things to be honest and for the joy of doing them. they love the history and culture within the soul of all greeks. imagination little to explain how she would spend her prize money. she needs to fix her house. like many greeks, she has decided not to dwell on what she does not have. >> do stay with us. andng up, they bring death distraction. why a university in the u.s. is creating tornadoes. >> dwelling on the champs élysees in paris. we have a winner of the tour de france.
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>> welcome back. tornado season has been one of the worst on record. in texas, scientists are trying to find a solution to help save lives. >> it has been a deadly tornado season in the united states. scores have been killed and towns have been ripped to pieces. tornadoes cannot be prevented, but they can be studied. here at texas tech university, scientists are doing just that. this is the vortex, the world's largest tornado simulator. a powerful fans at the top draw in air with 64 precisely positioned airfoils directing the flow. the result is a miniature tornado. ofis used to test the design
11:43 pm
buildings and storm shelters to make them more tornado resistant. only a fraction as powerful as a real tornado, but it is helping scientists better understand one of the most violent and awe-inspiring forces of nature. texas tech's national wind institute lubbock was created in response to a calamity. in 1970, a massive tornado swept through lubbock, flattening sections of downtown, killing 26 people and injuring more than 250. scientific study may someday help minimize that kind of destruction, says researcher karen. >> we have several objectives in this project. the primary one is to protect people's lives and property. we are testing models of buildings to get a better idea of what the forces are on those structures so we can get an idea of how the winds destroy them. with that knowledge in mind, we can develop better designs that
11:44 pm
will better protect people. >> they are testing designed for shelters to see which materials will withstand the impact of the tornado-driven debris. due to political budget battles in washington, funding for scientific research has been cut, including money for the wind institute and its research. as a result, scientists fear they may have to slow down or put on hold projects that could one day save lives. >> it is time for all the sports. here is robin. >> we start with golf. phil mickelson has continued his love of scottish courses. the american one last week's scottish open and has a victory at the british open championship. open championship will be remembered as one of the toughest for many years. the course proved hard to tame.
11:45 pm
lee westwood went into the final round leading by two shots. 75 saw his challenge fade away. third was ian poulter. his third round of 70. the man they were all watching going into the final round was tiger woods, starting the day to behind the leader. six bogeys stalled his search for a 15th major wind. he tied for sixth. the day belonged to fellow american mickelson, going five shots back to surge through the leaderboard. a blistering 66, the lowest round of this year's tournament. the five underscore saw him finish three shots clear of the field. his first open victory and fifth major. off, play some of the best
11:46 pm
probably the best round of my career, and breakthrough and capture this, it is some -- probably the most fulfilling moment of my career. it is something i was not sure i would be able to ever do. just five weeks after suffering a record six second- place finishes at the u.s. open, the man known as a lefty lifted the famous jug as the open jam digit winner. -- as the open winner. a britain can celebrate second consecutive tours in as chris froome took home the yellow jersey. >> the first ever nighttime finish and wearing the winners the man who eliminated the race from start to finish, chris froome.
11:47 pm
he did not just cope with the brutal 3400 kilometer course over 20 stages, he flourished. it has been a long journey from his early days in kenya to glory in paris. four minuteszing and 20 seconds to spare in victory. while a german won the final stage to take a slice of history too. the hundreds of thousands who came to watch were all proof that this nation and cycling's large army of devotees remain loyal to the tour de france. >> it is an exhibition a little bit. >> it has been going for so long, it is an institution. >> i watch it on tv. i also go to the stages. i love cycling in the mountains and to cheer the riders. >> enthusiasm has not been tampered by the scandal of lance
11:48 pm
armstrong doping and him being stripped of the seven consecutive titles he won the twin 1999-2005. 1999-2005. armstrong was the only competitor not invited to a grand celebration that celebrated this event. team sky released private data backing up their investments. he is clean. the uncertainty over doping is a contradiction of the tour de france. they were quick to accuse him of doping. the event may never lose its controversial nature, yet it remains as popular as ever. >> he was actually born in kenny. he was discovered by a well- known local cyclist. he spent most of his life coaching young boys who came
11:49 pm
from poor backgrounds. >> the challenge is to ride for 80 kilometers. it is a distance that takes them through rough terrain, a steep climb, and the breathtaking scenery of central kenya. it is not an easy ride. they stopped several times for repairs. but cycling is a way of life for these young kenyans. this is where their idol, chris froome, used to train. >> the journey i have taken to get here from where i started, iding on a little mountain bike on dirt roads back in kenya, to be right here in yellow in the tour de france, the biggest event in cycling, yeah, it is difficult for me to put it into words. showed his first professional bicycle. he kept it as a memento drinker and young cyclists that he now
11:50 pm
trains. >> i have been privileged to work with him. , just by playing with bikes and riding bicycles and determination and he will he had to be something, that was special. >> but it is a struggle for cycling in kenya. >> it is an expensive sport. not many people can afford a bike. they are substandard. >> this training center is one of only a few in the country. he encourages the nation to keep it going. >> most of the cyclists here are poor. all they have is ambition and a dream that one day it will succeed. life at home is not easy for the youngest and most promising cyclist. but the bicycle has made it more bearable.
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>> before you decide to do anything, you must love it. these cyclists desperately want to make it. watching someone like chris froome in the tour de france only helps strengthen their resolve. clinched thes second test in fantastic fashion. a 347-run victory. the third biggest test win and puts them a good position to claim a third series. australia hurts. back to the drawing board. they are 2-nil down. >> certain moments in this game, we were right on the cusp. a huge credit to the lads that we were able to pull through and stick with that performance.
11:52 pm
beis a good dressing room to in. we do what we always do, which is enjoyed tonight, recover well, and we will come back after winning this game. >> a very special football match in the south korean capital of seoul. ordinarily a game in the east asian cup women's tournament. when it has north and south korea playing each other, people take notice. >> in training at the world cup stadium, north korea's women showed off their powerful shooting and they're well drilled cohesion. if there were any nerves about the contest or about being south of the demilitarized zone, they were not on show. when asked the team's thoughts about being here so soon after a crisis, political sensitivities were laid bare.
11:53 pm
>> we are here to play football in the east asian continent. >> in march and april, relations reached their lowest point in many years. pyongyang issued repeated threats of nuclear war. the governments are at least talking again. so far, without result. this tournament has provided a limited opportunity for cultural and sporting exchange. if you are giving it more weight than that. >> although we are in a political standoff, it would be even worse if there were confrontations in the sporting arena as well. korean team has the upper hand. i believe south korea can get a win today. >> soon enough, it was time for the political context to dissolve and the sporting contest to take over. two goals confirmed north korea's superiority in the women's game. final score ,2-1. they play japan on tuesday and china on saturday.
11:54 pm
the 60th anniversary of the end of the fighting in the korean war. >> that is it for now. thank you for watching. >> do stay with us on al jazeera. more news for you after a very quick rate. thanks so much for watching. goodbye now.
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