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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  July 22, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me, 35 years ago. >> as protests continue over the acquittal of george zimmerman, we speak to cornel west about president obama's remarks about trayvon martin and race relations. and newly disclosed e-mails obtained by the associated press showed former indiana governor mitch daniels, now head of
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purdue university, moved to remove hard zinn's work in classrooms weeks before the historians death. editor,speak with his anthony arnove, and hear zinn in his own words. people that tell roosevelt, one of our great heroes, was a warmonger, loved military exploits, and congratulated a general who committed a massacre in the philippines? should we tell young people that? i think we should be honest with young people. all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. thousands of demonstrators rallied for a week ever the acquittal of george zimmerman and the shooting of trayvon martin. in new york city, the mother of
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trayvon martin, sybrina fulton, addressed hundreds. >> in the courtroom, it seemed that they were talking about another man. it was a child. child.ved as a do not take my word for it. not only to live out to do what i can with trayvon martin, i promise you i will work hard for your children as well. joined by fulton was speakers such as how sharpton. z were also jay- there in support. stevie wonder said that he could not perform in any state with
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stand your ground laws in effect. rallies were held in dozens of other cities, including miami, los angeles, oakland, and adelanto. president obama surprised reporters in the white house briefing room by delivering his first remarks after the death of martin after zimmerman's acquittal. in comments that not only touched on the shooting and on racial profiling, he said that it could have been him as a young man. he questioned the stand your ground laws that delayed zimmerman possible arrest. those who resist the idea that we should think about something like these stand your ground lost, i want people to consider, if trayvon martin was of age and armed, could he have
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stood his ground on that sidewalk? have beenk he would justified in shooting mr. zimmerman, who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, it seems to me, we may want to examine those kinds of laws. >> we will have more on the remarks and will talk to cornel west. the pentagon has announced 71 guantanamo prisoners will fa parole-style hearings. the board will not rule on whether prisoners are being lawfully held, or if their imprisonment is needed to protect the ad states from major threats. the military has yet to disclose which prisoners will go first and whether the media will be allowed to observe. president obama first ordered the reviews two years ago.
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the prisoners have to not include the 86 others that have been cleared for release but remain behind bars. the move comes amidst a long least 46rike with at being force fed. the surveillance court has issued a new round of bulk surveillance on the phone data of calls in the united states. the last order was among the many disclosures of edward snowden. the order he revealed expired on friday. a former cia officer arrested in panama in connection with an italian conviction has returned to the united states. robert seldon lady was convicted in italy and was sentenced to nine years in prison for the kidnapping of a cleric known as abu omar. he was taken off the streets of the lawn before being sent to egypt where he was tortured.
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in panama butned was released and put on a u.s.- bound plane. it is rumored the obama administration placed pressure on panama behind the scenes, but details have yet to emerge. italy says the extradition was this regard without plausible explanation. this comes as the u.s. is seeking extradition of roberts noted. at least 83 people were killed in a weekend of violence across iraq the deadliest day came on saturday with at least 70 dead. it is the worst sectarian violence seen since 2008. than 5.40 people have been killed this month. the obama administration has announced preliminary talks between israeli and palestinian
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authorities after nearly three years. talks have been stalled over palestinian demands that israel halt settlement expansion in the west bank. on friday, john kerry said he secured pledges to hold initial talks. wei am pleased to announce have reached an agreement that establishes a base for resuming direct, final status negotiations between the palestinians and israelis. significant and welcome step forward. we know that the challenges require some tougher choices in the days ahead. today, however, i am hopeful. >> he expects to host officials from both sides in the coming weeks. the palestinian authority has already downplayed the agreement saying it will not begin formal negotiations until israel had decided to free expansions. venezuela has halted a bid to
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improve ties with the u.s. in the wake of comments by president obama for the un ambassador. focusha power vowed to on civil societies. the venezuelan government said it would abandon talks, saying it would never accept interference in its internal affairs. the u.s. military sparked criticism in australia after dropping four unarmed bombs on a protected natural park. two jets were forced to dump their explosives when their training mission was canceled. the inert bombs were dropped on the great barrier reef marine park, a highly instrumental sensitive area. the navy says it is planning a mission to recover the bombs. activists have already been
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protesting the training exercises. larissa waters, an australian senator said -- japan has acknowledged for the first time the fukushima daiichi power plant has leaked contaminated water into the sea. the plant operator admitted that radioactive material had likely been leaking for the past two years ever since it was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami. radiation levels have spiked in groundwater surrounding the plant, but officials say the leak has been contained to the surrounding bay. chinese media reports a series of earthquakes in a western province. hundreds of others were injured with 71 dead. the initial earthquake had a magnitude of 5.9.
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a michigan judge has ordered detroit to withdraw the city's bankruptcy petition because it could cut the pensions of retired public employees, thereby violating the state's constitution. the michigan attorney general appealed the ruling after it came down on friday. detroit last week became the largest city in the country to file for bankruptcy with unpayable debts estimated at $18 billion. half of those are in unfunded pensions and benefits to thousands of public workers and retirees. speaking on fox news sunday, kevyn orr said pension cuts are inevitable. >> we are going to have a dialogue about what we can do. there are two different funds, police and fire, general services. all we are talking about in this restructuring is the unfunded component. it is a significant sum of
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money, make no mistake. there will be concessions, and they will be different on each fund, but there will be some component. foro pensioners who worked the city for decades are not going to get the benefits they thought they would get. >> there will probably need to be some adjustments. >> proceedings could begin this week. if approved in court, they would have to enter into negotiations to resolve the debt. a federal appeals court has ordered a new york times reporter to testify in the criminal trial of an ex-cia officer accused of being his source. prosecutors believe jeffrey sterling gave the new york times information on the cia's role in disrupting iran's's nuclear program. a veteran judge previously
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leveled the claim, but the administration appealed. the court of appeals for the fourth circuit ruled on friday that james rise and must testify because the first amendment does not protect reporters who receive unauthorized leaks. --a dissent, a judge said james verizon has vowed to go to prison rather than testify and to bring his appeal before the supreme court. the trail blazing journalist helen thomas has died at the age of 92. widely known as the dean of the white house press corps, helen thomas became the first woman assigned to avoid those -- to the white house full time when she began to cover the kennedy
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administration. she went on to cover every president since until controversial comments about the israeli-palestine to to ration forced her to retire. she challenged the administration on issues including the iraq war and its massive civilian toll, a threat of attacks on iran, the refusal to sign a cluster bomb treaty, the killings of afghanistan civilians, and its support of israel. in 2007, and george to be a bush reverted to a tradition he long ignored, giving thomas the first question. >> i would be glad to answer a few questions, starting with ms. thomas. >> you can end it today.
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2 million iraqis have fled the country. [inaudible] thousands are dead. [inaudible] actually, i was hoping to solve the iraqi issue diplomatically. that is why i went to the united nations and worked with the security council, which unanimously passed a resolution that said disclose, disarm, or face serious consequences. that was the clear message to saddam hussein. it was his decision. >> that is the late helen thomas questioning george bush in 2007.
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rivera that year, i interviewed thomas in memphis and asked her about her take on the consolidation of media control by a small number of the corporations. the profits and help the country. the media should be a public service. you cannot have a democracy without and informed people, and that should be their role. they can make their money everywhere else. thomas ins helen 2007. she died on saturday at the age of 92. you can go to to see our interviews with her over the years. democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. on saturday, thousand of demonstrators gathered in cities nationwide to continue protesting the acquittal of george zimmerman and the shooting death of on our african-american teenager
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trayvon martin. saturday, hundreds gathered in new york city in front of one police plaza, the headquarters of the new york police department, to demand justice. some waived signs reading boycott florida, and others wore t-shirts showing trayvon in a hooded sweatshirt. speakers included trayvon martin, and trayvon's mother sybrina fulton. with the going to deal stand your ground law. it should not be allowed. if you think you are under threat, you have the right to kill someone. whites, blacks, latinos, asians. this is a human thing. >> as i sat in the court room, it made me think that they were talking about another man, but whoas not, it was a child
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behaved as a child. and do not take my word for it. not only do i about to do what i can for trayvon martin, i promise you, i will work hard for your children as well. >> on friday, president obama surprised reporters in the white house briefing room by delivering his first public remarks on the death of trayvon martin since the acquittal of george zimmerman. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is, trayvon martin could have been me, 35 years ago. why, in thenk about
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african-american community, at least, there is a lot of pain and around what happened here, i think it is important to the african-t american community is looking at this issue through a set of thatiences, and a history does not go away. few african-y american men in this country who have that had the experience of being the fallout when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. there are few african-american men that have not had the experience of walking across the street and hearing a lot click on the doors of cars. that happens to me, at least before i was a senator. there are very few african- americans that have not had the
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experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had the chance to get off. .hat happens often not want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences in the form how the african-american community interprets what happened one night in florida. and it is inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear. american community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws. everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our , and that ends up
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having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case. this is not to say the african- american community is naive about the fact that young african-american men are disproportionately involved in criminal justice systems, but they are disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence. it is not to make excuses for black folkslthough do interpret the reasons for that in an historical context. thenderstand some of violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around of a bitry is born out -- very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a difficult history.
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fact that that is sometimes unacknowledged, adds to the frustration. that a lot of african- american boys are painted with a broad brush and the excuses given far that there are statistics out there that show african-american boys are more violent, using that as an treatedto density sons differently causes pain. i think the african-american community is also not naive in knowing that statistically, someone like trayvon martin was more likely to be shot by a peer .han he was somebody else theolks understand
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challenges that exist for african-american boys, but they get frustrated that they feel there is no context for it, and it. context is being denied and that all contributes to a teen wasa white, male involved in the same kind of scenario, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the actor matt might have been different. >> that was president obama making his first public remarks on the death of trayvon martin since the acquittal of george zimmerman. he spoke for about five minutes but the overall speech was about 20. when we come back from break, we will speak with dr. cornel west, professor here in new
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york. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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>> "have a little faith" song by michael franti & spearhead. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. in the aftermath of the zimmerman verdict in the protests around the country, we turn to dr. cornel west, professor at union theological ceremony -- seminary. smiley wrote the book "the rich and the rest of us: a poverty manifesto." professor cornel west, president obama surprised not only the press room in the white house, but the nation, on friday, in his first public remarks following the georges a remand acquittal. what are your thoughts? we have to it, knowledge president obama has very little moral authority at
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this point. we know anybody that tries to rationalize the crippling of an innocent -- george a zimmerman is a criminal -- but president obama is a global george zimmerman because he tried to rationalize the killing of children in the name of self- defense. >> where? >> pakistan, somalia, yemen. when he talks about the killing of an innocent person, what kind of moral authority are you bringing? a bounty on a side dish to court. will he press for the justice of trayvon martin in the same way that you pressed for the prosecution of bradley manning and edward snowden? you begin to see the hypocrisy. then he talks about racial profiling. sentimentaling stories, but then ray kelly, a
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major candidate for the homeland security, he is the poster child for racial profiling. he profiled millions of young black and brown brothers. >> the former police chief of new york city. saysat is right, he even kelly expresses his values, is a magnificent police commissioner. how are you going to say that when the brother is reinforcing stop and frisk? the contradictions are well- known here. >> but president obama speaking about his own life experience, saying that he could have been my child, to saying that he could have been me. >> that is beautiful, and identification. the question is, will that identification pied and conceal the fact that there is a
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criminal justice system that has destroyed two generations of black and brown brothers? five years in office and cannot say a word about new jim crow. at the same time, we have to recognize he has been able to hide in conceal the criminalizing of the blackboard as what i call the re- niggerizing of the black professional class. you have these people who cannot say anything about the master in the big house when trying to obtain the field folks, so they are not critical. that is why brother sharpton will be critical. he has released the rage. that will head up against a stone wall because obama and older -- will they come through apple federal law for trayvon martin? we hope so, but do not hold your breath. they will have to contain that
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raid. there will be many people who say, we see this president is not serious about criminalizing poor people. we have a black leadership that is deferential to obama, subservient to obama, and that is what niggerizing is. they are still scared. as long as you are still scared, you are still on the plantation. >> during his remarks on friday in the white house press room, president obama addressed calls for the justice department to file civil rights charges. >> i know eric holder is reviewing what happened down there, but it is important for people to have some clear expectations here. traditionally, these are issues of state and local government, the criminal code, law enforcement traditionally done at state and local levels, not at the federal level.
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>> that is not true. that is him saying, keep your expectations low, sharpton, do not get them fired up. we know that the federal government did not move, we would still be locked in state rights. state rights is always a code word for controlling, subjugating black folk. that is the history of the black struggle. he was saying, do not expect federal action sharpton will be in trouble. then jealous will be in trouble. he can get poked welled up. maybe they ought to shift to gun-control. no, we are talking about the criminal-justice system mistreating people across the board. let us tell the truth and get off of this obama plantation and say, we dealt with criminality
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in high places come a low places, and less exposed the hypocrisy and be true to the legacy of martin. the irony is -- the 50th anniversary of celebrating the board of the king's speech. drones, wallbout street criminality, being pushed corporategins as compensation went up. do you think anyone at the march would talk about drones and the drone president? do you think anyone will talk about the connection to wall street? they are all on the plantation. >> are you invited? >> can you imagine? good god, no. the two party system is dying, and therefore does not have the capacity to speak to these
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issues. >> so you are saying president obama should not only say i could have been trayvon martin, but i could have been the 16- year-old son of an war al- awlaki, who was killed in a drone strike. asthose children the art precious as those children in newtown, those in the indian reservations, in chinatown, koreatown, each one is precious. haveat is true, then we monstrous mendacity, hyper hypocrisy, and criminality in high places. that is why snowden and manning of our generation. about the national security state.
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>> the power of the personal representation is what grabbed people on friday. you saw eric holder doing the talking at and the naacp convention. he talked about his own times in his life when he was racially profiled. trayvon martin's death last year and the discussions that have taken place since then reminded me of my father's word so many years ago. they brought me back to a number of experiences i had as a young man, when i was pulled over twice and my car searched on the new jersey turnpike when i was sure i was not speeding, were what i was stopped by a police officer when i was trying to catch a movie at night in georgetown in washington, d.c. at that last incident, i was a federal prosecutor.
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trayvon's death last spring caused me to sit down and have a conversation with my own 15- year-old son, like my dad did with me. this was a father-son tradition i hoped would not need to be handed down, but as a father loves his son and who is more knowing in the ways of the world, i had to do this to protect my boy. i am his father and it is my responsibility, not to burden him with the baggage of years long gone, but to make him aware of the world he must still confront. [applause] reality in a nation that is changing for the better part in so many ways. that is u.s. attorney general
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eric holder. they will be deciding whether to bring criminal charges against george zimmerman. doubt, the legacy of what it -- supremacy affects black upper class, middle class. those stories conceal how ugly and vicious it is for black poor, brown port. if that is the case, why hasn't the new jim crow been a priority in the obama administration? why hasn't the new jim crow been a priority for eric holder? if this is something they feel deeply, if this is something that they and their children have the same status as brother i have not not been a part of what they do to ensure fairness and justice? they read it as political.
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we do not want to identify with black vote because of fox news and the rest of the reactionary folk. no. ofthey are going to be part the legacy of martin luther king and the others, truth is a justice that you pursue the matter who is coming at you. this black liberal class has proven itself to be too morally bankrupt, a hypocritical, and indifferent to criminality. no serious talk about torture, wall street criminality, wiretappers. why? they do not want the subsequent administration to take into jail. any reference of the hunger strike of our brothers in california and other places, and dealing with torture, sustained solitary confinement is a form of torture, but we will not talk about guantanamo.
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mos def pointed that out. jay-z has a lot to learn from him. forcedally underwent feeding to see what it was like an broken-down, screaming stop, stop. bush was the capture and torture president. now we have the targeted killing president, the drone president. that is not progress. that is not part of the legacy of king. that is not part of the legacy of others who should be at the center of what we are about. >> let me turn to another clip. the end of his speech on friday, president obama said the nation should be doing a better job helping young african american men feel that they are a fuller
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part of society. i want to play that clip in a moment. how would you do this? i said toheard that, myself, he came to the york city and said michael bloomberg was a terrific mayor. nearly 4.5 million folks have been stopped and frisked. what is terrific about that? we have to talk seriously about massive employment programs, high quality public education, not the privatizing of education, dealing with gentrification and a land grab taking place to ensure a young black boys -- and i want to include all pour boys, but i began on the top side of town. for the unleashing of their imagination, more art programs.
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they have been eliminated. those are the kinds of things hardly ever talked about. we can only talk about partnerships and the global trading for capital and a multinational corporations and big banks. that has been the priority. the corporate friendly policies are deeply upsetting for someone like myself. >> this is what president obama said on friday. >> we need to spend some time thinking about how we bolster our african- american boys. this is something that michelle and i have talked a lot about. there are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. the more that we can do to give them a sense that their country cares about them, and values
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them, is willing to invest in i am not naive about the prospect of some grand new federal program. recognize, as president, i have some convening power. there are a lot of good programs across the country on this front. for us to be gathering together, business leaders, local elected officials, clergy, celebrity, athletes, to think about how we can do a better job helping feel african-american men that they are a full part of and that they have pathways and avenues to succeed , i think that would be a pretty good outcome from what was obviously a tragic situation. >> cornel west?
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concerned about four black brothers, then you blackit a priority -- poor brothers, then you make it a priority. he has not made it a priority. the naacp before, quit whining. to say to the country, we need to talk about caring, well, you need to be able to connect that. for those of us who spend a lot of times in prisons, boys clubs, of a magnificent work that churches and civil institutions do -- of course, it cuts across races. since when has it been a priority in this administration? that language begins to ring very hollow, because he is
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right, we have to love and care for our poor brothers and sisters, especially the black and brown brothers and sisters, because they are desperate, uneducated, unemployed, and they turn on each other. the way you criminalize bad people, a turn on each other, no doubt. can you imagine if the creativity that goes into turning on each other is turned on the system? the unfair system. and tries to undercut the criminality of our criminal justice system. you mention the stop and frisk under jerry kelly, who is being considered by the obama administration. in court, and vastly, the
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majority are not arrested but they have these encounters with authorities. i remember we had a week-long trial and there was a guilty verdict. >> when you were protesting and that got arrested. cameat we, the president to new york and said, edward koch was one of the great mayors in the last 50 years, and then said mayor bloomberg was a terrific mayor. it is just not a matter of pretty words, mr. president. you have to follow through in action. ande used the words to hide concealed, you support criminality.
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we just do nots, have enough free people, let alone free black people. we settled for so little, so we get a symbolic gesture, identification, and like on msnbc, part of the obama plantation, they start dancing again. we can wave the flag again. we can support our - americanism. americanism. we should be about justice across the board and be vigilant about it. i do not care what color the president or governor or mayor is. >> that's talk about stand your ground. stevie wonder says he will not play in any state would stand your ground. president obama addressed the
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issue. there has been commentary about the fact that the stand your ground laws in the quarter were not used as a defense in the case. on the other hand, if we are sending a message as a society to our communities that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms, even if there is a way for them to exit from a situation, is that really contributing to the kind of peace and security and order we would like to see? and for those who resist the idea that we should think about something like these stand your ground lost, i want you to consider, if trayvon martin was of age and armed, could he have
8:46 am
stood his ground on that sidewalk? that hetually think would have been justified in shooting mr. zimmerman, who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems that may well want to examine those laws. >> greater than i certainly agree with him that we should fight stand your ground a loss, but we have to keep in mind, this is part of the legacy of the slave the trial. it is primarily white brothers and sisters armed to keep black people under control. i come from sacramento, california. i remember the black panther party walking into the capital with their guns. at that moment, people were very much for control, even the right wing. the panthers would say, let's
8:47 am
arm all the black vote to make sure they stand their ground. oh, lord. that is a challenge. i do believe in self-defense, as i believe in self- determination, but i do not want people armed. so it is clear a class and racial bias, so we ought to fight these laws. but we have to be very honest and candid about the hypocrisy operating we talk about these things. >> it was rather chilling to hear robert zimmerman, the brother of george zimmerman, an attorney for zimmerman, talking about the fact that george zimmerman is supposed to get his gun back, and he needed more than ever because he is targeted, afraid. what is more frightening than a frightened george is a writ with a gun? criminals off, they fear their criminality is
8:48 am
affirmed, want to continue to act -- back to business as usual. segment, iap up this want you to stay about the next segment, howard zinn in indiana. if he were invited to speak at the 50th anniversary celebration of the i have a dream speech in , what would you say? martinust never tame luther king jr. or stoically carmichael, or others. they were unbossed, unbought. they would have to deal with wall street, multinational corporations. we are going to focus on poor
8:49 am
people, working people across the board. we're going to talk about the connection between drones and crimes of humanity outside of borders. we will talk about wall street criminality. gay andan make sure our lesbian brothers and sisters have dignity. martin luther king jr. was a free black man, a jesus-loving free black man. brother martin's spirit would want somebody to push the issues. that is his connection to malcolm x and so many of the great freedom fighters that go all the way back to the first slaves that stepped on these decrepit shores. atcornel west now teaches
8:50 am
union theological seminary here in new york. before that, a professor at princeton university. he is the author of numerous books, co-host of a radio show with tavis smiley. together, they wrote the book "the rich and the rest of us: a poverty manifesto." when we come back, we look at the controversy over the late great howard zinn. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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>> we people who are darker than blue, by curtis mayfield. democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. late howardthe zinn, author of many books, including his classic, "a people's history of the united states." the book is still used in high schools and colleges across the country.
8:52 am
january 7, 2010. two weeks after his death, indiana governor mitch daniels sought to remove his work from indian schools. the revelation was made public last week after it obtained e- mails from the public's records request. daniels wrote -- gov. daniels asked -- gov. daniels comments have sparked outrage within the academic world, in part, because he recently became the president
8:53 am
of purdue university. on friday, the american historical association issued a statement saying -- former gov. mitch daniels, now head of perdue, has defended his actions. in an e-mail, he wrote -- to talk more about this, we have anthony arnove, the author "howard zinn speaks."
8:54 am
,is family lives in bloomington indiana. also with us is dr. cornel west. we welcome you both to democracy now! this e-mail trail, did it surprise you when ap released them? >> not at all. what daniel has done in indiana is a consistent attack on teachers, unions. he laid the basis for the model that scott walker has been tried to implement in wisconsin, with an early executive order eliminating collective bargaining rights for union workers, making the indiana the 23rd right to work state. it is really the right to disenfranchise workers. consistently going after schools of education. there is a national attack,
8:55 am
which they does is part of coming to say schools of education are polluting the minds of teacher educators. right after he said that e-mail, he went after a teacher training program taking place at indiana university in july 2010, and he claims, i was only talking about the teaching of k-12 students. he was actually going after a program that was about teacher training in which people were reading howard zinn as part of understanding how to open up students to different perspectives on american history. >> of want to go to howard zinn. we spoke to him a lot, but in may 2009, this was a clip when he was in new york to launch a book "ation of the people's history of the united states." i asked him if it was great to be critical of two rows of this country.
8:56 am
>> it is true, people have asked that question again and again, should we tell kids that columbus, who they have been pulled was a great hero, that he mutilated in the unscom the kidnapped and killed them, should we tell people that the roosevelt, who is held up as one of our great presidents, who was really a warmonger who love military exploits, and who congratulated an american general who committed a massacre in the philippines. should we tell young people that? we should be honest with young people. we should not deceive them. we should be honest about the history of our country and we should be not only taking down the traditional heroes, but we should be giving young people an alternate set of heroes. >> the late historian howard
8:57 am
zinn. anthony arnove, where does this go from here? the mitch daniels is now president of privy diversity. >> just a couple of days ago, the board of trustees gave him a $50,000 pay bonus after only six months in office. on top of his $410,000 salary. so he is being backed up by the governor,ch he, as help to put in, by appointing them as trustees. there has now been a push back. the faculty at purdue university are organizing. a number of teachers unions, national education association's are putting pressure on daniels. he is very much asserting, holding to his position, and escalating his rhetoric around howard's work. i did this will continue to be a fight.
8:58 am
>> and is a limited to howard zinn? >> it is not. in fact, there is a broader attack on a critical education studies. wrote a piece, when he highlights the case of greenberger, indiana, which is where honda built a non-union auto factory recently with huge subsidies organized by mitch daniels, he was supposed to give three talks organized by the indian civil rights commission. those talks were canceled because of pressure palmdale's office. it is a very politicized office. they are aware there is a certain kind of history which is dangerous to people like mitch daniels. if you teach a history about social movements, of people challenging those in power, about the importance of unions
8:59 am
and civil rights struggles, that threatens the agenda of mitch daniels as governor, as president of the diversity, and as someone with national political aspirations. west, you knew howard zinn well, you both were critical of u.s. policy. >> by want to salute the work of my brother here. what is important to keep in mind is that it is a complement to howard zinn. it shows the power of his work. it is part of a larger discourse that has said, let us tell the truth about the american past and present, and let us do it in a way that relates to the american people. and we have a lot of young people that are tired of this hypocrisy and mendacity. >> we want to thank cornel west and anthony arnove for being here.
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